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Season's Greetings Everyone!

Spent Christmas Day at my aunt Sue's where I ate entirely too much, caught up with the cousins, watched home movies from when we were all wee and small, snuggled the puppy dog, and spent an hour or two playing Wii Sports with my brother Ben and two of the four cousins who were there. Got second place in our bowling match with 120-something, hurray me!

Got home right around dark and proceeded to try very hard not to fall asleep in front of the Packer/Bears game. Managed to make it until 10 pm, at which point I gave in to Morpheus and fell asleep probably within ten minutes of lying down. I figure I wouldn't miss much as it was something like 35-10 Packers and only 5 minutes or so left on the clock when I conked out. Also, at the risk of sounding like a bad Wisconsinite, I really don't much care how well the Packers are doing these days, I mostly just put the game on to kill some time. Shhhhh, don't tell any of my local friends. ;)
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Okay, so update in * style

* Thursday - spent a lot of time on the phone and exchanging emails trying to figure out the tech issues that are still plaguing my computer. It was very frustrating, and at the end of the day, all for nothing because my computer is still having issues. On the bright side, though, co-workers decided to make lunch a taco/nacho carry-in ordeal, so I had a big plate of tasty nachos for lunch. Mmm, crunchy goodness.

* Friday - did laundry and helped Beth decorate our Christmas tree. Also decided to go to Target and pick up the long sleeved thermal I was eying last week, which I got for $10 down from $14, hurray for discounts! Otherwise I spent most of the day watching Stargate SG-1, and then we did presents and eggnog Christmas Eve after a rather nice dinner of ham and mashed potatoes.

* Saturday - Stockings in the morning, then we went to Cour d'Alene (only spelled right) to celebrate the holiday with some of Beth and Walter's friends and their family. Ate entirely too much, got a whole tin of goodies and a new pair of gloves, and then we hit the Christmas light program some landscaping company set up here in Kennewick. 300,000 lights, all set to music. It was incredibly impressive, to say the least. Got back to the house a little after 11 pm and proceeded to crash like a mad crashing thing.

* Sunday - Walter took Beth and I out to a late breakfast/early lunch to thank us for our help with the paper route these last few weeks. Then it was back to the house where I did a whole lot of nothing that included watching more SG-1 and a few movies. I did, however, fold my laundry, so I wasn't *totally* useless. I also had planned on going to the movie theater and finally seeing Tangled, but alas, it would appear that the Carmike Cinema no longer has it, and I wasn't quite courageous enough to brave frenzied masses at the Columbia Center Mall (when we drove by after lunch, it very much reminded me of an extremely active ant hill) to go to the cinema they have there, where they *are* still showing Tangled. Hopefully I'll be able to catch it on Friday on my day off.
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December 17, 2010 -7:30 am

Last night was the Ice Harbor Dam Christmas party at Tony Roma's. There were probably 30 or 40 people there and we only had two servers, but they managed fairly well considering. Only forgot one person - me. :) I was last to get my chicken alfredo, but I didn't mind the extra wait too much. Thanks to a stop by Taco John's on the way back from work (4:15 pm), I was by no means starving when I finally got my meal (about 8:30 pm). Have the leftovers for lunch today, so bonus.

Also had a White Elephant gift exchange. I considered not participating because apparently it is a tradition to make your white elephant give something alcoholic with this particular group, and as I am not a drinker, I didn't want to end up with a booze I wasn't going to use. I already had my present, though - two packages of Lindor Truffles, both of which were types I don't often choose so as to reduce the temptation to crack into them before the exchange - so I decided 'What the hell?' and went for it. I actually got lucky and pretty much picked the one presents that was most suited for me - a four pack of Starbucks hot chocolate mixes and two new Starbucks holiday mugs. Small and easy to pack, sounds good to me! Starbucks hot chocolate, granted, but I figure I can add more milk to cut the syrupy-ness. Drinking one right now, actually. ::slurps::

In other news, ow. Lacking a computer at work, all the writing I've done the last week has been hand-written in a notebook (I really have nothing better to do), and then transferred it to my own computer when I got back home. I haven't written this much since I was taking daily notes for Chemistry my last two semesters of school. Add on the holiday cards I;ve been trying to fill in at least a little on every one, and my right hand is not 100% pleased with me. So, what do I do? Write more! It is a vicious circle, I tell you. I seriously think I might have an addiction to writing - no matter how much damage I'm doing (well, hand cramps aren't really damage, but they do ache), I just can't stop!

