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Season's Greetings Everyone!

Spent Christmas Day at my aunt Sue's where I ate entirely too much, caught up with the cousins, watched home movies from when we were all wee and small, snuggled the puppy dog, and spent an hour or two playing Wii Sports with my brother Ben and two of the four cousins who were there. Got second place in our bowling match with 120-something, hurray me!

Got home right around dark and proceeded to try very hard not to fall asleep in front of the Packer/Bears game. Managed to make it until 10 pm, at which point I gave in to Morpheus and fell asleep probably within ten minutes of lying down. I figure I wouldn't miss much as it was something like 35-10 Packers and only 5 minutes or so left on the clock when I conked out. Also, at the risk of sounding like a bad Wisconsinite, I really don't much care how well the Packers are doing these days, I mostly just put the game on to kill some time. Shhhhh, don't tell any of my local friends. ;)
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So LJ changing the comment feature is what finally sent me running for dreamwidth. Still not sure how often I'll use it, but I do have one or the other of them set to cross post, so there should be some sort of update on occasion.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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Dinner at El Mezcal on Sunday with Kristin, followed by a walk through the park where I FINALLY got to see the Rotary Club's Winter Wonderland/Festival of Light or whatever even though they've been doing one every year for the last five or six. 1,000,000 lights this year!
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Friday, Dec 2 - Took Kristin along for a tree decorating party at JB's. We put geeky ornaments on his Christmas tree and had the Star Wars Holiday Special on in the background. I didn't notice much about it (thankfully) beyond the singing at the end and Cartoon Han's penis shaped head, and instead spent the entire time eating junk food and jabbering with fellow geeks.

Sunday, Dec 4 - Madgical Dinner at the high school courtesy of Kristin's mother. Soup was good, bread was *really* good, and I ate most of my stuffed pork chop even though I am neither a fan of pork chops nor stuffing, but it was still kind of nice to dress up. And wear my hooker boots. ;) Singing was pretty good, too - only about half the Mads were strong singers this year, but the choirs all did amazing, and the Mads were pretty good in and of themselves.
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Today I am thankful for everyone who has served. I may not always take pride in my country, but I will always take pride in the men and women who dedicate their lives to standing up for the rights of others. Thank You!
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First, I HAD A MANDA ALL WEEKEND! She was planning on coming on Friday night, but car trouble postponed that until Saturday morning around 11ish. We hung out at the house for a few hours playing on computer and the like and then headed to Point for Riverfront Rendezvous. Met my friend Angela at Emmy J's for coffee and ice cream around 3, jabbered for about an hour and a half and then we hit the park to check out the festivities. It was still awhile before the concert was going to start, so we just perused up and down the walking/biking trail to see if there was anything going on before heading back to the main stage area. By this time it was about 6ish, so we decided to hit Emmy J's again - this time their very good cafe supplied with lots of organic and local foods, so hurray for supporting out state! - for some actual good for you food before we headed back to the park to stake out our square of grass for the concert. Tracy showed up a few minutes after we spread out our blanket, so it was nice to catch up with her, too.

First up was The Presidents, a sort of local band from Milwaukee who were tons of fun and extremely good. Almost went to see if they were selling CDs, but Manda and I both decided we were too cheap and went the "We'll "Like" them on Facebook instead and listen to their songs online." Second was another localish country group with female vocalists who... were not so good. I don't listen to much country - I don't hate it, I just don't tend to go looking for it, either - but Manda does, and she was pretty much "Why must they ruin all of my favorite songs?!" for the hour they had the stage. Even as a not country type I felt for her... These ladies really were not that good and as a choir snob, it was kind of painful to listen to them. So we ignored them as best we could and ate fried cheese curds and other munchies that I had brought along to try and console ourselves while we made fun of the band.

The big star of the night was Josh Thompson, a pretty well known country singer apparently. He didn't come on until close to 10:00 and we decided to leave early as we were both getting tired of the concert thing. Besides, we didn't want to risk getting stuck in the moving parking lot that would result when the concerts finally ended for the night, so we headed to down town Point to see if there was anywhere to dance. Steel was closed, alas, and the only other place with a dance floor was deader than dead, so we texted Dustin and JB to see if they had anything going on. JB was doing the movie thing, but by this time it was close to 11 pm and wed just decided to call it a night because we were both tired and we still had an hour drive to get back home. Wild partiers we are not.

