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NPR's Top 100 Sci Fi/Fantasy book list

Because... yes.

Also because I have only read maybe 10 of them, and that really really needs to change now. ::nods::
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My brother and I, upon watching Angels and Demons for the first time, when they are spoilers ) Kind of makes it pretty obvious that despite our various degrees and college educations, we all still harbor an inner history geek.
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In the last year or two, I have discovered that I really like maps. This might be partially due to the fact that I just spent the last twelve months making them, but I think it actually stems to the one cartography class I took way back when I first attended UW Stevens Point.

It wasn't until the last year, though, that I started actually flipping back and referencing the territory maps that many fantasy novels have at the beginning of the book over and over again whenever some location or road is mentioned. I used to ignore those things entirely - I might look at them once in curiosity when I first started the book, but after that I my mental image would very much be in the "here and now", in a matter of speaking - when the characters in the books traveled, I'd only ever really "see" in my head their current location when the first described it, and i gave little thought to how they might've arrived there.

Now, though, I find myself constantly flipping back to those rough maps and trying to plot out their route of travel, or see how far one location was from another and thus how far the characters had to travel to *get* from that one place to the other. Nifty landmarks - like giant, perfectly round inland seas and/or plains that have formed in old craters (cookies if you can guess what series I am reading. ;) ) - are also something I like being able to see mapped out , so I am pleased as punch when I have a relatively well drawn map to reference as i read, even when I've read the book so many times that I have parts of it memorized.

On the other hand, when it *isn't* a well done map, and it is missing all these road and towns and locations mentioned in the books, I have discovered that it kind of drives me nuts. ::once again searches in vain for the boarder town that DOESN'T EXIST on the map, despite it being of moderate importance in at least two of the novels in the series::
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And I have finished another book series, woe. Even more woe - BIG SPOILERS on the end of Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold )

Now I am indecisive on what to read next - a reread of Mercedes Lackey's By The Sword, and thus, the Winds/Storm/Owl trilogies that follow thereafter, or Soulless by Gail Carriger, which if the free preview is anything to judge by, reminds me a lot of the Ameila Peabody books, only with vampires instead of mummies. There was also another series I was pondering a re-read of, but it has slipped my mind as of the moment. Then there is Bujold's *successful* fantasy series (as opposed to her not so successful first attempt at fantasy), of which I also have a preview though I have yet to read any of it.

Choices choices. My life, so hard.
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Spent the morning shopping. Apparently there is a Kohls department store around here and I never knew - I only found out about it when I noticed their sales brochure in yesterday's paper when we got to work yesterday. I noticed a sweatshirt that I wouldn't mind checking out, so I asked out loud "Do we even *have* a Kohls?", to which my boss replied "Oh, yeah, it's down below the mall." Like, really - it is down *below* the mall. Not in the basement or anything, but since the Tri Cities is built on the banks of the giant river, you pretty much loose about 25 or so feet for every block you go down toward the river, and Kohls is down one "terrace" below the mall. And I'm pretty sure the reason I never noticed it before is because the place is a bitch to get to. You can see it from the main blvd the mall is on, but there is no left turn onto the street it is on - there are little lane dividers in the way - so you have to go a mile down the street right above it, go around the block to get to the street the store is on, and then backtrack all the way down to the end of the it. It is a pain, I tell you. Also? After all that fuss, the sweatshirt I wanted to check out turned out to be way too short and designed more for someone who doesn't have my massive shoulders. On the bright side, though, I did find a really snazzy pair of camouflage cargo pants that I really like and a new bra, so the trip wasn't a total loss.

Next stop was B&N because I will most likely cave very soon and purchase a Nook, but I wanted to ask about whether or not I could read the e-books I have saved on it. Alas, despite the claim that Nooks have a basic web browser available, apparently they cannot read html files. There is a free online Html/PDF converter I could use, but it looks like I need an active web address on the internet to make a PDF from, not a saved version I have on my hard drive. Considering a lot of the stories I saved are no longer available online, it doesn't do me much good. Ah, well. At least with the source of my computer issues finally determined, I can use my lap top again without fear of it going to black screen on me as long as I don't have it hooked up to the power cord. And I do still plan on purchasing a Nook. I think my bookshelves will thank me for the investment.

