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Ten Things That Never Happened to Buffy Summers by jedibuttercup. A series of drabbles that cross Buffy with several other fandoms. Very short, but I had to post if only for the Dead Zone drabble, because yes, Dead Zone still owns my soul. I also really liked the Harry Potter one.
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I read this story years and years ago, but either I never got around to posting the link period, or it never made it into my memories if I did. Serendipity by Arduinna. Pure fluff - Sarah has planned a surprise party for Walt's birthday, Johnny spends most of it trying to find a present for him. Little bit on the sappy side, but it's the non-romantic kind of sappy, which is all good.
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You know, it figures that when I actually *want* to write a story, inspiration decides it's a *fantastic* time to go vacation in Bali. I've totally been trying to think of a storyline to write for a proper series finale for Dead Zone (that takes place after season 5 rather than season 6 because most Dead Zone fans would agree that season 6 sucked) - to the point where I've actually gone through and made a list of all the Important People that owe Johnny a favor in hopes of trying to think of a situation where having friends in high places might come in handy. So far? Nada. Not even a single line of dialog, and I'm usually pretty darned good at dialog.

*Then* I tried a different approach, thinking that maybe I could somehow rewrite a sixth season in which That Thing doesn't happen. I'd probably have more luck with that, but it would involve actually *watching* Season 6 again, and I'm not sure I can bring myself to do that. Oh, sure, Johnny is hella Oogle Worthy in season 6, but aside from one or two episodes that were freaking awesome, the rest of the series was incredibly disappointing.

It's times like this that I really wish Dead Zone wasn't such a tiny fandom. Big fandoms not only tend to have the lion's share of the good writers, but they also guarantee that for every Bad Thing that fans are unhappy about, there's at least a half a dozen rewrites to make said Bad Thing go away.
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I just watched A Very Dead Zone Christmas. It wasn't intentional or anything, I've just been watching the series from the beginning for the last month and a half or so. Anyway, there it was and I'm thinking "Yeah, cheerful is good." So I watched, and now I have Christmas music in my head. ::hums It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year::

However, it is the ultimate Feel Good episode, and what with all the Test Stuff I have going on and the Almost End Of Semester Stuff, I'm thinking I kinda needed some Feel Goodness, so yay for good timing.

In other news, I think I understand the type of stuff that will be on the Structural exam. ::knocks on wood:: I'm going to check with the teacher tomorrow to see for sure, and to ask if there are any more problems problems in the book I might try - for all of the problems I've done so far, I've had the write answer in front of me, it was just a matter of figuring out how to get to that answer; now I want to see if I can do it without the answer to work backwards from. This test is probably the one I'm most stressed out about - I completely and totally bombed the first test with a 30-some percent, and I really need to get a good grade on this test and the final to pass the class. With me supposed to graduate in December, the pressure is kind of on.

Aaaand now I just undid some of the good A Very Dead Zone Christmas did. Darned anxiety. ::wanders off to look for any other Feel Good type movies or episodes she can find::
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I have hooked Haley on Dead Zone. Bwahahaha!

The down side, though, is now that I'm watching the series again, the plot bunnies are a hopping, and I know that if I start writing any of them, the story will eat my brain for at least three days and I will get even less homework done than I already do.

But yay, another Dead Zone convert!
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Lastly, another Speranza story - Dirigo. I am kind of ashamed to admit that I only recently read this story. I really don't even have a good reason, only that whenever I was in a Mad Dead Zone Spree, I was more inclined to go for the Short And Sweet over the Long And Plotty. And this one is *long* - over 200 k of long, plotty, amazing Dead Zone writing. When I finally read it, I said out loud several times "Why the hell did it *take* you so long!?"

And now I can't help but wish that the writers had actually ended the series this way. I mean, yeah, there are still a lot of unanswered questions and Armageddon is still coming, but at least Speranze offers a possible *solution* rather then blindly obsessing over Greg Stillson - a solution that is made known to Johnny by a vision brought on by a visit to one of his favorite childhood vacation spots which is now not much more than an abandoned hotel.

