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So LJ changing the comment feature is what finally sent me running for dreamwidth. Still not sure how often I'll use it, but I do have one or the other of them set to cross post, so there should be some sort of update on occasion.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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Did the movie thing again last night. Watched "Prince of Persia", which is indeed well deserving of the praise you all gave it, and then I hung around a bit longer to watch an episode of Big Bang Theory. I had to work this morning still, so I didn't stick around past 8:30, but hurray getting out of the house for an evening!

In other news, my computer is still blacking out on me and going all non responsive after only a few minutes of use. I did take it in to one of the local computer techs to get it checked out by someone more informed about computer repair than Geek Squad, and he took out the hard drive and ran a diagnostics and it came up clear. He thinks it might've been a loose connection in the harddrive itself, because after he replaced it everything worked fine for him. Alas, it did not work fine for me, and it blacked out on me the first time I tried to use it after I got it back. On the bright side, the guy told me to bring it back if the problem came back and he'd repair it for free. Of course, the poor guy also had his store broken into a few days ago, so I figure he has enough on his plate without me doing the big brown puppy dog eyes and sad face and going "It's still broken."

Ugh, computers. My beloved Shadowlite never gave me this much trouble.
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I have discovered, with the proper motivation, I can walk a mile and a half in 23 minutes. "Motivation" this time around being how the bank closed at 5, and it was 4:19 when I left the house.

I got to the bank with almost 20 minutes to spare, and I was all "Ha! Am I good or am I good!" and proud of myself and stuff. Then I went inside to cash my rent check, and they said I couldn't because it was addressed to:

Maren Lindow
Ice Harbor Dam
******** Drive
Burbank, WA etc etc


Maren Lindow *OR*
Ice Harbor Dam
****** Drive
Burbank, WA yada yada

You see, if there is nothing before the "Ice Harbor Dam", they have to assume that it is AND, not OR, which means ICE HARBOR HAS TO SIGN IT, TOO! Ignore the fact that Ice Harbor is not, in fact, a person and CAN'T SIGN ANYTHING.

But wait, there's more!

I've gone to this particular US Bank branch once a month for the last four months and cashed the rent checks SCA sends me without any problem at all, so I said as much.
Me: "I don't see what the problem is. I've cashed these checks every month since I got an account here in March and there hasn't been any issues at all."
Bank Teller: "I'm sorry, I don't know what to say, we must have missed it those times."

*Missed* it? Are you serious? You "miss it" once, maybe twice if you're new. Any more than that, and you've SCREWED THE F*** UP.


I had to give *them* five bucks because my checking account was in the negative. Now, this checking account is a free checking account that I only have so I can cash the damned checks to pay Beth for rent every month. It can have a balance of zero and I'm still fine - at least that is what the woman ASSURED ME OF when I got the account back in March. I don't use it, and the debit card I have for it has been sitting in a pocket in my overnight bag, completely unused and unactivated since I got it in the mail four months ago.

'If that's the case,' you ask, 'why is your account in the negative?' Well, that would be because they *charged* me $5 because my last two statements have been returned to them as unsendable, even though I gave them my current address back in May when I moved, and the address they have on file for my account is accurate and typed right and everything. I know it works, too, because I've gotten mail here, at this exact address, several times already. I've even checked the address that shows up on Beth's magazines and bills and what not to make sure it matches - which it does - and she gets mail all the time because she LIVES HERE AND STUFF.

Also? This was my second attempt in as many days to get my rent check cashed. Yesterday I arrived at 4:30 pm only to be told that their computers had gone down ten minutes before and because of that issue, they couldn't verify that I actually had an account there and so could not cash my check.

This, children, is what happens when you don't research before you bank and instead grab whichever branch is closest to where you live.

::makes the "UP YOURS/FUCK YOU/GO SCREW YOURSELF" gesture at US Bank, and every other rude gesture she can think of, too::
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In other news, after spending all morning on ArcMap trying to turn a datafile (spreadsheet) into a point shapefile (bunch of points on the map, in this case marking lat/long coordinates), I have *finally* made a breakthrough! Hurrah! Even though I am pretty damned sure I did EXACTLY THE SAME THING twenty times this morning, one attempt finally worked, so yay and stuff.