Sunday we met my friend Kristin for lunch at El Mezcal, and then on a whim I decided to go visit Jurustic Park - a privately owned sculpture park that was put together and run by a local artist. He works with metal and makes all sorts of weird creatures out of scrap metal. The place has been around for years, but I never got around to visiting it even though I've lived in Marshfield pretty much my whole life and the park (and the artist) outdate me by quite a bit. Anyway, the place is right down near McMillian Marsh (the feature that puts the "Marsh" in "Marshfield") and it is *awesome*. I can't believe I waited so long to visit. The artist himself is sarcastic and almost as shameless as I am, so all the little blurbs he puts on his work to try and "explain" them are a hoot to read. He was sitting out front cracking jokes about how his in-laws were visiting and they weren't the sharpest tools in the shed before drawing our attention to about a half dozen actual stuffed dummies that were sitting around his shop (the aforementioned "in-laws"). His wife was also there, and she does some pretty amazing glass work. Manda picked up a pair of very nice glass earrings and she explained to us how she made some of her pieces. Very cool stuff.

Got back to the house around 4 pm, and then we spent the rest of Sunday hanging out on the couch and alternating between playing on our computers and reading. Exciting, right? :)

Monday Manda left around 11, alas, but we had a fun weekend. Later in the afternoon we also had a cook out and invited Gramma and some family friends from the library to join us, so that's where I spent the rest of the evening. Only downside was that I got chomped by mosquitoes three times - once on my ankle which as been driving me nuts for the last two days, once on my knee which just started today, and once on my other knee but so far that one hasn't been itching, so hurray for that!

Anyway, that was my weekend! Had lots of fun and took a bunch of pictures. I might even get around to posting them eventually. :)
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Okay, so the timer is telling me i still have about twenty minutes of computer time before the library kicks me off. So, a quick'n'dirty Year In Review, totally not spell checked so I apologize ahead of time.

Not doing a long ramble this time around, just some highlights that I can remember off the top of my head.

* December 2009 - I graduated with a BS in Geoscience. By the end of February 2010, I had gotten a temporary position as the GIS Specialist at Ice Harbor Lock and Dam in Burbank, Washington. Hurray for internships! (Sadly, my $160 stipend is the most reliable paycheck I've ever had)

* Mid-March - my parents and I drove 1800 miles across country from Wisconsin to Washington in my little 1996 Geo Tracker. 12 hours a day on the road is not the most fun in the world, but we saw some really cool places along the way.

* Mid-to-late March - Started working at Ice Harbor Dam! Discovered that I had forgotten almost *everything* about GIS in the year it had been since I took any classes, but it was all quick to come back with a little research. Issues with the computer programs I needed (or the lack there of) plagued the first month, but after that it was pretty smooth sailing.

* Late May into June - Manda visited! We hit Paluse Falls (which is awesome), watched a bunch of movies, toured the Ice Harbor visitor center, and played on the toys at Columbia Park.

* July - I met the lovely Andrea and got to see Vaidah, Jodie, and Krissy for the first time in SEVEN YEARS when we hit the Lilith Fair in George, Washington. It was awesome beyond words.

* September - Housemates Beth and Walter and I went camping on Mount Rainier, taking a day to visit Mount Saint Helen's while we were in the area (COOLEST PLACE *EVER*) and quite accidentally ran across one of the biggest swap meets/flea markets in the United States.

* October - I attended the Geological Society of America's annual meeting in Denver, CO with two fellow UWSP Alumni, Angela and Liza. It was way fun, and I visited the Cheesecake Factory for the first time ever.

* November - I went home to visit the family and friends for TWO WHOLE WEEKS over Thanksgiving, which was fantastic! I also had an Emmies for two days worth of those two whole weeks, which was also awesome. I MISS YOU GUYS!

