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Friday, Dec 2 - Took Kristin along for a tree decorating party at JB's. We put geeky ornaments on his Christmas tree and had the Star Wars Holiday Special on in the background. I didn't notice much about it (thankfully) beyond the singing at the end and Cartoon Han's penis shaped head, and instead spent the entire time eating junk food and jabbering with fellow geeks.

Sunday, Dec 4 - Madgical Dinner at the high school courtesy of Kristin's mother. Soup was good, bread was *really* good, and I ate most of my stuffed pork chop even though I am neither a fan of pork chops nor stuffing, but it was still kind of nice to dress up. And wear my hooker boots. ;) Singing was pretty good, too - only about half the Mads were strong singers this year, but the choirs all did amazing, and the Mads were pretty good in and of themselves.
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I have Bridge over Troubled Water in my head.

Anyone happen to have a really cool full-part version of that I could grab from them? We sang it in one of my many choirs years and years ago, and I am sad to realize that I have forgotten most of the words.
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Oh, yeah, I also tried out for the concert choir this morning. I think it went well enough, but I'm a little worried what with the fact that if I *don't* get into the choir, I'll no longer have 12 credits. So, yes, please keep your fingers crossed for me so I might remain a full time student and Financial Aid won't get pissed at me and cut off funding.
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Concert last night went way better than it really had any right too. I mean, there were a few places where some of us (myself included) forgot the words, and I *still* didn't know that damn Ooo part for 'Just the Way You Look Tonight', but otherwise I'm not ashamed to say that we sounded pretty damn good. In fact, this just might have been the best concert I've participated in since high school. So, hey, go us.

It didn't get finished until almost 10, though, which meant that I didn't get home until about 10:30 and was only awake enough to get about a paragraph of the paper we have due for PhyEd done. Hence the whole being up at 6:30 thing when I really don't have to be. I so hate this time of the semester.
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This concert is so going to suck tonight

::wanders off to bang her head into the wall a few more times::

Also? I have no minutes on my cell phone anymore. Why? Because I didn't buy a new phone card within the two months requirement between buys. So, I not did I lose 40 bucks worth of minutes (I had about 150 minutes left and the cards cost $20 for 80 minutes), but now I have no way of contacting anyone on my cell phone until I go to Walmart and buy a new card.

That, on top of the choir concert tonight, me showing up at 1:06 to buy tickets for gramma and Dad when the box office closed at 1, and a paper due for PhyEd tomorrow morning that I haven't even started on, this whole "end of the semester" thing is really kicking my ass. Someone just kill me now. Seriously, you'd be doing me a favor.
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Choir concert is tomorrow night. It's either going to go really well or really horrid. I'm hoping for the former, but who knows. The choir itself knows all the songs quite well, it's jazz that is having the issues. We don't know the madgical pieces as well as we should (though that could be because, I don't know, WE DIDN'T WORK ON THEM AT ALL UNTIL BEGINNING OF APRIL!) and our choir director has gotten on everyone's nerves to the point where one or two of us have walked out on her. I haven't yet, but I've come damned close. Only reason I haven't is because I'm just to darned polite to walk out on a class of any sort. Skip occasionally, yes... Walk out of? Not so much. Damned me and my uber polite Wisconsin up bringing.

In other news, as of today there was a week and a half left of the semester. Oh, god, I have no idea how I'm going to get everything done. ::headdesks herself into a coma::
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So, Food for Thought was a total waste of time. We were stuck in a little alcove at the bottom of the connector with an artificial fichus tree in the corner of it as our audience. Occasionally people who were walking by stopped and listened to us for a minute or two, but mostly we were just there. Singing our hearts out for no one in particular. I'm actually quite surprised anyone could hear us at all with all the talking going on. Ah, well, if nothing else, with no one paying attention to us no one was there to hear when we messed up. Which happened quite a bit, so lets hear it for being ignored! Okay, so not totally ignored; there were two or three people who walked by who told us we were doing a good job, so go us! And it only lasted a half hour or there abouts, so we all got to go home relatively early.

