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Season's Greetings Everyone!

Spent Christmas Day at my aunt Sue's where I ate entirely too much, caught up with the cousins, watched home movies from when we were all wee and small, snuggled the puppy dog, and spent an hour or two playing Wii Sports with my brother Ben and two of the four cousins who were there. Got second place in our bowling match with 120-something, hurray me!

Got home right around dark and proceeded to try very hard not to fall asleep in front of the Packer/Bears game. Managed to make it until 10 pm, at which point I gave in to Morpheus and fell asleep probably within ten minutes of lying down. I figure I wouldn't miss much as it was something like 35-10 Packers and only 5 minutes or so left on the clock when I conked out. Also, at the risk of sounding like a bad Wisconsinite, I really don't much care how well the Packers are doing these days, I mostly just put the game on to kill some time. Shhhhh, don't tell any of my local friends. ;)
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Last Friday my brother Ben and my cousin Mirrium ambushed me at the house while I was administering to the dog (who licked his shoulder raw about two weeks ago and it is still healing). They wanted to surprise Gramma at her place in Marshfield, but she was out on a date, so we decided to go in search of food while we waited for her to get home. I had on several occasions been encouraged to go try the Blue Heron Brew Pub in Marshfield because they apparently had some pretty great food, so we decided to give it a try and head there for a late lunch while we waited for my aunt Sue to drop Gramma off. My other cousin, Sydney (Sue's daughter) met us there, and gramma showed up about an hour or so later. Four of the seven grandkids together in one place for the first time in over a year; Gramma looked extremely happy being right in the middle of it. :) And yes, the food was quite good, but it seemed to take a rather long time to get to us considering there weren't that many people there.


Apr. 23rd, 2011 08:18 pm
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Thursday - looking for an excuse to get out of the house, I sent a message to a few of my friends from high school who are still in Marshfield asking if either of them would be willing to give me an alibi if I went into town. Luckily, Jeanie was available, so I grabbed my computer and killed an hour or so at the library before meeting her and another of her friends at the mall. Also went to ShopKo for some odds and ends - needed more conditioner, and I got a new hair thingy - and grabbed a quick lunch at McDonalds.

Friday - left for Point around 1ish, did the computer stuff at Best Buy (they had my SD card and I had to pester them about not being able to make my own recovery disks for the new comp because it was an open box and someone already had) and was done by 3:30, so I went to UWSP's university center to kill the three and a half hours before the Movie Night at JBs. We watched the newest Harry Potter movie, and then I left for Wausau around 10:20 pm to go visit Mah Emmies for the night. We had Perkins and ended up crashing by 1:30 in the morning because it is End of Semester for her and I'm just a light weight and not very good at staying up until the wee hours of morning anymore.

Saturday - after maybe falling asleep around 3ish, I was woken up at 5 am when Daddy A left for work, and then I was unable to get back to sleep because there were a bunch of starlings apparently building a nest in the outside wall/eaves of the room I was sleeping in. They were very noisy about it, too, so I gave up trying to get back to sleep and was up by 7. Spent the morning snuggling the puppies and playing on my computer in Emmie's living room before heading back to Marshfield around1 pm. Had hoped to catch my aunt and uncle and cousins at my gramma's because they were visiting for Easter, but they were still out by the time I arrived at Gramma's apartment. Mom and Dad were both there, though, so we watched some Bruce Campbell movie on USA (prequel to Burn Notice, I do believe) while we waited for everyone else to get back. When they still hadn't arrived by 3pm, I was going to call it a day and head home because I was exhausted and sleep deprived and really wanted a nap. I almost literally ran into them as I walked out the door, though, so yay for nice timing! I still didn't stick around long after that, though, because did I mention exhausted?
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Okay, so the timer is telling me i still have about twenty minutes of computer time before the library kicks me off. So, a quick'n'dirty Year In Review, totally not spell checked so I apologize ahead of time.

Not doing a long ramble this time around, just some highlights that I can remember off the top of my head.

* December 2009 - I graduated with a BS in Geoscience. By the end of February 2010, I had gotten a temporary position as the GIS Specialist at Ice Harbor Lock and Dam in Burbank, Washington. Hurray for internships! (Sadly, my $160 stipend is the most reliable paycheck I've ever had)

* Mid-March - my parents and I drove 1800 miles across country from Wisconsin to Washington in my little 1996 Geo Tracker. 12 hours a day on the road is not the most fun in the world, but we saw some really cool places along the way.

