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Last night I had an awesome dream in which I got hit on by a very hot cop and kinda sorta complimented on how I could still pass for "Under 21" because she was really surprised my license didn't have the extra "Will Turn 21 on____" line on it.

Okay, so I had also been pulled over for running a stop sign on my way to the clinic of all places (as to why I was in such a hurry to get to the clinic, I have no clue. I think I was there to set up an appointment or something, and I almost got kicked out because they were having a soup kitchen on the first floor and only Financially Challenged types were allowed... Really, I only wanted to ask which floor Allergy was on, did the crabby woman setting tables *really* need to snap at me - twice! - to get out?), which is why the pretty cop was looking at my license in the first place, and she didn't really hit on me, but her super cute partner did! He asked me out, actually, and because this was DreamMaren and not RealLife(chickenshit)Maren, I actually agreed!

And then I woke up. Damn.
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In case I'm not online this weekend

Happy Early Birthday, [ profile] wowomom!

Now we are both old ladies. I vote we hit the retirement home and chase around the cute young interns in our wheelchairs. ;) Maybe you can get Joe to put on his sexy nursing scrubs for you!
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Bowling Birthday 2010 was lots of fun, albeit significantly smaller than last year. There were six of us this time around - myself, Haley and her new roommate Emilee, Dan, a friend of mine from high school, Ethan, and my brother Gus. It was still fun, though, and after a particularly horrible start (I think I scored about 79 for the first game), I managed to pull of two 130-something scores and one 150-something score for the last game (four strikes in a row within the first half of the game, but then bowled pretty average the rest of it). Having a smaller group was actually kind of nice - it meant I wasn't fluttering all over the place from lane to lane trying to catch up with everyone between frames and, in doing so, forget to actually bowl and stuff. The six of us pretty much plopped down around one table and didn't move much unless it was our turn or one of us went off to get food or hit the bathrooms. Right handy, that.

That said, tomorrow I have a phone interview for one of the internships I applied for through the SCA (Student Conservation Association). On the one hand, yay interview! If I get it, my housing will be covered and I'll have a weekly living/food allowance, as well as possibly some travel reimbursement and, most importantly, I'll get 1 year of experience to add to my resume and a few thousand dollars toward my student loans. On the other hand, the position is in Washington state, on the desert side of the mountains, and I'd have to drive over there because a vehicle of my own is required, and I would be there for an entire year. I'm doing my best not to worry - after all, an interview is most certainly not a job - but I can't help but flash back to the whole Saint Cloud fiasco, either.

We shall see.
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Dad got me birthday cup cakes and two new DVDs! Charlie's Angels Full Throttle (yay explosions and mindless action!) and 50 First Dates. We just finished watching Charlie's Angels; man, I forgot how many cameo appearances were in there.

Anyway, my plan today was to remain as unproductive as I could today didn't quite pan out. I ended up washing dishes and doing a bit of sweeping, and keeping the fires both going is an hourly process. I aside from those few things, though, I have so far managed to be pretty lazy. Watched a movie, did a bunch of reading, and I just got a call from Emmies! Hiyeee, Emmies! And I played on Facebook a bunch.

Next on the agenda is to read my LJ friends list and then probably watch another episode of Stargate SG-1. Yay for lazy birthdays! Haven't been able to have one for awhile because I was either doing something over the weekend or I had classes.

Anyway, THANKS FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! So far it has been a pretty nice one.
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First off, my friends are *awesome*. Everyone except two showed up for my party, and they both were ones who had to travel a bit farther. Color me surprised, though, when *20 people* showed up all together, 16 of which actually bowled. When I first set this thing up, I was only expecting 8, tops, to be able to make it, so I felt very very loved. Still not sure if it was me that drew people or the promise of smoke-free bowling, but I really don't care.

My friend were awesome, too, and got me presents even when I told them not to (Mandy got me THE SECRET GARDEN! I did, in fact, jump up and down and squee really loud when I opened that one), and I ended the afternoon with probably at least 40 dollars worth of gift cards ranging from Walgreen's to Barnes and Nobles, so I predict a book shopping spree in the near future. I also got a college care package full of handy stuff like notebooks and Ramen Noodles from the ladies at the our family church, so that was a nice surprise.