Anyhoo, in all honesty I'm just really really glad its over. I figure we were just saving our best performance for the concert on the second of May anyway. ;)

On a completely and totally different note, does anyone know if some sort of unzipping program (such as WinZip or something) might have come standard with Shadowlite? And if not, can anyone direct me somewhere online where I might be able to find one?
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Things I have to do today:
* Teach swim lessons from 8:45 until 11:15
* Guard from 12:45 to 3:15 for Healthy Kids Day (complete with waterslides and the Gladiator out. Oh joy.)
* Shower at some point
* Finish at least the Multiple Choice questions for Meteorology (and the investigations, if possible, because I'm going to need all day tomorrow to work on the PhyEd paper).
* Get to the UW by 7:00 and be ready to sing at the concert by 7:30 tonight (which means LISTEN to the alto "OOO" part of Just The Way You Look Tonight until your ears fall off and you can sing it in your sleep!)

Things I have to do tomorrow:
* Finish Meteorology
* try and start the Evil Horrible Philosophy paper about artificial intelligence and why or why not it could ever be considered human.

Something tells me it is going to be a very long weekend. ::sighs::
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Is anyone else tired of school yet? I mean, I know I just got done with spring break and all that, but I am seriously getting really really tired of school. Very tired of homework and papers and studying and all that fun stuff, as well as pretty damn tired of teachers (some teachers more than others coughcoughKATHYcough) and getting to class on time. I'm also tired of singing. Seriously; I sing in choir and stuff because I *enjoy* it. I mean, I'm sure as hell not going to get any record deals, but more often than not you will find me humming a random tune or singing along with the radio as I go about my day. But these last few weeks music has been more of an obligation than just for fun like it used to be, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

To quote Blazing Saddles, "I'm just TIRED!" Is the semester over yet? Because it so very much needs to be.
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cut because it's long and you really don't have to read this )

And that, children, is why we do *not* repress our emotions for three years (though it is nice to know I still have them). Ow, my head hurts.

In other news, I told my dad to think of something we could do as a family this weekend that would get me out of working on Saturday afternoon (I'm not scheduled to work. In fact, no one is scheduled to work, which is kind of the problem. And I am so very not good at saying "no" when Amy starts begging me to take a shift). As of the moment, he is telling my mom and I that we are taking a secret family trip on Saturday Afternoon/Evening (which basically means that he hasn't thought of anything yet), so YAY for an excuse not to work! Even if it is probably not quite technically true. ;)
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Gym was actually fun today! We played soccer and I was very happy. I couldn't *breathe*, but I was happy. Wheee, soccer!

::scampers off to choir::
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As much as I despise the fact that my Meteorology class is online rather than long distance or on campus, I have to admit that the class itself is pretty interesting. I read the first chapter of the book (which I just got last night) this morning between my first and second class, and ::shock:: I actually rather enjoyed it. So, YAY for pretty pictures and interesting information.

In other news, Kathy (choir director/teacher) managed to beg me into taking her Jazz band class as well, so now I have another music class from 3 to 3:50 on top of the choir class I already have from 12 until 12:50. At least that gives me something to do on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Too bad it's going to take a huge chunk out of the hours I have available for work, though.
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Am back at school. ::sulks:: First class was Fitness for Life (aka, gym) with my mom's old boss John Harrington (also known as the Gym Nazi, and the single most reason for trying to *avoid* taking gym here at Marshfield/Wood County, but that's what I get for spending three years at a two year campus). Should prove interesting, and he's a nice enough guy - I just didn't really want him as a teacher. Ah, well, such is life. Maybe he'll give me bonus points for working at the YMCA and because he's been trying to get me into one of his classes since I started here in 2003.

On a totally and completely different note, I still have an hour and a half to kill before choir, and as I have no homework yet, decided to read through my friends list. And I finally gave in and clicked on one of the [ profile] fandomhigh links Nick or Natalie had posted in their journal. And I found Miss Parker and Fraser playing with guns. This amuses me and I fear it will be my undoing in my attempts to avoid Fandom High at all costs because I actually have *classes* now and need to focus on the *homework* I know I will be getting and not the fandom crack that is Fandom High.

But hee! Fraser and Parker playing with guns.
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The concert went... quite a bit better then I thought I would, actually. I mean, we sure as hell aren't going to win any awards and we still messed up on a few songs, but it looked like Kathy was pretty happy with most of them, and according to my parents and grandma, at least, they thought it was good. Also, we so totally kicked ass at God Rest You Merry Gentlemen and Ich Vil Den Hern, and pretty gosh darn good on O Jesu Blessed Lord to Thee, too, if I may say so myself. Also? I looked way hot. Or at least as hot as one with as pale a complexion as myself can look wearing only black and white.