* Mid-to-late March - Started working at Ice Harbor Dam! Discovered that I had forgotten almost *everything* about GIS in the year it had been since I took any classes, but it was all quick to come back with a little research. Issues with the computer programs I needed (or the lack there of) plagued the first month, but after that it was pretty smooth sailing.

* Late May into June - Manda visited! We hit Paluse Falls (which is awesome), watched a bunch of movies, toured the Ice Harbor visitor center, and played on the toys at Columbia Park.

* July - I met the lovely Andrea and got to see Vaidah, Jodie, and Krissy for the first time in SEVEN YEARS when we hit the Lilith Fair in George, Washington. It was awesome beyond words.

* September - Housemates Beth and Walter and I went camping on Mount Rainier, taking a day to visit Mount Saint Helen's while we were in the area (COOLEST PLACE *EVER*) and quite accidentally ran across one of the biggest swap meets/flea markets in the United States.

* October - I attended the Geological Society of America's annual meeting in Denver, CO with two fellow UWSP Alumni, Angela and Liza. It was way fun, and I visited the Cheesecake Factory for the first time ever.

* November - I went home to visit the family and friends for TWO WHOLE WEEKS over Thanksgiving, which was fantastic! I also had an Emmies for two days worth of those two whole weeks, which was also awesome. I MISS YOU GUYS!

And that pretty much covers it! 2010 was a pretty good year for me - I had a lot of fun, was able to see a lot of amazing people and places, and for the first time in my life I wasn't super worried about Financial Issues. Also, for the first time in six and a half years, I didn't have to take a single test or complete a single paper. ;)

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2011 is a great one!

(wow, a whole 8 minutes left! Go me!)
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Went into town with Mom this morning so she could drop me at the YMCA and I could get some swimming in before I leave. Alas, as I am no longer a student, I don't have a free membership through my mom anymore, so I did have to pay the $8 for the day pass, even though I only swam for an hour. It was still very nice, though. I miss swimming, and I got to say hi to a few of the people I used to work with.

After I had dressed and the like, I had two voice mails from my dad informing me that he was on his way to pick me up and that we were going to be going to Stevens Point to visit one of our old professors (Dad and I both had him for our GIS classes, albeit about 10 years apart) to show him my new toy. Because I won't be home for Christmas, parents decided to give me a present this morning instead. Mom made breakfast and after Dad woke me from a rather disturbing dream (something about running and/or hiding from a creepy dude, and then having to walk/climb up this almost vertical sidewalk to get away. Thankfully I don't actually remember much about it) at around 9 am to give it to me - it was an old-fashioned brass compass that they had found at an estate sale or the like. No merchant stamp or anything, and the inner dial you're supposed to be able to rotate to mark the directions you've wandered (used when making maps the old fashioned way - by drawing them by hand) appears to be fixed, which suggest that it is a reproduction made by someone who had very little idea how compasses worked. However, it still points north, and it is just darned cool looking in and of itself, so I am pretty content.

Anyway, Dad wanted our old GIS/cartography professor to check it out, so we took a mini road trip over to Point for the afternoon. Dad took me out to lunch at The Wooden Chair, a little cafe down town with a very nice atmosphere and some tasty food, and then we went over to UWSP to talk to Dr. Rice, who gave me some suggestions as to where to look for another temporary position and generally just caught up a bit. I also was able to chat with some of my other professors and tell them about what I've been doing the last nine months. I did not get visit with my favorite teacher, Sam, because she wasn't in today, but I was still able to catch up a bit with three of the six or so professors I was hoping to see, so that was nice.

Then we came home and had pie and left overs and watched two of the three (four if you include both parts of Call of the Wild) episodes of Due South that Leslie Nielsen guest-starred in as Buck Frobisher. RIP, Leslie! We will miss you!

