Mar. 24th, 2011

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Last night's dream involved werewolves and vampires and rose thorns embedded in my palm. If I believed in the messages and precognition of dreams, I'd be rather worried right now.

The gravity of what would've been an otherwise very creepy dream was lessened significantly with Butch and Sundance (or Bonnie and Clyde, one of the famous partnerships of history) making havoc in the underworld and crashing an undead wedding, and what may have been a guest appearance of Betty White worried about not doing her hair before she ran away from the werewolf outside our house. So, again with the less creepy and more "WTF, brain?"

On an entirely different note, our driveway is currently holding four - count em, *four* - of our vehicles hostage, including my own Coyote with his 4WD. Dad was able to get him out yesterday so mom could make it to her in home Aspirius cares yesterday afternoon, but she ended up having to cancel all of her morning ones, and it required the use of my brother's higher clearance 4WD pickup truck to crack him free of the ice that had frozen his tires to the ground before he could go *anywhere*. Gus's pickup truck actually had gotten stuck in our driveway earlier, too, but we were able to get it free with lots of shoveling and rocking and a few hundred pounds of dog-and-family-members in the bed for traction. On the bright side, it stopped snowing/sleeting at some point last night, and today dawned bright and clear (and cold). The road has been plowed finally, too, so provided we are able to actually get out of our driveway - which is a huge mess - everything should be grand. Still working on the "get out of the driveway" part of that plan, though.


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