Even my bowling was pretty awesome compared to what it usually is (two games, first one with a score of 121 and second game with a 130), the food was awesome even though I ended up not having time to have my grease fest (only had two pieces of pizza and a few stolen cheese curds from Dustin) cause I was doing the mingle thing.

Almost all my friends showed except the two who had to drive a ways (I LOVE YOU EMMIES AND NIKOLE!), all of my immediate family except for one (BEN, YOU AND SHANA ALSO ROCK!), my grandmother and a friend of the family's from church, and even my cousin dropped by to say hi and give me a card even if she didn't stay long. I spent the entire afternoon surrounded by friends and family throwing heavy objects; I seriously could not have wished for a better 25th birthday party.

So, if I had to sum everything up with just a word? AWESOME!

(using this icon because 1 - it was an awesome explosion, 2 - it has "friends" in the text, and 3 - it is a good symbol of my EXPLOSION OF GLEE at awesomeness of the day. Therefor, this icon totally fits. Also, I only have six to choose from. :D)
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* Skipped my Mineralogy class. I know, bad me, but I feel much better for the additional sleep

* Met with Lisa, one of my old teachers, to find out about doing my senior thesis by myself rather than with a group. I can do one by myself (with the help of a staff member) and I can take it any semester rather than just the spring semester like I would have to in the group class. This made me YAY and if all pans out, it means will still be able to graduate come December instead of having to hang around an additional semester to take the group class, which is only offered in spring.

* Got another "We're totally going to be there!" confirmation for coming to my b-day bowling party on Sunday. That brings the Confirmed Guests up to 10, the Probably Going To Be There Guests up to 4, and the Plus Ones (aka, boyfriends/girlfriends, significant others, whatever) to an as of yet still undetermined number. I feel loved. Also, I hope I have enough cake.

* Was amused by the prof playing with liquid nitrogen and matches in the Chem lecture. At one point I wished I had a video camera because he totally had a Funniest Home Video Moment when he grabbed the wrong end of the match he was trying to stick into the test tube to start/put out in the test tube.

And just now I discovered that your hand will start to cramp up with any extended typing on one of the itty bitty keyboards supplied on the kiosk computer stations scattered in the hallways and stuff. Ow.
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Went to parent's house for the afternoon as a kind of birthday dinner thing. We had home made chili and chicken soup, which were both insanely good. Gramma also came out for a while, too, so it was nice to spend some time with her.

Also, snuggled the hell out of my doggies (and wish I had done more snuggling, actually. I miss my puppies) because I keep seeing these Pariena and Humane Society commercials and they always make me want to go home and snuggle the hell out of my doggies. Yes, that is repetitive, but one can never get enough doggie snuggling.

I also came home with some left over soups, an extra battery for Shadowlite, more of my favorite books, the "journal" I've been copying some of my not horrid poems into every once in awhile, a GPS from my Dad - I'll have to check with Haywood to see if it will work for Biogeography, the dragon watercolor I painted in high school (my walls are still kind of empty, so it is now hanging up next to the attic access), and Doby the Doberman, who is currently on my head, cause I have no where else to put him. Thought about bringing the rest of my Beanie Babies, too, because they really don't deserve to be stuffed into a bunch of Ziploc bags up in my room at home with no one to love them. Maybe when I finally get another book case in here I'll bring them with.

Also, for the time being, I have all my necessary tax information neatly packed into a folder clearly labeled "Maren 2007 Tax Information" in my parents file cabinet at home, which hopefully means that they'll have whatever is needed to add to their tax stuff to take to the tax people sometime this month. We shall see.

Pictures are linked from my Facebook, so I have no clue if they'll work for non-Facebook users. If you *really* want to see me with a Beanie Baby on my head or my Leet Painting Skillz but can't follow the links, leave me a comment and I'll Photobucket them.
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So, today (well, yesterday now, I suppose) I turned 24. I feel kinda old.

