Feb. 26th, 2011

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Either my allergies are acting up (and being all persistent about it and stuff) for the first time since I moved out here - in which case, I have no idea what the heck is setting them off - or my body is making up for being disgustingly healthy for over three years all at once and I have a cold. I am leaning more toward allergies because aside from a sore, scratchy throat and a partially clogged nose, I feel fine. It is still incredibly annoying, though.

In other news, I have finally posted pictures from when I went down to visit Cristin in Vegas back in January on Facebook, and I am in the process of posting photos from Portland this past weekend (zoo is up, Multnomah Falls is uploading now), so feel free to check them out if you so desire. If you can't access the FB albums, let me know, and I'll try and upload some of the highlights to Photobucket to share.

Portland Zoo and Multnomah Falls

Red Rock Canyon and Las Vegas
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Just watched last week's episode of Bones. The end? Yeah, I've had Valentines Days that I really would've loved to do that.

It isn't even about being single, really - I've always been single on Valentines Day, so it isn't a huge deal for me. I just get kind of irritated with the whole idea that Valentines is the one day you need to really express your love, because if you love someone? Why the heck would you only show it one day a year? I'd think it would be more important to try and find ways to express it on a random rainy Saturday after a long week, or even a spontaneous Tuesday when he/she least expects it. It just seems like Valentines Day is an excuse to only really express yourself one day a year. Like we need another excuse to be lazy.

It's kind of the same way I feel about New Years Resolutions; if I want to change my life, I am going to start changing it right away. Waiting until the "new year" - which is an extremely flexible date, by the way. I know of at least three different cultures that celebrate it on totally different times of the year, and that isn't even counting the leap years when we have an extra day on our own calenders - just seems like another excuse to me. You control your own life - why the hell would you wait until New Years Day if you wanted to change it for the better?

Just a pet peeve of mine, and it is to the point where I'd plan my "Valentines" day for February 15 *just* to celebrate the fact that it isn't Valentines Day anymore. Also, bonus - chocolate and flowers would all be half price. ;)

My only other thought beyond the awesome endings with itty bitty spoiler ) was this....
Shame on you, Booth, you aren't wearing ear protection. ::tisks him::


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