Jan. 26th, 2011

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I pre-ordered the fourth Green Rider book (Blackveil) several weeks back, and even though it doesn't *technically* come out until Feb. 1, my copy from B&N arrived yesterday. I have been waiting THREE LONG YEARS for this book, so needless to say, I was pleased as punch and dove right in as soon as I got the chance. Currently I am about 110 pages in (of 663).

Now, it is no secret I occasionally read the last page or so of a book as soon as I get through the first few chapters. I know, I know - sacrilege, right? But darnit, I want to know if a book is going to break my heart and kill off any of my favorite characters before I get to the end so I can steel myself, you know? I am a spoiler whore. My friends from the Farscape Shippers List know this well. ;)

Truly, though, that was not my intention this time around. However, I still accidently caught a few lines of the second to last page of Blackveil when I was trying to clear the back cover flap, which had the last two or three pages of the book trapped beneath it. After seeing those two lines - which out of context were not the least bit promising, by the way - my curiosity got the better of me and I couldn't resist. Spoilers like woah - I'll even white them out for you all who are super paranoid )

Still, though, wheeee, I have Blackveil one whole week before it is supposed to be released!


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