Also, it is now 7:52. This writing-stuff-out-by-hand thing is a great way to kill time.
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Joining the Thanksgiving Comes First Brigade, because I know I'm not the only one who gets kind of miffed when I walk into Fred Meyer (a slightly more classy version of Walmart, if you squint a little and it gets bonus points for having a coffee shop that *isn't* Starbucks inside of it) two whole weeks before Halloween, and the first thing I notice is that they already have their fake Christmas tree display set up. Or when I hit Walmart for some small, completely non-holiday related thing and I see Christmas decorations right along side the half-price Halloween candy, and a tinny version of "Let it Snow" is playing over the speakers, cheerfully driving me insane as I realize that this is only the beginning of two-and-a-half-months of getting A Consumer's Christmas Carol shoved down my throat.

Once upon a time, way back maybe five or six years ago (I know it's tough, but you can do it! Stretch those memories, people! Remember the days when Bush Jr. was still in office, Kayne West was all over the place, and a NCIS was one of television's biggest dramas - you can do it if you try!), department stores and television advertisements were content to take advantage of the fact that Thanksgiving came before Christmas, and holidays were celebrated one at a time. A magical time, that, when a month or so before Thanksgiving, cartoon turkeys and Pilgrims hit the lime light to sell you car insurance, spread the word that their store was having a "Huge Thanksgiving Sale with savings up to 50% off the original price!", and Thanksgiving wasn't just a quick bathroom break along the long, twisty road that was the Holiday Season, or an extra day to arm for battle before braving the Frenzied Consumer Masses on Black Friday.

Once upon a time, Christmas was more than a greed-filled excuse to supply your family with a bunch of toys, trinkets, and trifles that were destined to become lost, broken, or forgotten again in two months, and Thanksgiving was more than an extra day off during your work week.

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was the marker for the start of the best, most awesome time of year. In school, it was the time of the year all of the teachers started having to go to conferences and end-of-the-year meetings to discuss Boring Adult Things, and because of it, classes got done a lot earlier and days off for the students got a lot more frequent. During the months of November and December, there were *maybe* three full weeks of school - otherwise, there would always be at least one day per week when we were let out of school early, and if that wasn't the case, we would have all of Friday off, and sometimes even Thursday or Monday as well.

Out of school, we knew that Thanksgiving was just around the corner, and that after Thanksgiving, it would be Christmas. Thanksgiving also meant *four whole days* free from the dreary halls of our grade school, a lovely extended weekend where we could sleep in and sloth off on our homework for a few days. On top of that, there was the promise of way too much good food and the chance to visit with family that we probably hadn't seen since the previous Thanksgiving. Perhaps most of all, though, Thanksgiving ushered in the Holiday Season - a very important job to a seven year old - and my most favorite time of the year, because during that time, everything just seemed a little brighter, everyone seemed a little bit happier, and cities would come to life after dark, shining with the glow of thousands of brightly colored holiday lights.

We wrote Christmas list to Santa of all the things we hoped to receive when he made his annual round-the-world journey, filling our tiny little hearts almost to bursting with the Joy and the Hope of the season. Christmas carols were a tradition, and they were special because that was the *only* time of the year that they were sung and every time we heard one, it brought a little more joy to our heart. Some of us had so much joy bottled up inside that we just had to share it, and so many a church group or friendly gathering decided to carry candles and sing the carols door-to-door, sharing them with our neighbors and being rewarded with hot chocolate, apple cider, and home-made cookies.

Christmastime was special. It was about sharing and family and hope for the new year. It might not be the same for everyone else, but for me, it was never about the presents. They were a rather nice extra, don't get me wrong, and like any kid I gleefully tore into the few brightly wrapped packages under the tree with my name on them on Christmas Morning, but what I remember most now, twenty years later, isn't the mystery and excitement as each new toy was revealed, or the childish disappointment when it ended up being Yet More Boring Clothes. Instead, what I remember the most is the slight sadness I felt after all of the presents were unwrapped and all the big family dinners done, because that meant that Christmas was well and truly over for the year, and I had to wait a whole eleven or so months before the holiday lights and carols would be magic again.

