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So I know "Joe Citizen" wasn't exactly a stellar example of how awesome Stargate SG-1 can be (though the writers do get brownie points for being able to so blatantly make fun of some of their weaker episodes), but there is some serious potential for Crack!Fic out of it, or just some amusingly mundane gen fic in which Jack and Joe stay in contact and have random phone conversations about the events of their totally different lives.

Come on, a total outsider who knows everything about SG-1 and has no desire to do anything with the knowledge except tell a few stories (that no one will believe anyway)? Jack said it himself: "Actually, I found it rather relaxing."

Please tell me someone decided to expand on that. Please? Anyone?

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Eddie Izzard discussing Star Trek )

... I kind of want to make a Bumper Sticker of "Captain, this entire planet is made of weedle-whee!" now.

In other news, spent the entire day driving around with Pete getting GPS coordinates on new fences for some of the HMUs and pump houses on the river. Hurrah for exercise, but there is a very very annoying weed with very sharp pokey seeds that is growing freaking everywhere at the moment, and the get in *everything* from the knee down. Shoes, socks, seam of your pants, and heaven forbid you have even the slightest cuff rolled in your pants leg because *the entire thing will fill with pokey seeds*. Doesn't matter how tight your shoes are laced, they will get in through the lace holes or the crease between the shoe tongue and the actual shoe where your foot is, and then they will get into your socks and jab and jab you and JAB YOU until you give in, take of your *entire shoe* and pick out each and every seed one by one - the ones in the laces, the ones in the liner of your shoes, the ones between the edge of your insoles and the *side* of your shoe, the one stabbing you in the ankle, the ones trapped in that fold of material between the tongue of your shoe and the the laces of your shoe; everywhere it is possible to go in you shoe? They will be there, jabbing you. And if you're lucky, you'll even get a half-dozen or per sock, too. ARRGH!

And, of course, the next time you walk through even the thinnest stretch of native grasses, you will have to do the whooooooooooooole process all over again. If you're walking through a few hundred feet of field or overgrown ATV trails like I was, IT IS TEN TIMES WORSE. Damned weed.

BUT, it did mean I got to spend the day outside rather then staring at a computer screen, so even for that it was worth it. Also, we got all the pump houses and most of the fence lines I need to draw on the map yet, so NO MORE WALKING THROUGH FIELDS, YAY! At least until next week. ::sigh::
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Note to self - your cell phone is not a computer mouse, despite the similar size and shape. Rolling it around on your desk next to the computer succeeds only in making you look silly.

In other news, I am trying to find the motivation to go to the library and work on my Structural lab, which is due tomorrow. Ugh, I hate End Of Semester.
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I just watched The Lion King for the first time in at least 12 years. There were multiple times where there was inappropriate laughter because I *still* knew every line, word for word, even after more than a decade (and I did *not* cry, but only because I made it a point to go look for something down stairs during That Scene). I pretty much worshiped this movie for almost a year, watching it at least once a week, sometimes more - just like everyone else between the ages of 8 and 11 when the movie came out - to the point where I could quote the entire thing, music included, from memory.

So, yes. I have regressed to a 10 year old. Good times.
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So I've spent the last two and a half hours watching Eureka episodes on Hulu. Just watched the very first episode (holy cow does Zoe look young. Did this show seriously only air two and a half years ago?), and before that it was 1x5 - Invincible cause the summary didn't sound familiar and I wasn't sure if I had seen that episode already.

And now I am torn between watching the rest of season 1 Eureka or watching the second season opener of In Plain Sight that aired last week.

Alec Baldwin was right. Hulu totally turns our brains to mush. So far no aliens, but they might just be waiting for mine to cook a little longer. Fried brains sounds more appealing than mushy brains, yes? Given another two or three weeks, I'm pretty sure mine will be pipping hot, ready to serve fresh from my skull. Mmm, tasty.
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Anxiety is back thanks to actually attempting to read the assigned chapter for Mineralogy, and the reading of the mineralogy text reminds me that I have the mineral identification test tomorrow.

ZOMIGOD, BODY! MAKE UP YOUR MIND! I know we have Issues, but seriously... even if you completely bomb this sucker it is not the end of the world. That is what quizzes and assignments and all the other junk in the class is for. Stop freaking. Jeezes. And I swear, if you make me lose sleep over this tonight, I am... Um...

You know, the hard part about threatening your body is that anything you do to it does, in fact, happen to you.

Curses! Foiled again! Though, seriously, body... take a chill pill. We've been through way worse and freaking over it isn't going to make the test any easier.