In other news, I am all packed and ready to drive down and visit [ profile] noellesan later today! Here's hoping the weather (and my car) holds out!
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Alright, Emma, you win. I am totally caving and going to Barnes and Noble to ask about the Nook. Provided they even have any stock at the store, there is an 85% chance I will walk out with one, too.

My only saving grace will be that, at the moment, there aren't any books I am eagerly waiting to get my hot little hands on - took care of all those last month, so *at least* I won't be spending an arm and a leg on new releases. Old favorites, however, are an entirely different matter. ;)
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So, I've been toying with the idea of using the money my gramma gave me for Christmas to buy a Nook, but so far I have resisted because $150 is kind of a lot that might go toward better use, especially since I won't have *any* money coming in for at least a month or two once I finish up here in March.

However... with the continuing computer issues annoyance I've been going through, I *also* haven't had much opportunity to access all of the fan fiction/ebooks I have saved on my computer, which has caused me no small source of frustration, especially since many of them are no longer available online, or I can't access where they *are* archived on my work computer because the website is blocked.

So, I pose a question to all you Nook/Kindle owners out there - is it possible to open any kind of Firefox or Internet Explorer file on the Nook? I use the Scrapbook add on for Firefox to store some of my favorite fan fictions on my lap top, which saves the "website" as a web index file that I can open up in Firefox or Internet Explorer even when I don't have access to the internet.

I read that Nooks can handle PDFs, but I don't think that would do me much good as I don't have any kind of PDF converter on my computer even if it is actually possible to save a website as a PDF, which I find unlikely. However, if it is indeed possible, it would definitely tip me over the edge on the "To buy or not to buy, that is the question!" fence.
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I pre-ordered the fourth Green Rider book (Blackveil) several weeks back, and even though it doesn't *technically* come out until Feb. 1, my copy from B&N arrived yesterday. I have been waiting THREE LONG YEARS for this book, so needless to say, I was pleased as punch and dove right in as soon as I got the chance. Currently I am about 110 pages in (of 663).

Now, it is no secret I occasionally read the last page or so of a book as soon as I get through the first few chapters. I know, I know - sacrilege, right? But darnit, I want to know if a book is going to break my heart and kill off any of my favorite characters before I get to the end so I can steel myself, you know? I am a spoiler whore. My friends from the Farscape Shippers List know this well. ;)

Truly, though, that was not my intention this time around. However, I still accidently caught a few lines of the second to last page of Blackveil when I was trying to clear the back cover flap, which had the last two or three pages of the book trapped beneath it. After seeing those two lines - which out of context were not the least bit promising, by the way - my curiosity got the better of me and I couldn't resist. Spoilers like woah - I'll even white them out for you all who are super paranoid )

Still, though, wheeee, I have Blackveil one whole week before it is supposed to be released!
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Yay, B&N has informed me that my books are being shipped! \o/ Especially since I've been ohmygodsobored the last few weeks because I have been computerless (after two shops and three return visits each, it has been determined that the Black Screen of Death is likely a sign that my harddrive keeps freezing up and thus needs to be replaced, so it is ONCE AGAIN at the repair shop, this time for two weeks) AND without any new books to read since I finished that J.D. Robb one middle of last week, and as I have no life, this has led to much boredness. I have probably killed more brain cells vegging out in front of the TV in the last two weeks than I have since I regularly watched *at least* three hours of TV every night back in my high school and early college days because I have NOTHING ELSE TO DO. My only saving grace has been Um Friend who drags me away from my bored thumb twiddling to watch movies at his place once or twice a week.

Though, you know, I suppose I managed to entertain myself this weekend well enough, but that was mostly because the weather was finally working with us a bit. This coming weekend it might not be so kind.
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After going back and forth between three different websites(B&N, Amazon, and ABC), hitting the book store twice, and debating with myself over and over again, I have finally purchased the latest Castle/Nikki Heat novel because yes, I really am that geeky. Also, I'm still in the mood for trashy murder mysteries, and since I still have more than a week to wait before Blackveil and Silver Born (paperback edition) come out, I figure what the hell? I love Castle, so I'm all about giving ABC money to keep the series alive.