Christmas was special because it was only once a year, and it was magic because it was special. It gave me something to look forward to, and even the sadness of it ending was never enough to overcome the promise that I'd get to experience it all over again next year.

I still love the holiday season, but by the time it actually arrives these days, I am so fed up with the constant barrage of Christmas advertisements, the audio assault of carols being repeated over and over again in a hundred different styles on a thousand different radio stations, and the frustration of fighting wave after wave of fanatic holiday shoppers when all I want is some damned shampoo, that the spark - the magic for the lack of a better term - is gone. And I miss it.

Once upon a time, Thanksgiving came first and it ushered in the most amazing time of the year.

Once upon a time, Christmas was special and my childhood memories didn't so closely resemble a fairy tale.

Thanksgiving Comes First

I know very few people read my journal, and I know some of you who do don't actually like Christmastime all that much - for religious reasons or just a general frustration at how commercialized this once special holiday has become - but I'm still encouraging you all to write your own entries and share your own reasons why The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year isn't so wonderful any more. Maybe if enough people group together and spread the word, the Big Companies will get a clue and we might just be able to rediscover the magic of the season shining through the greed-fueled muck that tries so hard to snuff it out.

ETA Saturday, November 6, 2010
In hopes of backing up the Thanksgiving Comes First thing, I'm going to try and post either one happy Thanksgiving memory per day, or to share one thing I am thankful for. Here are the links to those posts so far.

Day 1 - Thanksgiving 2007
Day 2 and 3 - Mmm, mashed potatoes
Day 4 - In which I give thanks for fan fiction, because I am a Geek.
Day 5 - Why Thanksgiving is Awesome, at least for me
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I am sleep deprived, medicated (Benadryl), and mom spiked the apple cider! Apart, those are enough to effect brain function - together, they pretty much cut off higher brain function entirely.

Cannot brain today, I have the dumb.

That said, Happy Christmas! I've spent the day alternately cleaning and cooking. Attacked the bookshelves and the top of my wardrobe in my room today, and then Dad brought Gramma home for the holiday and we spent a good chunk of the afternoon making popcorn balls. Will hopefully get around to baking the rest of the cookies tonight, too, but as I mentioned before, Maren tiiiiiiiiiiiired. Might save that for a project tomorrow.

Still have rather icky weather, which has been extremely indecisive on whether it wants to rain or snow all day. The worst of the storm should *supposedly* move out of the area tomorrow morning, but I'm not getting my hopes up since the low pressure system creating all the icky weather is strong enough to pretty much fill up the bottom two layers of the atmosphere, so it can do whatever the hell it wants and is, in fact, retrograding and moving *toward* the west at this point. Gotta love Ma Nature.

Christmas Dinner was extremely tasty. Mom made ham and twice baked potatoes, both of which were extremely good eatin'. I managed not to stuff myself too badly, but I'm definitely looking forward to leftovers.

Rest of the family is currently sitting around the kitchen table (we just finished dinner) reading letters my grampa wrote back during WW2, the ones he wrote around Christmas, to be exact. It's pretty neat hearing what he was doing - which mostly involved getting in trouble, or so it sounds. :)

So, yeah. I'd call this a pretty damned good Christmas. And I hope everyone else had an equally enjoyable holiday as well.
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Ucky, allergies. If I don't end up with some sort of cold by the time I head back to Point on Monday (there was a brief delay in my scheduled return - Coyote does have a nice new caliper thanks to Simon, but in the process of fixing the front caliper it was discovered that the Mystery Clunking Noise is the result of one of my back break braces pretty much disintegrating; when Dad and I went to check on Coyote yesterday afternoon, Simon showed us the three small scraps of metal that were all that remained, and he won't get the new parts until Monday), I will be very surprised.

On the other hand, I'd much rather get sick now when I have the option of laying in bed all day and sleeping than next week just before I go see Manda, so, you know, bring on the cold germs!

