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Girls Night last weekend in Appleton was a blast. Only Mandy and Beth made it, but they were the two I wanted to see and catch up with the most, so I was more than happy with the turn out. Found a new polyester swim suit on sale for $55 down from $80, and I'm all "Yay!" about that because the blue one I had been wearing has seen at least a year of hard use and I was just waiting for some seam to rip or something during swim lessons - not a nice thought considering it was the only one I had until I got the new one (well, two - I got an Ugly a week or two before in Stevens Point, but still). Also found a pair of new shoes on sale for $95 down from $120.

We also helped Mandy find a nice interview outfit, I tried on a goofy dress I wouldn't be caught dead in just for the hell of it, and generally just had a fun time wandering around the mall window shopping. Beth did manage to convince me to spend $40 on makeup, but I figure the lip pencil will last me the rest of my life - possibly even longer considering how rarely I wear makeup - so it should be worth it in the end.

Next up was glaming ourselves up and dinner at Olive Garden; I wore a skirt sexy boots *and* makeup - would've attempted to do my hair, too, especially as it was kind of behaving all blah-like anyway, but we ran out of prep time (hey, by the time we left the mall, we only had 45 minutes left to get to the hotel, change, and get back to the other side of the mall area to Olive Garden, so all things considered, I think we did pretty well), so it was just... blah. Managed to leave it down for maybe forty minutes before pulling it back into my more typical messy bun.

Then we spent a half hour or so at a salsa bar and shared a really tasty margarita before hitting Skyline Comedy Club for the 10pm show. I didn't find the two opening acts all that amusing, but the headliner, Nick Vatterott had me chuckling quite a few times. The line about being high as a kite and checking the time, only to see "End" on his microwave clock had all three of us rolling. And being the wild child I am, my two drink minimum consisted of a rootbeer and a decaf coffee. Am I bad, or am I bad? ;)

After the comedy show it was back to my hotel room, where we spent an additional hour or two jabbering before I shooed them both out and home as they still had to drive a bit and by this point it was 2 am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. I showered and was in bed by three, where I maybe got two hours of sleep and I was up again by 8:00 because I am a glutton for punishment. Still made it home it one piece, though, and it was an awesome night and I'm super glad I set it up. I cringe every time I think about how much money I spent, but every penny was so totally worth it for the chance to catch up with Mandy and Beth again.

Also, spent New Years Eve with Emmies. We ate at El Mez, had a Disney Movie Marathon (Sorcerer's Apprentice and Tangled), and then I stayed up until 3 with her watching the Batman television series from the 60s. Then I drove home the next day on two or three hours of sleep with a snow storm doing it's damndest to blow me off the road. Thankfully it did not succeed and I made it home all in one piece. :)


Apr. 23rd, 2011 08:18 pm
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Thursday - looking for an excuse to get out of the house, I sent a message to a few of my friends from high school who are still in Marshfield asking if either of them would be willing to give me an alibi if I went into town. Luckily, Jeanie was available, so I grabbed my computer and killed an hour or so at the library before meeting her and another of her friends at the mall. Also went to ShopKo for some odds and ends - needed more conditioner, and I got a new hair thingy - and grabbed a quick lunch at McDonalds.

Friday - left for Point around 1ish, did the computer stuff at Best Buy (they had my SD card and I had to pester them about not being able to make my own recovery disks for the new comp because it was an open box and someone already had) and was done by 3:30, so I went to UWSP's university center to kill the three and a half hours before the Movie Night at JBs. We watched the newest Harry Potter movie, and then I left for Wausau around 10:20 pm to go visit Mah Emmies for the night. We had Perkins and ended up crashing by 1:30 in the morning because it is End of Semester for her and I'm just a light weight and not very good at staying up until the wee hours of morning anymore.