::wanders off to finish skimming reading the chapter::

Actually, first I took out the trash. This involved stepping in the BIG FREAKING PUDDLE at the bottom of the back stairs. The surprising part? My shoe nor my pants are wet. In fact, the only wet spot is a small spot on my sock, likely a result of the big freaking splash my foot made when it hit the big freaking puddle. Yay for hydrolic properties that cause a liquid to expand outward and upward before the rest of it rushes to fill the void, and for my Leet Reflex Skillzz!
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(Or this is me channeling Draco from Draco Malfoy, the Amazing Bouncing... Rat?)

Norton Anti Virus pops up while I'm reading fic

Norton: Would you like to check for updates on your virus protection?
Me: No! I am reading smut! Begone, you irritatingly insistant machine! ::flaps hands in the universal "be gone!" sign::
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Oh beloved Cheese Fry
So greasy and so good
Crispy, golden crust
Topped with bubbling cheese
Seasoned with garlic, sauce on the side
But the sauce is secondary
To your cheesy goodness
One slice, then two
And suddenly half of you is gone
Oh, yummiest Cheese Fry
The only Italian I can never resist

This poem brought to you by Portesi's Thin Crust Cheese Fries. One of which I have just consumed half of. ::gluttons::
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After watching a bunch of YouTube clips, I've narrowed the list of dance classes down to two - Modern and Hip Hop.

Me, personally, I think I'd be more of a Modern type. Lots of smooth movement of the arms and torso, with a few jumps and turns tossed in here and there, set to New-Agey type music in most cases. It looks... not so much more "proper" than hip hop, but maybe more adult?

On the other hand, my chances to meet Cute Boys would probably be greatly improved if I took the Hip Hop class (what? I am totally allowed to be shallow every once in awhile).

My Life, So Hard.
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At the risk of sounding insanely dorky and maybe a bit ego-centric, I could totally be JD's girlfriend. We would totally balance each other out with the Girly Boy and the Boyish Girl thing.

Also, if nothing else, our love of Journey would totally bring us together

This spam brought to you by the Journey-episode of Scrubs. And also, some major procrastination.
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I told you all that Mandy had decorated the house for my birthday with streamers and balloons. Today we took those streamers and balloons down, and ended up spending an hour plus having *way* too much fun with the balloons.

So, I give you...

Had I the proper program and, you know, *any* video editing skills what so ever, I would add some cool credits and a title and cut out the two "Balloon attack!"s that I said toward the beginning (they sound more like Uno Attack, anyway), but alas, I do not, so you all just get the rough, original copy straight off my camera.
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Cause I'm a dork and Nick [ profile] spleen_merchant was asking for Laser Death Cheerios. And seriously, dorky photo manipulation? Way more fun than working on my Cartography lab.


If I had more icon space, I totally would icon RambO. And if it wasn't for the copyright infringement, I'd almost have talked myself into actually doing the comic thing.
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I just spent the last half hour using scotch tape to tape a leaf back onto my jade plant. Well, not *completely* tape it back on, cause that would be kinda hard with only scotch tape, but it was mostly broken off. Well, half broken off... Little more, maybe - enough so that, provided I kept the leaf straight, it could still get water and stuff. So, I taped the leave back on. Did a pretty good job, too, of I do say so myself. I would take pictures to prove to you all my leet botanical first-aid skillzz, but my camera sucks and the tape job won't show up.


Okay, so not really. The primary dorkiness took place about two or three weeks ago when the leaf first broke - roommate must have caught it when she was closing the curtain or something - and I did a very quick 'field bandage' (also using scotch tape, but without near as much finesse) before running off to work. Miracle beyond miracles, when I took the tape off to see if it did any good, the leaf had actually healed itself to a degree - there's still a big chunk taken out of the stem, but what was left thickened enough to support its own weight, but only just. So re-taped it with a more supportive scotch-tape brace that is still noticeable, but it looks far neater. And so a secondary bout of dorkiness has been established.

The sad part? This is not the first time I have applied first aid to a plant. I few years ago, my mom's aloe plant took a suicidal dive off the top of a 8-foot high plant stand. I used chop sticks and a pair of torn up underwear to 'fix' it and brace some of the bent leaves.

It's Jaded Botany Girl! Friend to green and growing things everywhere! Or at least house plants.

Yeah, feel free to make fun of the weird girl with a plant fetish now.