The story is too long and has way too much going on to give it a proper summary, but trust me when I say that it remains true to the series and the characters and it has totally become one of my favorites.
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What it Seems - another Speranza story. This is an AU in which *Sarah* is the one with the psychic abilities and the one who goes into a coma for six years, leaving Johnny behind to fall for Walt. It follows the two of them through the six years - first when they meet, then when they get together, and eventually move in together, all the way up to when Sarah wakes up. My only complaint is that it isn't long enough. ::sighs::
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The Big Picture by Speranza. Speranza is probably one of my favorite authors, so her website is the first one I hit when I want Dead Zone, because I know that she is one of the few amazing writers out there who actually watches the series. I think The Big Picture is the first Dead Zone story I ever read by her, and as such it holds a special place in my Dead Zone-owned soul.

Anyway, first thing in the story, Johnny wakes up from *another* coma - this one medically induced by a dirty doctor trying to silence Johnny once and for all. He wakes up, and Sarah breaks down because she doesn't want to worry anymore (not that I blame her - with the two loves of her life being a Psychic and a Sheriff always running off together to go Take Down Bad Guys and getting the crap beat out of them in the process) and ends up practically cutting him out of her life. Johnny still gets to see JJ - no way is Sarah that cruel - and he and Walt get closer with the JJ-chauffeuring and Sarah not wanting anything to do with Johnny. They still see each other in passing, but all the closeness and familiarity is gone.

The Walt goes off and does something equally dangerous, and she just pretty much dumps both of them. Walt ends up moving into an empty room at the Smith mansion (or whatever it's called) - "Uh," Johnny said. "I, uh, just wanted to tell you that Walt'll be staying with me for a while." This wasn't, as yet, strictly true, but he had to say something. To his surprise, Sarah laughed out loud. "That's not a solution, Johnny," she said wryly. "That's a sitcom." - for the interim between break-up and apartment-hunt and they find out its actually a lot more convenient for the whole psychic-sheriff Super Duo when one or the other of them is just down the hall, so it becomes permanent (oh yeah, you know where this is going).

Which is also really good, because it means that Walt is there when Johnny gets a particularly nasty vision that ends up leaving him passed out on the floor. Together they figure it out, as well as some... other stuff along the way. There is banter, there is snark, there is sarcasm, and most importantly, there is Johnny and Walt BFF, which is awesome. I am such a sucker for BFF. And I am also a sucker for Buddy Cop Shows, so when they get squished together (kinda... Walt, after all, *is* a cop and Johnny is totally his Buddy) it Makes Maren Happy.
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Air Bourne Carmel Apple Chews taste just as nasty as their orangy-drink stuff, but at least they don't take as long to swallow.

That said, I have done laundry and put fresh sheets on my bed. Otherwise I've spent the day so far reading fic and doing the whole slug-imitation thing again. It works for me.

Anyone wanna rec some of their favorite stories so as to further my slug acting skillz? ;)

Also, I promised you all a Dead Zone fic rec dump a week or two ago. Since Dead Zone is such a wee, small fandom, I'm pretty sure any interested parties have already read these, but hey, the whole reason I started this rec thing was so I could go back and reread all the good stories I found.

First of, A Family Portrait by Dira Sudis. Johnny, JJ and Walt go school supply shopping and Johnny keeps getting plagued by the same vision of a little girl painting. I was most amazed by the way the author writes Johnny's visions in this one, how each new one gives a bit more of the whole picture, capturing nicely first his frustration at the repetitive nature and then his helplessness and worry about being too late as they continue. And the multi-visions at the climax of the story are both beautiful and utterly painful, and written so extremely well it makes me just a wee bit jealous, but that is probably why this is one of my favorite Dead Zone stories. Yeah, it hurts like hell, but the end actually leaves you feeling kind of hopeful.
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I have actually washed dishes finally. Yay for small accomplishments.

I still have not studied for my Hydrogeology test. Bad Maren. ::slaps hand::

On the bright side, I've read at least a half dozen Dead Zone stories and most of them were pretty damned good - and there were even a few I hadn't read yet, so wohoo. You all are totally in for a Dead Zone fic rec dump soonish, even if only one of you actually cares.
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To deal with my sadness over the Lack of Dead Zone, I have been going on a huge Dead Zone fic bingE (at least as big as a small fandom bing can get) for the last two days, rereading the few and far between Good Dead Zone Fics that I've already read and searching in vain for new ones and completely ignoring the *important* stuff I really need to do, like laundry and washing dishes and, you know, studying for my Hydrogeology test tomorrow because if I don't my grade in there is screwed.