Saturday - after maybe falling asleep around 3ish, I was woken up at 5 am when Daddy A left for work, and then I was unable to get back to sleep because there were a bunch of starlings apparently building a nest in the outside wall/eaves of the room I was sleeping in. They were very noisy about it, too, so I gave up trying to get back to sleep and was up by 7. Spent the morning snuggling the puppies and playing on my computer in Emmie's living room before heading back to Marshfield around1 pm. Had hoped to catch my aunt and uncle and cousins at my gramma's because they were visiting for Easter, but they were still out by the time I arrived at Gramma's apartment. Mom and Dad were both there, though, so we watched some Bruce Campbell movie on USA (prequel to Burn Notice, I do believe) while we waited for everyone else to get back. When they still hadn't arrived by 3pm, I was going to call it a day and head home because I was exhausted and sleep deprived and really wanted a nap. I almost literally ran into them as I walked out the door, though, so yay for nice timing! I still didn't stick around long after that, though, because did I mention exhausted?
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Because she is a douche and I cannot post this in the privacy of her LJ...

[ profile] castor IS OH SO

You all who know the truth to my words should go tell her so. Maybe that will annoy her enough to stop dissing on herself so much.

On an entirely different note, I got to talk to [ profile] alorarose on Tuesday night and it was good. She directed me to a happy community where I can gush over SG-1 and we reminisced over the Good Old Days on the Farscape Shippers List. I'm seriously tempted to start rewatching the series just so I can post about it again, but first I have to get over the damage done after the *first* go around. Awesome series, you all, but holy cow did it like tearing out important bits of your heart and squishing them underfoot.


Nov. 28th, 2010 12:33 pm
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Spent the last two days or so up in Wausau with The Emmies and It Was Good. We didn't do much, really - watched way too many movies (Jurassic Park, Aliens, Twister, and A Knights Tale) and went out with her parents for dinner on Friday night. Last night we went to Dustin's for a movie night, where we watched Wrath of Khan and then played Guitar Hero: World Tour for three and a half hours, and we all drove part way to Marshfield to meet my dad to take me back home while Emily and her friend headed up to Minneapolis for a concert. Much fun was had (though not so much sleep was had) and i got to snuggle with her puppies like crazy and snuggle with the Emmies as well, and it was good.

And, when I got home, I got another Thanksgiving Dinner from Mom. Gramma and I made the potatoes. They were tasty.
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I am at the Emmies! And I have internet! \o/
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Just got done talking to [ profile] castor on the phone. There was much gushing about Lilith Fair - she wants to go to the one in Detroit next month and was all envious about how I got to go to the one in George last weekend. *Then* she told me that Chantal Kreviazuak was going to be there, and it was my turn to be all envious! I love Chantal Kreviazuak! I ran across her quite by accident when I was listening to my "Recommended Radio" on LastFM during my many, many, *many* hours spent in the UWSP Geography/GIS computer lab the last semester or two I was in school, and she has probably become one of my favorite singers. Seeing her *and* Sarah MacLachlan in concert would be *awesome*, but alas, Detroit is way far away and I doubt I could afford the trip to get there, not to mention food and a hotel for a few days. :( ::sigh:: It would totally be worth it, of course, if Emmies were there, but that still doesn't mean I could afford it. Sadness.

Also, considering how much I am not the concert type, it seems kind of silly to fly all the way back to the Midwest for one concert and then fly back out here. I suppose I could make it a visit home, but even so, Detroit is still a ways away from central Wisconsin, so I would lose a day going to and from the concert, and a third day for the concert itself, and then *another* two days on an air plane getting to and from the Midwest, which would bring my actual time in Wisconsin down to two days, and that totally wouldn't be even close to long enough to catch up with my family and all my friends before I had to head back to Washington.

Curse you logic! And lack of finances - you suck too. It would still be awesome, though. So, Emmies? If you convince Daddy A and the rest of your family, I DEMAND LOTS OF PICTURES! And possibly a t-shirt. ;)

(also, speaking of Lilith Fair - there are a bunch of pictures taken at The Gorge for the one last weekend here, ones where you can actually see the singers and stuff. This one is totally my favorite. Followed closely by this one. We were one of those pink blobs waaaaay in the back thanks to Andrea's pretty pink parasol. ;) )
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Today I gots an Emmies! And a Jack and a Marly and a Daddy A, too! Met them all at the dog park in Marshfield, which I didn't actually know existed until Emily called me and asked "Hey, you want to meet us at the dog park in Marshfield?" So I did, and sure enough, there is a dog park in Marshfield! Learn something new every day and all that.