Now that I have succeeded in doing that, though, all that is left for me to do is go digitize some more HMU boundaries, which is not so much with the yay.

ETA 2:36 pm - I now have "How Far Is Heaven?" running through my head; one line in particular - "Save me from this prison, lord help me get awaaa-aa-a-ay/O-only you can save me now from this miser-AAa-aa-ay-yay-ay-yay-ay" - was inspired by the bra situation mentioned above. The resulting visual is incredibly bizarre, but still highly amusing.
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Right, so once again, I literally have Nothing To Do and there is still an hour left of work. I have had Nothing To Do for about two hours now, and my make-work project digitizing the Snake and Columbia is something I can only work on so long.

Yes, we are, in fact, still having software issues, and the IT guy who is the only one who has any chance of figuring it out at this point is either out of the office for the week or ignoring my calls. This whole thing is getting insanely frustrating for all of us. Arrgh! ::headdesk::

So, the last two days I have been helping stick flags all over some of the HMUs, marking out where the new batch of trees that will be arriving in the next few days should be planted. Not at all in my job description, but at least it gives me something to do that is actually helpeful and stuff rather than sitting here like a lump fighting with the computer.

On that note, today we got to plant flags in 45 mph winds with gusts up to 60. There are localized dust storms all over the place, and it kinda makes me glad we only had one small HMU to flag this morning, and even *that* was all sorts of not fun. I know you all in Wisconsin are kinda annoyed by the snow, but honestly, with the way things are blowing out there and the Attack of the Tumbleweeds, I'd probably trade you quite willingly. Snow I can deal with - high winds and dust storms take some getting used to.
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Family members might want to ignore this post - it is me Getting my Geek On, and you probably won't know what I am talking about.

Here Be a Grumpy Geek )

Next post will be more about work and stuff, promise.
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Alrighty, so, the free wireless at the hotel here leaves quite a bit to be desired. I can get on in the early mornings (well, early for the rest of the Pacific Time Zone, that is - as far as my inner clock is concerned, it's actually pretty reasonable - it's still on Central Standard, and I'm hoping i can keep it that way since I work at 7:30 am starting Monday, which is 9:30 for me. Hurrah for jet leg! Kinda), but pretty much any other time during the day - *especially* evenings after people get home from work - it is very hit and miss, mostly on the "miss" side of the park.

Just letting you all know. I will be checking email and Facebook and stuff when I can, but that's probably only going to be once a day or so, and I probably won't be responding to comments or making any of my own quite so often, so woe for that. Might not be updating as often, either, for the same reason. My cell phone still works fine, though, so if you wanna call and jabber, I'd love to hear from you. :)
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Chem quiz did not go well. And the frustrating part? I know the material, I did all the homework, and I got the right answers on the homework, but translating homework-speak (problems from the book) into quiz-speak (problems the professor writes himself) is just not working very well for me.
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I like Glee. Glee is entertaining and there is lots of singing and dancing and you can never have too much of that (though I will say that wow, Finn cannot dance. I mean, he fakes it pretty well and all, and it's not as obvious in a group, but still... stick to singing if you can manage it, my boy), but OMG, ENOUGH WITH THE LYING ALREADY! Lying drives me nuts. Lying is the reason I never made it past the second book of the Dresden Files novels even though otherwise it is a fantastic series, and lying might very cause me to ditch this series, too, which sucks because the singing and the dancing are good for some Happy in a world that otherwise seems way too full of Unhappy, but seriously... I'm not sure how many more weeks I can deal. Maybe I'll just pass on the entire episode and just watch the singing-and-dancing bits on YouTube. Or something.
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I am reading bad BtVS fic. I really kind of want to stop, but so far I am not having any luck.

Okay, so it's not *that* bad, but it is annoying in that the idea is extremely intriguing (which is why I haven't stopped reading... yet), but the author is just... not really doing it justice.

