Mar. 6th, 2011

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Today I have:

* Packed up another box of stuff to be shipped home

* Folded laundry and tossed another small load in the wash

* Went to Staples for more packing supplies - in this case, another medium-sized box, a pack of shipping labels, and some more Scotch Tape cause I ran out this morning. I also got a Cadbury Cream Egg, but that is neither here nor there

* Hand-washed my car *and* put that Rain-X or whatever stuff on all of the windows, so now Coyote is all pretty and shiny and green - at least on the outside. Inside will probably be next weekend

And I did all of that before 1:00. I iz productive.
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I tried to nap this afternoon. It didn't happen, because right in the middle of the attempt, I got hit with a crazy strong craving for chicken fajitas. As I wasn't actually hungry at the time, I still tried to get my nap in, but the damned craving would not go away. At 3, I gave up and went on a mad search all over town for somewhere that sells the pre-cut chicken/peppers/onions mix I could throw in a frying pan and be done with in 15 minutes.

It took *three freaking stores* to find the stuff. On the bright side, I managed to walk in and out of the first place without picking up anything. On the not so bright side, I ended up buying a bunch of junk food to console myself on my failed attempt at the second place, because I had kinda given up at that point as I was pretty sure the only other grocery store on that side of town wouldn't have what I wanted. So I got fudge-covered vanilla wafers, some sort of deep fried frozen tostido thingymabobs that I grabbed with the impression that if I wasn't going to get my fajitas, darnit, I was going to at *least* get something Mexican-ish, beef jerky, and a 12 pack of mini Cadbury Cream Eggs instead.

Then, because I knew it would bother me if I didn't at least *check* - especially as the mad fajitas craving had yet to dissipate - I did actually go and take a look at that last grocery store. What do you know, they had the chicken fajitas I had been looking for, hurray! So I had one for dinner. I've also had at least a half-dozen of those fudge-covered vanilla wafers (at least they are small), several pieces of jerky, and three mini Cadbury eggs.

With the whole being sick thing the last few weeks (flu first, then the Evil Head Cold of Misery a week and a half later), the inclination to get outside and wander a bit more now that springtime is making an appearance, and the significantly smaller appetite that I've had since I moved out here, my weight is back down within five or so pounds of where it was before I stopped swimming and gained all that weight a few years back (167.5 last I tried the scale; I was around 162-164 when I stopped swimming). I had hoped to keep it down. I don't think my latest impulse buys will help me much with that endeavor.


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