Ran around with the puppies at the dog park for about a half hour or so, and then I took Emmies and Daddy A to Melody Gardens, by far the best ice cream shop in town because they make *real* ice cream, homemade frozen creamy goodness chock full of real chunks of cheese cake and chocolate and cookie dough. Good stuff.

Em and her dad followed me home, too, so we spent an hour or two sitting down stairs in the living room listening to our fathers discuss their college-age adventures (anyone else need to have "Panty Raid" explained to them, or was it just me?) and all of the various semi-related stories among the four of us. My college experiences paled in comparison, but whatever, it entertained us for an hour, so it was all good.

In other news, I have finished re-reading The White Dragon, and I now must wait until at least tomorrow for my package to arrive with the fourth book. Sadness.
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Note to self - Don't lose the hair scrunchy you are using right now! All the rest of them are packed away or at home, so if you lose it, you will be dealing with hair in your face for the next few days.

That said, in a desperate bid to get out of the house and away last night (also a huge craving for Chinese food), I drove up to Wausau on a whim and crashed with mah Emmies for a few hours. We went out for a Chinese buffet with her parents, and then we watched YouTube (mostly Whose Line Bloopers) and ripped on Thumbelina until 2:30 in the morning. Good times!

Alas, I still had a bunch of packing and stuff to do here today, so I headed back to point around 10:00 this morning. On the moving front, I have almost everything that can be boxed up boxed up, minus a few odds and ends that I'm still using or that I don't want stuffed into a box and forgotten about (as is apt to happen when a person moves - non-important stuff gets put into whatever box is handy and then does not see the light of day ever again). Plan is to take another load of stuff home tomorrow in the Colt and see if I can get Dad's help removing the back seat so I can start on the furniture next trip, or see if Gus's truck is in working order. Ah, the joys of moving.
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I had an Emmies! She also brought her soon-to-be roommate along for the ride, so we all went to Panacia again. They went on rides while I watched them and played the boyfriend who held everyones' purses. Then we went to Tokyo Steak House for some dinner, where I discovered they have really good Egg Drop Soup.

And that was about it for the day. Well, not entirely, but I highly doubt anyone wants to read about how I went to ShopKo for another toothbrush and laundry detergent.
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Alright, so, a few things from this last week.

1 - I am officially doing an independent study based on what I gleaned from looking at dirt all summer. Technical name for the course - Research in Paleolimnology. Plan is to present a poster at the Annual Wisconsin Geology Conference in mid-October. Cool.

2 - Had a movie night at Dustin's on Thursday. We watched I, Robot and the first episode of Firefly. I ate too much junk food (Crunch'n'Munch is *addicting*, ya'll) and flicked a piece of popcorn all the way across the room to nail JB dead-center in the chest. Good times. Almost as funny as the stuffed-hamster-to-the-head incident a few years back.

3 - Went to the Pacelli Panacea carnival a few blocks away at the Catholic high school with Haley this morning. She won a goldfish, but gave it back cause neither of us wanted one. I bought a lot of baked goods and she spent all her money on raffles.

4 - I might get an Emmies tomorrow! Yay!

5 - Homework still sucks
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Went to Emmie's last night cause I can. Didn't do a lot since we were both kind of sleep deprived and stuff, but we did go to an auction with her dad and then spent the rest of the night alternately sleeping, playing online (her) or reading a book (me).

Also, I got to snuggle her puppies! I miss Niner and Argyle.

And now I am going to go try and sleep a bit more since I didn't get much last night.
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Going through old entries in search of fic recs I haven't tagged or added to my memories.