Quiz spam

Sep. 16th, 2006 05:00 pm
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::snort:: I swear I didn't cheat. For that matter, I don't think it's even possible to cheat on this quiz. Unless you lie about your birthday, I suppose.
'What will your obituary say?' at
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How long do superheros who wear masks spend smearing on their eye makeup before rushing off to save the world, do you think? I mean, sure, they can just throw on the mask in rout to the nearest bank heist or evil mastermind plot, but what about the black/red/yellow make up they obviously *have* to wear to make it appear that the mask blends directly into their eyes, because OMIGOD, what if that half an inch if skin between end of eye and beginning of mask *GIVES AWAY THEIR SUPER SECRET IDENTITY?* Because, you know, no one will *ever* recognize the bottom half of their face that they keep uncovered, but THE EYES ARE THE WINDOW TO THE SOUL! WHICH MAKES THE SKIN AROUND THEM THE WINDOW LOOKING INTO THE WINDOW OF THE SOUL! Or something. Window frame, maybe? Obviously a dead give away, that.


This question brought to you by the fact that I just spent the last hour and a half or so watching Batman Forever on TNT, and as always Batman, Robin, and The Riddler all had *flawless* eye makeup! Holey rusted metal, Batman!

Why yes, I am a dork, how'd you guess?
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The day had taken a dramatic (yet highly entertaining) turn for the worst. What had started out as the normal enough (or as normal as anything coming from Hogwarts can get) school-wide picnic Dumbledore insisted on having every spring, ended with two teachers, several students, a dark lord, and one decidedly unlucky giant squid covered with an assortment of fruit-filled jellies and homemade potato salad.

It was no secret that the ever-growing conflict between Draco and Harry had been getting worse as of late, but no one ever even *considered* that the rivalry could come to such drastic heights. But when Harry showed up to the picnic with a blue-raspberry jelly mould to share, and Draco came with his lime-and-gelatin creation – both of whom were absolutely certain that their flavor was the best – the conflict reached breaking point.

Both of the poor, helpless side dishes went flying as the two teenagers launched themselves at each other, the blue one partially hitting the unfortunate Professor McGonagall while the rest of it flew over her shoulder to splat against the giant squid (where it had been laying in the shallows observing the events at the invitation of Hagrid), and the green one landing squarely on the head of a very un-amused Snape (at least the green suited him). The two boys, heedless of anything except how much damage they could do to each other in the shortest amount of time, carelessly rolled into the legs of the flimsy card table which held the rest of the desserts, knocking it and it’s contents (in this case, several more jelly moulds... You’d think wizards would be more creative) onto themselves and the ground around them.

It was at this time that Lord Voldemort, who had been closely watching the festivities (who *wouldn’t* want to watch two pretty boys wrestling in a pile of jelly?) from a distance, took advantage of the distraction the unplanned Jelly Wrestling match created. While Lee Jordan started a running commentary on the event (“It’s Potter with the upper hand now, pinning Malfoy in a choke-hold straight from the Muggle cable television sensation WWF RAW and – *OUCH*! Potter gets some lemon jelly right to the eyes! That has got to hurt... You won’t see this in Defense Against the Dark Arts, folks, that’s for sure...”), and Padame Patil (the Vixen! Never can tell with those Ravenclaws) collecting bets as to see who would come out on top in the match, Voldemort used the distraction to slip unnoticed into the buffet table line, trying to replace one of the hot dishes with his special-recipe German Potato Salad. It contained a potion he, himself, had created, which had effects similar to those of the Imperio curse, making anyone who consumed it more susceptible to becoming one of his Death Eaters (and he had his hopes on that blond bombshell Draco... Can we say YUM!? I mean, he was already halfway there with his whole traitorous family genes, how hard could it be?) Voldemort was quite proud of his little concoction, too. Anyone who could make German Potato Salad taste good *and* control the minds of his enemy at the same time deserved a metal, or so he told anyone who ever asked about the recipe.

However, even an evil mastermind and extraordinary cook like himself can make mistakes, and today that mistake was to wear his new designer boots with 5 centimeter heels underneath his over-long silk robe of a burnt amber. As if the robe by itself wasn’t all “Hell-o, look at the diva!” (even if it was a *smashing* color on him), he just had to step on the hem of it with those bloody boots and trip, falling face first in the beef stroganoff while his beloved potato salad went sailing through the air, baptizing anyone in its path with potatoes and mayonnaise - including Harry and Draco on the ground where they continued to try and convince each other of the better jelly flavor using their fists, and Professor Snape as the now half empty bowl landed upside down over his head as if drawn there by some gravitational force. Little pieces of sliced potato and hard-boiled egg joined the pieces of lime and green gel already dripping from his hair and nose as the now totally empty bowl fell from his head and onto the ground with a hallow thunk.

