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Hurray, my [ profile] fandom_stocking has been hung! Kinda forgot I made one... woopse.

Note to self - fill someone's (or several someones!) stocking tomorrow - even if there are no story ideas that jump out at you, there are always icons, wall papers, or regular run of the mill holiday greetings.
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Still at home, will head back to Plover this afternoon. Am currently being lazy and not doing anything except reading fan fic, cause I'm a geek like that. And I've noticed that there are quite a few Stargate Atlantis Team Road Trip fics, but not so many SG-1 Team Road Trip fics. I think someone should remedy that. Someone not me, cause thankfully the SG-1 characters never started talking in my head.

/random fandom spamdom
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I am reading part one of Cristin's Fandom Meme during class and trying very hard not to laugh and make the teacher aware that I am so totally not paying a wit of attention to his lecture. I seriously had to turn an inappropriately-timed laugh into a cough when I read the Lily/Kingsley/Dudely kidnapping one.

Philosophy class is so much more fun when I have amusing Fandom-crack oriented memes from my friends to read.
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::grumbles at [ profile] crack_van::

What the hell is with most fandoms obsession with angst? I mean, I like a little bit of angst (key word there; *little*) as much as the next person, but if a discription of a fic says something like "you will weep for [the characters] and their grief", I usually hit the back button before you can say "Ugh, angstfest" because I don't *want* pure angst! I have to deal with enough angst in the real world (sometimes even my own), I don't often want to deal with it in my fantasy world. I mean, sure, a little here and there to keep the fan fic true to the series is perfectally fine, but there was *more* than angst to a lot of those series. Lots more. I want happy, dammit! I don't care so much if you drag the characters through hell provided they keep their sense of humor through it all! And for crying out loud, give me a happy ending... *especially* if you plan on dragging them though hell because after that they *deserve* a happy ending.

::wants happy fic, dammit, and she is defecting to the bad Sentinel fic she has in her memories in order to get it at the moment::
::needs to make a growly icon::
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This is my own personal questionnaire sorta thingy, not an actual meme, but I figure I'll ask anyway on the off chance that one or two of you might be interested in answering because I am rather curious.

'directions', if you want to call them that, that got kinda rambly under here )

My own idea is for Battlestar Galatica. and there are spoliers for season one and two )

And there you have it. Feel free to answer the question and pass it along as you wish. I'm not going to add one of these "put this in your journal and tag five people you want to see do it" on to the end of this thing, but I really would love to hear your opinions. Because I'm curious like that, and as humans are curious by nature, I'm counting on you all being curious, too. ;)

And that ended up way longer than I was working for. I guess I've just been ramblier than normal these past couple of days. Am going to shut up and go to bed now. Or, well, shut up, take some Aspirin, and *then* go to bed cause my head hurts like oath, but again with the ramblier than normal thing.

Okay, really shutting up now.
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Challenge me! I am in like the Creative Zone right now (I'm blaming it on not being able to write anything creative for the past several months due to school), but I have *no* ideas! Gimme a fic to write!

Fandoms I've written for before:
* Farscape
* Harry Potter
* Fairy tales (Sleeping Beauty/Little Briar Rose)
* Pretender

Fandom I'm familiar enough with to write fic:
* Charmed
* Due South
* Joan of Arcadia
* Stargate SG-1
* Stargate Atlantis

Fandoms I watch and could probably write bad!fic (or, fun!fic as some are calling it now) for (if you *really* wanna challenge me*):
* Firefly
* Invisible Man
* The Dead Zone
* The Sentinel
* Witchblade
* Battle Star Galatica 2003

Fandoms I'm familiar with (YAY Fan fic) but almost never watch:
* Buffy
* Smallville

Book fandoms I might be able to write fic for:
* Anita Blake
* Tamora Pierce's Immortals series
* The 10th Kingdom
* Valdamer series' by Mercedes Lackey (post Arrows of the Queen)

Or, hey, if you actually read them, I can write fic for my original series':
* Powers that Be
* Ashes to Ashes
* any of the little random stories I've otherwise posted in [ profile] featheredquill

So, Challenge Me! Gimme some ideas! Happy fic, sad fic, rockin'-with-the-angst fic, silly fic, bad!fic, tear-my-heart-apart fic, gen fic, slash fic, boy and girl together fic (also known as "het") and a partridge in a pear tree fic (or something) - you name it, I'll try and write it. Won't promise it will actually be *good*, but I'll sure try!
This is probably gonna be a once in a life time experience, people, so take advantage of it while it lasts!
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So. 3 hours and a half dozen 2 minute connects to the internet later, I have finished my friends! (and I just porned that)

Now, I have to do another two loads of laundry and finish getting my pictures for the fair mounted on tag board, as well as probably vacuum and shake out the rugs. Fun! (not)
Buuuuuut, not before I slack off for another 10 minutes and do a Friday Five. :)

Fandom (mostly) five, even though it is technically Saturday )


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