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There is stuff I should be doing- particularly getting my job search on and/or studying the html stuff my dad wants me to learn in order to maintain his website - but wow do I have no motivation at all. This normally wouldn't really pose a problem as I would just put it off for another day, but alas, I am home once again and well within reach of my dad's guilt trips. I do love being back home with the fam, but it would be nice to be able to take a lazy day again without feeling guilty about it.

Another downside to being back in the Midwest - something in the air has me sneezing like crazy. Ah, allergies, I so didn't miss you at all.
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Lacking any and all motivation to keep working, I decided to brave reading my earliest LJ entries to try and better organize the tags I assigned them. As I started going through old posts and tagging/retagging everything somewhere around 2007, the earliest entries got the short end of the stick as far as keeping them organized without adding a bagillion new tags. Thus, the re-tag attempt.

Anyway, the point to this entry - how in the *world* did you all put up with me back in Ye Days of Olde on LJ? Because holy cow was I spammy, and most of it was crap that *no one* would have any interest in at all, including myself probably. It is like every little thought that crossed my brain was posted to LJ, and every little thought was totally inconsequential. Maybe one entry for every ten had anything even remotely memoir-ish, and even that is pushing it.

So, this is me APOLOGIZING PROFUSELY for any undue dullness you all were forced to read through on my behalf. 10 years later, after a start like that? I'm actually kind of surprised so many of you stuck around. ;)

ETA two days later - also, wow, my spelling was *horrible*. I am still not the greatest speller in the world, but damn... I do not miss the days before I had Semagic and thus, a nice automatic spell checker every time I posted. :)
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You know, despite how I haven't really gotten along all that well in the past with Macintosh computers, some days I find myself very much missing the Paintbrush program that they back in the day. Microsoft Paint just does not even come close as far as all the nifty little buttons and tools Paintbrush offered. One in particular I miss - the "multi-draw" tool or whatever it was called - where you could make a little doodle in one spot and have matching doodles draw themselves along several planes of symmetry. Made even the quickest, uncoordinated scribble turn into a lovely geometric pattern. Also? The "gradient fill" option. The gradient fill option was *awesome*. I spent many an afternoon at my grandparents doodling around and sketching all sorts of nifty pictures using the gradient fill.

This post brought to you by Maren being bored and trying to amuse herself by doodling in Microsoft Paint at work. It just doesn't have much to offer, does it? Not even the ability to flip an image by anything less than 90 degree angles. ::reminiscing sigh::

On an entirely different note, hurray, today I ate a whole sandwich without any ill effects! A very small sandwich, mind, with nothing but ham and cheese on it, but still! A sandwich! After three days of Saltines and chicken broth! Small victories, you know?
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After a month and a half of fuss, two computer tech places, and at least six or seven visits between them, it has finally been determined that the most likely problem with my computer going to black screen lies within the adapter cord. This was discovered totally on accident after I got it back the fifth time because we *all* wanted to make sure the problem was finally solved, so I hung out there for at least an hour waiting for the tell-tale flicker. And waiting. And waiting.

With all the waiting, the battery died down to less than half power, so I asked one of the tech people to plug it in for me using my own power cord. Sure enough, less than a minute after he plugged it in, the screen flicked and went black.

So, I've already gotten a new battery in the mail, and a new power cord is hopefully not far behind. *Hopefully* that will be the end of the issue, but after a month and a half of disappointment, I'm not getting aforementioned hopes up too high.

In other entirely unrelated news, holy cow does today seem to be dragging. Just over two hours into my day, and already it feels like I've been here twice that.
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Totally lacking any and all motivation to keep working. Yay it being Friday and all, but not so yay that there is still four hours before I can leave.