The frown on the man’s face was so large it looked as if it would decapitate his head from his body, so it wasn’t surprising when his outrageous squawk of “THAT IS ENOUGH!” was loud enough not only to make the giant squid - who was still trying to get the sticky blue jelly from his suckers - do his own version of a startled jump (or in this case, a startled squish), it was also enough to grab the attention of the two otherwise oblivious (and equally as goo-covered) teens fighting at his feet. He reached down to forcefully separate the boys, shoving them so hard into the surrounding crowd that each was air-born for a moment, before he reached to pull Diva Dark Lord out of the beefy side dish by the back of his flamboyant feather-ringed collar and then throwing him into an ungraceful, stroganoff-covered, burnt-amber heap at Dumbledore’s feet.

“You,” he pointed a jelly smeared finger at Dumbledore, then jabbed it at Voldemort, “Do something with *that*. YOU!” he screamed, turning to direct his angry finger-pointing at the two boys and glaring daggers at both Harry and Draco, “CLEAN UP THIS BLOODY MESS!”

Then he turned one last time to face the crowd between him and Hogwarts, Finger of Doom still a-waving. “And YOU,” he directed his scorn at one of the innocent bystanders. Cringing away from his angry professor, the poor second year was shaking so much that the bits of potato salad also splattered his robes plopped to the ground. “Get *OUT* of my BLOODY WAY!!!” Snape finally finished, shoving his way through the crowd. Anyone unlucky enough to be caught in his vengeful glare visibly shrank away from the Pissed Off Potion Master - striking fear into the hearts of his students even in his current jelly and potato-salad covered state - as he stalked toward the school.

“AND STRAWBERRY IS THE BEST BLOODY JELLY FLAVOR!” Snape screamed over his shoulder once he broke free of the gathered students and teachers, leaving a trail of green jelly and potatoes in his wake.

The entire school stood in sticky, silent shock as they watched their Potions Professor stomp his way back towards Hogwarts. Finally, however, a single voice broke the silence.

“Blimey,” said Ron Weasley from where he stood between a dumbfounded Hermione and The Boy Who Had A Piece of Pineapple In His Hair. “I always pictured him as the sour apple type.”

Oh yeah, I am totally The Geek Scheek.
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You know what's kind of sad? As I'm sitting up here reading fan fiction on Shadowlite, I can hear muffled bits and pieces of whatever my parents are watching down stairs through the vent. Usually it's mostly background noise and I ignore it entirely, but when one little piece of a musical jive made it up here, I knew immediately that they were watching Goonies and I knew exactaly what part of the movie they were at (it was the part where Brand was riding down the road on the little girl's bike and some of he kids from his high school started dragging him along with the car). And after one muffled quote, I know that at this exact moment they are at the part where all of them are at the bottom of a wishing well and that, judging from the quote, they only just got there.

And now Chuck is telling the Fratrnelli (only spelled right) brothers about the fake vomit incident at the movie theatre.

Yeah. I am such a dork.
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Well, I've got it down to two choices from perusing through The SanDisk 512 MB which holds up to 8 hours of MP3s and costs 80 bucks or the Creative MuVo TX FM 256 MB player which holds only 4 hours of music, but only cost about 60 bucks all said an done. I'm torn because the cheap-scape in me is clamoring that 4 hours (or about 4 albums, give or take) is far more than I could *ever* listen too during one 45 minute work out session and that 4 albums to choose from should be plenty to keep me happy. At the same time, however, the rational part of me is stating that while it may cost 20 bucks more, the 512 holds twice as much music and can double as a pretty sizeable back up drive for whenever I finally do get myself a new computer and want to transfer files over to it from Shadow (that same part of me is also whining that "but wouldn't it be so nice to have a whole 8 albums to choose from instead of just four? You can pick whatever fits your mood at the time!).

So, yes... I am torn. As I said before, I don't really have that much music to begin with (I only have about 20 non-burned CDs, maybe 6 of which I listen even on a partially regular basis, and all of 260 MP3s downloaded on my computer). But, what music I *have* downloaded from people over the last two years since the last crash/back up before my CD burner died I want to preserve, and there are plenty of pictures and documents on my hard drive that I also want to save that I could put on any extra space there might be. But I'm also cheap and think it's stupid to spend so much money on such a tiny little thing (anything that costs more than 10 bucks, I consider expensive - jeans not included. They get an extra 5 to ten bucks before they're considered in the "too pricy" range) that I will probably only use for the next two or three months (though I keep telling myself that I'll keep working out even after phy ed just to stay healthy... whether or not that will actually happen, though, is doubtful. ;) ).

Woe, how I am torn! How can one choose between thine reason and thine desires?