So far, I have found one fic rec and this.

Emmies is mah Hott Knight in hard shining armor!!!
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I had an Emmies! We ate a greasy appetizer sampler and then went shopping. I now have new shoes.

Yeah, shoes, not boots, that I spent 100 bucks on. However, they are a kind of shoe that is good for both hiking and causal kinda kicking around, which is pretty much what I wanted. They brand is Keefers? Or something like that and they are super comfortable with a cork-mix insole (the shoes them self are "100% Vegan!, which make me go a little o.O, but whatever) that should be perfect for my ouchy tendonitis. Also, they are cute and they are comfortable and they have kind of a wrap around sole that should keep my feet dry though most of the puddles (and hopefully all of them if I do that waterproofing spray thing), so hopefully that'll make up for not having the higher tops I wanted. I'll just have to avoid wading through lots of snow.

Now I am tired and watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition cause I didn't change the channel after AFV. Arrg at shows that try and make you cry.
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I had an Emmies! For a little while. And a Daddy A! And a Marley! They decided they wanted to go grocery shopping at Copps, so they came down here. I got ice cream. Mmm, Moose Tracks.
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She got here around 4 ish and didn't leave until 8ish, so YAY for almost a whole afternoon with Mah Emmies. We got Chinese. It was tasty, and we had left overs, which is very YAY cause it means a break from the bagel sandwiches I've been living on the last two weeks. Then we came back here and spent two hours playing Neopets because we are huge gigantic dorks.

And then she left, woe, but it was an awesome afternoon full of snuggling and ducking (this house just was not built for tall people - poor Emmies had to walk down the stairs practically bent in half) and talking and laughing ("That was mah nipple!") a bunch of food we didn't actually get around to eating and a little NCIS and a lot of Neopets, which neither of us had been on in... probably at least a year and more likely two or three years. VIVA LA DORKDOM!
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Oh, yeah, and yesterday I had an Emmies for an hour! She and her parents were on their way back from Rudolph with dogs and cheese (and wasn't *that* a fun combination in an enclosed vehicle) and wanted to hit one of their favorite restaurants here in Point. Emmies called around 5:00ish yesterday afternoon and asked "Hey, do you want to go to dinner with us? We're 10 minutes away!" So, I went out with Emmies and Daddy A and her mom at Bill's. Daddy A started feeling kinda icky before the food got there, so he went outside to sit with the dogs so that was kinda sad, but I got an Emmies for an hour! And leftovers I can eat for lunch/breakfast today since I only got up at quarter to 10 and I haven't eaten anything yet.

That said, I have to finish my last two homework assignments for Sedimentology. Don't wanna.

4,000th entry!
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Emmies found the missing 1-900-Oh-Santa X-Files story! Emmies therefor rocks even more than she did before.

Mandy and Rob are making stove-top popcorn. It smells yummy.

I totally forgot to watch NCIS tonight. Woe.

Still going through old posts. Ah, memories. (I'm up to early September 2003 on the tag front. Progress is progress)

I am sleepy. I am also mildly hormonal (hence the Oh Santa search). With anyone else, such a combination might result in some nice steamy wet dreams. With me it... really doesn't mean anything, actually. My subconscious is very good at teasing, but it has never once gotten so far as to get me laid in my dreams. Woe is me.

That is all. At least for the next twenty minutes or so. I've been rather spammity these last few days if you haven't noticed.
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This gets long. Not cutting cause, you know, this *is* a journal and all that, but felt I should warn you all that this will likely be a rather boring, non-fandom post.

Back at Point house. Insanely nice weekend. I am so very glad I had it off, cause there ain't no way we'll get another one like it any time soon.

Left Saturday at around 10:00ish. Drive home was uneventful aside from treating myself to a large iced Chai from Coffee Cabin (which will always be the best, dammit), which was very tasty.

