Apr. 16th, 2011

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Right, so... I have no life, hence the lack of posts. But, for those of you who might still be curious:

Monday, April 11 - Stayed in bed sleeping and reading most of the day after spending a good chunk of the night barfing thanks to food poisoning, which still sucks by the way

Tuesday, April 12 - Feeling much better, I think I went into town to do... stuff. I could be wrong, though.

* Fell into Serious Organization Mode and decided to attack one of the moving boxes i had yet to unpack, which was mostly full of clothes, and another that had a bunch of books and binders and the like in it. After stuffing my wardrobe and dresser about as full as I could, and using up all the available storage space in my room, I still had stuff to put... somewhere.

* Unburied the door to the small attic in our upstairs living room, donned a dust mask and a hair kerchief - because the ceiling was very low and full of dead asian beetles in spiderwebs, and the floor was just full of dead asian beetles. And, you know, dusty and stuff - and swept a bit of floor free of dead bugs and dust so I could store stuff in there and relocated some of the plastic boxes cluttering up the living room into there.

* Then I vowed to hit the department stores the next day for storage boxes of my own and maybe the stuff to build another shelf up in my room. By that time it was late afternoon/early evening and I decided I had totally earned a Ghost Hunters break and called it a night, at least as far as Accomplishing Stuff went.

Thursday - Shopping, lunch with Mom and Dad at World Buffet, and then more shopping. Got home around 2 or 3ish, proceeded to fill my bounty of brand, shiny new storage boxes to capacity (well, three of the four at least - turns out I had less stuff than I thought and didn't really need the fourth one) and stored them away. Then I used the excuse of "rearranging stuff in my room, call if you need help with something!" to rearrange a few things in my room for a bit before I spent the rest of the evening until Prime Time curled up in bed reading some more. Then I played on my computer the rest of the evening, though I did kind of half pay attention to the episode of Bones my parents were watching.

Friday - attached two hooks onto the wall in my room, were I can now hang all of my bags, hurray! Also washed dishes, and at some point during the week I did do laundry, but I can't recall exactly when so I'll just stick it here and move on.

And that brings us to today, Saturday, April 16, in which I have accomplished very little except read some more, watch the latest episode of Mythbusters, and made popcorn. So, very lazy day, probably due entirely to the fact that it snowed all of last night and into this morning and the weather has been rather poor pretty much since Thursday afternoon. Cold and windy on Thursday, cold and crazy strong winds (at least as far as Wisconsin is concerned) all day yesterday, which turned into first sleet, and eventually snow last night. Thankfully the ground is warm enough that there was little accumulation, and it will probably be all gone again within a few days, but for now, looking out side is rather depressing.


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