Feb. 25th, 2011

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Two weeks left out here, and of *course* everything GIS that my co-workers have been putting off and putting off is all of a sudden "OMG, we need this DONE!" On the one hand, yay I have actual work to do! On the other hand, seriously... could you not have done this oh, I don't know, back in July and August when I was sitting around doing nothing for weeks at a time?

Though I suppose in their defense, all the stuff that Kye is all "OMG, need to be done now!" is Park Ranger stuff, and technically I work for the Natural Resources/Wildlife people, not the Park Ranger people - I'm just kind of on loan to them for a week or so because I have all the stuff for Mark (actual boss) pretty much done already.

In other news, I have been here almost a whole year and this morning was the first time I have actually seen any of the elk they've told me hang out in the cotton wood plantations just to the south of the dam, so that was nifty. Two does (sp?) off in the field and shadows kind of far from the road, and two full-antlered bulls standing in the pre-dawn light (the sun rose about 15 minutes after we drove past them) right next to the it. Very cool, and it would've made an awesome picture if I would've had a camera handy. Darnit.

and for those curious about The Boy... )

That sounds like I am going through way more drama than I really am. I'd be content with either result, but then, I am a very simple creature who can easily be distracted by... Ooo, ball!


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