And that pretty much covers it! 2010 was a pretty good year for me - I had a lot of fun, was able to see a lot of amazing people and places, and for the first time in my life I wasn't super worried about Financial Issues. Also, for the first time in six and a half years, I didn't have to take a single test or complete a single paper. ;)

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2011 is a great one!

(wow, a whole 8 minutes left! Go me!)
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Okay, so update in * style

* Thursday - spent a lot of time on the phone and exchanging emails trying to figure out the tech issues that are still plaguing my computer. It was very frustrating, and at the end of the day, all for nothing because my computer is still having issues. On the bright side, though, co-workers decided to make lunch a taco/nacho carry-in ordeal, so I had a big plate of tasty nachos for lunch. Mmm, crunchy goodness.

* Friday - did laundry and helped Beth decorate our Christmas tree. Also decided to go to Target and pick up the long sleeved thermal I was eying last week, which I got for $10 down from $14, hurray for discounts! Otherwise I spent most of the day watching Stargate SG-1, and then we did presents and eggnog Christmas Eve after a rather nice dinner of ham and mashed potatoes.

* Saturday - Stockings in the morning, then we went to Cour d'Alene (only spelled right) to celebrate the holiday with some of Beth and Walter's friends and their family. Ate entirely too much, got a whole tin of goodies and a new pair of gloves, and then we hit the Christmas light program some landscaping company set up here in Kennewick. 300,000 lights, all set to music. It was incredibly impressive, to say the least. Got back to the house a little after 11 pm and proceeded to crash like a mad crashing thing.

* Sunday - Walter took Beth and I out to a late breakfast/early lunch to thank us for our help with the paper route these last few weeks. Then it was back to the house where I did a whole lot of nothing that included watching more SG-1 and a few movies. I did, however, fold my laundry, so I wasn't *totally* useless. I also had planned on going to the movie theater and finally seeing Tangled, but alas, it would appear that the Carmike Cinema no longer has it, and I wasn't quite courageous enough to brave frenzied masses at the Columbia Center Mall (when we drove by after lunch, it very much reminded me of an extremely active ant hill) to go to the cinema they have there, where they *are* still showing Tangled. Hopefully I'll be able to catch it on Friday on my day off.
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Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it! And a great weekend to everyone else. :D
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Thanksgiving was quite lovely. We went down to Green Lake to have Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle's log cabin this year instead of my grandparents, but there was still quite the gathering. I ate way too much and got to catch up with my aunts and uncles and cousins whom I hadn't seen for more than a year, so that was great. Showed pictures from many of my Washington travels, gushed over the Mt. Saint Helen's visit I was able to do this past summer, and generally had a grand old time. Yay Thanksgiving!

A day late, but Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the United States, and I hope everyone else in the world and a great day as well! I totally fell short on "twenty two days of posting things I am thankful for!", but I'm adding one more because I had meant to post this on Thanksgiving pretty much right from the start.

I am incredibly thankful for my amazing friends and my wonderful family! Seriously, you all helped carry me through some very rough times, and I'm so glad to have you in my life. {{{{hugs}}}} Thank you!

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So, I'm jumping on the "Who wants cards?!" bandwagon. Starting a bit later this year than I usually do... woops? So, if you want a card - holiday generic, probably snowy scenes or funny animals. I might try and swing some glitter just for the hell of it, too - leave a comment please! They will be screened so only myself and you will see them. :D If you'd rather do the personal email thing, hit me at martianmaren AT

Also, if you've gotten a Maren Made femo ornament from me in the past, feel free to make a special request for the one you'll get this year! I've done anything from TARDISes to Snowman Jayne, complete with Vera. So, you know, as long as it doesn't have such detail that I can't do it with my fingers, I'd give it a good shot! (Sooner rather than later, please, as if I make one for everyone I want to this year, I'm going to have something like 40 ornaments to pop out in the next five weeks or so.)
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Thanksgiving Comes First

Day 6 - I am thankful to all the soldiers and veterans who fought in the past and still fight today for the benefit of everyone else in the world. I may not be much of a patriot, but that doesn't mean I am not proud of each and every one of you. Thanks for everything you've done.

