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And on an entirely different note, I am way more amused by this than I should be - but Stargate *does* actually have a teeny tiny basis in truth. Behold, the Puerta de Hayu Marka (also known as the Stargate)

Alas, it requires a specialized golden disk to actually transport anyone anywhere, which obviously isn't something we mere humans have any access too as the last guy who was transported interdimensionally took it with him and never brought it back. I am, however, extremely amused by the fact that there really is a Peruvian Stargate and I kind of wish Stargate SG-1 had taken advantage of the fact, but alas, they did not.
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Earlier this week I decided that whether I had anyone to go with or not, I was going to go up to Wisconsin Interstate Park this weekend and enjoy the fall colors. So I did, and I didn't even have to go by myself, hurrah! My friend Ethan joined me so the three hour drive wasn't as boring as it could've been as we are pretty good at maintaining conversations. Definitely made the trip seem to go faster, so yay for that.

Left about 9 am yesterday and Ethan asked to go to a flea market just outside of St. Croix Falls (where Interstate Park is). Spent a good hour or two there, at least a third of which was spent chatting up the gentlemen who had a really cool rock shop there. So cool, in fact, that I got a free 5 dollar petrified wood pendant from one of the guys. Granted, it was probably partially because Ethan left with at least $130 worth of rocks (that he got for $70 - must love Flea Market discounts!), but they also just really seemed to enjoy talking to some kindred spirits in the rock world. So that was pretty awesome.

Got to Interstate Park about quarter after 2 pm, and it was just as pretty as I knew it would be in Autumn. Walked three or four trails over the course of about 2.5/3 hours, took lots of pictures, and generally just really enjoyed myself. Left to head back home about 5:30ish and got back around 8:30ish. Ethan hung around until about 10:15 doing the jabber thing - like I said, it's rare that we ever lack anything to talk about - and then I proceeded to crash like a mad crashing thing by midnight (had to shower, after all, and stock the woodstove for the night) ... only to wake up at 4:30 am because I hadn't eaten anything in almost 12 hours and my tummy was very unhappy with me. But that's okay because I just curled up in my ugly fuzzy blue robe and a blanket, with some crackers and orange juice and an episode of Stargate SG-1 and then went back to bed for three an a half hours after I finished it.

Now I am lying on the couch in my PJs with Ancient Aliens on the TV and my computer in my lap. So far? Awesome weekend. Possibly to get even more awesome as my friend Beth from high school whom I haven't seen in almost two years is planning on paying Marshfield a visit at some point in the next three days, so there's a good chance I'll get to hang out with her for a bit, too.

(only downside of the weekend so far - I spent at least 80 bucks on gas and an additional 70 or so on groceries in the last three days, all of which went on my credit card. Ugh, money sucks)


Sep. 24th, 2011 10:37 pm
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* Wednesday - had a phone interview with the Bureau of Land Management in Washington DC. Not sure if anything will come of it, but it was nice to actually get a call back.

* Thursday - had an extra swim lesson, but we were short a teacher. Luckily the group wasn't as big as we were expecting, so we managed. Also, another hour on my time sheet is not a bad thing.

* Friday - Did an awesome impression of a slug all day long and did nothing productive except one load of laundry (which I didn't even fold, even though it was small). Spent the rest of the day reading two epically long (at least it sure seemed like it), epically sappy Labyrinth fics, with a fair dose of angst in both as well. On the bright side, at least the authors were grammatically intelligent, and the plot of the first one was intriguing enough that it almost made up for the sap. Almost.

* Saturday - did all of the stuff I ignored yesterday (two more loads of laundry that I actually folded and washed dishes) before meeting a friend to go canoeing on Lake Dexter for the afternoon. It rained half the time we were out there - apparently the 20% chance of showers ended up right over the top of us), but luckily it was still warm enough (mid 50s) that the rain was less irritation and more "ooo, pretty!" Also, as it is almost October in Wisconsin, both Kristin and I were working the layered look and had dressed with the possibility of chilly weather in mind. Then we went to Melody Gardens for hot cocoa and coffee and ended up getting dinner there as well.
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Interview with Nathan Fillion on the Castle Season 4 Premier, which airs on Monday. That there are a few mild spoilers is a bit of a given, the first one they let slip makes me happy (and would probably make Becca happy, too. :) ). Less excited about the second one they hint at, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose, and to make up for it, the Halloween episodes sounds like it could turn out to be another kick-ass episode like the first one was.
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Silo House

Thanks to [ profile] wowomom and I getting into a housing discussion on Facebook, I now want one of these.
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Mobius and The Sea Maid, Rewritten by canaana. Another AU for The Stolen Earth/Journey's End. So much more than a "fix it" fic.
In which Donna does not end up as foam upon the waves. This is the last ten minutes of JE gone distinctly AU

More in the series here
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I have yet to see either of the new Tron movies, and I've only seen the original maybe once, a very very long time ago. As in, I was four. Maybe five. Six is probably pushing it.