::wanders off to read more Dead Zone stories::

Wow, I am so weak.
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I just watched the last season 5 episode of Dead Zone. :(

Why can't the really *good* series ever get a decent send off? I mean, yeah, there was still the whole Season Six (which I am pondering buying because while it wasn't very good, it will complete my set, and seriously, Dead Zone owned my soul. Also, the hormonal part of me keeps repeating "Oogle Material!"), but that didn't come anywhere *near* giving Dead Zone the end it deserved (also, they *killed Walt, which I will never, ever forgive them for, stupid writers)and somewhere along the way the writers totally lost track of the direction they were supposed to go, which I think would've been *awesome* had anyone ever got around to finding their way back again.

So, here be Dead Zone woe. Made even more woesome because Dead Zone never had a strong following in fandom, so no one ever got around to writing a kick-ass ending via the wonderful world of Fan Fiction.

* is a rather huge spoiler for season 6 Dead Zone. I don't know if there's a neat little html code that will automatically make the background and text color the same as the page background, so I just whited out them both
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Watching Dead Zone. Only two more episodes left for season 5, which is the last season I own. Woe on the soon to be lack of Dead Zone, but yay for Johnny Oogling. Alas, he still hasn't quite gotten past the Dress Shirt and Suit Jacket stage, but season four and five they have been un-tucked and more t-shits are sneaking into his wardrobe, and the leather jacket (as well as the denim? one I liked so much from season 6) have made a few appearances. Considering I'm pretty sure Anthony Michal Hall seriously must've went to work on his abs around the end of season four, said t-shirts and The Jackets showed that little tidbit off nicely. Still not as many opportunities to oggle as season 6 (which was pretty much the only redeeming factor of that season, aside from one or two episode gems), but still. I am not complaining.

::wanders off for more oogling::

Also, the guy who played Harding Welsh from Due South was totally the bad guy this last episode I watched (Revelations). I find it highly amusing that he went from Cranky Chief of Police But All Around Good Guy to Extreme Criminal Bad Ass. He did it pretty darned well, though, even if the years haven't been as kind to him as they have been for others.

ETA 4:00 - Black dress shirt unbuttoned over black wife beater. Yum. ::rewinds to play it again::
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Just watched the Dead Zone Christmas special for the first time.
few spoilers )

Is it December 24 yet?
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Watching Dead Zone. On episode 4.8, Vanguard. casting spoilers )
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Owwwww. Having an almost full can of bug spray get tossed at you and then having it land right on your knee - specifically, having the bottom edge of it land hard enough to leave a half-inch red crescent surrounded by about a nickel-sized bruise on the very top of your knee - reeeeally really hurts. Happened last night during the camp fire. Spent the rest of the evening gimping, and this morning isn't much better. Walking is okay, but going up and down stairs sucks. Makes things a bit difficult since I reeeeeally need to do laundry cause I only have two pairs of clean underwear left, one of which I still need for today, and the washer and dryer are waaaaay down in the basement, while all of my clothes are waaay up here in my room. Fun times.

In other news, last night I had a dream that could've qualified as a Stargate Atlantis/Quantum Leap crossover. Seriously. I played out pretty much exactly like an episode. Sam jumped into Shepperd to do... something, and there was lots of McKay being McKay and Shepperd being, well... Sam, and Al standing next to Shepperd!Sam - who was sitting in the Control Chair - punching stuff on his consul and complaining about Ziggy. There was also lots of McKay saying something snarky and McKay-ey, and then Shepperd!Sam agreeing with him completely and saying the likes of "whatever you say" and *meaning* it and McKay doing a double take and looking at him funny and asking "Are you sure you're okay? You are *never* this agreeable." and Sheppard!Sam saying something like "Um, yeah. I'm not really myself today." And lo, fans of both shows everywhere giggled like mad.

Too bad I can't remember what the plot was. It would've made a really good fic.