Anyhoo, YAY for all the above! And yay for not having to spend an hour standing on risers every other day for rehearsal for the rest of the year, cause standing in one spot for an hour without being able to move more than six inches in either direction makey Maren's back and feet go owwie.

Edit: 10:35 pm
Oh, yeah, and we were also completely sold out - seats, reserved rows, and "standing room only" in the back - for the first time in, like.. *ever*, so that was pretty gosh darn cool, too.
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::collapses in front of computer::

Oy. Long day. Started at 9 where I had two hours of classes (9-10 and 11-12), then it went directly to the Y for 4 hours of lifeguarding (12-4), and *then* I found out that I was teaching swim lessons tonight because it seems that no one else in the world (okay, so in Marshfield) can teach Wednesday nights from 5 until 7:15... So, yea, if one of the 5 teachers who are already teaching get sick or are out of town or something for their Wednesday lessons, well, we're pretty much screwed because there *is* no one else who can work for us. Which sucks, because Wednesdays are about the only day during the week when I can actually do my homework *at* home without staying up until 3 in the morning (which would be bad because I have to either work at 8 or get to class by 9 Monday through Friday, and seeing as I live a half hour away from town and need time to, like, shower and brush my teeth and eat and stuff in the morning before leaving, well, I would be getting up between 6:30 and 7:30 every morning, and Maren+7 hours school+at least 4 work+however many hours of homework on only 3 hours sleep=NOT GOOD. I did ask Brent about it today, though, and he thinks we *might* be able to find someone else to do the 6:30 to 7:15 swim lesson I currently have, which would be nice, but yeah... not getting my hopes up about that.

So, yes. Maren tired. Very very tired. Tired enough that she highly doubts she'll be able to stay awake long enough to watch the second airing of Ghost Hunters at 10 and 11. But, at least I had like an hour and a half this afternoon to do my homework because the pool was closed (YAY for lightning and thunderstorms!), so I don't have to worry about that.

On a slightly different note, because of the whole being at school and/or work all day thing (Monday through Thursday, the *earliest* I'll be getting back home will be around 8:00 in the evening, and that's after leaving at 7:30 or 8:30 in the morning, so yeah... long day), I probably won't be keeping up with my friends list too well. I know, I'm such a horrid friend... I didn't keep up half the summer, and now I'll be lucky to keep up at *all* until the semester ends in December). So, if anything important happens, direct me too it? I also should probably do another friends list fall-cleaning where I try and get rid of those journals which I don't really read and who don't really read me, either. So, if it wouldn't be too much to ask, would all ya'll who read my journal leave a comment to let me know? Once again, the majority of you all are on my "Never going to get rid of me. Ever" list, so I doubt I'll be dropping many anyway, but for the few I do end up dropping, I wanna *try* and keep it to those who I don't really read and who don't really read me to keep the hurt feelings to a minimum.

So, yes, this is me comment whoring. Come on, tell me how much you loooooooooove meeeeeee!!! :)

Oh, yeah, and the second day of classes went really well. ANT 102 sounds like it will defiantly keep me interested (I might even actually *do* the readings for once!) and Choir is always fun (we recruited today. Meaning, we walked around campus trying to bribe people to join choir using candy. It might have even worked, but as I spent the entire time I was supposed to be bribing people to join choir sitting at a table in the commons chatting with Katie and her friend, I have no idea how successful out candy run was. Shame on me.) So, yes, long day, but at least the first part of it was interesting.
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The concert was... quite a bit better than I thought it would be. We did screw up twice, but they were screw ups that no one woulda know about except us since all it consisted of was one part singing (or not singing) when it shouldn't (or should've) been. But, beyond those few barbles, it went quite well... I think most of us were singing it totally for Cathy, screw the audience. As far as I can tell, she loved it. She was, in fact, near tears at the end because chances are this will be her last concert as the choir director. She just found out last week that she lost her position at the school, so she probably won't be back next year. We're gonna bring her a cake tomorrow to say Thank You for the wonderful job she's done these past several years.

So, YAY! Choir concert went well! This makes Maren very happy. :) And I didn't trip/stumble in my heels until after the concert, so go me!
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Choir concert starting in 45 minutes. *Hopefully* we'll do okay, despite the fact that we don't exactally know the songs as well as we really should. I myself am not really nervous, but I am a bit worried about whether or not the audience will get out of this with their eardrums in tact...