Heading back to Washington tomorrow night, and I am sad. On the one hand, it will be very nice not having allergies again (seriously, they have been *awful* the last two or three days. Severe Tylenol Allergy is the only reason I've gotten any sleep). On the other hand, all my friends and family are here in Wisconsin, and I won't be seeing them again until the end of my internship in March 2011. However, that's only another three and a half months or there abouts, and they are probably going to be pretty busy months at that, so I'm not too worried. I do, however, reserve the right to be as morose as hell when Christmastime rolls around cause you all are 1700 away from me! ;)

Unfortunately, though, the relatively nice warm weather we've been having the last few days is currently being shoved aside by a cold front. Right now it is raining; later tonight it is supposed to turn to freezing rain, and then tomorrow to snow, and the storm system pretty much covers the entire distance between here and Minneapolis/St. Paul, which is where my flight is leaving from. Driving through it will not be fun, and wow will it suck if the flight gets delayed or, worse yet, canceled entirely and I have to spend the night at the air port. Here's hoping that will not happen. ::crosses fingers::
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Thanksgiving was quite lovely. We went down to Green Lake to have Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle's log cabin this year instead of my grandparents, but there was still quite the gathering. I ate way too much and got to catch up with my aunts and uncles and cousins whom I hadn't seen for more than a year, so that was great. Showed pictures from many of my Washington travels, gushed over the Mt. Saint Helen's visit I was able to do this past summer, and generally had a grand old time. Yay Thanksgiving!

A day late, but Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the United States, and I hope everyone else in the world and a great day as well! I totally fell short on "twenty two days of posting things I am thankful for!", but I'm adding one more because I had meant to post this on Thanksgiving pretty much right from the start.

I am incredibly thankful for my amazing friends and my wonderful family! Seriously, you all helped carry me through some very rough times, and I'm so glad to have you in my life. {{{{hugs}}}} Thank you!

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* Friday - went into Marshfield, got a few odds and ends at Target, *finally* got a decent Chai Latte from Coffee Cabin, and got a few groceries at the grocery store.

* Saturday afternoon - spent a few hours catching up with Dana and met their new baby, Taiden. Motherhood seems to agree with Dana quite well, and as he was kind of fussy, I remain quite grateful that I have yet to get that particular biological urge. I like kids, really, I just don't want one of my own.
* Saturday night - went to Arsenic and Old Lace at the high school with the family. It was Mr. B's 100th production, and at the end Dad, Gus, and I - all hardened vets of Bitricks's director skills - got a picture with him.

* Sunday - I spent the entire day reading. Started and finished one of the three books I brought along - why I thought three books would tide me over for two whole weeks is still a mystery to me - and the rest of the family also did their version of nothing. Mom and dad caught up on all their TV and Gus did the computer thing. Lazy Sundays for the win.

In other news, still taking requests for Holiday Cards! Leave a comment in that entry with your address and you will get a card from me at some point in the next two months. :)

And lastly, on an entirely different note, it is November 22 in Wisconsin and we are having a thunderstorm. I so love my state.
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Yesterday was a very nice day weather-wise. We had rain in the morning, but then it cleared up toward late morning/early afternoon, and it got all the way up to 63 degrees, which is the warmest it's been for about two weeks. I went down and wandered around Columbia Park for a bit before heading over to take care of the dogs I'm watching for a co-worker while they're on vacation. So, to add on to my "Thanksgiving comes first" thing for yesterday, I am thankful for lovely weather and the chance to enjoy it!

Day 10 - For today, a flash back! Thanksgiving 2003 (I think), instead of going to my grandmothers on my mom's side as we usually do, we were going to be hosting my dad's sister, her family, and her mother in law at our house for dinner. Mom and I spent pretty much the entire day before frantically cleaning the house, and then we were probably up until 1 or 2 in the morning baking pies and getting stuff ready to go into the oven for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Dinner was phenomonal, and after every one had left, my parents and I (and possibly Gus as well; he wasn't at home any more, but I think he still lived nearbyish) all layed around watching movies for the rest of the day because the house was totally clean (or at least as clean as it ever was, or probably will be again) and we could spend the rest of the afternoon and evening doing absolutly nothing completely guilt free. It was an extremely nice change.
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Things that make me \o/ today:

* It's Thursday, which is *almost* Friday, which means I am that much closer to the weekend

* As of today, there is one month until I go to GSA, one month an 18 days until I get to go home for TWO WHOLE WEEKS, and around three months and 8 days until I might be going down to Vegas to visit Cristin for an extended weekend (still haven't bought plane tickets, hence the 'around' BUT I WILL SOON, HONEST!)