*Preferrably* I would've done the digital thing like I did with Heat Wave, but with my computer woes, I decided it was worth the extra six bucks to just get the hardcover. Also, all the reviewers are saying how much better the second book is (and since the first book wasn't half bad, either, I figure such reviews are quite promising) anyway, so I splurged.

I do so love my books. Problem is, with this serious book lust I've been going through the last year? I now have at least 20 additional books I'm either going to have to pack into my little Tracker for the trip back home, or I'm going to be spending a small fortune on shipping them back if I don't have the room.
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Driving back to the house after feeding and checking on the dogs at my coworkers house (they are on vacation for almost a month), Maren goes "darn, my throat is dry. I'll make tea when I get back to the house."

Arrive at the house, Maren goes "I really wish my books would arrive" and checks behind every pot and Harvest decoration just in case the package magically appears. Alas, it does not.

Enter house, Maren goes "dump stuff, make tea!" and promptly starts to do just that.

While water is heating in microwave, Maren goes "Hey, Walt, any chance I got a package in the mail today?" You know, just in case. Once again I get a negative.

Microwave beeps, but Maren is in the laundry room with an arm full of clothes. Dumps them in her room, folds a few to add to her luggage. Microwave beeps again, Maren goes to retrieve hot water and add tea-bag. Wanders back to room to let tea seep for awhile.

Check online to track package. UPS informs her that it was "Out for delivery" at 7:37 this morning. Maren loses most of the remaining hope that she will get her books today. Woe. Maren goes Facebook to distract herself from the woe.

Ten minutes later, Maren thinks "darn, my throat is dry... Oh! I have tea!" and goes to retrieve it, add some milk (making myself a tea latte), and pop it in the microwave again. Wanders back to her room, reads fic for a bit, gets distracted until microwave beeps again.

While wandering into the kitchen, Maren checks outside *again* just in case the UPS man showed up in the last 15 minutes and left her a package and she missed it some how, and she even wanders out into the driveway in her stocking feet to see if it was left there, but alas, the driveway and all of the pots and decorations remain stubbornly package-free.

Microwave beeps again, Maren goes "Oh, yeah, tea" and goes to retrieve it. Add a splash of vanilla flavoring, and hurrah, my tea latte is complete.

Wanders back to her room with house mate trailing behind complaining about how he's never had to look for a job before, and now it has been seven months and still no go and he's been getting interviews but no one calls him back even when they say they will and blah blah blah - heard it all before, been there, done that, excuse me if I have little sympathy for you because you've always had every job handed to you on a plate while my father has been out of work for more than a year. But, Maren is extremely polite and doesn't actually say any of that out loud.

Maren reaches room, starts fussing with her luggage again while making absent-minded vocalizations of sympathy and lots of "yeah, job searching sucks" and house mate gives up on latest rant and leave her in peace.

Maren gets back on computer and checks UPS *again*, but alas, it still informs her nothing more than "out for delivery" and the clock ticks closer to 5 pm when most deliveries end, and any remaining hope that her books will arrive before she leaves tomorrow morning at 5 am die a sad, bitter death. Dammit.

Maren reads fic to distract herself from bitter woe. Ten minutes later, she thinks "Man, my throat is dry... OH YEAH, I HAVE TEA NOW!"

And so, we come back to tea. Not that it was really where we started, though perhaps in passing, but whatever, a full tea circle!

And I'd really love to say "AND THEN THE DOORBELL RINGS AND SHE HAS BOOKS, HURRAH!" but unfortunately I cannot, and I'm pretty sure they're done delivering for today. Darn it.

And I have no idea why I just typed that all out, but it did pass the time. Also, at least I have tea.

ETA ten minutes later - And then Maren goes to and downloads a digital copy of one of the books she just bought that have yet to be delivered and probably won't be until tomorrow when she is on a plane and thus unable to retrieve them, because she just cannot face the idea of a three and a half hour flight without something to read. Maren fails at saving money.