Just... arrg, annoying. Will see how much longer I can stand it.

In other news, it is raining, yay! We need it. There won't be enough to even put a dent in the amount we need, granted, but every little bit helps.

ETA 11:32
OMG, sap! Sapity sap! Worse yet, the author is trying to make it *angsty* sap! ::headdesks::

someone make me it stop!
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Arrrg, body, you suck.

First class is in 8 hours and I went to bed early and everything but my brain is all "Nuh-uh, not gonna shut up, nope nope, instead I will pester you with useless, pointless things all night long." I'm not even tired or anything. Why must my brain refuse to turn off *every year* the night before classes start?
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Watched Dogma with the family in honor of Easter tomorrow (and yeah, I'm not really sure how "honorable" it really was, but whatever, it's a good movie).

Whether it's The Powers That Be getting revenge or the Easter Bunny's twisted joke, as a result of the viewing, I now have a huge, massive Dogma plot bunny hopping cheerfully through my brain. A rather persistent one, too.

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I am in the library computer lab and someone is using one of the scanners or has their phone on vibrate sitting on the plastic table; whatever it is, it is *buzzing* every 30 seconds or less. It is really really annoying.
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Wow. I have absolutely no motivation to study. I thought "once you start, you'll be fine!" kinda like inertia and all that cause that's what usually happens.

Now, though, its almost an hour later and I haven't even made it past the first page.

Stupid brain. We really really need to pass this test tomorrow, so feel free to start working at any time.

ETA 7:56
Now approaching another hour and I have only made it through three pages of notes. Arrrrg, sometimes I hate my brain.
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arrg. is slooooooooooow today. i'm not one to frequent there, but i discovered today that my scrapbooked version of actualize this - a sg1/invisible man/sentinel xover and one of my favorite stories - is incomplete and the link i have for the author's website is dead, so the only version thats still available is ob and i havent been able to get the damned site to load all day. :(

(also, sorry for lack of capital letters. am typing one handed cause i'm leaning on my other hand and am too darned comfortable to move - at least until my arm falls asleep)

sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. is 9:02 too early to go to bed?
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Walking to school this morning was all sorts of not fun. All the sidewalks were ice-glazed, with the temperature hovering right at 32 degrees (0 degrees C). I almost fell on my ass a few times, and I doubt the additional rain today and snow tomorrow is going to help matters. (6-9 inches predicted. Arrg, I'm ready for spring now)

In other news, Chem lecture and lab today. I'm supposed to come up with two methods to determine the decomposition of NaHCO3 (baking soda) before I get to class and I have no idea where to even start.

Also, PMSing.

This might qualify as counting my chicks before their hatched or a self-fulfilling prophecy but I don't care. I'm thinking today is just going to be a bad day.
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Must love Stumble.

Still having issues with It has taken me almost an hour and a half to watch 35 minutes of show, and there are still 10 left. Arrg @ NBC.
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Arrrg. Either is having issues or my wireless is having issues, cause I can not for the life of me get yesterday's episode of Chuck to play for more than 3 minutes before it freezes, and I've already tried it on Firefox *and* IE. It is very annoying.
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Arrrrg. Thanks to the text on the back of someone's t-shirt that read "No Fluff", I now have "No Scrub" by that girl group from back in the late nineties in my head. MAKE IT STOOOOOOP!

::frantically digs for her MP3 play::

ETA 11:42 - Never have I been so greatful for Tonic's The Way She Loves Me
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Anxiety is back thanks to actually attempting to read the assigned chapter for Mineralogy, and the reading of the mineralogy text reminds me that I have the mineral identification test tomorrow.

ZOMIGOD, BODY! MAKE UP YOUR MIND! I know we have Issues, but seriously... even if you completely bomb this sucker it is not the end of the world. That is what quizzes and assignments and all the other junk in the class is for. Stop freaking. Jeezes. And I swear, if you make me lose sleep over this tonight, I am... Um...

You know, the hard part about threatening your body is that anything you do to it does, in fact, happen to you.