Day 7 - I am thankful that one of my housemate, who has been looking for a job for months, finally found one little part-time job as a delivery person, and he has hopes for something bigger after a week of good interviews.
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In order to continue the Thanksgiving Comes First trend, I am going to try and write one entry per day until November 25 on something I am either grateful for or on some cherished Thanksgiving memory or story.

Today, I'll start with a bit of memory.

Thanksgiving 2007 )

One day down, nineteen more to go.
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Joining the Thanksgiving Comes First Brigade, because I know I'm not the only one who gets kind of miffed when I walk into Fred Meyer (a slightly more classy version of Walmart, if you squint a little and it gets bonus points for having a coffee shop that *isn't* Starbucks inside of it) two whole weeks before Halloween, and the first thing I notice is that they already have their fake Christmas tree display set up. Or when I hit Walmart for some small, completely non-holiday related thing and I see Christmas decorations right along side the half-price Halloween candy, and a tinny version of "Let it Snow" is playing over the speakers, cheerfully driving me insane as I realize that this is only the beginning of two-and-a-half-months of getting A Consumer's Christmas Carol shoved down my throat.

Once upon a time, way back maybe five or six years ago (I know it's tough, but you can do it! Stretch those memories, people! Remember the days when Bush Jr. was still in office, Kayne West was all over the place, and a NCIS was one of television's biggest dramas - you can do it if you try!), department stores and television advertisements were content to take advantage of the fact that Thanksgiving came before Christmas, and holidays were celebrated one at a time. A magical time, that, when a month or so before Thanksgiving, cartoon turkeys and Pilgrims hit the lime light to sell you car insurance, spread the word that their store was having a "Huge Thanksgiving Sale with savings up to 50% off the original price!", and Thanksgiving wasn't just a quick bathroom break along the long, twisty road that was the Holiday Season, or an extra day to arm for battle before braving the Frenzied Consumer Masses on Black Friday.

Once upon a time, Christmas was more than a greed-filled excuse to supply your family with a bunch of toys, trinkets, and trifles that were destined to become lost, broken, or forgotten again in two months, and Thanksgiving was more than an extra day off during your work week.

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was the marker for the start of the best, most awesome time of year. In school, it was the time of the year all of the teachers started having to go to conferences and end-of-the-year meetings to discuss Boring Adult Things, and because of it, classes got done a lot earlier and days off for the students got a lot more frequent. During the months of November and December, there were *maybe* three full weeks of school - otherwise, there would always be at least one day per week when we were let out of school early, and if that wasn't the case, we would have all of Friday off, and sometimes even Thursday or Monday as well.

Out of school, we knew that Thanksgiving was just around the corner, and that after Thanksgiving, it would be Christmas. Thanksgiving also meant *four whole days* free from the dreary halls of our grade school, a lovely extended weekend where we could sleep in and sloth off on our homework for a few days. On top of that, there was the promise of way too much good food and the chance to visit with family that we probably hadn't seen since the previous Thanksgiving. Perhaps most of all, though, Thanksgiving ushered in the Holiday Season - a very important job to a seven year old - and my most favorite time of the year, because during that time, everything just seemed a little brighter, everyone seemed a little bit happier, and cities would come to life after dark, shining with the glow of thousands of brightly colored holiday lights.

We wrote Christmas list to Santa of all the things we hoped to receive when he made his annual round-the-world journey, filling our tiny little hearts almost to bursting with the Joy and the Hope of the season. Christmas carols were a tradition, and they were special because that was the *only* time of the year that they were sung and every time we heard one, it brought a little more joy to our heart. Some of us had so much joy bottled up inside that we just had to share it, and so many a church group or friendly gathering decided to carry candles and sing the carols door-to-door, sharing them with our neighbors and being rewarded with hot chocolate, apple cider, and home-made cookies.

Christmastime was special. It was about sharing and family and hope for the new year. It might not be the same for everyone else, but for me, it was never about the presents. They were a rather nice extra, don't get me wrong, and like any kid I gleefully tore into the few brightly wrapped packages under the tree with my name on them on Christmas Morning, but what I remember most now, twenty years later, isn't the mystery and excitement as each new toy was revealed, or the childish disappointment when it ended up being Yet More Boring Clothes. Instead, what I remember the most is the slight sadness I felt after all of the presents were unwrapped and all the big family dinners done, because that meant that Christmas was well and truly over for the year, and I had to wait a whole eleven or so months before the holiday lights and carols would be magic again.

