Feb. 8th, 2011

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After a month and a half of fuss, two computer tech places, and at least six or seven visits between them, it has finally been determined that the most likely problem with my computer going to black screen lies within the adapter cord. This was discovered totally on accident after I got it back the fifth time because we *all* wanted to make sure the problem was finally solved, so I hung out there for at least an hour waiting for the tell-tale flicker. And waiting. And waiting.

With all the waiting, the battery died down to less than half power, so I asked one of the tech people to plug it in for me using my own power cord. Sure enough, less than a minute after he plugged it in, the screen flicked and went black.

So, I've already gotten a new battery in the mail, and a new power cord is hopefully not far behind. *Hopefully* that will be the end of the issue, but after a month and a half of disappointment, I'm not getting aforementioned hopes up too high.

In other entirely unrelated news, holy cow does today seem to be dragging. Just over two hours into my day, and already it feels like I've been here twice that.
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So, I've been toying with the idea of using the money my gramma gave me for Christmas to buy a Nook, but so far I have resisted because $150 is kind of a lot that might go toward better use, especially since I won't have *any* money coming in for at least a month or two once I finish up here in March.

However... with the continuing computer issues annoyance I've been going through, I *also* haven't had much opportunity to access all of the fan fiction/ebooks I have saved on my computer, which has caused me no small source of frustration, especially since many of them are no longer available online, or I can't access where they *are* archived on my work computer because the website is blocked.

So, I pose a question to all you Nook/Kindle owners out there - is it possible to open any kind of Firefox or Internet Explorer file on the Nook? I use the Scrapbook add on for Firefox to store some of my favorite fan fictions on my lap top, which saves the "website" as a web index file that I can open up in Firefox or Internet Explorer even when I don't have access to the internet.

I read that Nooks can handle PDFs, but I don't think that would do me much good as I don't have any kind of PDF converter on my computer even if it is actually possible to save a website as a PDF, which I find unlikely. However, if it is indeed possible, it would definitely tip me over the edge on the "To buy or not to buy, that is the question!" fence.
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Something amongst the building's heating or ventalation system just wooshed and grumbled, and it sounded a lot like thunder. Man, I miss storms.

The downside to not being around much on Facebook anymore - I end up spamming my LJ instead when I am particularly bored. Two hours until freedom. ::sigh::


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