Curses! Foiled again! Though, seriously, body... take a chill pill. We've been through way worse and freaking over it isn't going to make the test any easier.

::wanders off to finish skimming reading the chapter::

Actually, first I took out the trash. This involved stepping in the BIG FREAKING PUDDLE at the bottom of the back stairs. The surprising part? My shoe nor my pants are wet. In fact, the only wet spot is a small spot on my sock, likely a result of the big freaking splash my foot made when it hit the big freaking puddle. Yay for hydrolic properties that cause a liquid to expand outward and upward before the rest of it rushes to fill the void, and for my Leet Reflex Skillzz!
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Arrg. Anxiety cheated me of another hours worth of sleep. Bad anxiety, no cookie for you.

It's probably because of all the stuff I have to do this week. For GIS, I have to finish for sure at least one lab this afternoon, and my state of mind would be much better off if I finished two, but I don't know if that is going to happen. Tomorrow I have a big rock identification test for Mineralogy, so that has me worried because I'm not so great at rock identification. I should probably start my Glacial Geology poster by Wednesday since it's due next week Wednesday, and Friday we have our first Chem test, which I am not looking forward to at all.

So, yes. I suppose the dread Anxiety was bound to hit sooner or later. For now I'll just take it as a win that as far as anxiety episodes go, this is maybe a 4 on the scale - have not started crying and I have not had to call my parents for a pep talk. At least not yet. ::knocks on wood::
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Right, so I'm basically having to rewrite my Powers Bluff paper. Not surprising since I was a Freshman when I wrote it, but still frustrating. I do, however, have a shortish paper on the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets that are ready for beta.

Now, though, I am going to go shower. Cause my hair has been driving me nuts all day.
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Note to self - you can no longer shower right before bed and sleep with wet hair. While it doesn't look awful, it doesn't look good, either, and I ended up trying the kerchief thing for awhile, and then I just gave up and re-wetted it.

So, for the moment, I still don't hate my hair, but I don't love it, either. I can't pull it back easily now, and so far the only method I've had any success with is the headband/kerchief route. I can *barely* pull most of it back into a ponytail, but that only stays maybe 5 minutes and requires lots of clips. Makes me wish I had learned how to french braid as I had always intended when I was younger.

On the other hand, I'm not using as much shampoo and conditioner, and I don't have to dig through several layers of wet hair to wash my back now.

I guess I'll take what triumphs I can get. And hope my hair grows fast.
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Yesterday, I spent an hour shoveling our drive way and side walk. This morning, when I got up, there was another 3 inches already on the ground and it is STILL SNOWING, OMG STOP ALREADY! I like snow, I really do, but 1) I wanted to drive home today to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with the family and I probably won't risk it until it stops snowing, so either way I'm delayed another several hours. 2) I am really, really tired of shoveling every freaking day (this will be the forth day in a row we've had to shovel), and 3) because we/me are shoveling every day, I am running out of places to put the displaced snow.

Arrrg. I mean, YAY for a White Christmas and all, but I'm sorely tempted to put Coyote in 4WD and hope he's able to blast through whatever builds up and just stop shoveling all together. But then I would have all the more work for when Mandy got back cause her little Ford doesn't have the option of 4 wheel drive and is extremely low to the ground.
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Alright, *now* I am worried. It's 4:13 in the morning and I haven't actually slept yet, and at this point, I doubt I will. I'm actually making myself all sick feeling like with nerves and anxiety, which still isn't a pleasant feeling. And it doesn't help one bit that it is extremely nasty outside, with the winds roaring loud enough to hear quite clearly outside my window, even over the sound of the radio and the air purifier going at medium speed. 3 degrees F with wind speeds averaging 20 mph, creating a wind chill of -18 degrees. Icky.

I was going to play with my computer in hopes of distracting myself, but so far it's not working all that great. Not to mention, you know, having my arms above the blankets is only making me colder. So, I'm going to curl up and *try* to get at least an hour of sleep now, but mostly I'm thinking I'll just be staying warm. Arrg, I hate finals.


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