Mar. 3rd, 2011

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It occurs to me now as I create "bookmarks" for all of the HMUs I was hired to re-map in ArcMap (saves the location and the scale of the map I am working on so I can bring it back up with two clicks of the mouse), a week and a half or so before I complete this year-long position, that it would've been *way* more helpful if I did this at the beginning of the year instead of at the end, especially as I have over the course of the last 12 months made at least four drafts per HMU.

Hey, I never said I was the brightest crayon in the box.

In other news, after battling the Evil Cold Virus of Misery for five days, I am back at work mostly functional with only plugged ears and an abundance of sneezing interfering with my day. I don't even sound quite so much like a Swamp Monster anymore, though I imagine I could probably pull off a Muddy Creekbed Gollum just fine. Either way, yay for not feeling like total crap anymore!
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I have a Nook! ::slightly maniac laughter and clapping::

After months of debate, I finally have a Nook in my hot little hands! $193 for the Nook and cover (same one you have, Emma, because wow, the rest were boring. Or way too pastel for my tastes), and then I went and immediately bought an additional $15 worth of books. So far I am resisting on buying up a bunch of old favorites, so at least my checking account doesn't hate me *too* much... yet. Though, Emma - as it was at least half your prompting that finally convinced me to get one - if there is any particular collection you want to "borrow" from me, feel free to make a request. Were you the one who liked the Green Rider book(s) so much? Cause I totally might fork over extra funds to get digital copies of those.

And... I was going to post something additional that was gleefully Nook-related, but I have totally forgotten what it was going to be.

In other news, while I feel otherwise fine aside from the head-cloggedness and sneezing that I mentioned earlier, I could definitely do with out the burning-tickling-pre-sneeze sensation that has been making my eyes water and my face all flushed All. Day. LONG. Seriously, body, the least you can do is actually *sneeze* when that happens, and not spend half and hour or more torturing me with the pre-sneeze sensation!


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