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* Loooooooooved the opening scene with the storm from space zooming down to the blood-soaked alleyway. Made my weather and science geek go glee!

* Castle: "Walking dead"
Beckett: ::huge eye roll::
Me: ::hearts them::

* Me thinks this episode is inspired by the novels of Louis McMaster Bujold, or at least that is exactly where my brain went when I saw the cryogenic chambers. And even though I knew it was coming, I might have jumped a teeny tiny bit as well when Castle wiped off the condensation and saw a creepy frozen dude staring at him.

* Ryan: "Think they can put me under until the wedding?"

* Hey, it that actor who always plays the creepy bad guy! I betcha he did it.

* Aw, man, dead guy's partner is another actor who always plays the bad guy, or at least the sneaky 'turn you over for money' kind of snitch. He could've done it, too. Maybe they're in cahoots.

* loved the look Castle gave Beckett when he found out she knew about "College Girls Gone Wild!"

* "So, would you get implants?" "Do you really think I need them?" ::wry look at her chest::

* Kinda brings a whole new meaning to the term "Loosing your head"

* "Talk about taking a header..." ::snickersnort::

* "I got Hamleton's Head!" ::sloshes it around:: "I think it's alright!" So bad, but yet I laugh.

* Darn, wife did it. Ah, well, guess they both can't always play the creepy bad guy.

Over all, again, loved this episode. Only part I didn't love was the sappy tag scene, but that's mostly just how I react to anything sappy.


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