ETA ten minutes after the last ETA - AND THEN THE DOORBELL RANG AND SHE HAS BOOKS, HURRAH!!!!! It's like reverse psychology! Or perhaps more like how it always rains just after you wash your car, but I don't know the flowery technical term for that. Too bad I already bought the digital copy. Ah, well, nothing wrong with having a digital copy.
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Thank you, [ profile] icepixie because Resenting the Hero by Moira J. Moore was indeed awesome and I loved it! Went off to buy the next few before I even finished the first one. :D Of course, now I have to wait two or three whole days before I have something to read again... Bother. ::sigh::

In other news, it may only be 49 degrees outside and overcast right now, but that is not stopping me from enjoying a strawberry smoothie. Mmm, fruity.
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Thanks entirely to the Halloween episode of Chuck, I have discovered Stars, a Canadian indie/electronica group. More to the point, I have discovered their latest album, The Five Ghosts, and it is the only album I have seriously considering going out and buying and spending money on and stuff for the first time since 2005ish, and even that album (Coldplay's X&Y - I am not ashamed! Though I probably should be) I really only wanted one or two songs. Five Ghosts? I want them *ALL*, or at least 80% of them.

No clue what their earlier stuff focused on, but Five Ghosts is very supernatural-centric (if the title isn't a dead give away). Given that Ghost Hunters owns my soul, this has a lot of pull for me. And, if not for the fact that the album was only released in June, I would *swear* it is the soundtrack C. E. Murphy was listening to when she wrote what might possibly be one of my favoritest books ever (Walking Dead), which also came out in June.
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Spent two hours on the phone this morning with Manda, got groceries, and spent the rest of the afternoon and into the evening finishing Child of a Rainless Year guilt-free. Well, mostly guilt free - I had planned on cleaning the bathroom up a bit today, and that didn't happen, but whatever. Having no homework or tests to study for is *awesome*.
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Reading Child of a Rainless Year by Jane Lindskold on a suggestion from [ profile] wowomom. It is so far probably one of the strangest plots I have ever run across, but it is also incredibly fascinating and it kind of hits on flashes from my childhood. Years ago, I started a poem with the first line "If these walls could talk, oh the stories they would tell" in reference to the house I grew up in (my father grew up there as well, and still does along with a good chunk of the rest of the family). I never finished the poem, but that's what this book reminds me of.

Weird and quirky, yes, in rather... weird and slightly creepy way, but so far I'm really enjoying it. Took me awhile to get into it, especially the first hundred pages or so, but now I'm having trouble putting it down.

So, you know, if you like weird and kind of creepy, but also fascinating and strangely appealing, you might consider giving it a go. *Especially* if you've ever truly fell in love with a house or a specific location and wondered what stories it might tell "if these walls could talk".
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Things that make me \o/ today:

* It's Thursday, which is *almost* Friday, which means I am that much closer to the weekend

* As of today, there is one month until I go to GSA, one month an 18 days until I get to go home for TWO WHOLE WEEKS, and around three months and 8 days until I might be going down to Vegas to visit Cristin for an extended weekend (still haven't bought plane tickets, hence the 'around' BUT I WILL SOON, HONEST!)

* My Barnes and Nobel order arrived last night, so I have new books to read! (this one gets a Double \o/)

* New Bones tonight! I don't geek over it like I used to, but honestly, it really does brighten up my Thursday. At least for now; we're only two episodes in to the season, so I still reserve the right to get disappointed.

* You all remember that shirt I bought and was all "Yay, I love this shirt! Boo, the shoulders are too tight" about a month or two ago? (I'd link the entry, but it still takes Anything Live Journal at least 10 minutes to load here at work for some reason) Well, I went and actually found a clothing alteration place and they told me it was indeed possible to alter it so it didn't fit so tight in my arms and shoulders, all I needed was some fabric they could add. I took it in last week and got it back Tuesday AND I AM WEARING IT TODAY, YAY! It still is a tiny bit tight in the shoulders - those, alas, are incredibly difficult to alter - but adding an extra inch and a half or so to the sleeves means I can now reach above shoulder level without feeling like I'm going to rip a seam. Hurrah!

* Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks FTW
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I've already posted this on Facebook, but I figure the more internet media sources I can hit, the better!

I've finished the book series I was reading and now I have nothing new to keep me occupied. Fellow bibliophiles know that this is a very sad state to be in.

So, anyone have some book suggestions? Favorite authors are Patricia Briggs, C. E. Murphy, Kristen Britain, and a bit of Rachael Caine, but I've kinda gotten over her a bit. I also enjoyed the first few Rachel Morgan books by Kim Harrison, though I was rather disappointed with Book 6 and kind of gave up on her after that. Jim Butcher I can take or leave - *hated* the first few, but then I skipped a bunch and picked up again where Mouse shows up and I didn't dislike any of them up to Proven Guilty, but I didn't like them enough to keep reading.

I'm also a big fan of plain old fantasy. I've read the last four series in the Valdamar (sp?) books (Arrows of the Queen, the Winds series, the Storm series, and the Owl Knight trio) many many times, and The Dragon Riders of Pern trio as well.

Sooo, suggestions? New(ish) and/or different series by any of the above authors I might've missed? Fantasy and Urban Fantasy are my drug of choice, PARTICULARLY if the Urban Fantasy isn't all sex focused. Sadly, I think I've exhausted that particular supply, but I'm hoping you all can prove me wrong.

ETA 2:05 - I hit B&N on my way to exchange some lacy arm... things... for a different pair at the mall (they're for my Abby Halloween costume). I left with three new books and a Barns and Noble membership because in the last two or three months I've probably spent almost a hundred bucks there, so I figure I'd give in to the inevitable.

Anyway, new books!
One of Patricia Briggs' earlier novels -
Dragon Bones. I've been considering it for awhile since Briggs is one of my favorite authors, and I have yet to read a book by her I didn't like. It's one of two, so if I like it, I'll still have one more to look forward to!

Ilona Andrews -
Magic Bites. has had it on my recommendations for years, so I figure I'll give it a shot.

Neil Gaiman -
Neverwhere. I have lost track of the number of times i have seen American Gods in the book store, picked it up, debated with myself whether or not to buy it for several minutes, and then put it back down and went in search of something else. Apparently all Gaiman needed to win me over was the addition of a creepy underground, though, because that's what is on the cover - an abandoned-looking tunnel lit by torches - and I only debated with myself for about one minute before I added it to my pile. Hopefully I won't be disappointed.
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If I had to choose between physical, paper bound books and the digital copies for Kindle and similar products that are popping up everywhere these days, the paperbacks would win hands down without even the slightest inclination to vote digital. The only reason I even *have* a Kindle for PC is because I couldn't find a hard copy of a book a really wanted *anywhere* when I went looking for it last year, so I got the digital copy to tide me over until it came out in paperback a few months later, at which point I also bought the paperback.

What would be incredibly nice, though, would be if each bound book you bought came with a code or some such that would allow you to access a digital copy online somewhere or one you could download to your computer.

Due to my limited storage space when I came out here, I was only able to bring along a few dearly beloved series and had to leave most of my library back at home. I also left the most recent books of a few of the series at home, too, as I had read most of them within the last month or two before I left, and I figured my "Do Not Reread For One Year" rule would apply and not packing them would give me more space for Other Stuff, like clothes and tax information and the external hard drive I back up all my computer files on.

It has been more than a year since I read most of the books in the series I am currently rereading (The Walker Papers by C. E. Murphy), so they got a place among the "dearly beloved series" I brought along. The second most recent book, however (Walking Dead), didn't come out until Novemberish last year, so it got left behind and is currently sitting on a shelf in my room back at my parents house.

I know I'm going home in November and stuff and I can get it then, but the spoiled child inside of me is all "Wanna read it *NOW*!" and doing the angry foot-stomp-scream thing. And I admit - even More Patient Adult Inner Me (is it sad that Neram is the More Patient Adult Inner Me? She started off as my evil twin) is calling us all kinds of stupid for not bringing it along.

Hence why buying Physical Books should also give us access to Digital Books, cause then my Inner Mes wouldn't be having a hissy fit and/or calling me names.