That said, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Even if you don't celebrate it, I hope your Thursday night and Friday is fantastic! ::sends out all the warm wishes and love she possibly can virtually)

Our holiday will be spent hiding inside for the most part - it's been freezing rain pretty much all day, so everything is coated in about a half an inch of ice. Storm is going to stick around until at least Saturday morning, too, so yeah... not going to venture outside if we don't have to.

And now I am off to start the apple cider and get my munchie on.
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Usually lolcats/loldogs kind of irritate me since the improper grammar and intentional misspellings is kind of akin to nails on the chalkboard for me, but I gotta admit, this picture totally made me giggle.

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

In other news, I have most of my holiday ornaments finished. I still need to make one for Manda, Emmies, Emma, and Melissa, but I think I'm good after that. At least I sure hope I am - I plan on having a bunch of random extras just in case I miss anyone.
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I just watched A Very Dead Zone Christmas. It wasn't intentional or anything, I've just been watching the series from the beginning for the last month and a half or so. Anyway, there it was and I'm thinking "Yeah, cheerful is good." So I watched, and now I have Christmas music in my head. ::hums It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year::

However, it is the ultimate Feel Good episode, and what with all the Test Stuff I have going on and the Almost End Of Semester Stuff, I'm thinking I kinda needed some Feel Goodness, so yay for good timing.

In other news, I think I understand the type of stuff that will be on the Structural exam. ::knocks on wood:: I'm going to check with the teacher tomorrow to see for sure, and to ask if there are any more problems problems in the book I might try - for all of the problems I've done so far, I've had the write answer in front of me, it was just a matter of figuring out how to get to that answer; now I want to see if I can do it without the answer to work backwards from. This test is probably the one I'm most stressed out about - I completely and totally bombed the first test with a 30-some percent, and I really need to get a good grade on this test and the final to pass the class. With me supposed to graduate in December, the pressure is kind of on.

Aaaand now I just undid some of the good A Very Dead Zone Christmas did. Darned anxiety. ::wanders off to look for any other Feel Good type movies or episodes she can find::
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At parents. Christmas Dinner at Gramma's was very good. All sorts of good food, and pretty much everyone on my Dad's side of the family was there - both his sisters and their family, and then us. Dad himself couldn't make it cause he was feeling kinda icky this morning, but it was still really good to see everyone else. This years running theme for presents was food - aside from a few shirts/sweaters and a nice little air freshner/light up village house, everyone else who gave gifts gave gifts of food. Apperently I wasn't the only one who couldn't afford much for presents this year.

Gonna spend the next day at least here at home, possibly longer with the winter weather advisory out and everything. Even if I know the smoke and the dust is going to get to me in a few hours, for now, it's really good to be home.

A Wonderful Christmas to those who celebrate, and a just as wonderful Thursday for those who don't.
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Hey... James Bond is Laura Croft's ex husband in Laura Croft: Tomb Raider. He does the American accent pretty well.

In other news, I still plan on doing a Girls Night in THIS SUNDAY, DEC. 28 at whatever time works - I'm thinking around 9:00 pm Central Standard Time. The Movie Choices are: Independence Day, Spaceballs, and Serenity. Please comment and let me know which of those three movies you would like to see most. Also, I am screening comments on this entry, so if you haven't already given me your AIM username, please do so. Mine is still pegasusrider2002.

That said, I'm leaving tomorrow morning for dinner with my family. I'm taking Shadownight with me cause there's a good chance I'll be snowed/freezing rained in until Saturday or later, possibly even Sunday night (I'll take all three movies with me just in case), but on the off chance you all don't hear from me for a few days, I wish you all the best this Christmas Eve, a blessed Yule, a wonderful Chanukah, and all those holidays that I *know* I missed but which I know are just as important to some of you.

Happy Holidays!
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Finally stopped snowing an hour or so ago. I just shoveled an additional 3-4 inches out of the drive way. Since the sun is about to go down, though, and our road still hasn't been plowed, I think I'll just hang out here for tonight and meet my family at Gramma's tomorrow morning/afternoon. Kinda woe that I won't be spending Christmas Eve with my family since... well, ever as far as I remember, but Christmas day is supposed to be beautiful and sunny and good for driving, so I'll take what I can get. I figure this way I won't be miserable with allergies tomorrow, either, thanks to one my day not being exposed to the smoke and dust of my parents house. I also plan on spending the night tomorrow for sure and possibly Friday night if the weather continues to make a nuisance of itself (tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful and sunny - tomorrow night we're supposed to get more snow with "significant accumulation possible", and Friday it's supposed to rain - freezing or otherwise depends on how high the temperatures want to climb, with Saturday and Saturday night more of the same. At least Christmas is supposed to be nice. I'll just have to pack additional clothing in case I end up spending a few more nights.
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I made Cinnamon Roasted Almonds. And they are very tasty.