Got parents house by around 11:30, where I was pretty much put to work. They're in the middle of some minor renovations (aka, a new Picture Window in the kitchen) and some major cleaning (Gus will be coming home from Hawaii mid-November, and Mom wants to have the up stairs "apartment" available for him and in working order. Our house was originally designed to house two families, so there are two bathrooms, two kitchens, and two living rooms, it's just that over the last two decades or there abouts, we've gotten all this stuff and the upstairs has been turned into mostly storage. Bathroom still works, kitchen functions and all (though there aren't any appliances up there, just a kitchen sink with a bunch of space for any necessary appliances), but the upper floor is so packed full of junk that... we'll, I really wouldn't call it a living space any more, just space.

Anyway, after a walk down the road with Nine (who gets priority cause she is spoiled), Mom put me to work washing dishes and freeing all of our outdoor furniture (picnic table, bench, deck table) from the rocks and detris that had accumulated on them over the course of this past summer. It was freaking beautiful outside, so it really wasn't a chore. Dad kept working on the window, while Mom made some lunch. Ate around 1, did a bit more cleaning, and then people started arriving around 3:30 for the get together. The two Kims (affectionately referred to as Big Kim and Little Kim when together - not cause one or the other is fat, but Big Kim is *tall* - gotta be at least 5'11, 6'), Jeff, Laurie and her hubby Ken, who also brought their two grandchildren, Scott - who is 10 - and J...something, the little two year old who absolutely adores cows and kept walking down to the end of our drive way to look at the ones across the street. Scott was a rock-man, which is right up my ally, so we spent a good portion of the evening with him showing me rocks and asking what they were. It's nice to feel useful.

Started cooking round 4:30ish - turkey burgers and dogs, beef burgers, brats, and potato brats, and then a bunch of other stuff like fruit salad and cheese and crackers and other picnic-ey type stuff. There was food, fire (made without using matches), and lots of political/economical woe and no shortage of dirty jokes. Also the roasting of ancient marshmallows, cause that's what bonfires are for, doncha know.

Most people left around 7, so then parents and I went inside, cleaned up, and watched this weeks episode of Mythbusters, which was awesome as usual. Parents crashed around 10:30 and I did an hour later. Slept quite good, despite not having My Pillow. Also, no allergy attack at home like I usually get! Yay!

This morning I got up around 8:30 and did the internet thing cause I brought my computer along and everything. Then I showered cause my hair felt icky and I was too tired to shower last night before going to bed. Sat around looking at pictures and listening to stories with parents before we all got ready to go meet gramma around 11:30. Checked Coyote's fluid levels and tire pressure before it was off to Marshfield to pick up Gramma. Left my car at her place while we all piled into hers and headed up to Wausau for the afternoon. Fall colors were *amazing*, and the only reason I didn't find myself with another 115 new pictures was cause I was in the back seat and didn't really have a good picture-taking angle.

Lunched at Denny's at about 1:00, then we went in search of Emmie's place so I could glomp her and drag her along with us to Rib Mountain. Got to her place by around 2:30 and I finally met Jack, who is adorable and soft and jumpy and I WANT ONE, and then I went and pounced an Emmies up in her room. Dragged her out of bed, went down stairs to give her room to change and to play with the puppies some more while she got dressed. Talked to Daddy Anderson a bit before going up stairs to pester Emmies some more cause Dad - who was waiting in the car with Mom and Gramma - was pestering me via text. Managed the impossible and actually had Emily dressed and out of the house and even semi-conscious by 2:41. I was impressed.

With Emmies giving directions (cause Wausau is a mass of One Way streets and curvy roads around two big lakes and one windy river) we made it to the mountain by a little after 3. There I noticed that my shirt matched the leaves almost perfectly, we all got bombarded by Japanese Beetles, and Emmies and I immediately went and climbed the Queen's Chair (big pile of rocks on top of the hill right next to another, bigger pile of rocks on top of the hill called the Kings Chair, which I also climbed), Emmies a bit more slowly than myself cause, yeah, she'd only been awake for 20 minutes. Got Japanese Beetles squished all over my hands and likely all over my pants as well in the process, but I don't care cause it was *fun* and I hadn't climbed those particular rock piles in more than 10 years.

