Nov. 1st, 2011

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This year I didn't do my traditional Score The Internets For Good Ghost Stories post before Halloween. So I am stealing Becca's link for creepiness.

First few are ones I've heard before, but I still got chills. Possibly because I might be coming down with cold, but whatever, still counts. Who fans should check out "The Statue" about a third of the way down the page.
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* Last weekend (Oct 20-23) I was down in Tennessee for a very whirlwind tour of the Smoky Mountains. Gramma wanted to visit her sister Jean down there, so I was sent along as the adult supervision. As it was 40 and rainy up here and 65 and sunny down there... golly, they twisted my arm and I had to go or risk disappointing the Matriarch. No one wants to disappoint the Matriarch, right? ;) Awesome time seeing family I hadn't in years (and meeting a few of them for the first time), and bonus - they kept buying me food, too! Took a ton of pictures as it was peak fall color in the mountains and I even saw a bear.

* Saturday (Oct 29) was Halloween Shanagins in Point, but I didn't go because driving an hour in the dark to go bar hopping just didn't seem worth the effort. Kinda bummed i missed out on hanging with my Point friends (in costume, too), but it was kinda nice to just relax and chill and catch a movie with Kristin in Marshfield instead. For the record, Paranormal Activity 2 was a HUGE LET DOWN after all the hype I heard, but it had a few nice shocker moments.

* Yesterday (Halloween) I dressed as Marty from Back to the Future III and went to work. Nothing else going on, i just wanted to wear a costume. :D

And that is the extent of the excitement in my life the last two weeks.


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