I also made chocolate covered banana chips. They are good, but rather sweet, so I'm kinda glad I'm giving them away.

Still want to make some home made Chex Mix and a batch of cinnamon roasted pecans, but I have been working at the stove since 12:00ish and I am kind of tired of cooking. Also, we're out of eggs, and I need an egg white to make the cinnamon roasted nuts. So instead, I plop down in front of the tv/computer/book for the next few hours and not do anything.

Mandy is waiting until tomorrow to leave (weather permitting - it's snowing right now, and we're under a winter weather advisory until 6:00 tomorrow night, so her plans might be subject to change), so Yay for one more night of not worrying about demon squirrels! Or silent alien abductions, but that's another sleep deprived story for another night.
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Mandy is leaving for Central America on Sunday (well, she's leaving for Milwaukee to visit her parents until Christmas, and then leaving for Central America directly after that), so the last few days we've been decorating like crazy. The living room is now decked out in lights and stockings and garland and my fiber optic tree is still glowing away, and the kitchen is decked out in garland and whatever ornaments Mandy had lying around, and over all, it is very colorful.

Also, because she's gonna be gone for the next four weeks (woe, I'll have no one to blame random noises on except the demon squirrels for *four whole weeks*!), she gave me my stocking/presents today. I told her not to get me anything because I am Insanely Poor Like Woah and cannot afford presents for *anyone* this year, but she went off and got me stuff anyway cause my roommate is awesome. Anyway, she gave me a cute mug with penguins on it! And it was filled with chocolate covered pretzels! She also gave me Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on DVD, which is awesome cause I was totally in a Rudolph mood! (also, did anyone else know it was 135 minutes long? Every time I saw it with the holiday specials on TV, I only remember it being, like, and hour to an hour and a half long, *including* commercials) Best of all, though, her parents gave her a whole bunch of JC Penny gift cards (like, 600 dollars worth. Yeah, apparently they got them for credit card rewards or something), so she in turn passed about $125 worth on to me, which means I can *totally* go off and get myself a new winter jacket (the zipper on my current one is kinda wore out) - which I've wanted to do for months - and not completely break my checking account. Yay!

She also gave me lots of chocolate, cause hey, everyone loves chocolate.

In other news, I have finished all my femo ornaments. I be cheap, but I gotta say, some of them turned out really good.

see for yourself )

Of them all, the snowman took the longest. I figured that would be an easy make, just roll some balls together, add a face and a hat, and vwala, lovely yet simple snowman decoration. An hour later, I was still working on rolling small enough pieces of white clay for the snowflakes. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, though, so that one is totally going to my parents.
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I got your card, [ profile] cogenthoughts! Thanks!

In other news, I am still making femo ornaments. My palms are bruised from softening and rolling all the harder clay into something workable. I'm also tired of being creative, so for the last two hours I've been making twisted icesickles of various colors that don't require any more rolling the clay into a rope, flattening it, and twisting it. Yay for pretty but easy to make decorations.

And that's all I got.
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I actually finished my homework, so I didn't feel at all guilty when Dustin and Steve came over around 6:15 and we proceeded to spend the next 5 hours making COOOOOOKIES! We made lots. Sugar cut-outs that we didn't frost cause we didn't have enough powder sugar to make the frosting, but we still had fun decorating the raw cookie dough with cinnamon candies and colored sugar and sprinkles and chocolate chunks and all that. They turned out very tasty.

Mandy also decided she wanted to make play-dough cookies! So she and Dustin and Steve all made a bunch of 3D kinda cookies out of colored dough (Dustin's Buffy cookie was particularly amusing. His exact words were, and I quote "It has all the *important* parts!") while I laid on the couch and watched Love Actually, which I had never seen. I know, I should be shunned, but I always thought it was a sappy romance! Well, it is *kinda* sappy, but in the fun kind of way, and I really enjoyed it. Very good Christmas movie.