My Inner Mes aren't very nice, are they?
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So, pretty much since I moved out here, I'm thinking "Hmmm... Tri Cities, huh? Doesn't Mercy Thompson live in a Tri Cities? I'm pretty sure it was within a few hours driving distance of Canada, too, and the mountains for sure, which this location definitely qualifies as."

I did bring the books with me, and I have been meaning to check, it just always slipped my mind whenever I was at the house and had access to the books.

Today when I was doing the exercise/walking thing, though, the same "So... Tri Cities" question popped into my head, and this time I was able to remember it long enough to check when I got back to the house.

First thing I do after changing out of my sweaty exercise clothes is open "Mooncalled" and check the handy dandy map at the beginning of the book, and yes, I am indeed living in the same town as Mercy Thompson! Well, technically she lives in Finley, which is downriver a bit and kinda suburb of Kennewick, but still, it *totally* counts! And I've been to the Columbia Park mentioned in books many many times, and I've actually probably driven past where her fictional garage is supposed to be and I'm pretty sure I've been within spitting distance of where Mercy and Adam live. It's kind of hard to tell based on the map in the book, but it looks like the little pins marking their respective homes are just north of Toothaker HMU, right close to one of the pump houses I had to GPS.

So, yes, as someone who makes maps for a living, I am finding this whole "Whee, I live in an Alternate Universe Tri Cities!" thing unbelievably awesome because it means next time I re-read the books, I'LL ACTUALLY KNOW WHERE THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!

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Considering how popular the Dragonriders of Pern series is, and how well known an author Ann McCaffery is, as I'm rereading the books I'm finding myself kind of surprised that Hollywood hasn't tried to make a movie from them yet. They've been sending newer books to the silver screen left and right; off the top of my head I can name the Harry Potter movies, The Golden Compass, that other book series with the dragons... whats it called, the one that the 15 year old started a few years back?, Lightning Thief, the Twilight series, The DaVinci Code/Angels and Demons. Older series are being made into movies, too, like the Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia, just to name a few. Even the Anita Blake series got it's own graphic novel, even if it didn't get a movie (yet, at least; considering how popular Graphic Novels-Turned-Movies have become recently, I wouldn't be surprised if LKH had a movie deal in the making at some point).

And yet, I haven't heard any rumors of a Dragonriders movie coming out ever, despite it's long-standing popularity. Just in my little corner of the globe, I can say pretty surely that almost all of my friends have read it, and those who haven't read it have certainly heard of it. Almost my entire family has, too, and considering how varying our opinions are everything else, that is pretty impressive.

Just an observation - I love and adore the books just the way they are, and I highly doubt any movie could live up to the expectations anyway. I do admit, though, that sometimes I find myself wishing there was a movie, if only to give myself a better visual reference of all the damned Holders and Weyr-people who show up thorough the entire series - I've probably read the first three Dragonriders of Pern books at least 5 or 6 times now, and I still can't keep most of the names straight. The nifty lists and what not at the back of the books do come in handy, but it is still difficult to keep track of everyone.

ETA 7:03
Just checked out Ann McCaffery's official website, and I am highly entertained to read in her bio that she has a horse named Pi. /geek
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I just bought more stuff at Because I fail at willpower and darn it, I want the fourth Dragon Riders of Pern book (chronologically, at least; there were two or three more published between 1978 when The White Dragon came out, and 1992 when The Weyrs of Pern was published - which is the one I just bought. The reviews for those kind of suck, though, and they take place kind of randomly stretched across the first three books, so I figure I can skip them). Also bought the first one of the series - Dragonflight - because I couldn't find it at my favorite used bookstore, or among the pitiful collection they have at Marshfield's only "up to date" kind of bookstore, Book World.

In other news, I scheduled Coyote to go in for new tires and a mechanical check up next Monday, so there goes *another $500 bucks; why must new tires be so darned expensive? However, I've been meaning to supply him with new tires for years, so the expense is well overdue, and getting a mechanically-sound bill of health from Simon will hopefully ease some of my irrational paranoia about the loooooooooooooong car ride to Washington I'll be taking starting around March 15.
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I spent entirely too much money today.