* My Barnes and Nobel order arrived last night, so I have new books to read! (this one gets a Double \o/)

* New Bones tonight! I don't geek over it like I used to, but honestly, it really does brighten up my Thursday. At least for now; we're only two episodes in to the season, so I still reserve the right to get disappointed.

* You all remember that shirt I bought and was all "Yay, I love this shirt! Boo, the shoulders are too tight" about a month or two ago? (I'd link the entry, but it still takes Anything Live Journal at least 10 minutes to load here at work for some reason) Well, I went and actually found a clothing alteration place and they told me it was indeed possible to alter it so it didn't fit so tight in my arms and shoulders, all I needed was some fabric they could add. I took it in last week and got it back Tuesday AND I AM WEARING IT TODAY, YAY! It still is a tiny bit tight in the shoulders - those, alas, are incredibly difficult to alter - but adding an extra inch and a half or so to the sleeves means I can now reach above shoulder level without feeling like I'm going to rip a seam. Hurrah!

* Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks FTW
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An hour and 15 minutes is A Good Nap for me. Feeling kinda blergy with what I assume is allergies, even if they've so far only manifested themselves as lots of sneezing, I decided to take one today. An hour and 15 minutes later, give or take, I woke up, and I should've stayed that way. But, no, I decided "Just a few more minutes!", fell back asleep, had a dream about driving around in a really nice old car (I almost want to stay it was my mom's old cranberry red Cutlass Colonnade) with my brothers (who reminded me more of Sam and Dean Winchester than my actual older brothers) buying groceries and ... other stuff I can't remember, and meeting our parents at my dad's old store in Marshfield, where I re-potted a plant using one of the ash buckets for cleaning out the fireplaces. There is more, but it falls into Girly TMI )

And then I woke up again about an hour and a half later, and now I am all tired and stuff because a did not need a three hour nap. Hour and a half, reasonable, and I feel more awake after I get through with it. Three hours? Too much of a good thing, and I usually feel more tired after one than when I went to take a nap in the first place.

Also, now I probably won't sleep tonight. On the one hand, woo, I'll be awake for the Castle premier at 10! On the other hand, I probably won't fall asleep until 2 am, then I'll wake up at 4, and be out of bed by 5:30 and spend the day running on two hours of sleep. Tomorrow should be fun.

ETA 4:29, because it is a car worth oogling - a picture of my mom's old cutlass, with my two brothers - Ben in the foreground, Gus in the background - raking pine needles down at my Gramma and Grampa's when they were wee and small (Grampa Lindow is in the back, leaning against the hood with the beach ball). I can't remember what year the car was, and I only remember it in the vaguest sense (I have more clear memories of the beige 82 Cutlass she got after, which was less of a muscle car, but still had it's fair share of horsepower), but both my parents still remember it quite fondly and have told lots of stories.

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Going through and tagging my old entries again (March 2005! I'm on a roll!), and I ran across this song lyric meme in which you put your entire music list on random and add "in my pants" to the end of the song title and, if you so choose, do a bit of commentary on the final result.

15. Bon Jovi - Always in my pants
Bet your wrist gets tired

I'm tempted to do this again, and add "between the sheets" to the end this time.

In other news, spent the morning lazing around the house, and then we went into town to drop off Gramma and catch Avatar at the theatre. Good movie, incredible special effects. Not sure if I liked it enough to buy the DVD when it comes out, but it was well worth the $6.50 matinée price.

After the movie, Dad got a hankering for Chinese, so we hit the China Buffet down town next to Festival Foods so we could eat and then go get groceries. Mmm, greasy goodness. With that and how Mom has been feeding us eggs and potatoes/ham/bacon for breakfast the last four days, I'm pretty sure I've gained back the few pounds I had lost the month or so I've been trying to cut back on the food I have at the Point house so I have less to move when I come back home. Ah, well, such is life.
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This morning I dreamed that my grandfather - seven years gone, now - called me from whichever here-after he resides in. I heard his voice, and he asked me how I was, and I tearfully told him about everything I could remember from the last few years because he has missed so much.