After we had mostly finished with the cookies, I ended up having a massive giggle fit. It wasn't even that funny, but hey, it's the end of the semester and it's the first weekend I really haven't had to worry (as) much about homework and school and classes and everything. You know how it goes - all of a sudden you're insanely tired for no reason, and then someone says something or does something or takes a funny picture and you just Can't Stop *Giggling*, even when the joke is long gone and looking at the picture or the someone just sets you off again. Yeah, it was one of those. Dustin and Steve are blaming it on the Gold Schlogger (sp?) Mandy put in the play-dough cookies in place of the almond extract she didn't have, but since I didn't *have* any of those cookies (not yet, at least. I was kinda burned out on sugar after the first batch), I'm blaming it on Too Much Sugar and general exhaustion. It was still extremely fun, though, and there will be pictures! Just probably not tonight cause did I mention the whole Insanely Tired thing?

First final at 8 tomorrow. No, I have not studied. At all. Am I worried? Not really. I can afford a bad grade in that class. I probably will be worried tomorrow morning, though.
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It is currently 41 degrees outside. The snow is melting faaaaaast, which makes everything kinda soggy. Alas, I doubt if our poor snow man survived the day without losing vital parts of his body, such as eyes and an arm or two. Oh well, no picture for us.

In other news, I have one of my assignments done and one half done. And we are totally making cookies today whether I finish the second one or not. In fact, Dustin and Steven are coming over to join us in our cookie making party. Whee, cookies!
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Santa Clause: The Movie is on WGN!

Alas, I am torn! I have homework to finish by tomorrow morning, but it's Santa Clause! And it's not on again until Christmas Eve when I'll probably be at home and I don't think we have WGN at my parents house.

It is Tradition to watch Santa Clause: The Movie, a tradition that I fell out of when, you know, they stopped airing it on a channel I actually got every year, but which should totally be started up again!

::watches it and does her homework during commercial breaks::

I know, I so fail at homework.
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Mandy was feeling down, so we went shopping! Well, she went shopping and I drove. It wasn't so much *shopping* shopping as picking up a few odds and ends that might come in handy in Central America when she heads there at the end of the month. There was No Boyfriend Talk Allowed for an hour and I made her tell me about her favorite holiday traditions as a child in hopes of further cheering.

After we hit Target, though, the alloted hour was up and talk of The Boyfriend came back and she made herself all sad again, so she was still kinda blue. Which is why I then I took her to the park so we could make a giant snow man! Or as giant as we could considering how hard it is to lift giant snowballs without breaking and/or dropping them. The end result stood at about 5' 5", and it had pine cone eyes and a stick for a nose and a mouth cause, you know, we didn't have carrots or coal or anything and had to make do with what we found underneath the pine trees, and we gave it *wings* (made from sticks, so again, I doubt it's going to be flying anywhere) and snowy arms, which Mandy was in charge of, and let me tell you, Mr. Snowman was *built*. He totally had some nice bulging biceps at one point (not really intentionally, that was just the way it turned out). Anyway, it was fun and it cheered Mandy up (I hope, at least) and it gave us some good exercise we got all snowy and wet. Alas, we did not have a camera, so we shall have to cherish the night in our memories - or go back tomorrow/later today and get a picture of Mr. Snowman if he is still there.

Then we came back to the house and drank hot tea and apple cider and watched the old 1938 black and white version of A Christmas Carol and almost fell asleep in front of the TV cause we were all tired and stuff cause by the time we started the movie it was 11:30 and we didn't finish making the snow man until almost 11 and yeah, that was our day. Fun and Childishness.

On a not so childish note, I did laundry. Yay having clean clothes to wear.

Also, this is my 3,999th journal post. I was going to wait to mention it until 4,000, but I figure Childishness and Giant Snow Men is a way better Momentum Post than, I don't know, rambling about cake or school or whatever it is I am in the mood to ramble about.

So, here's to five years, eight months, and *almost* 4000 posts worth of Rambley Maren Goodness!

Gonna go sleep now.