First, I spent an hour or so at Thimbleberry, a used bookstore in Marshfield, and left there with five new books. Thankfully I had a bit of store credit there, so I didn't spend any actual money on the books. I have been wanting to reread the Dragonriders of Pern *forever*, but I didn't have any copies of my own. Now I do! Well, two of the three - Dragon Quest and The White Dragon. Still don't have the first - Dragonflight - so I hit Book World after I left Thimbleberry in hopes I might find the first book there. Anyway, I also picked up a duel-copy of Through the Looking Glass/Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, some book I've never heard of but which sounds interesting called The Elementals, and A Wrinkle in Time by L'Engle, which is another one i've been meaning to re-read for awhile. So, the next few months will totally involve me reliving my childhood through some childhood favorites, and I see no bad in this.

In search of Dragonflight, though, I wandered down the road to Book World, which isn't the greatest bookstore in the world, but it's the best we have in Marshfield as far as new releases and what not are concerned. Alas, i did not find my quarry, but I did buy two *more* books there - I finally have a hard copy of Bone Crossed (newest in the Mercy Thompson series, or at least the newest until March, when the next hard cover is coming out), and I picked up the first in the Outcast Series by Rachael Caine (Undone maybe?) As new books, those cost me about 18 bucks total, but I know I'll read them again, so I figure I can treat myself a bit.

Next stop was The Daily Grind, a little coffee shop between Thimbleberry and Book World, where I got myself a Chai and started reading Alice in Wonderland while waiting for my dad to finish up with Gramma the clinic (we carpooled). Dad was hoping to hear back from someone he called about looking at a vehicle about 20 miles away, so to kill time we went out for a really late lunch at Perkins after he picked me up at the coffee shop, and then we hit Walmart because I wanted to pick up some of those vacuum storage bags to make the most of Coyote's reeeeeally limited cargo space for the move to Washington next month. Those suckers are expensive! 25 bucks for maybe 5 or 6 bags! Expensive but necessary, so I forked over the funds. I also picked up two new pairs of cargo pants - one I can hopefully wear over a pair of shorts because according to Emma, dressing in layers is pretty much the only way to get through a Day in the Washington Desert, and one pair to replace the pair that just ripped on me earlier this afternoon (you'd thing after how much I spent on the darned things, Eddie Bauer cargo pants would last longer than a year and a half. ::sigh:: ). Both pair were 15 bucks, so I can live with that, but it still means that with the pants and the bags I spent almost 60 dollars at Walmart today.

Before I leave, I also want to give Coyote a nice through mechanical check-up with Simon, and get him a new set of tires, so there goes *another* $500 in the next month. The financial security cushion I hoped to have because I'll spend the next year working in an unpaid position in Washington is quickly shrinking, and almost all of this is for stuff I kind of need. Money stinks.
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I have about 30 CDs (not even half of which I've actually listened to in the last 5 years), 2.37 gigs of music on my hard drive, 65 movies, and at least 119 books.

That said, I have 300 fics on my recommendation page. And those are only the ones I even *liked* enough to rec - I don't even want to think about how many I've actually read all together.

So, yeah... Can you tell what I usually do to entertain myself?
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Slowly working my way through the 2009 Yuletide stories. Hopefully with the new archive and easier to find fandoms, it won't take me almost a year to get through it all.

Yuletide fic recs, numero uno )

Knowing me, though, and my tendency to be very easily distracted by something else new and shiny, that isn't a bet I would take.
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I want a Kindle. I know, is a bit of an ass, and I haven't shopped from them in at least a year, but seriously... I want a Kindle. Kind of a lot.

Thankfully for my bank account, buying one is waaaaaaay out of my price range. They do, however, have a Kindle for your PC, which I have probably spent at least 10 minutes staring at trying to decide if my education can afford having *that* much distraction. Right now, all I really really want is one particular book that won't come out in paperback until next February (one that I've really really wanted since this past February, when it first came out, but I have been resisting because my financial situation isn't the greatest right now). Problem is, I doubt I'd be able to stop at just one.

My life, so hard.


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