Wish us luck!
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- The new Pope Benedict XVI is freaky looking

- some of the new pictures has up for The Siege - Part 3 are just begging to be iconed... ::wails at her lack of a decent imaging program:: ::wanders off to try and make some anyway:: Oh, yeah, and WARNING! MAJOR ATLANTIS SPOILERS if you do click the link.

- The third part of Ashes to Ashes is finished. For those few of you who have read it, let me know if you want me to post it or not. ;)

- Why the hell do regular bras have to be so itchy?

- Wohoo! A new chapter of Underwater Light by Maya has been uploaded! And here I didn't think the author was ever gonna continue. :D

- Jake Weber is hot. This, I already knew... However, Natalie's icon reconfirmed this fact. Very very nicely... ::admires pretties::

- Everyone needs to go look at this post and this one and prompt Cristin to write that fic. Cause, seriously... It needs to be written, and alas, she has known me so long that my puppy dog eyes no longer have an effect on her. ;)

- Seriously... are non-sports bras just, like, *created* to be uncomfortable? I betcha they were created by men, just like pantyhose and high heels. ::itches like mad before she finally gives in and takes the damn thing off::

- I now have pretty sandals and a pretty light blue button up shirt to wear for our choir concert next Tuesday. I also have a new leopard print swimming suit and a stuffed Flower (from Bambi) toy that I won from one of those grabby machines (which I got on the first try... go me!). YAY new stuff!

- However, because of aforementioned new stuff, my 66 dollar pay check has gone bye bye... you know, I think I gotta work on this whole 'saving money' thing.* ~ In my defense, I did actually need the shoes and the shirt for my choir concert cause the teacher is making everyone - including the boys - wear shoes that elevate you heel at least an inch so we have good posture. And, as heels and I don't really get along, I didn't have any lying around beyond the 4 inch wedges I wore at Emma's wedding - not something I wanna wear on risers seeing as I have enough trouble walking with regular flat soled shoes. ;) These are nice, relativly safe 1 inch heeled sandals that are pretty easy to walk in, so hopefully I won't hurt myself. Also needed the shirt because I haven't been able to find any pastel-colored dress shirts in my wardrobe because ew, pastel. This blue one isn't too bad when it comes to pastel, though, and hey... it makes my boobs look good!

- speaking of shoes, I think I have bought more new shoes in the past 6 months for special events than I have for the past 10 years combined. If I turn any more girly, someone please smack me?

- ...though, if you do have to smack me, make sure it's for girlish short-comings *after* next Tuesday, because this choir concert is basically the reason of my sudden downfall into girlishness (not that being girly is a bad thing, mind, it's just not *my* thing. There are lots of other girls - and boys - who it works quite well with. :D )

- So, yeah... next week Tuesday I'm gonna be all dressed up... Anyone wanna demand pictures of this once in a life time event? Or, well, at least a once-in-the-next-5-years-or-so event... :)

- Ack! And now this shirt is getting all itchy and confining! I give up, I'm going to bed.

* for Germany... I hope to get over there toward the end of the summer to visit Emma, who was shipped over there by the Army in March. I'm also gonna try and glomp Verena in person, so whee!
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Ooo, a Carson Beckett Ficathon. Must make it a point to go check that out in a few weeks.

And, if anyone cares, a lowdown of Yesterday's Uber Long Day )

Wasn't that fun? I'ma gonna go watch TV now.
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Question for you all...

Does anyone happen to have a version of "The Walls of Zion"? It's one of the songs we're singing for choir, and the speed goes all over the place, and with only two days a week in which we have choir, I'm having the damndest time getting the rythem right, and since I can't play piano or any other instrument, and have a hard time reading music, I have no way of listening/practicing at home.

