Feb. 28th, 2011

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Learning to Dance, and it's sequel, Learning to Live by Purplerhino. Takes place after the miniseries, the first one is mostly on how Cain and DG finally hook up and how Azkadellia deals with being possessed for fifteen years. A bit sappier and sex-based than my preferred Tin Man genre, but still holds its own, and considering the size of the fandom, you don't ignore the gems even if they are a big rough around the edges. There was also a small issue with POV jumping around a bit, but I think FF.net is at fault because I know from experience that it tends to eat pretty much any kind of symbol that isn't a definite punctuation mark.

I'm only on the second chapter of Learning to Live, and already it seems less sappy and more action-ey. So, promise.

ETA 2:17 - so really loving the second one. *Much* less sap, and lots more adventure. Also, anyone who can throw multiple Firefly and Labyrinth (and possible Bedknobs and Broomsticks) refs all into one chapter (and others through out the story so far) totally gets my vote for a worthwhile read. :)
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I forgot how miserable head colds are. Usually I only have to deal with chests colds - I spend one or two days sneezing and congested, then I spend a week or two hacking up a lung but feeling otherwise fine.

This is definitely a head cold, and we are already on day three without it showing any signs of heading south. On the one hand, yay for the chance to hopefully avoid the lingering cough that makes me sound like I am dying. On the other hand, my ears hurt and are all plugged up and it feels like my head is stuffed with dirty rags. And if past experience is anything to judge by, I still have at least a day (and more likely two more) of this. Boo, not on body.


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