I woke up crying, torn between happiness at being able to talk to him again and sadness that it was only a dream. I still miss him.
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It's a bit late, but Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. folks!

I'm currently at 'rents place for the holiday, and we went to my aunts in Menominee for Thanksgiving Dinner today. Aunt and uncle are both doing the Weight Watchers thing, so everything they had was pretty low-calorie, so hey, bonus for not feeling as guilty about eating so much! Something tells me that the baklava one of the non-Weight Watchers relatives brought wasn't the least bit low calorie, and what I saved in the meal itself was probably totally blown away by the four pieces I ate for dessert. Everything was still really good, though, and I probably ate quite a bit more than I needed too. Since that's kind of the point of Thanksgiving, though, I don't feel too guilty. Mmm, mashed potatoes!

Anyway, if I stick around parents place until Saturday, I might get another Thanksgiving dinner out of the deal. As I am a poor college student (at least for another month, provided I pass Chem and all that), I might just do that, *especially* since it would likely get me some leftovers to take with me back to Point, and I'm kinda hankering for some homemade Turkey Noodle Soup.
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Early this morning or late last night, my phone rang. I answered, and it was my father, who only told me three words: "Something has happened." Then I woke up.

It was just a dream, but it was realistic enough that I didn't even realize I had fallen asleep. When I did wake up, my heart was pounding and it was only the late/early hour that prevented me from calling my parents and asking them if everything was okay.

10 minutes ago, my father really did call me, at which point he informed me that our dear family friend, Edith Schilling, had finally moved on after a long and painful battle with colon cancer.

I'm... Okay, I guess. Edith was beloved and dear to all of us, and one of the most beautiful women I have ever known - inside and out. Some of my fondest memories of church growing up revolve around the hug I got from her every Sunday right up until the week I stopped going on a regular basis, and how she would still hug me and tell me how much she missed me and my singing every time I came for a visit after that. I'm really going to miss her.

And yet I'm happy that she's in a better place now. The last few months haven't been easy for her, to the point where she stopped coming to the church she loved so dearly a few months back. She had a good life, too - she was well into her 90s before health issues started slowing her down, and I think she even had a couple of great-great-grandchildren to her name before she moved on. And I think... she was happy with her place in life, secure in her faith that there would be a bright and beautiful place for her in the here-after with the God she loved and respected so much.

Rest In Peace, Edith. Thanks for helping make me who I am today.
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Spent a fantabulus weekend at parents house grilling out and playing with fire. Had a whole big crew over for a cook out last night - my parents, Haley, Gus, and then the pastor of our church and a friend of hers. There was fire, dirty-mindedness, and croquette. Also, food. It was very tasty. There was also lots of singing of whatever musical songs we could remember the words for. And Disney cartoons. And campfire songs. And whatever else tickled our fancy. Good times.
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It would appear that my father has finally given in to peer pressure (probably from my aunts, since I know I haven't been doing anything) and got a Facebook. I find this way more amusing than I probably should.

In other news, I just spent 100 bucks on lab manuals and other required school supplies. Money sucks.
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Yesterday Dad invited me home for some grilled ribs, and who am I to resist free food? Invited Haley along for the ride, too, since she had been craving steak for a few days and thought ribs might take the edge off a bit. My parents happily accepted her as one of the family and spent most of the afternoon telling her stories and giving her a bit of a history lesson. Food was good, company was awesome, and we were sent home with a whole bunch of left overs. There is no bad in this. I also got two huge goody bags put together by the ladies of the church I grew up in, which was an extremely nice bonus.

Dad also started talking about Powers Bluff and the history that place had, so before Haley and I headed back to Point, we all decided to head up there for a visit. It was a nice day for one, too, and we probably spent at least an hour or two wandering around listening to my dad talk about the Bluff and it's importance to Wisconsin and Native American history. From what I could tell, Haley was having a really good time and learning a lot - she might've even had a few ghosts whispering in her ear, which isn't an uncommon occurrence up on there. Good times, even if there were a lot of people with horses and a few kind of obnoxious kids running around.

