Feb. 24th, 2011

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I've had a Live Journal for almost ten years. That is a lot of memories. It is also a whole lot of crap, because a lot of what I posted really wasn't worth remembering.

The last few weeks, I've really started thinking about what a journal actually is and why people keep them, and somewhere along the way I remembered that you write a journal because that it what you want to do - remember. Whether you plunk it out online or you actually scrawl the words across a physical page in a book, keeping a journal is all about writing down what you don't want to forget.

Human memory is faulty, slippery, and quick to escape if you don't have some way hold on to it and keep it close. This has become even more glaringly obvious to me and my family as we watch my grandmother slip away, one memory at a time. She still knows who we are, she can still put names to the familiar faces, and that is a true blessing. But her short term memory is almost non-existent, and the words that once came to her so easily when she told a story or rejoiced in an old memory often slip out of her grip. Without some way to capture them - and the memories that go along with them - there is a very good chance that those stories will be lost for good. And in 50 years, what is to say the same won't happen to me?

So, I'm being proactive and trying to capture mine before they get away. This is what I want to remember.

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