Jan. 14th, 2011

rensong: (Independence Day)
Since I *will* be driving cross country again in a few months to get back home, and because there is a very good chance it won't be the last long drive I do within the next year, I am thinking about signing for AAA.

My biggest question to you all with experience with the company is whether it will, in fact, cover out-of-state travel. Their motto is "Anytime, Anywhere!", but I just want to be sure they *mean* "anywhere", and not "anywhere within X miles of where you are registered". My car will be registered in Wisconsin, and Wisconsin AAA is where my membership would be purchased from, but I'm currently kinda sorta on the other side of the country, and though I'll be back in Wisconsin for a few weeks after I finish up here, there is a very good chance I'd be relocating again within a month or two of getting back home.

AAA *seems* like a really smart idea, especially as my car is old and beat up and even though it has given no indication of imminent break-down, I've noticed that ever since it *did* have that horrendous break down not long after I got it, I've been rather paranoid about another one occurring and stranding me in the middle of nowhere. It is a completely irrational paranoia as my boy Coyote has been running just fine ever since his engine was rebuilt (minus a few break issues and a weird radiator thing - the former of which was an issue when I got him, and has finally been fixed; the latter of which has never caused any problems), and I've heard from multiple mechanics that despite the rust and the Mystery Smoke, he's actually in pretty good shape all things considered (he has survived 14 Wisconsin Winters) and I really probably don't have anything to worry about. It's called Irrational paranoia for a reason, after all.

ANYWAY, yeah, AAA would be a super nice back up plan should my paranoia prove not so irrational after all, and it would also ease my worries a lot about long trips because it would mean there'd be someone around to come rescue me should the need arise, no matter where I happen to be at the time. I just want to get a bit more information on it before I purchase the membership.

So... suggestions? Words of wisdom? Member stories where AAA came in and saved the day? Bueller?


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