Got back to Point around 7 and spent the rest of the evening sitting on the couch playing online. Watched Practical Magic, ate left overs, and wrote a Thank You letter and card to the congregation of Immanuel United Methodists Church (who gave me the care packages) before I finally turned in around 1:30 in the morning. All in all, it was quite a nice Sunday, and a good break from the city for a few hours before school once again eats my life.
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Spent the last two days in my room trying to distract myself from all the issues I can't really control. I've managed for the most part - thank god for books and fluffy fan fictions - but sometimes they still manage to sneak up on me.

Today roommates attempted to cheer me up by giving me a lovely bouquet of flowers fresh-cut from outside, which is currently sitting on top of my DVD shelf and making the room look quite a bit more cheerful. I am grateful, I just wish I was better at showing it right now.
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Last night I could *not* seem to get to sleep, and then when I finally did, I had a nightmare about body-snatching aliens chasing us ("us" being a Random Dream Family consisting of a grandfather, two of his adult grandchildren, and a bulldog). The aliens got the bulldog first, and it ate whoever it caught and didn't body-snatch. My perspective, of course, was from that of the grandfather, who knew he was slowing everyone else down because he was in one of those mechanical scooters/wheelchairs, so he sacrificed himself in order to give his grandkids a better chance. I was in his head until just after he threw himself in front of the alien bull dog; then I jumped to the perspective of the granddaughter watching in horror as her grandfather fell beneath the paws (and other... limbs, because by this time there was more than one body-snatching alien chasing us), and then trying to turn off her emotions because to slow down even a little bit would mean death and her grandfather would've sacrificed himself for nothing. I woke up right after that, and it was one of those Afraid To Go Back To Sleep kind of dreams. Not fun at all. It was starting to get light outside, though, so I turned over so I faced the window, my thought's running along the lines of "gonna face the light now, cause light is good and dark is scary" and managed to fall back asleep for at least a little bit. Still left me massively tired today, though.

Anyway, nuff of the dream stuff. Went home to visit parental units today for a cook-out, and to ask Dad to help me look over my car cause Coyote started making a mysterious whumping sound while turning corners last weekend or there abouts (or at least thats when I first noticed it). Since I know he has a sticky caliper on the front passenger-side wheel, I thought that might be responsible for the whumps, but I wanted a second, more experienced opinion. So, dad and I drove it around a bit and then parked it at home so we could take off the front two tires to check out the calipers and the break pads. Both are okay, though the sticky one is slightly more worn down than the other side, but not nearly as bad as it was two years ago when I had to replace the break pad on that wheel even though it was less than a year old. Also checked my fluids and discovered that the radiator cap had broken, which meant that my antifreeze was not flowing properly. Thankfully I still had the old radiator cap (we replaced it last year when my father discovered that I wasn't getting as much antifreeze into my radiator as I should've, and what little was in there would be more "foaming" than "flowing; Dad thought it might mean the radiator cap didn't have a proper seal anymore - which turned out not to be the case, but hey, it was only 6 bucks - and so we got a new one. Which broke a year later; so, now the old one is back on there. Lucky for me I never tossed it out, despite considering it a few times.

Also had a very tasty lunch of turkey burgers and chicken breasts, and Mom gave me leftovers, so yay for something other than turkey-and-cheese sandwiches! Granted, it will probably be chicken salad sandwiches instead of turkey-and-cheese, but whatever, variety is good.

And we watched Independence Day, which is still awesome even 13 years later.
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Went with fam to the annual Energy Fair, which takes place in... Amherst, is it? Within spitting distance of Stevens Point, at least. *Finally* got the shirt I saw years and years ago but could not afford (I still cannot afford it, but it was 3 dollars cheaper than when I first couldn't afford it, so I gave in because, seriously, I've wanted that shirt for five years!), which is 100% cotton dyed with 100% red clay, and it says "Play In The Dirt" with two muddy hand prints on it, and it is awesome.

Wandered around a bunch, taking particular interest in the eco-friendly house building type stuff (like insulated cement) because even if I know I can never, ever afford to build a house like that, it would be awesome if I could and it would totally be the most comfortable house *ever* because it is so well insulated that it would stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so even if I had central air, I probably wouldn't need it unless I forgot to close the windows or something. Also, eco-friendly! The insulated cement isn't as cool as the clay-straw-cement Super Earthy House that I saw pictures of there years ago, but still, cool.