After I got the climbing out of my system, we proceeded to take a bunch more pictures of all the pretty gold leaves and the natural rock formations (both the King and Queen's Chair were actually trucked up there years and years ago so the hill would be high enough to qualify as a mountain - it was about 20 feet short, hence the unnatural rock piles) consisting of a very impressive and sturdy form of quartzite that has survived the last 1.6 billion years, give or take. As we are a family of photographers, there was lots of posing in front of said trees and rock formations and going a bit Shutter Bug Happy, but that's okay, cause it means I *finally* have a picture of Emmies and me together even if it will need some PhotoShopping cause the flash kept going off and washing out our faces like woe and the one time it *didn't* go off we both had our eyes closed. Damned cameras.

*Anyway*, though I doubt I reached anywhere near the 115 I took Friday, I imagine with the combined forces of my camera, my dads camera, and my mom's camera we reached well over the century mark. Wheee, pictures! Did not make it up to the top of the viewing tower, though. Woe.

With our fill of Pretty Leaves and Cool Rocks, we probably left the park around 4:30. Dropped Emmies off so she could go back into hibernation and then headed back to Marshfield. Almost got lost in Wausau, but didn't, so yay us. Got back to Gramma's by about 5:30, where I retrieved my car and my leftovers from last night (mmm, homemade apple sauce and brats) and parents continued on the way back home. I, myself, got back here to the Point House by around 6:30, where I changed into my pjs cause my bra was getting really uncomfortable and my pants were starting to cut into my hips.

Watched Practical Magic, ate french fries, and saw Mandy rise from the catacombs of her room to return to the land of the living once more to catch the tail end of the movie. Then I spent the last hour writing up this day summary. Must love online journals.

Now I'm either going to go to bed (cause OMG, TIRED) or I'm going to have a Pop Tart and *then* go to bed. Choices choices.
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The good:
I had an Emmies aaaaaaall day! We went out for lunch with Daddy Anderson, watched movies, and got coffee and cake. And I got to snuggle a Marly.

Point House is almost finished and move-in ready!

The not so good:
Scout was at the vet all with some tummy issues, so I got no Scout snuggles.

All that needs to be finished on the Point House is the bathroom. Of which there isn't any at the moment. In fact, where the bathroom used to be, there is nothing but a big square hole in the wall.

The Arrrg:
School starts next Tuesday. Arrrg, want more summer.

Mandy is all frustrated at the lack of progress at Point House. That, in turn, makes Dustin frustrated. And then I get frustrated at their frustratedness. Arrrg.

And again, the ever looming Hopefully Last Year As An Undergrad is making me all anxious and worried. In my head, I know I can handle 16 credits cause I've done it before numerous times(think I might've even gone up to 17 for a semester when I first started), but my body is all worried about a repeat of that whole St. Cloud fiasco. I think this one qualifies as more of a "OMG, OMG!" than an "arrrg", but hey, why break the theme.

Iiiiiiiiin other news, I am bored. Thursday Night is, like, TV's Dead Zone (not the series, which owned my soul, but the like television's version of a cellular dead zone. Void of signal, you know?).