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Okay, so Holiday Fever has officially bit me in the butt. Enough so that went and re-read the SGA Fluffy Fic I recced a few months ago, and then I went and looked for all of the holiday stories I had recced in the past, and then I did a Google search for "holiday + fic + fluff", which didn't give me much, so then I went through the first half dozen websites listed in my "Fic Pages" folder and did a CTRL > F(ind) for "christmas" and clicked on whatever stories there were listed for any fandoms I had even an iota of knowledge about. And now I'm going to share the good ones with you all.

Kim Possible
It's Not About the Shopping - Ron tries to get Kim the perfect Christmas gift

Stargate SG1
Faithful Friends Who Are Dear To Us - The gang is all together for Christmas; family, friends, and a few new faces. The bit about Prometheus is a little bitter-sweet (though I love that the author remembered her), but still extremely heart-warming and just the kind of holiday fic I was looking for.

ETA December 2010 - sadly, it appears that Azar's site has been reset or is under construction and the story is no longer available. It is, however, available in the WayBackMachine here

Be My Homeward Dove - Not exactly holiday, but it does involve skiing and curling up together in front of a fire. Warm and Fuzzy like woah.

Scrubs/SGA - My Space Adventure - The Scrubs cast on Atlantis. Not really holiday, but extremely fun.

My Holiday Musical - The Christmas Episode that was never recorded. Seriously one of my favorite holiday fics of all time

Harry Potter
(Marauder years) - Dear Santa... - a Mad Lib filled out by Padfoot. Super short, but it has a few good lines.

A Certain Light - Neville's Christmases, past and present. Not exactly fluffy (the first two are if you ignore the knowledge of what will eventually happen to his parents, which is really really hard but worth it), but beautiful none the less. Also, the world needs more Neville fic.

Tradition! - Winchester family tradition.

Due South
Away - Ray's Christmas Tree, and where it takes him. Total fluff, and about an 8 on the Warm And Fuzzy scale.

Dresden Files
The Magic of the Season - Brotherly love. And no, not of the porny variety. Also, anything that ends in a snowball fight (or at least hints at a snowball fight in the near future) is good on my scale. Book Universe

Auld Lang Syne - Okay, so this one really isn't fluff, but it is totally Holiday. It was one of my Yuletide 2007 recs, and what it lacks in fluff (though there is a bit of that, too) it totally makes up for in Holiday Intrigue and Action. TV series universe

Northern Exposure
Merry Christmas, Dr. Felischman - the people of Cicely want to give Joel something special for Christmas/Hanukkah. I'm thinking this one might qualify as a 8.5 or even a 9 on the Warm And Fuzzy scale.

Christmas Morning Surprise - Not really fluff, but definitely amusing.

Consecration, which is another holiday fic I recced a few months ago. 8 on the Warm And Fuzzy scale, but the only thing that keeps it from being a perfect 10 is the slightly angsty beginning.

Doctor Who (10)
The Gift of the Mad Guy by [ profile] sam_storyteller. A quirky twist on the birth of a King, taking place several thousand years in the future.

Lastly, my All Time Favorite Holiday Story (and probably everyone else's favorite, too, or at least those at all familiar with the show or the movie)
Brimstone/Dogma - Nativity, which I have no idea how to summarize except for a very vocal and adamant AWESOME!!!

I think that's enough for now. I hope you all find something you like!
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Just watched the Dead Zone Christmas special for the first time.
few spoilers )

Is it December 24 yet?
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Season's Greetings, Everyone!

Yes, I know, out of focus big time, but lookit the pretty lights!

Anyway, we went to Gramma's for Christmas dinner today. Me and my parents were there, plus my Aunt Sandy and her whole family, as well as Aunt Susie and her two kids. There were also two boyfriends - Don and Tom, one belonging to Gramma (lays claim on Don) and Cousin Marrium (which I totally spelled wrong, but her's is Tom). I got a slow cooker and some deicer, which should come in handy. The new cooker is much better then my old one, so now I have to figure out what to do with my old on. Maybe I'll give it to Dan.

Anyway, it was a fun gathering. Not quite the party with all the cousins and grandchildren scattered amongst the presents under a the tree on Christmas Eve that it used to be, but it was still good company, good food, and cool stuff. I took a bunch of pictures which I may or may not upload, depending on how lazy I'm feeling.
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I am at Emmies! And with the weather the way it might be later tonight, there is a chance she'll get stuck with me for another day if the roads aren't decent by tomorrow afternoon. But that's okay because that's more Emmies Glomping for me!