Christmas was special because it was only once a year, and it was magic because it was special. It gave me something to look forward to, and even the sadness of it ending was never enough to overcome the promise that I'd get to experience it all over again next year.

I still love the holiday season, but by the time it actually arrives these days, I am so fed up with the constant barrage of Christmas advertisements, the audio assault of carols being repeated over and over again in a hundred different styles on a thousand different radio stations, and the frustration of fighting wave after wave of fanatic holiday shoppers when all I want is some damned shampoo, that the spark - the magic for the lack of a better term - is gone. And I miss it.

Once upon a time, Thanksgiving came first and it ushered in the most amazing time of the year.

Once upon a time, Christmas was special and my childhood memories didn't so closely resemble a fairy tale.

Thanksgiving Comes First

I know very few people read my journal, and I know some of you who do don't actually like Christmastime all that much - for religious reasons or just a general frustration at how commercialized this once special holiday has become - but I'm still encouraging you all to write your own entries and share your own reasons why The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year isn't so wonderful any more. Maybe if enough people group together and spread the word, the Big Companies will get a clue and we might just be able to rediscover the magic of the season shining through the greed-fueled muck that tries so hard to snuff it out.

ETA Saturday, November 6, 2010
In hopes of backing up the Thanksgiving Comes First thing, I'm going to try and post either one happy Thanksgiving memory per day, or to share one thing I am thankful for. Here are the links to those posts so far.

Day 1 - Thanksgiving 2007
Day 2 and 3 - Mmm, mashed potatoes
Day 4 - In which I give thanks for fan fiction, because I am a Geek.
Day 5 - Why Thanksgiving is Awesome, at least for me
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I am sleep deprived, medicated (Benadryl), and mom spiked the apple cider! Apart, those are enough to effect brain function - together, they pretty much cut off higher brain function entirely.

Cannot brain today, I have the dumb.

That said, Happy Christmas! I've spent the day alternately cleaning and cooking. Attacked the bookshelves and the top of my wardrobe in my room today, and then Dad brought Gramma home for the holiday and we spent a good chunk of the afternoon making popcorn balls. Will hopefully get around to baking the rest of the cookies tonight, too, but as I mentioned before, Maren tiiiiiiiiiiiired. Might save that for a project tomorrow.

Still have rather icky weather, which has been extremely indecisive on whether it wants to rain or snow all day. The worst of the storm should *supposedly* move out of the area tomorrow morning, but I'm not getting my hopes up since the low pressure system creating all the icky weather is strong enough to pretty much fill up the bottom two layers of the atmosphere, so it can do whatever the hell it wants and is, in fact, retrograding and moving *toward* the west at this point. Gotta love Ma Nature.

Christmas Dinner was extremely tasty. Mom made ham and twice baked potatoes, both of which were extremely good eatin'. I managed not to stuff myself too badly, but I'm definitely looking forward to leftovers.

Rest of the family is currently sitting around the kitchen table (we just finished dinner) reading letters my grampa wrote back during WW2, the ones he wrote around Christmas, to be exact. It's pretty neat hearing what he was doing - which mostly involved getting in trouble, or so it sounds. :)

So, yeah. I'd call this a pretty damned good Christmas. And I hope everyone else had an equally enjoyable holiday as well.
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Ucky, allergies. If I don't end up with some sort of cold by the time I head back to Point on Monday (there was a brief delay in my scheduled return - Coyote does have a nice new caliper thanks to Simon, but in the process of fixing the front caliper it was discovered that the Mystery Clunking Noise is the result of one of my back break braces pretty much disintegrating; when Dad and I went to check on Coyote yesterday afternoon, Simon showed us the three small scraps of metal that were all that remained, and he won't get the new parts until Monday), I will be very surprised.

On the other hand, I'd much rather get sick now when I have the option of laying in bed all day and sleeping than next week just before I go see Manda, so, you know, bring on the cold germs!

