Mar. 15th, 2011

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Instead of crack crossover fan fic like I usually tend to dream in, last night my inner cinema changed gears a bit and gave me a Sci Fi B-movie instead - complete with b-movie actors and actresses! Including Dean Cain as some sort of high-school teacher/coach, and another woman who I've seen in various movies and series - middle-age, slightly heavy-set with shoulder-length auburn hair, usually acting in secretary and/or lawyerish kind of parts. Can't recall any of the movies and/or series I've seen her in, though, so I cant IMDB her. Drat, but she does kind of look like a shorter, stouter C.J. Cregg from the West Wing if anyone ever watched that, so I'm going to call her Ms. Casey for the lack of a more proper name.

Anyway, moving on
Lets call it 'Warlock Cyclone'. That is a properly horrible B-movie title, yes )

The impression in my dream-muddled head immediately after I woke up was "Someone made it using magic!", hence the title. And then I went "Wow, that was so bad", and then I tried to go back to sleep.
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I am... pretty much packed I think. Aside from lots of little things like my surge protectors and daily toiletries and the clothes I hope to be able to stuff into my overnight bag, that is, and I am hoping it will all be little enough to fit into the three or so shoeboxes that I have yet to fill, rather than the one last big box that I think might be way overkill. I guess I'll find out tomorrow evening when I pack up all but my toothbrush and the like.

Manda is on her way, too - I called her just before she boarded the plane about an hour ago. Road trip in t-minus 36 hours, give or take!


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