But! Dustin made me cake, Mandy decorated the house, and we spent the evening watching movies and eating cake and pizza! All in all, this is probably the most fun I've had on my birthday for awhile.

Thanks to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday! You all totally made my day that much brighter!

Also, balloons will never cease to be amusing, no matter how old you get. BALLOONS FOR PEACE! Seriously. Give everyone in the middle east balloons inflated with non-toxic stuff like, I don't know, *air*, and they will totally be our best friends for life. Okay, so maybe not best friends, but wheee! Balloons!
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Pictures of Dustin's Birthday Party are now uploaded on my Facebook. People who have me friended on facebook should be able to see it by clicking on this link:

If it doesn't work, though, give me a heads up and I'll upload some of the highlights here on my LJ.
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This gets kind of long. Feel free to skip. I'll even LJ cut it to be polite.

In which I actually seem to have developed a life when I wasn't looking )

So, yes, that was my day yesterday. It was much fun. Will try and post and/or link to pictures eventually.
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Oh, yeah, been meaning to post about Sunday, but haven't cause first there was the Virginia thing, and then there was the car thing and being out of town all day yesterday.

Anyway, Sunday we celebrated Gramma's 83 birthday here at the house. She was over, as well as her gentleman friend Donald (because saying that my grandmother has a boyfriend just sounds weird. Not creepy, just... weird) and a close family friend of ours - Edith, who is this sweet, adorable old lady we went to church with who I've known since I was wee and small. Anyway, Dad grilled chicken and beef steak, Gramma brought some really good cakes, and I made a huge fruit salad with all the trimmings that we forgot to put on the table. Woopsie, but thats okay cause we sent a bunch of it home with Gramma, Edith, and Don. Don't even think there's any left now... woe is me, I didn't even get to enjoy my own creation.

But, there was much talking and singing and Gramma blew out all her candles without hyperventilating, so is all good.

At least for the afternoon. In the evening I had to go in for a lifeguard meeting at the Y. That kinda sucked, especially since we were doing all the in the water reviews, as well as swimming the 500. I cheated and skipped a lap or two, but since the regulations have changed and *technically* we only have to swim 300 yards (200 front crawl, 100 breast stroke, but Amy still wants us to do all 500), I really didn't feel that bad about it. Also, swimming with an upset tummy is much with the not being fun. And no, it wasn't because I ate too much cake, though I'm sure that was part of it.

So, yes. That was Sunday. Sunday was fun. The beginning part of it at least.
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My birthday was actually pretty good, all things considered. I mean, I had to work from 11 until 4, and my car wouldn't start this morning when I was planning on leaving (I was going to leave early and try and get there in time to swim laps before my shift, so I wasn't too worried about being late. Needless to say, I didn't get my swimming in, though), but after a few cranks and a call to dad to ask him if it was okay to crank the engine for more than a few seconds, Coyote sputtered to life and didn't complain much there after. Can't say as I blame him for having a hard time starting, though, what with it being a grand total of 2 degrees when I left this morning and after he'd been sitting in Q lot for two days without me driving anywhere. But, he started in plenty of time, so while I missed my chance to swim laps, I did still have enough time to go to the gas station and get a bottle of Iceypropel or whatever its called to put in the gas tank, so hopefully the not starting when it's cold thing won't happen again.

Anyhoo, got to work, and surprise surprise, someone actually wished me a happy birthday the moment I walked into the pool area. Without me telling them! Apparently Amanda was the one who remembered it (popped up in a conversation last week at some point, I guess, which is how she know) and she told everyone else who was working (and a few who weren't), and one of the patrons actually sang Happy Birthday when she found out. That totally made my day.

After work, I went to Walmart for a phone card and decided to splurge just a little. So I walked out not only with a new phone card for my cell, but also a limited edition of Star Wars IV, V, and VI that have both the newest remastered versions of all three movies, but ALSO are supposed to have the original, un-messed around with 1977, 1980, and 1983 versions that they showed in the theatres. So yes, Maren Geeked Out just a wee bit and spent 40 bucks on Star Wars.