Alas, though, mine inner struggles shall be further more held, for thine crystal waters of thine bathe do so call, luring thee to Mobius' sweet embrace.
/horrible Shakespearean parody
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Also, Emmies took me down the Rollar Slide! And we swung together! Out in the snow! And I screamed NO MORE BUTT MONKEY really loud! Okay, so not really loud, but loud enough for anyone within a 100 meter radius to hear without too much difficulty.

And now we are spamming each other's journals with soft porn. I so love spending time with friends. :D

[Poll #657376]
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Ha! YES! ::happy dances::

I have just proposed undying love for my printer. I even hugged it. And kissed it. Just a little peck on the sheettray, but yes... I did kiss it. Why, you might ask? Well, you know that story I've been working on, Ashes to Ashes? It. Wouldn't. Open! Or, it would *almost* open, and then be on screen for a split second before an error message would come up claiming that it couldn't read the disk, and than it would all close down again. All the rest of my stories on that disk opened, but not that one. And I hadn't had a chance to save the new material I had added to the story last night (when the disk was working perfectly, by the way) to the hard drive yet, so I was kinda freaking out because that was at least a page worth of material, which might not sound like much, but you know how those things never turn out quite as good the second time around. So, I tried opening it on our other computer, thinking that maybe, just *maybe* it would open long enough for me to copy and paste it into my LJ so I could have it saved in some way. Well, it *still* didn't work, so here I am wracking my brain for an idea on how the hell to save the stuff I added last night. So, I tried right clicking on the icon and opening it as a read-only document, thinking I could still copy and past. That didn't work. So, I tried opening it as a copy. That didn't work either. So I tried opening it normally again and trying to do the select-all/copy thing before it errored on me again. Well, since the error message only takes a few seconds to pop up, no way was I fast enough. So, as a last desperate attempt to save my work, I did the right mouse button thing on the icon and clicked 'print' without opening it at all... and low and behold, it WORKED! The error message still popped up, and it still wouldn't open except for a very few seconds, but the printer was fast enough! IT GOT IT ALL!!! So I squeed (rather loud, actually), and I jumped up and down clapping my hands, and I wrapped my printer in a big ol' bear hug (keeping the paper tray clear, of course, so I didn't cause any paper jams and risk the trick not working a second time around), and kissed the top of it as it printed out the 6 pages I have so far. I even offered to have it's babies, though thankfully it declined on the basis that neither of us were sure how we could get that whole thing to work. BUT! It gave me my story! If I ever bad mouth my printer again, be sure to scold me severely for it. :D

::hugs printer again::

Okay, yeah... here ends this episode of "Inanimate Heart - For the Love of a Machine." We now return you to your regularly scheduled real-people (or at least animal) porn. ;)
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It's quarter after 10 and Maren is still in her pajamas. Bad Maren.

Buuut, I have an excuse. I'm doing a ton of laundry, including pretty much every pair of jeans and pants I wear, so yeah, I don't have any other pants besides my pajama pants that are clean. Including my other pair of pajama pants.
So, I is still in my pjs.

And it looks like today is gonna be even nicer then yesterday! YAYness! Once I have cloths to wear, I might go outside and do some yard pick up of all the wind and winter-fallen branches and what not. I also might put a few loads of laundry on the line cause this time the wind isn't blowing at 30+ miles per hour and I have no fear of my underwear ending up in orbit! heh...
Astronaut dude: "Ah, Houston, it seems we have some debris up here."
Houston: " ::slight panic:: Command, can you tell if it's any danger to the mission!?"
Astronaut dude: "Ah, no... I don't think so. I few metallic fragments from the disabled satellite, maybe some space dust and some... ::sounds boggled:: leopard print underwear?!?!"

Heh, yeah, so maybe not. My mind works in strange and mysterious ways.. :D
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This is so incredibly sad.

Cristin, Jodie, and I are in chat.. only the three of us because everyone else ditched us for ICON (or some con that I think is ICON), and bored outta our skulls. And what do we end up doing? Writing dish porn...
I kid you not. We are seriously writing a love affair between the dish and the spoon, and the transvestite cow who jumped over the moon, who is also their criminal boss, and the cat who is really an assassin kills with his bow fiddle.

I would beg that someone help us, but we're having way to much fun... Here's what we've written so far, slightly edited and spell checked for story form.

Dish has fallen for silver, cow is buying off the moon, and Cat is packing poison in his musical tune )

And that's as far as the story got. Yeah, so it doesn't flow the greatest outside of chat. But, considering this was written by the random posts of three people in chat, you gotta give us credit for trying! :)
And, even though that's it with the story, I am however gonna post a little bit of the conversation afterwards, just because it's amusing. :)



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