And then I spent three dollars on a chicken skewer that only had four pieces of chicken on it, but I was hungry and it was probably one of the least expensive things there. Pricey fair food so not for the win.

And now I am going to go take a cold shower because while it is down to 82 degrees, it got up to around 85 with a heat index of 90ish and I have spent the afternoon wandering around in muggy heat and I feel decidedly dirty. (yes, I know, you southerners may laugh at me and call me a wuss now; I figure turnabout is fair play as I mock you mercilessly in the winter when you complain about how "it's all the way down to 25 degrees!")
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Note to self - never eat a Funnel Cake again.

Spent a chunk of Friday night crashed on the couch because it is closer to the bathroom and my stomach was hella upset. Woke up around 2 in the morning Saturday and decided my tummy was calm enough to be able to risk crashing in my actual room and stuff, so I did. Then I slept in until 10ish and pretty much stayed in bed the rest of Saturday, barring a few excursions down stairs to see if food would actually agree with me (it did, for the most part, but it was kind of touch-and-go when I first ate a bowl of Rice Crispies). Then I called my parents Saturday night and cried at them a bit because sometimes you just need your mommy and/or daddy.

While I know the whole moving-stress was probably a tiny part of the "ugh"ness (and mostly responsible for the crying), I'm pretty sure it had way more to do with the funnel cake I bought on a whim at the baseball game on Friday. I even told myself at the game "You know, if you eat this, there is a very good chance you are going to be sick off it" but I was all, "psh, funnel cake!" and lo and behold, I got sick. I really should listen to me more often.

Moving news - signed up for an account at, even forking over the 20 dollars (on my credit card cause my checking account is getting kind of low) to upgrade my account so it will freeze on me in thirty days rather than three. Also sent off a message to one possible. Planning on sniffing out some "ROOMMATE WANTED" fliers on campus tomorrow before or after I finish my four hours straining my eyes through a microscope to count charcoal particles in lake sediment. Hopefully something will come of either or the campus search. Current roommate and parents have also offered to help me find a new place, so that's nice.

There is also a slight chance I might be moving in with Gramma and driving from Marshfield to Point every day for work, since Gramma is having trouble remembering to take her medication and occasionally getting sick because of it. She's also lonely and could use the company. It would mean no rent (because I'm pretty sure she wouldn't let me pay even if I could afford it), but it would also mean a 45 minute drive every day, which would get expensive with gas prices going up again. I know my parents would feel better if Gramma had someone there to keep an eye on her, and it would be nice to be around family again, but I'm not sure I have it in me to watch as someone I care about a lot slowly fades away to the point where she might start having trouble remembering who I am.

So, yeah. That's my life in a nutshell right now.
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So I went home and stuff yesterday cause I had to go to Marshfield for some tax-and-insurance-stuff, and after that was taken care of, it was only another 15 minutes to go visit parents. It was also hot and I was super stressed and figured I could really use some parental comfort, so home I went. Got to the house about 2:00 ish, talked to my mom and dad a bit, and then I went outside to see NinerGirl. She can no longer walk or eat, she can barely hold up her head, and it's getting really hard for her to breath. Seeing her like that was the horrible angst-flavored frosting on The Stress Cake That Is Maren's Life (stealing your metaphor, Emma, cause it totally fits) right now, and it was also the emotional smack-down that broke through the walls I had been building up contain the dread Freak Out until I could deal with it at a proper time. This, of course, freed the Freak Out and I spent the next hour or so in my room crying into my pillow. I figure it's best to get it out of the way now, though, so hopefully I'm good for a bit on the Freak Out front, especially because these next two-to-five weeks are going to be rough.

cutting the List Of Stuff To Do These Next Few Weeks cause it is long )

And then the week *after* finals, the GIS II class starts Monday, May 18, and that will be the beginning of what I shall now refer to as The Three Weeks of Geographical Hell, in which classes run from 8 am to 12 pm, Monday through Friday, and that's not even including the additional hours I will no doubt spend at school working on all the labs. I kind of want to weep just thinking about it.

SCHOOL STUFF ASIDE, Mom and Dad continue to be awesome. I hate showing anyone my Emo, but it's nice to know that they'll be there for me no matter what. Like I've said before, some times you just need your Mommy/Daddy.

