Feb. 16th, 2011

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You know, despite how I haven't really gotten along all that well in the past with Macintosh computers, some days I find myself very much missing the Paintbrush program that they back in the day. Microsoft Paint just does not even come close as far as all the nifty little buttons and tools Paintbrush offered. One in particular I miss - the "multi-draw" tool or whatever it was called - where you could make a little doodle in one spot and have matching doodles draw themselves along several planes of symmetry. Made even the quickest, uncoordinated scribble turn into a lovely geometric pattern. Also? The "gradient fill" option. The gradient fill option was *awesome*. I spent many an afternoon at my grandparents doodling around and sketching all sorts of nifty pictures using the gradient fill.

This post brought to you by Maren being bored and trying to amuse herself by doodling in Microsoft Paint at work. It just doesn't have much to offer, does it? Not even the ability to flip an image by anything less than 90 degree angles. ::reminiscing sigh::

On an entirely different note, hurray, today I ate a whole sandwich without any ill effects! A very small sandwich, mind, with nothing but ham and cheese on it, but still! A sandwich! After three days of Saltines and chicken broth! Small victories, you know?
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Man, I wish I could find somewhere that still sold St. Ives Fresh H20 lotion. So far it is the only lotion I can put on my face without it breaking out - also, it smells really, really good - and I'm down to an itty bitty 3 oz travel bottle that is almost empty. Last I saw it was at Big Lots in Plover more than three years ago. Sadness.


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