That said, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Even if you don't celebrate it, I hope your Thursday night and Friday is fantastic! ::sends out all the warm wishes and love she possibly can virtually)

Our holiday will be spent hiding inside for the most part - it's been freezing rain pretty much all day, so everything is coated in about a half an inch of ice. Storm is going to stick around until at least Saturday morning, too, so yeah... not going to venture outside if we don't have to.

And now I am off to start the apple cider and get my munchie on.
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Usually lolcats/loldogs kind of irritate me since the improper grammar and intentional misspellings is kind of akin to nails on the chalkboard for me, but I gotta admit, this picture totally made me giggle.

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

In other news, I have most of my holiday ornaments finished. I still need to make one for Manda, Emmies, Emma, and Melissa, but I think I'm good after that. At least I sure hope I am - I plan on having a bunch of random extras just in case I miss anyone.
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It is completely unfair that no where online can you find a streaming version of March of the Wooden Soldiers or Toys. It is even more unfair that it does not appear that the Portage County Library has a copy of either as well. I'm very tempted to go try Family Video again, but I already walked there and back once today and I don't feel much like doing it again. ::le sigh::
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NCIS really knows how to do a Holiday Episode. I'm all grinning and warm and fuzzy and stuff!

only minorly spoilery, but cut anyway )

Seriously, show, you are made of win! Even if I did know Who Done It the moment they first showed up.

Come to think of it, JAG was pretty damned good at the holiday episodes, too, and as far as I know they still have the same creators/producers/etc. Go Bellisario!
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I am planning on sending out holiday cards and/or Year In Review letters again this year, it's just a matter of finding the time. I'm using the same addresses i received last year in this post; if you've moved in the last year and still want a card, leave your new address in the comments (which are screened) or email them to me at No promises on when I'll actually get these things out, but hopefully before the new year.

If you have any desire to send me a card, my address in Stevens Point is the same as it was last year, and it will remain that address until end of December. After that I'll be moving back home, and if you want that address, email me. I really have no desire to fill out all the Holiday Card Address Request posts again, so I'm not gonna. No worries if this means I won't get a card - I figure you all still care, you just don't want to put any more effort into it than I myself do. As I am feeling particularly lazy this year, I'm okay with that. :)
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It's a bit late, but Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. folks!

I'm currently at 'rents place for the holiday, and we went to my aunts in Menominee for Thanksgiving Dinner today. Aunt and uncle are both doing the Weight Watchers thing, so everything they had was pretty low-calorie, so hey, bonus for not feeling as guilty about eating so much! Something tells me that the baklava one of the non-Weight Watchers relatives brought wasn't the least bit low calorie, and what I saved in the meal itself was probably totally blown away by the four pieces I ate for dessert. Everything was still really good, though, and I probably ate quite a bit more than I needed too. Since that's kind of the point of Thanksgiving, though, I don't feel too guilty. Mmm, mashed potatoes!

Anyway, if I stick around parents place until Saturday, I might get another Thanksgiving dinner out of the deal. As I am a poor college student (at least for another month, provided I pass Chem and all that), I might just do that, *especially* since it would likely get me some leftovers to take with me back to Point, and I'm kinda hankering for some homemade Turkey Noodle Soup.
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Last night I could *not* seem to get to sleep, and then when I finally did, I had a nightmare about body-snatching aliens chasing us ("us" being a Random Dream Family consisting of a grandfather, two of his adult grandchildren, and a bulldog). The aliens got the bulldog first, and it ate whoever it caught and didn't body-snatch. My perspective, of course, was from that of the grandfather, who knew he was slowing everyone else down because he was in one of those mechanical scooters/wheelchairs, so he sacrificed himself in order to give his grandkids a better chance. I was in his head until just after he threw himself in front of the alien bull dog; then I jumped to the perspective of the granddaughter watching in horror as her grandfather fell beneath the paws (and other... limbs, because by this time there was more than one body-snatching alien chasing us), and then trying to turn off her emotions because to slow down even a little bit would mean death and her grandfather would've sacrificed himself for nothing. I woke up right after that, and it was one of those Afraid To Go Back To Sleep kind of dreams. Not fun at all. It was starting to get light outside, though, so I turned over so I faced the window, my thought's running along the lines of "gonna face the light now, cause light is good and dark is scary" and managed to fall back asleep for at least a little bit. Still left me massively tired today, though.