Got back to the dorm around 5:30/5:45, where I checked email and my friends list (Week three and I'm still caught up on it! Go me! And thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys!) before going in search of Melissa to work on out Hydrology homework. We finished one worksheet in about an hour (should've taken us about half that) before we decided we needed a study break and went for food. Went to Burger King here on campus, had myself a whole mess of greasy fatty bad-for-you food while we attempted to continue doing our hydrology homework while eating on the comfy chairs in the upper-most floor of Atwood Center. We didn't have much success with that since Melissa's roommate, Brianne came along (she also sang her version of Happy Birthday to me when she found out) and we kept getting waaaaaaaay off track on random conversations. Then Melissa's boy toy showed up, so we got off into more random tangents, and then I got into a shouting conversation across the room about the Awesomeness of Discovery Channel with some random girl, and we totally fail in the homework department.

So, yes, it was a surprisingly good birthday for me. Yay for good birthdays! Even when there wasn't much celebrating going on, just random little things.
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I haven;t read my friends list in over a week. Shame on me.

On that note, Happy belated Birthday [ profile] wowomom! I knew it was on the 12 and I told myself to remember it and send out a card a few days before, but then I spaced it entirely. But YAY birthdays!
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in which we're getting to a lot of the more recent quotes that I most definitely did *not* get from Cristin )

That said, birthday wasn't much of one, which is about what I expected. Mom gave me a pair of real amethyst earrings and Dad wished me a happy birthday, and then I went to school. And then I went to work. And then I came home and made soup.
I did, however, treat myself to a Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich from Arby's. I can almost feel my arteries clogging as we speak (because seriously, those things are *worse* then the Big Mac in the fat, calories, and cholesterol department. I kid you not.), but it was oh so very good.

I am still craving cake, however. Anyone wanna bake me a cake and then mail it to me? I like marble with vanilla buttercream frosting. ;)

All in all I can't really complain. Like I said last week some time, I think the whole birthday thing kind of loses it's meaning once you get past the "gimme gimme gimme!" stage. You're just a year older (and hopefully a year wiser, but probably not. At least not with me. ;) )
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Seriously, you guys are no help at all. :p~~~~~~

That said, gonna be gone all day tomorrow most likely as we're headed up to Berlin to celebrate my Gramma Meyer's 75 birthday (YAY cake!), so the second edition of Little!Maren pictures are gonna be on hold for at least another day. As will the catching up on my friends list thing (though, really, at least I'm not *that* far behind this week... Only around skip=50 or there abouts).

And, on a totally different note:


Bit late, but... It's still the 23rd in California... ::shifty eyes::
Lots of love to both of you, though! {{{{{{huge hugs}}}}}}
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Right... so I still haven't finished reading my Lit readings. And the summary/review is due tomorrow. Only the second week or classes and already I'm gonna be behind.

In other news, haven't done anything special today. Had class 2 until 3, and then had to work 3:30 until 6. Mom threw in a pizza when we got home and then we all watched NCIS, Scrubs, and Charmed all evening. That was the extent of my birthday celebration. Didn't even drink. Dad did, however, pick me up a jug of cranberry apple juice. :)
It was, however, a great improvement over last year when I spent most of the day hoping everyone would forget about me. :)
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What I should be doing - my History and English/Lit readings

What I am doing - checking LJ and uploading songs for [ profile] ljscrobbler

Isn't it nice to be in school again? ;)

Also, the only bad thing about personalized birthday cake? Waaaaaay too much frosting... ::goes into sugar overdose::
But mmm, cake!
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::pouts:: It won't let me install Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago. :( Hey, Eric? Don't suppose you can make me a spiffy installer for this one like you did for mirc?

