Jul. 15th, 2011

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It has been awhile, and I admit I haven't read as *much* fic as I once might have to fill the time (I've been reading actual books instead. Not that I'm a bibliophile or anything. ;) ), but I still seem to have acquired quite a few fic recommendations in my "fic recs" folder. I figure I should probably purge them, otherwise the prospect will just get more daunting and I'll find an excuse to put it off even more, which will only cause the list to increase further and get even *more* daunting, and alas, I am trapped in my own Catch-22.

So, next few entries will be fic recs.

Doctor Who - Not the Last by nostalgia. In which Donna demands she be turned into a Time Lord instead of having her memories wiped. Which means the Doctor is no longer the last of his kind and, point in fact, the only other of his kind is female, which puts him in a bit of a pickle as far as biology goes. As someone who is very much *not* on the Doctor/Donna bandwagon, I almost didn't read this one, but I was curious enough to give it a shot. Also, who am I to resist the call of Crack Doctor Who fic?
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The Princess is in Another Castle by waketosleep. I don't watch Hawaii Five-0, new or old, but I've caught a few bits and pieces here and there since my parents watch it. And, of course, Alex makes for some very nice eye-candy. And the "Hawaiian landscape aerial fly-over porn", as one of my friends put it once.

That said, I totally only decided read this one because of the title, though don't ask me why the title held much sway because I can't remember. I'm thinking it was purely curiosity. And maybe the summary: Danny and Kono must go on an epic quest to rescue Steve from mortal peril and his own shortsightedness. There may or may not be goombas.
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The Man With No Name by Frostfyre7, Firefly/Doctor Who crossover in which the Doctor - still lonely and aching a bit after the events of "Runaway Bride" - finds himself in the Firefly universe, a few months after The Big Damn Movie. The TARDIS tends to put him where he's needed (or maybe it's where he needs to be, who knows), so there are Events with alien tech that should not be in that century and, as both the Doctor and the Firefly crew don't ever have to go looking for trouble... well, what results is a Long And Plotty action/adventure story that is totally worth reading even if I can't remember everything that happens in it. Also, I admit, I am totally a sucker for any story where the Doctor and River get to interact, an opportunity that this story offers quite readily.
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Dirty Laundry by Asano. In which doing a simple bit of laundry has never been quite so challenging.
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Insomnia's Net Worth by gyzym. In which Peter can't sleep, and Neal's late night television habits leave something to be desired.
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Zugunruhe by Gloriana. An adorable Due South story from the POV of Ray K's pet turtle that has probably already been read by everyone in the Due South fandom but me.
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To See the World in a Grain of Sand by dress without sleeves. Very good look at the lives of Dastan and Tamina directly after the movie ends - one who remembers, and one who can't help but wonder in her newly acquired ignorance. Soooo true to both characters that I could see the story play out picture-perfect in my head. I particularly loved the ostrich racing bit.

As for the four additional stories in my folder, they are the direct result of a Tin Man binge I went on a few weeks back. Since I am feeling lazy, I'll save them for tomorrow's spam.


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