Also, wow, bored.
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Yay, B&N has informed me that my books are being shipped! \o/ Especially since I've been ohmygodsobored the last few weeks because I have been computerless (after two shops and three return visits each, it has been determined that the Black Screen of Death is likely a sign that my harddrive keeps freezing up and thus needs to be replaced, so it is ONCE AGAIN at the repair shop, this time for two weeks) AND without any new books to read since I finished that J.D. Robb one middle of last week, and as I have no life, this has led to much boredness. I have probably killed more brain cells vegging out in front of the TV in the last two weeks than I have since I regularly watched *at least* three hours of TV every night back in my high school and early college days because I have NOTHING ELSE TO DO. My only saving grace has been Um Friend who drags me away from my bored thumb twiddling to watch movies at his place once or twice a week.

Though, you know, I suppose I managed to entertain myself this weekend well enough, but that was mostly because the weather was finally working with us a bit. This coming weekend it might not be so kind.
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I am massively bored. Anyone want to entertain me? Amusing links, fic prompts, virtual Truth or Dare? Anyone? Bueller?

On the bright side, at least it's Friday.
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More than three years and about 4600 journal entries after I started, I have finished tagging and re-tagging all of my old LJ entries up until January 2010, and I've reposted a few highlights just for the hell of it.

Now, though, I have no idea what I shall do to entertain myself at work when I don't actually have any work to do, which is sadly quite often. ::sigh::
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Out of maps to make again. Been spending way more time on Farmville than I have for months in an attempt to assuage some of the boredom.

On the bright side, I was finally directed to another folder full of shapefiles that cam be added to the geodatabase. The not so bright side of that is that adding files to the geodatabase requires about two brain cells to complete, so I doubt the material will last me for long. Yet another reason why I am interspersing lots of Internet Breaks between the data uploading.
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Man... It is Friday afternoon and I am insanely restless. Enough so that I totally just got up and danced in front of my office chair when a particularly bouncy song came across my MP3 player, but alas, five minutes of getting my groove on has done little to ease the "OMG, WANNA DAAAAAAAAAANCE!" It's bad enough that I am seriously considering sniffing out a local dance haunt and going out all by myself because I have no one else to go out with. This from a person who dislikes going out in a social setting *period* unless I have a shield of friends to hide behind as my brain goes "Eeep, people I don't know!" and promptly directs me to an out-of-the-way location where I sit and don't draw attention to myself.
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It is good to be efficient. I *like* being efficient, I like getting the job done and doing it well - doing something half-assed just is not in my wiring (unless it is a homework assignment that I was already completely confused on anyway, in which case, I drive myself crazy trying to figure it out for hours before I give up entirely and just leave it blank).

Sometimes, though, being efficient sucks.

::twiddles thumbs and wanders off to fool around online::
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After printing at least 20 more maps this morning, whatever motivation I had to keep working disappeard with lunch.

So I hit the LOLpets network instead.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Braaaaaaaaaains... NOM NOM!

And also this one which it wouldn't give me an imbed code for, but which is totally my favorite LOLcat to date!
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Bored again. I have work to do, but the problem is finding the files I need to, you know, actually do it. Our GIS server is a very big mess of folders and files and old data that isn't really even accurate anymore, but consulting with the boss about what we want to keep and what we can get rid of is a bit of a challenge what with him not being here and stuff. There are literally hundreads (if not thousands) of different file folders, too, where anything and everything has been stored in no particular order. Makes the task of trying to find a particular file kind of daunting.

And so... bored.

Also, with Lilith Fair all done and Manda already here and gone a few months ago, and no other prospective visits or visitors expected until I head home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, one of the two, I have nothing to look forward to anymore. Which, in turn, makes the weeks pass by incredibly slowly and dully.

And so... More bored.

Man, I really need to look into various ways I might be able to meet people that I actually have something in common with beyond my co-workers. Seriously tempted to look into whether or not a chatroom or something exists for Washington State Computer/Sci Fi Geeks. Maybe there's something on Facebook... ::wanders off to check::
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Quarter after two in the afternoon, an hour and fifteen minutes before I can escape for the weekend, and I am bored. Finished what I was working on, and I only have one more small thing to do before I have Nothing To Do Again, so I'm hoping to save that bit so I can at least have *something* to accomplish on Monday.

