Jan. 21st, 2011

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Did the movie thing again last night. Watched "Prince of Persia", which is indeed well deserving of the praise you all gave it, and then I hung around a bit longer to watch an episode of Big Bang Theory. I had to work this morning still, so I didn't stick around past 8:30, but hurray getting out of the house for an evening!

In other news, my computer is still blacking out on me and going all non responsive after only a few minutes of use. I did take it in to one of the local computer techs to get it checked out by someone more informed about computer repair than Geek Squad, and he took out the hard drive and ran a diagnostics and it came up clear. He thinks it might've been a loose connection in the harddrive itself, because after he replaced it everything worked fine for him. Alas, it did not work fine for me, and it blacked out on me the first time I tried to use it after I got it back. On the bright side, the guy told me to bring it back if the problem came back and he'd repair it for free. Of course, the poor guy also had his store broken into a few days ago, so I figure he has enough on his plate without me doing the big brown puppy dog eyes and sad face and going "It's still broken."

Ugh, computers. My beloved Shadowlite never gave me this much trouble.
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After going back and forth between three different websites(B&N, Amazon, and ABC), hitting the book store twice, and debating with myself over and over again, I have finally purchased the latest Castle/Nikki Heat novel because yes, I really am that geeky. Also, I'm still in the mood for trashy murder mysteries, and since I still have more than a week to wait before Blackveil and Silver Born (paperback edition) come out, I figure what the hell? I love Castle, so I'm all about giving ABC money to keep the series alive.

*Preferrably* I would've done the digital thing like I did with Heat Wave, but with my computer woes, I decided it was worth the extra six bucks to just get the hardcover. Also, all the reviewers are saying how much better the second book is (and since the first book wasn't half bad, either, I figure such reviews are quite promising) anyway, so I splurged.

I do so love my books. Problem is, with this serious book lust I've been going through the last year? I now have at least 20 additional books I'm either going to have to pack into my little Tracker for the trip back home, or I'm going to be spending a small fortune on shipping them back if I don't have the room.


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