However, this? Totally needs to be an extra scene in the next movie. Seriously. Fanboys and girls around the world will explode with glee if we get to see that put onto the big screen. Please?
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Awesome night with friends at Dustin's Wine and Cheese Night. Tried three different wines, I have no idea how many cheeses, and got to catch up with a significant portion of my Point friends that I haven't seen in months, plus a few new faces. Only got rained on a little bit, too! We were out around the fire until close to 3 am, so I crashed on Dustin's couch rather than drive the hour+ back home in the middle of a very dark and foggy night. Running on about five hours of sleep for the past two nights combined, but it was totally worth it.

Week after next, All Day Star Wars Party at JB's! It's good to be geek. :D
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Vaidah, Jodie, and all the rest of you Within Temptation fans might find this interesting if you haven't seen it already.

First of three short films that give further insight into the concept of Within Temptation's fifth studio album "The Unforgiving"... which I might actually have to purchase now instead of mooching it from one of you like I usually do. ;)

Second one:
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Last Friday, my friend Kristin invited me to join her at a Blues concert they were having at Wildwood later that evening. We met there around 7 and stayed for the duration of the concert. It was lots of fun and a beautiful night for a concert. I even had two whole drinks! (some Bacardi Raz they had as an alternative to beer on the booze factor - kinda nice they at last offered something different, and it wasn't to bad, either. Also had a cup of beer because Kristin accidentally purchased way too many tickets, and I didn't want her to drink the entire thing herself)

This weekend I got the house to myself as the 'rents are off doing some demonstration thing at some get together they do every summer. Either I shall finally get a hold of Emmies and we shall have a movie marathon, or I shall have a movie marathon of my own here at home. I'm thinking all three Back to the Future movies and then maybe the first two Transformers films.
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Hey, Jodie, there's a Ghost Hunters International episode that they recorded partially in Trinidad! Just thought I would share, if only for the possible "Hey, I've been there!" moment, which are always fun even if you don't watch the show. I figure if I can get those moments whenever I hear about a location in Wisconsin I've been to on a TV series or the like, you might get a kick out of it too. :) Even having never been to Trinidad, I still went "Hey, that looks like it could be Jodie's mountain!"
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NPR's Top 100 Sci Fi/Fantasy book list

Because... yes.

Also because I have only read maybe 10 of them, and that really really needs to change now. ::nods::
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Becca, I saw this and totally thought of you
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I Don't Smoke by dress without sleeves. It is no secret that Wendell is my favorite squinturn, so when I saw I story that was all about his initial reaction to the Jeffersonian team? I could not resist. ::hearts it like woah::

Variations on a Theme by TamsinBailey. Awesome look at how Booth and Brennan met in the End in the Beginning universe.

White Collar
Compliments of the FBI by OnYourMark. Adorable fluffy fic on how Peter and El got together.

Star Trek Reboot
Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit by Suppi-chan. It Really does take a village to raise a Jim Kirk. Incredible Kirk insight while he grows up as the unofficial mascot of one of the smallest groups in Starfleet - crew and passengers from the last voyage of the Kelvin. Makes me want to hug him. A lot.

Serenity, Nevada by Christina K. Oz's summer road trip takes him to a sleepy little town in Nevada- one that just woke up with a big new problem, and the local sheriff and citizens may have to face a reality they never expected before the closing credits. THIS IS THE SERENITY CREW! Spot-on characterization for all of them... they just happen to be the working folk of a small Nevada town in the 21st century instead of a handful of space cowboys ecking out an existence on the edge of civilization in the 26th. And there are vampires, too.

Named by mclachland. Jesus Christ is dead. Somehow, that isn't the worst part of Dean's week. Everyone in and even on the edges (like me) of the Supernatural fandom has probably read this one already, but in case there are a few left who haven't - and because I want it on had if i ever decide to read it again - I'll link it none the less. Truly and amazing story, even if I'm not quite sure if I'm happy where it went. Of course, I've also only ever seen one episode of Supernatural, and it was in the earlier seasons when they were still more along the "bad guy of the week" kind of show before it got all super complicated with plots and subplots and characters literally going to Hell and back. According to my friend Di, who I mooched the link from, for all you long-time Supernatural fans - this is the ending it should've gotten (minus the smutty scenes, of course, because I don't think CW is allowed to be quite that graphic, though I certainly am not protesting. ;) )
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Because I fail at keeping up with my fan fiction addiction. Tin Man rec dump now, and then the random handful of Star Trek Reboot, White Collar, Bones, Firefly, and Supernatural stories I've read the last few weeks.

Road to Recovery by Jedi Buttercup
It was no wonder things weren't happily-ever-after yet, the way Popsicle's stories had promised. Real life was a whole lot messier than fairy tales ever accounted for, and it would be a long while before everyone recovered. A short, slightly more realistic OZ after the events of Tin Man. Struggling, but on the road to recovery.

The Princess and the Pizza by Jedi Buttercup
Dawn and DG compare the craziness of their lives over pizza and soda. Total fluff.

Loophole by animegus farmus
A bunch of stuffy old bureaucrats try and force DG into an arranged marriage that was set up when she was four. She finds a way around it. Again, total fluff.

