Jan. 18th, 2011

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* Thanks everyone with the AAA stories! They have been super helpful, and I will totally be Hittin' That before I leave.

* Saturday I went on a mad cleaning spree the likes of which my little room probably won't see again until I get everything cleaned out of there and packed up for the trip back to the midwest. I vacuumed and did laundry and washed my sheets and I even *dusted*! And *then* I went and cleaned the bathroom. I know, I must've been possessed by a 50s housewife or something.

* Sunday I spent most of the day reading and marathoning ABC Family (caught the end of... something... before they showed Princess Diaries 2, and after that, Goonies) before doing the movie thing at a friends place later in the evening. Mostly finished The High Kings Tomb (third in Kristen Britain's Green Rider series) and now I must wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS before Blackveil (fourth in the series) comes out. I have it on pre-order and it is set to arrive on my birthday, so Happy Birthday To Me. Just, you know, sucks having to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS for it.

* Monday involved more movie and TV watching and reading. I also got groceries, and after I finished High Kings Tomb, I decided a trashy murder mystery might be just the thing to tide me over until I get my hot little hands on Blackveil. Went to Barnes and Nobel in search of the latest Castle book (because I am still computerless and cannot download it onto my Kindle for PC like I did the first one) and did not find it, sadness. Got something co-written by Iris and Roy Johonson (sp?) instead because I've enjoyed the authors in the past.

Then when I returned to the house, book in hand, I decided "You know, I'm still more in a Nikki Heat sorta mood," and so I grabbed the first J. D. Robb mystery [livejournal.com profile] wowomom convinced me to buy awhile back and started reading that instead. Three chapters in and I am totally "Wow, so now I know where the Castle/Nikki Heat writers get their inspiration from," because Eve Dallas is Nikki Heat, only slightly more world-worn and, you know, from the future and stuff. In fact, the two are so much alike that Kate Beckett keeps trying to take over as the visual representation of Eve Dallas in my head.

... and now the two are getting into a bitch fight. I am amused.

ANYWAY, that was my weekend. Productive and all together lazy, all at the same time. :D


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