Also, grandparents are here. They brought me cake! And we had a very nummy dinner of mashed potatoes, roast beef, green bean/onion/red pepper casserole (which turned out kinda soupy and had entirely too many onions), and a buncha other stuff. Then we had cake and ice cream. And then we watched our vacation video. Was actually a pretty nice visit.
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::snogs [ profile] lostnyanko::
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So, my birthday is Feb. 1 next year and it will be my 21. What I *want* to do is go to the local dance club we have in Marshfield (called the Elixer, I believe) and dance up a storm with a group of friends (though there's plenty of other stuff we can do for those of you quite not of age as of yet ;) )... Only problem is, I don't think I have any friends here in Marshfield anymore cause they all disappeared after graduation.
So... anyone wanna come visit me for my birthday? The first is a Tuesday, I think, but if you all wanna come up for the weekend before or after that, I can offer a place to stay (if I can get Gus to clear all his crap out of the guest bedroom so it can be used for, you know, *guests* again). If I can get him to pack his stuff back into his actual room, I'll have two guest bedrooms to offer (with queen sized beds, I think), and a queensized futon in the living room. My room is super tiny and I only have a twin sized bed, but hey, if one of you wants to try and snuggle up in there with me, you're more then welcome too. ;) And, if you all wanna stay for more then a weekend, I'm all for that too! I'll probably have classes on the weekdays, but Marshfield is a pretty visitor-friendly town. We have a bowling ally, a YMCA (which I can get guest day passes for whoever is interested), a movie theater, a pretty nice (though kinda small) zoo, a handful of parks, the dance club of course, *tons* of bars, and any number of little shops stretched out along main street, most of which within walking distance of each other. The prices are also pretty reasonable, from what I understand. A matinee at the movie theater cost $5.50 and a game of bowling at the ally cost 4 bucks maybe? Living in the middle of no where, we also have a great view of the sky for fellow astronomy lovers (something which Melody and Emily can attend to), and the landscape is really really pretty.

So, anyone interested? Mostly, I just wanna see you all again. It's been a long time since ScaperCon 2003, and I miss my lovies! {{{{glomps everyone}}}}}}}. And dude, dancing! What's more fun then dancing! I'll even be the designated driver... ::puppy dog eyes:: (even if it is my 21 birthday cause I don't drink anyways. I just wanna dance, and we can do that anywhere. :D ).
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Because it's not midnight yet, dammit:

Hope that poster I sent you gets there soon. :D
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And this is super belated, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAIDAH! Sorry it's so late, and I hope you all had a great time this weekend celebrating. :)

{{{{{snoggs [ profile] alorarose}}}}}}}}}
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Woops... Erm... A very happy and very belated birthday to [ profile] icepixie! (So I haven't read LJ friends for like a week... sue me) Here's hoping it was a great one, hon!

Also, Jeanie suckered me into working for her tonight while some party is renting the Y facility. Which means that the Gladiator will be out (biiig, over sized flotation device that requires two more lifeguards then normal), and I imagine that means the pool will be full of screaming kids... Oy... My head is starting to hurt just thinking about it. But, hey, it's an extra three hours on the paycheck (which I won't get for almost a month ::sigh::), so that is always a plus.
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Happy birthday Dani!

Physics is gonna make me go brain dead, I just know it. The professor confuses me with all his different ways of doing math and having to use like three formulas to figure out one problem... Just... UGH! My poor brain...

Also, I'm bored... Mom has gymnastics here at the UW in about a half hour and she won't be getting done until 8:30. She is also my ride home... Meaning not only have I already had to deal with 4 hours of bordum between my 11:00 class (which ended at quarter after 12) and my physics class that started at 4:30, but now I have another two and a half hours to wait and be bored since I finished all the homework I needed to do the *last* 4 hour break I had. And, since I just finished the book I was reading for fun last night, I ain't got nothing to do. Am on AIM express and thankfully the university computers have MSN, so am on that as well... Buuuut, no one else is. ::pouts:: ::pokes AIM and MSN buddy lists:: Someone come on and amuse me, dammit! ::whines::

Am also hungry... That grilled cheese and creamy tomato Soup at Hand I had at 12:30 is wearing off, and something tells me the bag of Cheetos I had around 3 and the bag of pretzel nuggets I just finished isn't gonna tide me over very long. ::sighs::


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