Jan. 25th, 2011

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Yay, B&N has informed me that my books are being shipped! \o/ Especially since I've been ohmygodsobored the last few weeks because I have been computerless (after two shops and three return visits each, it has been determined that the Black Screen of Death is likely a sign that my harddrive keeps freezing up and thus needs to be replaced, so it is ONCE AGAIN at the repair shop, this time for two weeks) AND without any new books to read since I finished that J.D. Robb one middle of last week, and as I have no life, this has led to much boredness. I have probably killed more brain cells vegging out in front of the TV in the last two weeks than I have since I regularly watched *at least* three hours of TV every night back in my high school and early college days because I have NOTHING ELSE TO DO. My only saving grace has been Um Friend who drags me away from my bored thumb twiddling to watch movies at his place once or twice a week.

Though, you know, I suppose I managed to entertain myself this weekend well enough, but that was mostly because the weather was finally working with us a bit. This coming weekend it might not be so kind.
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I *know* I've recced this before, but I cannot seem to find it in either my Memories or under my fic recs or sga tags. So, I link it again so this time I can do the smart thing and, you know, put it somewhere I can *find* it and stuff in the future.

Hockey Night on Atlantis by canadian snoopy, which is exactly as the title says - Shepperd and McKay (among others) combine forces to get Elizabeth to sanction an Atlantis Hockey Night, and it is good. Set first or second season, I think.


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