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"Maybe we should consider joining the circus." - YES PLEASE! Seriously, Castle and Beckett get into so many crazy situations that I imagine having some acrobatic tricks up their sleeve would come in extremely handy. They should totally start training with Circ de Soleil or something. And hey, they can even add tiger taunting to their resume!

Loved Esposito and Ryan sharing the same coffee-stirring stick, even after it had been licked. And the Bromance lives on!

Liked this episode. Yeah, so there were some glaringly obvious lines about the parallels between Laney/Esposito, Castle/Beckett relationships (and of course the "next time" that will have Castle fangirls frothing at the mouth; luckily, I'm not a fangirl and mostly am going, "Yeah, whatever" over the whole idea), but otherwise it was mostly back to the WTF sceneries that drew me in first season (creepy old lady in a cage with an Evil Eye that can put them to sleep, waking up chained together in dark dungeon - or, okay, basement - but still!) and the partnerey banter that we all know and love.

Esposito and Ryan getting a chance to be awesome is never a bad thing, either, and I still rather like the new captain. Yeah, she is a bitch, but she does it very well and can use it be bad-ass on behalf of her team. (and, "they have two of our people" - two of them, not just one! She might not like Castle all the time, but he's still one of them she'll do her best to keep them all safe).


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