Also, Dad grilled burgers for dinner and they were good. And then there were storms all over the place, so the sky was doing all sorts of cool stuff and we had a big, bright *rainbow* that lasted a good half hour/hour or so that we took lots of pictures of, and then there was a super cool lightning show and Dad and I spent a good 20 minutes with the camera trying to capture some of the lightning in a picture (after taking at least 20 pictures each, we each got one really good shot out of it).

Then I had a cool dream... )

And then today Gramma took me out for Chinese. It was tasty, and it was really nice catching up with Gramma.

We all know I could ramble more, but I'll spare you all the space on your friends list. :D
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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Alas, I forgot all my green clothes in Point.

That said, I'm currently at parents. Came home yesterday for a visit and actually convinced Mandy to go with me, so first we hit the Coffee Cabin for a chai (she agreed with me that they totally have the best chai ever) and then we went to the Marshfield Zoo and wandered around the upper pond area before finishing the big animal drive by thingy that is pretty much the only reason Marshfield Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Wisconsin. It was windy, but still warm and spring like and Yay!

After Marsfield we went to my parents house, where Mandy probably got 17 different history lessons (like anyone else who ever visits here) and one astronomy lesson as we watched the International Space Station fly overhead. Dad also grilled up some chicken and venison for dinner and Mom made mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables and Mandy and I made a fruit salad. Dinner was very tasty.

Then Dad inflicted our Hawaii video on her.

She headed back to Point about 10 last night since she has to work today. I have no idea if she really enjoyed herself or was just being polite, but at least she seemed pretty interested.

Today, I haven't really got any idea what I'm going to do. Well, aside from shower. And probably eat something. In no particular order.
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Actually did make it home to see parents, so YAY for that. Mom made a pork roast and a venison roast and steamed vegetables. It was very tasty.

Dad made me a copy of the new Indiana Jones movie, too, which we watched this afternoon as only a family of scientists and archaeologists can - with lots of snark and picking apart the physics-ly impossible stunts. It's still a fun movie, though, and I'm all yay for having a copy of my own now even if it is a VHS recorded off of a medium quality burned DVD (the movie is too long to fit on as high quality. Darned DVD limitations).

I also brought home a bag full of rocks. The people in my Mineralogy class keep bringing in their cool rock samples, and it is kind of kicking my butt to maybe attempt to organize my own collection. When I was younger (probably between the ages of 8 and 12 or there abouts), every year for about four or five years in a row (before the annual Rock, Gem and Mineral show settled in Marshfield) it was a tradition of mine to pick up one of the $1 Grab Bags of random rocks that some of the booths were selling. I would look through each grab bag once, and then they sat pretty much untouched in my room for 10-15 years. Well, now I have all the rocks and most of the labels (either I lost the labels for one year or they never gave me any in the first place) here with me in Point and my intent is to actually get them set up in a display or storage box of some sort and actually, you know, *organize* them to some degree. Probably not any time soon, but you never know. YAY rocks!

Lastly, parents also handed me two checks for quite a bit of money from Gramma. I'm not entirely sure she planned on giving me that much, so I'm going to call her before I cash either of them, but either way I have enough money to cover rent for one more month (and possibly two if she did, in fact, mean to give me both checks and not just one; she's having a bit of trouble remembering things these days, so yeah...), so that's one less thing to worry about. My grandmother is awesome.

In other news, we have the first test in Glacial Geology tomorrow. Will have to set my alarm earlier so I can study tomorrow morning (cause at the moment I'm tired enough to seriously be considering going to bed. Before 10:30. Wow, I must be getting old).

...Wow. I'm actually using my journal to summarize my day. That hasn't happened for awhile.
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Meme snarched from Verena

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First, I would pay off all my college debts and my credit card.

Second, give a bunch of money to my parents and grandma cause they are awesome.

Third, give a bunch of money to my closest friends because they are awesome, too.

If I had anything left, fourth I would fork over whatever was necessary to get my car back to almost perfect condition (not really sure what you can do about rust spots except sand and paint over them, hence the near perfection)

And then the majority of whatever is left after all that would probably have to go to taxes. Damn IRS.

And now I am off to Mineralogy. It should be a crime to have a class before 11:00 on Fridays. ::sigh::


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