That said, I plan on lying around and doing nothing today. Aside from laundry, that is. Already watched one episode of Dead Zone, and I'm in the middle of the second one right now. Sadness that these are the last two episodes I'll be able to watch until I get the money to buy Seasons 4 and 5, but YAY weekends!
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I only have one more disk of season 3, and then Maren is all out of Dead Zone DVDs to watch. :'(

Times like these make my 8000 Thank You Rewards Points from City Bank awfully tempting, especially when 6000 points will get me a $50 shopping spree... ::eyes Dead Zone seasons 4 and 5 with a look very akin to lust::
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First we had Kalli, then we had Tyrol, and now we have Boomer! Or whatever name her character is going by now. Athena? Anyway, Boomer is in an episode of Dead Zone! Episode 3x8 - Speak Now, which is the one with the wedding of a friend of Sara's only to spoilers )
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First we had a Kalli cameo in early season 2, and now Tyrol has shown up in early season 3! short episode spoilers for 3x05 )

Dead zone was totally a stepping block for BSG characters, yo. Okay, so maybe a very small stepping block, but still - YAY BSG actors!
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In Dead Zone episode 2.16 so titled 'The Hunt', the t-shirt *finally* makes an appearance! It is blue and it is under his black leather jacket. Hiyeeeeee Johnny's pectorals! ::oogles::

I never actually saw this episode because I was rather tired of all the War on Terrorism in the news, so I didn't want it invading my fantasy life. Meaning I was perfectly content when some trip or another caused me to miss it. I will say that so far I'm not hating it, though, which is always a plus. Of course, that might be the t-shirt and leather jacket talking.

::goes back to oogling::

Final opinion? It actually was a pretty good episode. Not one of my favorites by any means, but spoilers ) really won me over.

Though it does make me wonder... Johnny is winning all these favors from really powerful people. If the series had lasted longer, I wonder if he ever would've cashed in on any of them. Not because he's the type to *want* to get payback, but just because sometimes you need help from people in high places. I would've been thrilled if they even brought back one or two of them, because that would make for some awesome continuity. It would've been an interesting revisit had the series lasted - and had the writers been creative enough to consider it. Alas, now we will never know.
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Gotta do the episode rambling for The Storm. Why? Because it's The Storm. Also? Robert Picardo is in the credits. I don't remember where he comes in, but he's in the credits, and maybe it's just Stargate/Atlantis on the brain, but I got all "Robert Picardo! YAY!" when I saw his name, so there will be episode ramblings.

Dead Zone 2.13 - The Storm )

And as an end note: I LOVE THIS EPISODE! In fact, I kind of want to watch it again. And as I have an hour before I have to leave for work, I'm thinking I might do just that.
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It might be easier on my friends list if I just started doing entire episode reviews ala last season Dead Zone, but I doubt that will happen. We'll see how lazy I am.

But for now, one comment on 2.10 - The Man Who Never Was
these are actual spoilers, not just actor commentary, so I'll cut them even though it was 5 years ago )

Oh show, how I love you. If only they brought Jeffry back in some way, shape, or form, cause he totally rocked. Even a post card would've been awesome.
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Up to episode 2.8, Cabin Pressure. Methos is the pilot. Hiyeeee Methos! Did we ever see Methos piloting in Highlander? You'd think he'd at least try it after a few thousand years, just for curiosity sake.
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Kalli from BSG is one of the lost teenagers in the season two episode Decent/Ascent. Hiyeee, Kalli!
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As I said, rewatching the first three seasons of Dead Zone (first episode of season 2 is on now - I will say that I don't miss Johnny's season 2 haircut), and I gotta say... the second time around, I'm really liking Dana. I mean, yeah, she's a reporter, and the first few episodes she played the vultcher (spelled right, I know. Not even spell check could help me on this one) type cast to a T, but I think they could've done a lot more with her At the time I first saw these, I admit, I was a bit "Oh, how I wish Sara and Johnny could get back together again!", so Dana made us all raise our hackles, as was the writers' intentions, I'm sure. Now, though, I really think they could've done way more with her storyline. She was good for Johnny, opened him up from the whole hermit deal he was working, at least for a bit. And even as a reporter, she was honest enough to *tell* Johnny that reporters are always out for a story, so to make sure to ask for "off the record" and that kind of thing.

So, yes. I officially like Dana. Too bad she's going to pretty much completely fade out of the picture at some point second season. Which is a shame, because she was a very interesting character.

Also, HIYEEEEE LEATHER JACKET! ::oogles a bit:: ::is distracted by the hair cut:: Ugh! I'm glad he grows it out a bit more toward the end of the season.


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