Jan. 31st, 2011

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Since I've moved out here, there have been all these things on my "to do" list as far as seeing the sights and what not. Over the course of the year, I have slowly checked a few items off my mental list - Paluse Falls, Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Rainier, and though it wasn't technically on my to do list, Lilith Fair with Jodie, Vaidah, Krissy and Andrea was the most awesome last-minute plan *ever*, so that counts, too.

However, there is a bunch of other stuff I had hoped to do that I kept putting off because I am lazy like that, and then last week I realized that hey, I'm leaving in six weeks and I am kind of running out of weekends, so putting stuff off means it won't be done. Thus, I decided to start Doing Stuff.

Saturday I was able to scratch "Visit McNary Dam and do some hiking around there!" off my list. Ice Harbor Dam - where I work - is the last dam on the Snake River, and McNary is the next one down on the Columbia, maybe 35 river miles downstream of the Tri Cities. Unlike Ice Harbor, McNary is definitely the face of the Army Corp of Engineers in the Walla Walla District, so it's visitor center is open year round and there are a ton of trails and little parks right nearby to encourage tourist. Cause I gots connections, I was able to hook up with one of the Natural Resources park rangers down there and snag a private tour of the dam for myself and Um Friend, which was very very cool. I understood maybe 20% of the electricity output/engineering stuff our guide was talking about, but it’s hard for giant spinning turbines zapping out millions of hertz (megahertz?) at any given time while the rest of the dam holds back a river over a mile wide to be anything but cool, you know?

After the tour, we wandered around on some of the trails down there for a bit, taking pictures and trying to remember the names for the various varieties of ducks we saw swimming around. Mallards, of course, were a given, but that was about all we figured out.

After hiking, we went and got a late lunch at one of the little towns nearby, and then headed back to the Tri Cities for a movie at his place. I don't actually remember what the movie was called, but it had That Dude from all the Fast and the Furious movies, and Hayden whatshisface from the new Star Wars movies, and Urhurah (only spelled right) from the new Star Trek movie, and they were all thieves trying to plan out this super huge heist and to stay one step ahead of the cops; mostly the whole movie was pretty much an excuse to do a bunch of dramatic music montages but it was still fun. Hard to go wrong with dramatic music montages, after all.

Sunday I did absolutely nothing but hide in my room and watch TV as I was in massive Anti Social mode and just did not want to deal with people. I ODed on Pawn Stars, a little NCIS and Dirty Jobs, slept for three hours, and then I killed more brain cells watching French Kiss on the TVGuide channel before going to bed around 9:30. Yeah, some days I kind of suck.


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