If Things Were Different by Feistyfox
What might've happened if the witch was never freed, and DG and her sister grew up as princesses of the OZ. Link to the first chapter, the rest can be found under the 'if things were different' tag.

How Like a Winter by dress without sleeves
A very realistic look at Azkadellia after her possession. The brief in-the-background glimpses of DG don't really seem that in character to me, but that might be because I've been spoiled by all the Tin Man fanfiction I've read... especially since I've only seen the *actual* miniseries twice. The Az-focus is spot on, though, and Cain is pretty awesome, too.
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This weekend my friend Melissa from Minnesota and her hubby came for a camping trip down in Wisconsin Dells, and the invited me to join them. We hit the Lost Canyon tour which involved being driven through a small canyon carved out by the glaciers and/or glacial outwash during the last ice age by a team of horses. Super pretty and it made my glacial geology geek go squee in a big way. We also went to a deer park where we got to feed and pet lots of deer, and we rented a canoe for a few hours and paddled about a mile or two up the Wisconsin River and back down, stopping at a nice sandy beach to swim in our underwear for a bit.

Melissa's hubby had to work Sunday, so she and I spent the last night in our respective tents and had some Girl Time since they had the campground for the whole weekend. Went to an antiques and craft mall and happily got lost amongst the winding rows of Nifty Stuff for an hour or so, and because taking Melissa back with me would cut an additional two hours off the trip for when her husband, Tex, came back to retrieve her, we headed back to Marshfield early to mid afternoon. Spent about two hours searching for some quality deep fried cheese curds - had to give Melissa the full Wisconsin experience, after all - before we got lucky at Hudson's Grill, and because I wanted to kill some more time, took Melissa to Jurrustic Park and Powers Bluff as well before we headed back home. Timed it perfectly apparently, because Tex drove in like ten minutes after we arrived, so yay for getting the most out of her visit!

Anyway, had tons of fun and took lots of pictures the whole weekend and we totally need to do it again sometime.
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Watching Category 6: Days of Destruction, which I plan on critiquing the hell out of. Haven't even made it through the opening credits, and I already got one - supposedly, they are watching avidly as a bunch of storm supercells nail Las Vegas with tornadoes. Except, according to the computers in the background, the storms are nailing Illinois instead. Really, guys? I get that your budget is Made for TV, but would it have really cost *that* much to get one of your computer-savvy kids to photoshop the storms into the right part of the country?
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Last Friday my brother Ben and my cousin Mirrium ambushed me at the house while I was administering to the dog (who licked his shoulder raw about two weeks ago and it is still healing). They wanted to surprise Gramma at her place in Marshfield, but she was out on a date, so we decided to go in search of food while we waited for her to get home. I had on several occasions been encouraged to go try the Blue Heron Brew Pub in Marshfield because they apparently had some pretty great food, so we decided to give it a try and head there for a late lunch while we waited for my aunt Sue to drop Gramma off. My other cousin, Sydney (Sue's daughter) met us there, and gramma showed up about an hour or so later. Four of the seven grandkids together in one place for the first time in over a year; Gramma looked extremely happy being right in the middle of it. :) And yes, the food was quite good, but it seemed to take a rather long time to get to us considering there weren't that many people there.
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One more for the road because I heart anything Doctor and Donna like woah (BFF!)

Gingerbread by _thirty2flavors. Because I loved it so much I went all Fangirl at the author in the comments, which is not something I do lightly. Yet another story to feed my Doctor/Donna BEST FRIENDS FOREVER love. Also, there is a nice long sequel that I shall save for tomorrow, and according to seanachais (where I got the initial link from), there are several more in that universe as well. :D
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To See the World in a Grain of Sand by dress without sleeves. Very good look at the lives of Dastan and Tamina directly after the movie ends - one who remembers, and one who can't help but wonder in her newly acquired ignorance. Soooo true to both characters that I could see the story play out picture-perfect in my head. I particularly loved the ostrich racing bit.

As for the four additional stories in my folder, they are the direct result of a Tin Man binge I went on a few weeks back. Since I am feeling lazy, I'll save them for tomorrow's spam.
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Zugunruhe by Gloriana. An adorable Due South story from the POV of Ray K's pet turtle that has probably already been read by everyone in the Due South fandom but me.
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Insomnia's Net Worth by gyzym. In which Peter can't sleep, and Neal's late night television habits leave something to be desired.
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Dirty Laundry by Asano. In which doing a simple bit of laundry has never been quite so challenging.
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The Man With No Name by Frostfyre7, Firefly/Doctor Who crossover in which the Doctor - still lonely and aching a bit after the events of "Runaway Bride" - finds himself in the Firefly universe, a few months after The Big Damn Movie. The TARDIS tends to put him where he's needed (or maybe it's where he needs to be, who knows), so there are Events with alien tech that should not be in that century and, as both the Doctor and the Firefly crew don't ever have to go looking for trouble... well, what results is a Long And Plotty action/adventure story that is totally worth reading even if I can't remember everything that happens in it. Also, I admit, I am totally a sucker for any story where the Doctor and River get to interact, an opportunity that this story offers quite readily.


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