Also, I gave her fuzzy handcuffs for Christmas. There will be pictures as soon as I get back to Plover.
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Last night I had a kick-ass Stargate SG-1 dream that was almost totally Jack-centric. Even Mini!Jack showed up! He was a bit of a nerd/preppy (he was wearing a *sweater* vest! I kid you not), but still! Double your Jack, Double your Snark! Too bad I can't remember a damned thing else about it, though.

I was also woken up at 3:15 this morning by the sound of jingle bells coming from the vent. No, really. Was St. Nick supposed to come and leave presents in our shoes last night? Cause, you know, we don't *have* a chimney, so I guess the hot air return is the next best thing. Provided he is really really small.

(In actuality, the cats had gotten a hold of one of the jingle bell balls off the tree - among other things - and were happily going Cat-Crazy and batting it all around the down stairs. The St. Nick things sounds more fun, though.)

::really wishes she had a Holiday Icon::
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Today I went shopping. Originally just for groceries, face wash, rechargeable batteries, and a new filter for my air purifier. Sounds simple enough, yes? Turns out not so much. Neither Target or the two ShopKos I went to have the kind of face wash I use (which is just annoying because both the St. Cloud and Marshfield Targets always had Noxima Foaming Cleanser, but apparently the one in Stevens Point doesn't. ::grumbles::), nor does Target have *any* kind of air filters what-so-ever except for the kind you put in vacuum cleaners. It took me 45 minutes to figure this out because I was *sure* that Target was where I had picked up my air purifier to begin with, so of *course* they must have replacement filters. They didn't. But that didn't stop me from buying rechargeable batteries and a charger, a few more odds and trinkets to put in my Generic Christmas Present Tin for those of Dustin's friends who I have only met once or twice but whom all have a stocking that the roommates traditionally fill with stuff, and a Barricade Transformer. Actually, I think I might've gotten Barricade at the first ShopKo I went to, but whatever. I also found Lindor Truffles and some German-brand Chocolate Squares at 2 for 5 dollars somewhere. Yay chocolate!

Then I went to the ShopKo at the mall, and lo! They had the replacement filter I needed! Granted, I had to pick up a two-pack that cost 25 dollars instead of a one-pack that would've probably only cost 15, but hey, now I have a replacement filter, so is all good.

After the slightly frustrating Shopping excursion, I headed back here to the house to put together my Generic Christmas Present Tins, which are all set now, so Yay for that, too! Just as I was finishing up the last three, Dustin and Mandy came home and informed me that we have a Christmas Tree, YAY! And apparently it's one of those really pokey ones that are supposed to keep the kitties from wanting to climb it. The three of us can totally verify the pokey-ness of it, because all of us were going "Ow" at random intervals when one of the needles got us. The one between the webbing of my thumb and index finger on my right hand still kinda itches.

Even with the "ow, pokey!" factor, we spent the last hour or so having fun decorating the tree. And then I took pictures!

Oooooo, preeeeetty )

So that be our Christmas Tree! It is sparkly! ::starts humming Oh Christmas Tree::
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Parents and I went to Jackie Redwoman's Christmas gathering today. Dad played with fire, Mom jabbered with some of the other ladies there that I didn't know, and I ate entirely too much. Seriously. I haven't really experienced the "over stuffed" feeling in quite some time, and I have to say, I really didn't miss it. However, Jackie makes hella good spinach dip that I probably ate about half of, and there was this *really* good cheese spread that went good on crackers, and one of the people made *homemade cheese cake* from scratch that that I probably didn't need two pieces of.

Still had a good time, though. Took lots of pictures. I love my digi camera. And I've found out that most of the battery drain happens when it sits unused in my desk drawer for weeks on end, so if I just take out the batteries or leave the mostly dead ones in there instead of replacing them right away, I can get more like 50-75 pictures on two AAs, rather than the 30ish I have been getting. I think I might look into getting a good set of four rechargeable batteries so I'm not going though a 12 pack in a matter of weeks. Anyone have suggestions on the best kind of brand to use?


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