Boooooored bored boredy bored. ::watches Weather Channel for lack of something else to do::
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* Went to Menard's with Mandy and Dustin; got carpet for room in Point House; also got a curtain for my window
* Met the impressive challenge posed when getting a 12 foot roll of carpet into a 6x5 foot stairwell and up a 6 foot stair case and into my room without breaking anything (or any one)
* Finished painting ceiling white. My room now looks like a giant brownie sandwich.
* Went to a nice little sandwich place for a late lunch with Mandy and Dustin
* Went to Best Buy with Dustin while Mandy went to Lowe's to look at bathroom tile
* GOT A NEW PHONE, YAY! (email me if you want the new number, and please post yours' in the comments if you so desire. They will be screened)
* Called parents immediately after leaving Best Buy with New Phone, cause I *could*
* Went to Lowe's to meet Mandy and help on her quest for the Perfect Bathroom Tile
* Talked to the Emmies on my NEW PHONE which got a signal in the middle of the Lowe's building and everything while Mandy and Dustin looked at bathroom tile
* Looked at bathroom tile after talking to Emmies and even gave a few suggestions cause I'm a good roommate
* Watched Mandy spend $400 on bathroom tile and light fixtures.
* Went back to Point House to unload tile and light fixtures (by this time it was after 8:00 pm and getting dark - day started around 1 this afternoon)
* Got back to Plover House a little before 9
* Talked to Gramma on New Phone
* Talked to Emmies again on New Phone cause she is also AT&T and therefor it is FREE to talk to her
* Remembered SGA was on and caught the last half hour (set it to record the rerun at 11, though, so I won't miss anything I hope)
* Showered
* Set up Voice Mail on New Phone
* Killed battery in the process of setting up Voice Mail on New Phone

Now I'm checking email and stuff cause SHOCK, this is the first time I've been online all day. I know! Crazy, isn't it?
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Emmies went to the vet today for Jake. She posted a few lovely pictures of him and Pete in her LJ.


I am so sorry for your loss, honey. I wish I could be there for you more than just on AIM.

He will be missed. But like I said before, now Pete and Jake are together again and they are up there prancing around as young, healthy puppies and causing all sorts of havoc with the heavenly squirrels and rabbits and mowed-over tennis balls. :)

{{hugs again}} Love you, sweety. I'm here if you need me.
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And a Scout and a Marly and a Jake and a Daddy Anderson. It was a big ol' doggie halobalooza in which Argyle made some new friends (Marly spent a good chunk of the evening chasing him around in circles. This is made all the more amusing by the fact that Marly weighs maybe a third of Auggy soaking wet. I only wish it wasn't too dark to get them on camera), and Niner ended up being locked inside because she could *not* make friends . Not that I really blame her, though, since she was a bit outnumbered by all the boy, and the fact that she is used to being Top Dog.

But, that's okay because Daddy Anderson was having some Leg Ouchies, so he and Nine were able to keep each other company inside while Argyle slimed everyone else outside. Seriously. That dog goes practically rabid with the drool foam when he is excited. No one escaped unscathed, be it man or dog beast. ;)

Also, it once again took forever to get a fire going because all of the wood was soaking wet. Even the stuff down in the basement was damp, so it was only by gratuitous use of birch bark and about 5 matches that we got it going at all. However, we did get it started eventually. Yay us! Alas, the Flaming Penis of DOOM did not make a reappearance, despite several attempts. It just wouldn't stay lit cause of the wet (oooo, dirty thoughts. Bad brain, go to your room!). However, there was still roasting of marshmallows, my name in flames, Puppy Fun, and lots and lots of Emmies time. It was much with the good. I will totally post pictures when I get back to Plover.

Also, more scores for the few additional people who took the Totally Random Quotes Quiz.

Vaidah - 4
Kate - 4
Jodie - 4
Emily - 3
Melissa - 2
Kira - 2 (and the only person so far to get one of the bonus questions. Go Kira!)
Dan - 1

::awards more cookies::
Again, will post answers tomorrow at some point. Probably later rather than sooner to give any stragglers extra time. Cause, Wheee, Quotes!
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Finished the evening with Enchanted. The beginning is insanely annoying, but it gets much better once Prince Edward shows up in New York. Very fun movie. I would watch it again.

Also, Emmies wanted Prince Edward and Robert to kiss at the end. She yelled it at the TV and everything. ;)

Though, come to think of it, I wouldn't mind seeing those two kiss, either. I say they should just hang it all and have a happy foursome.
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Also, we have a Severe Thunderstorm Warning until 7:30, and we already had nickel-sized hail. Now I'm waiting for the "wind gusts in excess of 60 mile per hour".

We're also watching The Fifth Element. Yay Fifth Element!


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