Now, though, I am at loose ends. Friday afternoons always take too damned long to get through.
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There is still an hour and 15 minute before we're technically done today and I have nothing left to do. I have studied so many maps and Habitat Management Units (from now on being shortened to HMUs) and aerial photos that my eyes are starting to go all wonky, and so far I have yet been able to get into the training website to take the Radio Communication class Mark wants me to take, so yes... this is me being bored and wasting time because it is a Friday Afternoon and I am out of work until they install the Trimble Pathfinder program(s) on my computer. I may or may not get into trouble, too, because technically this is a government computer and they can moniter my activities, but I figure they aren't paying me anyway, so all it is costing them is a few kilobites of bandwith on their connection, so no harm done.

So, as inspired by Emma's song titles entry (because she is also bored at work on a Friday afternoon), here is my own In My Pants post.

Rachael Sage - The Spirit We in my pants
Must be crowded in there

Bon Jovi - Its My Life in my pants
Not to be confused by "my life in my hands", *especially* if you haven't washed them recently

Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days in my pants
It happens to everyone, right?

Collective Soul - Afterall in my pants
That sounds messy and uncomfortable

Goo Goo Dolls - Black Balloon in my pants
Might want to get that checked out. Wouldn't want anything to fall off, now

Coldplay - 42 in my pants
...and I suppose it's the meaning to life, the universe and everything, too, right? (The song's refrain of "You didn't get to heaven but you made it close" is oh so fitting for this particular title twist, too)

All I Can Do in my pants
This just sounds bad - on the Dirty Minded front, as well as just plan old dirtiness. Ew.

Guns and Roses - November Rain in my pants
Is this kind of like the "golden shower" Zeus used to impregnate Danae?

Il Divo - Halleluja in my pants
Finally got it working again, huh?

The Fray - All At Once in my pants
Man, you sure have a thing for multiples, doncha?

Alright, that managed to kill about a half hour. Now to find otherways to entertain myself for another 45 minutes
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I am bored. Like, a lot. Like the kind of bored that is pretty hopeless because nothing you might otherwise do to entertain yourself has any appeal what so ever.

Anyone willing to spam this post with comments? Or maybe pictures? Or anything else that you think might be mildly entertaining? Type in random stuff in Google Search and then comment about what you find? Hell, even give *me* a random and/or ridiculous thing to do a Google Search for and then have me post it in your comments? Or my own comments, whatever.

I know this plea is probably doomed to failure just because my friends list is so tiny, but I figure it's worth a shot.

Pretty please? Anyone? Bueller?

Few Suggestions:
dancing bears in sequins
naughty flower arrangements
state porn (don't ask, it was an AIM chat full of Farscape Shippers... we porn anything)
evil laser trout of doom
cereal killers and/or Shredder Wheat (okay, that one was pretty thin, even for me)
Evil Death Ferrets


Mkay, done now.
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Going through old entries. Posting some of the highlights because I AM BORED, OMG!

I was on a bit of an Anita Blake kick in Summer 2005. I geeked over the books often and ranted about the new covers.

According to Nicole, ovens are evil. And then I porned cup cakes with Star Wars. Because I am just that talented.

Some interesting stuff my friends posted in their journals, one of which being [ profile] comedownstairs's Pic Spam Entry in which she requested pictures down people's shirts, among other things. Also, I give you material from said pic spam.

Out of context:
"Wow, riding Purplesaurusrex sure is a moving experience!"
"Oh, yeah! Even the ground is moving!"
"Hang on! I'll take you to Scorch in no time!"

In context: I really don't know if this is much better, honestly )

And I think that's as good a spot as any to stop. Hurrah, up to June 2005!
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So far I have watched last week's Eureka and last night's Eureka, the season finale (or what I assume is the season finale) of Royal Pains, and finished the book I was reading. Aside this week's episode of Ghost Hunters, which I kinda want to save since I'm not sure they'll give us a new episode next week, I am officially out of stuff to do. Bummer.

