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Interview with Nathan Fillion on the Castle Season 4 Premier, which airs on Monday. That there are a few mild spoilers is a bit of a given, the first one they let slip makes me happy (and would probably make Becca happy, too. :) ). Less excited about the second one they hint at, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose, and to make up for it, the Halloween episodes sounds like it could turn out to be another kick-ass episode like the first one was.
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Kinda on the fence about the Bones finale. On the one hand, right up until the end I had been rather enjoying the episode. On the other hand... not sure I much liked the ending.

cut for spoilers )
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And I have finished another book series, woe. Even more woe - BIG SPOILERS on the end of Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold )

Now I am indecisive on what to read next - a reread of Mercedes Lackey's By The Sword, and thus, the Winds/Storm/Owl trilogies that follow thereafter, or Soulless by Gail Carriger, which if the free preview is anything to judge by, reminds me a lot of the Ameila Peabody books, only with vampires instead of mummies. There was also another series I was pondering a re-read of, but it has slipped my mind as of the moment. Then there is Bujold's *successful* fantasy series (as opposed to her not so successful first attempt at fantasy), of which I also have a preview though I have yet to read any of it.

Choices choices. My life, so hard.
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some tiny Castle spoilers )

In other news, I am home sweet home for the time being. Trip across country was blessedly uneventful aside from the general "whee, we're going on a road trip!" excitement. Weather got kinda iffy on Monday night, so we ended up driving all day in order to get back to Manda's place at least before a nasty winter storm rolled in. I spent the night on her couch, and then I managed to sneak the rest of the way home in the very brief clear corridor between two storm systems and made it to my parents place about an hour or before it started sleeting and the worst of the two storms hit. And *then* I got to stand on the porch and experience thunder sleet! So hurray for home and rare weather phenomena!
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Just watched last week's episode of Bones. The end? Yeah, I've had Valentines Days that I really would've loved to do that.

It isn't even about being single, really - I've always been single on Valentines Day, so it isn't a huge deal for me. I just get kind of irritated with the whole idea that Valentines is the one day you need to really express your love, because if you love someone? Why the heck would you only show it one day a year? I'd think it would be more important to try and find ways to express it on a random rainy Saturday after a long week, or even a spontaneous Tuesday when he/she least expects it. It just seems like Valentines Day is an excuse to only really express yourself one day a year. Like we need another excuse to be lazy.

It's kind of the same way I feel about New Years Resolutions; if I want to change my life, I am going to start changing it right away. Waiting until the "new year" - which is an extremely flexible date, by the way. I know of at least three different cultures that celebrate it on totally different times of the year, and that isn't even counting the leap years when we have an extra day on our own calenders - just seems like another excuse to me. You control your own life - why the hell would you wait until New Years Day if you wanted to change it for the better?

Just a pet peeve of mine, and it is to the point where I'd plan my "Valentines" day for February 15 *just* to celebrate the fact that it isn't Valentines Day anymore. Also, bonus - chocolate and flowers would all be half price. ;)

My only other thought beyond the awesome endings with itty bitty spoiler ) was this....
Shame on you, Booth, you aren't wearing ear protection. ::tisks him::
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cut for Frozen spoilers and an idea of epic awesomeness )

See? Totally epic. Unfortunately, it would be epic in size as well, which is why I will never write it. It would still be awesome, though.
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I pre-ordered the fourth Green Rider book (Blackveil) several weeks back, and even though it doesn't *technically* come out until Feb. 1, my copy from B&N arrived yesterday. I have been waiting THREE LONG YEARS for this book, so needless to say, I was pleased as punch and dove right in as soon as I got the chance. Currently I am about 110 pages in (of 663).

Now, it is no secret I occasionally read the last page or so of a book as soon as I get through the first few chapters. I know, I know - sacrilege, right? But darnit, I want to know if a book is going to break my heart and kill off any of my favorite characters before I get to the end so I can steel myself, you know? I am a spoiler whore. My friends from the Farscape Shippers List know this well. ;)

Truly, though, that was not my intention this time around. However, I still accidently caught a few lines of the second to last page of Blackveil when I was trying to clear the back cover flap, which had the last two or three pages of the book trapped beneath it. After seeing those two lines - which out of context were not the least bit promising, by the way - my curiosity got the better of me and I couldn't resist. Spoilers like woah - I'll even white them out for you all who are super paranoid )

Still, though, wheeee, I have Blackveil one whole week before it is supposed to be released!
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Castle has sadly become slightly less awesome this season and the banter has suffered, and I hate to say it, but I kind of miss first and second season's UST because it was *fun* and it was *cute*. Now they have decided to push the love angle more and the adorableness and UST less, and woe, the banter suffers.

However, I do still watch, and I do still enjoy the show, just not as much as I used to.

That said, a few spoilers on last night's episode )

It is not the Castle I loved and mooned over the last first two seasons, but I suppose all good things must come to an end, and so far I'm okay enough with the new version.
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Tuesday's episode of NCIS was sneaky and devious and awesome in all the best kind of ways.

Minor Spoilers )

I love this show.
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They have a sneak peak of the Castle season premier up at

Link here:


Teeny tiny spoilery comment for the first five seconds - under here )

Some non-spoiler observations: Beckett and Lanie's hair? YES PLEASE!
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small spoiler on last night's Castle )

In other news, the computers at work are now functioning again! Yay! I can actually do my job rather than sit around being bored! Actually accomplished quite a bit - finished three maps and started another one. Hurrah.

OMG, IT IS STORMING! YAY YAY YAY! (as of 8:20ish - my internet died before I could post)

ETA 10:09 - Also, I really liked whatever the song that was playing at the end of the episode. Will totally have to look into the soundtrack if there is one out for season 2 yet.
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a few spoilers, nothing super big )

Ah, Bones... You may no longer have partial ownership on my soul, but episodes like this one remind me why you got that honor in the first place.

Also, I really wish I could get a hold of a copy of the end theme.
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A few spoilers on last night's Castle; 2x21 - Den of Thieves )

In other news, I left for the GIS class thingy at around 6:45 this morning and didn't get back until about 5:45 this evening. It made for a kind of long work day (10 hours - we got an hour for lunch), but I figure the more hours I can make up, the more "vacation" time I can take off.
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I am watching the first two episodes of Stargate SG-1 for the first time in probably about 5 years.

do I really need to cut these if the episode aired more than 10 years ago? )

I predict a rather long SG-1 marathon in my near future. Yet another reason I haven't tried to rewatch the series in a few years - there are 10 seasons, more than 200 episodes, and two movies to get through! I still haven't seen the movies, either, which is why I decided to do the rewatch. Ignore the fact that I probably only *really* need to re-watch seasons 9 and 10 in order to understand what the heck is going on in them.
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Just finished watching this weeks episode of Castle. I might have a new second favorite (Halloween episode still ranks number 1), even if I knew who the bad guy was as soon as I saw them.

few spoilers )

And thats pretty much all, actually. My life, so exciting.


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