It would probably be a classical song, with a repetion of lyrics something like "Come, fathers and mothers. Come, sisters and brothers. Come, join us in singing the praises of Zion. Oh fathers don't you feel determined... to meet within the walls of Zion. We'll shout and go 'round, shout and go 'round, shout and go 'round, shout and go 'round..." If you have it, or if you wouldn't mind downloading it, would you mind sending it to me? Pretty please? ::looks hopeful::

Granted, I doubt many of you have ever even heard of it, but I still thought I would ask since you guys are full of surprises. :) At this point, I'd be happy with any version, but if you can find one with all 4 parts or as a soprano solo, I would love you forever and ever and ever...
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First class: History 102 - US History, Civil War to Present Day
This class will probably be the death of my GPA, but at least it should an interesting trip down. There's loooooooooots of reading, and as this guy makes you analyze (which I suck at) and think instead of just spitting out information, I doubt I'll be able to manage any thing more then a B- in there if I'm lucky. However, the teacher is a family friend and I've had him before and he is *really* good at his job, so even if I fall on my ass, at least it should be a fun trip.

Second class: COM 103 - Introduction to Public Speaking
This one is a required class I wouldn't have taken otherwise, but such is life. The teacher is the same one I had for Intro to Theatre last semester, and I enjoyed that class, so even if it's not my choice I think it should be a fun class. And, as I've never really had a problem with public speaking, I'm hoping it'll be a pretty easy grade.

Third class: MUS 072 - aka, Choir
This one should be a lot of fun. Though it's only worth 1 credit, and only an elective credit at that, I have *seriously* missed choir. Had my schedule been more forgiving last semester, I totally woulda signed on earlier. As it was, I had too much other stuff to keep me occupied. So far, I've heard good things about the class, so I'm quite looking forward to it.

Fourth class: MAT 130 - Math and Geometry for Elementary School Teachers (pt. 2)
This one is the second half of the class I took last semester; same teacher, same book. Also taking this one because it's required for my (current) major, and if as I didn't really like it *last* semester, I doubt if I'll enjoy it much this semester. Hopefully I'll be proved wrong, otherwise I might be hard pressed to keep Math Time from becomming Nap Time.
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Okay, dude, so no matter how full my schedule next semester, I damn well better make room for choir... Why? Because I'm a soprano and I *used* to be able to hit only a note or two lower then the high G on Becca's [ profile] icepixie Soprano Pride icon (high E or thereabouts, if I remember correctly). Now? I'm having the damndest time hitting anything above a D on the normal cleft without making it sound screechy... At least I think it's a D... God, you *know* you've been out of choir too long when you start to forget those memory things (I can't think of the technical term for them... You know, like ROYGBIV to remember the colors of the rainbow) to remember the note names that were drilled into your head over and over again in grade school music class...
Just... yeah, I don't *care* how over stretched it will make me, I *am* taking choir next year, dammit! Cause I wanna be able to sing above the normal soprano cleft again... ::cries::
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Soooo.... Guess who got out again? Yup, the infamouse little snake Nikki has broken through the bounds of imprisionment once again. Haven't seen the little guy since yesderday morning when I got up. And, just an fyi, snakes no bigger then a nightcrawler earthworm are *really* good at hiding. Anyhoo, I left a little container of water next to the furnace vent, which is where I've found him on past jail breaks. Whether or not he has the sences to find it is another matter. He also has no food crawling around outside of his little aquarium, not even some ladybugs or flies seeing as it's the dead of winter. That and the fact that I'm afraid he might get stepped on are my major worries.
So, here's hopeing he shows up.

In other news, I got to see my Bethy today!!! All afternoon, she was mine!!! Mine mine mine!!! She gave me candles for my birthday present and this cute little String Bean Buddy mouse for Christmas (the fact that she was just able to give me my Christmas present now shows you how long it's been since I've gotten the chance to see her for more then 5 minutes when she's at work). We went to the Kitchen Table for lunch and then went to the highschool and searched out all our old teacher to say hi. Much fun was had... We even got to sing in choir with Mrs. B for a bit!!! Happy Maren! Cold Maren, but happy Maren! Anyways, fun fun fun... Can't wait until we get the chance to get together again... :D
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YES! The concert went *great*!! Almost with out a hitch, at least with the choir part. The orchestra, as always, needs a little work, but there was only one part where the choir came in a little late, and it wasn't even that noticeable...

AND IT'S *OVER*!!! No more standing for two hours singing, no more practicing the same songs over and over again, every day for 4 months!!

I'm happy, can ya tell? ::g::
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::whimpers:: Oy, my feet hurt... Just got done with choir rehearsal for our concert, Carmina, tomorrow night.
Standing two hours (and I mean *standing*, no sitting) on a hot stage with little personal space is *not* fun...
But, at least I think we worked out most of the kinks in the songs...

Ok, Maren go ni-ni now...


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