In other news, the church bells down the street have been ringing pretty much constantly for the last few minutes. Wonder if there's a wedding or something.
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I am bored. Reading fic just isn't doing anything for me right now, and there isn't really anything on Hulu I want to watch. And, for once, I'm kind of in the mood to do some writing, but so far my muse has only given me one idea and I am in the process of ignoring it because I'm not in the mood to write that particular story (been floating around in my head for awhile, but I don't know how to start it, and also, it's a bit angsty).

So, for possibly the third time in my life, I'm actually taking fic prompts; a sentence you want to see in a story, a weird crossover that makes everyone go o.O, whatever - I'm game for anything. Or at least I'm game to give it a darned good try.

Any takers? Check my interests if you aren't sure the fandoms I'm familiar with - there are too many to write here off the top of my head.
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I am in a chatty mood. It is summer now, so people might actually have *time* and stuff, so I'm thinking another Girls Night, maybe watching some movie or series on broadcast, or just watching a favorite episode/series on Hulu. Any takers? Also, any suggestions? I vote the season premier of Eureka whenever they manage to get it up online, but I'm game for pretty much anything.
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So I've spent the last two and a half hours watching Eureka episodes on Hulu. Just watched the very first episode (holy cow does Zoe look young. Did this show seriously only air two and a half years ago?), and before that it was 1x5 - Invincible cause the summary didn't sound familiar and I wasn't sure if I had seen that episode already.

And now I am torn between watching the rest of season 1 Eureka or watching the second season opener of In Plain Sight that aired last week.

Alec Baldwin was right. Hulu totally turns our brains to mush. So far no aliens, but they might just be waiting for mine to cook a little longer. Fried brains sounds more appealing than mushy brains, yes? Given another two or three weeks, I'm pretty sure mine will be pipping hot, ready to serve fresh from my skull. Mmm, tasty.
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After rereading a very good Mummy story (Never Spellbound by a Starry Sky by Eve) I ran across years and years ago but failed to add to my recs list, I now have a very strong desire to reread Crocodile on the Sandbank, cause the author used quotes from the book as her chapter titles. Alas, however, my copy of the book is at my parents, so I cannot reread it. Woe is me.

In other news, I did get groceries. Would've only spent about $14 total, but they had a copy of Stardust for $6, so I splurged a bit.

And now I am bored. And rather tired. I don't know if it's the weather (cloudy, cold, and grey) or the End Of Semester Stress/Fatigue starting to get to me, but it's to the point where I'm pretty much always tired, no matter the amount of sleep I get. Crashed rather hard at about 11:30 last night, and I didn't wake up until after 8 (unusual for me - I usually wake up between 6:30 and 7:30, I just stay in bed until 9:30 given the choice). Then two hours after I got up, I proceeded to crash again and take a two hour nap.

Yeah... I am *so* ready for the semester to be over.

ETA May 25 - link for The Mummy - Deeper Within Darkness in the comments
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I be bored.

I have camera.

::spends an hour taking a bunch of self portraits::

ETA 10:53
Am bored; have camera! )

Also, not in the mood to read Mineralogy chapter - so, I was Caught Up for a whole five hours! (give or take)
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I'm bored and I'm thinking impromptu AIM chat. Anyone game sign on and we'll invite you. Might have to IM me first cause I have all the sounds turned off in AIM and I'm keeping the buddy window minimized cause I think it is annoying and ugly.
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Notice the Super Extended oooooooooooooo in the boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooored, which is a sign of exactly how bored I am because writing o's is the only way I have to amuse myself at the moment and I have 55 minutes until my next class.

There is, of course, always homework to be done, but psh... as IF.

So, instead I get back to the ooooooooooooooooos of boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooredness.


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