Apr. 17th, 2011

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So, the whole black screen thing with my computer that has been a giant thorn in my side since December? Turns out, once I got to a *competent* Best Buy Geek Squad (which Kennewick's is so not), the problem was actually too serious to fix. Which meant Best Buy had to buy me a new computer because it was still under warranty! Granted, they only gave me an exchange that was worth the current value of my old computer, which was $475ish rather than the $650ish I paid when I got it new, but hey, it's still $475 that wasn't out of *my* pocket, and considering my old computer was two and a half years old? Not bad at all.

Anyway, this post is brought to you by my new HP Pavilion dv5! So, basically same make, slightly newer model, and it is happily *not* all "Chrome and Orynx finish!" or whatever it was, so it doesn't get all smeary the moment you lay your fingers on it. The touch pad is kinda weird and will take some getting used to, BUT I HAVE BUTTONS AGAIN! For volume and playing an pausing DVDs and wireless assistant and all that? BUTTONS! Glorious buttons! Old comp had that damned touch pad across the top that never worked - not from the day I first got it- which was irritating as all get out, but I didn't feel like it was worth going and complaining because the regular volume control bar worked just fine, and I never use any of the DVD stuff.

So, new computer! Which I did not get the extended warranty on because it would've cost me $250 bucks, and if this one does go and crash on me again in two years, I'd probably only get an exchange rate of $300 (and that's if I'm lucky), so I didn't think it was worth it. Hopefully if it is going to crash, it will happen in the next year so my factory warranty will cover it. ::knocks on wood::

Also, because I was in Point anyway and Best Buy is right next to MC Sports where he works, I was able to meet my friend JB for lunch. Since it had been like two years since I last saw him, that was a kind of a nice happenstance.

And now I'm am hanging with my former roommates Dustin and Dan watching NCIS and Castle and stuff at their place. Dustin even went and cleaned up all the useless trial programs and installed my anti virus for me on the new comp! Having techies for friends kind of rocks.


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