Anyway, nuff of the dream stuff. Went home to visit parental units today for a cook-out, and to ask Dad to help me look over my car cause Coyote started making a mysterious whumping sound while turning corners last weekend or there abouts (or at least thats when I first noticed it). Since I know he has a sticky caliper on the front passenger-side wheel, I thought that might be responsible for the whumps, but I wanted a second, more experienced opinion. So, dad and I drove it around a bit and then parked it at home so we could take off the front two tires to check out the calipers and the break pads. Both are okay, though the sticky one is slightly more worn down than the other side, but not nearly as bad as it was two years ago when I had to replace the break pad on that wheel even though it was less than a year old. Also checked my fluids and discovered that the radiator cap had broken, which meant that my antifreeze was not flowing properly. Thankfully I still had the old radiator cap (we replaced it last year when my father discovered that I wasn't getting as much antifreeze into my radiator as I should've, and what little was in there would be more "foaming" than "flowing; Dad thought it might mean the radiator cap didn't have a proper seal anymore - which turned out not to be the case, but hey, it was only 6 bucks - and so we got a new one. Which broke a year later; so, now the old one is back on there. Lucky for me I never tossed it out, despite considering it a few times.

Also had a very tasty lunch of turkey burgers and chicken breasts, and Mom gave me leftovers, so yay for something other than turkey-and-cheese sandwiches! Granted, it will probably be chicken salad sandwiches instead of turkey-and-cheese, but whatever, variety is good.

And we watched Independence Day, which is still awesome even 13 years later.
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I want this hat. Like, a lot. Though it would be cooler (at least for me) if it was a snake instead of a shark.

In other news, I have finished my Lab 3 for GIS! Yay! It was actually a pretty easy one comparatively - getting the GPS data took the most time, and since that required taking a walk around Lake Joanis (albeit with a bunch of equipment attached to me through various straps and buckles), it was actually more fun than tedious. Also, it means that I don't have to go back and finish anything tomorrow, so I actually have my Memorial Day holiday! Yay!
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Happy V-Day to those who do that kind of thing.

At the risk of sounding like a bitter old hag, I've never really seen the point of Valentines Day, except as another day to get a bunch of candy in grade school. I'm very much of the opinion that if you want to express how much you care to your loved ones, why the hell wait until Valentines Day? It seems a bit... Lazy maybe? I dunno.

Aaaaanyway, just because I don't really celebrate it (and I likely never will - on the off chance I actually find someone, I'm going to refuse anything "special" he does on said day. If he is still bound and determined, I might let him take me out or something on Feb 15 to celebrate the fact that it is no longer Valentines Day, and I think he'll agree happily because all the candy and flowers will be 50% cheaper. :D) doesn't mean I'm not curious about who this St. Valentine dude is. So, I Googled it. Or, well, Google actually did that bit for me cause every holiday they have a colorfully doodled logo that is already set to search for the holiday in question just by clicking on it. So I clicked, and here's what I found.

History of Valentine's Day through the History Channel's web page, so I can only assume they're relatively accurate. In which one of the festivals mentioned involved women getting slapped with blood-soaked goat hide. Ew. Though being able to trade your boy-toy in for a different model at the end of the year might have it's bonuses. ;)

An amusing post covering what Valentines Cards would look like if they were honest. The V-Day card to one's hand was particularly snicker-worthy.

Some more history, most of which was already covered in the first link, but there are a few additions like a "letter" from St. Valentine and a few more Valentine traditions down at the bottom of the page. (And I don't know about you, but I'm going to have my eyes peeled for goldfinches today. You think they count if they aren't in their spring gold yet?)

And now the question is... Dare I turn my TV on for some channel surfing, or will I be drowned in a flood of love stories and romantic comedies?

::eyes the remote suspiciously::

ETA 10:24
Saved by Flight of the Navigator! On the Hallmark channel, no less... Who would've thought?


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