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So I've figured out how to cross post from here to LJ, but not from LJ to here. So I do apologize if there is any sort of double posting.

That said, fic recs! A whole bunch of them all at once because I lack the patience to do them one by one today. And dude, there are like twenty of them here.

Stargate SG-1
Aggravated Destruction of Property by Kalquessa. JONAS AND VALA. TOGETHER. IN A JAIL CELL. Nuff said. Happy fic that makes me happy.

Nocturne by purple shrub. I can't actually remember what happens in this one, so I'm mooching the authors note and summary. SPOILERS : Hmm…this takes place both 1st season, before Fire and Water, and 7th season, post Fallen. I’m told familiarity with Meridian is needed to understand it.
SUMMARY : Teal’c/Daniel friendship

Wherever We Go by gingasaur. "You should just write about Jonas and Vala going on a picnic." She was joking. And yet here we are. In which Jonas is trying to be angry and wallow in self pity in peace, but Vala won't let him.

Stargate Atlantis
Walk Beside Me by Rachel500. When a diplomatic mission is interrupted by the Wraith, Sam and Teyla wrestle their personal demons to work together and find a way back to Atlantis. In other words, Sam and Teyla being awesome and bad ass. And oh, hey, bonding a bit along the way, too.

Dr. Who
The Tragic Demise of the Psychic Paper by alsodinosaurs. Title pretty much covers it. Fluff.

well, you know by roachpatrol. Series 1 AU, It is July in New New York, 099: the dawning of the latest and greatest era of beauty, freedom, truth and love, but mostly love. And when it comes to Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness, a lot of beauty. John Smith is so hopelessly in love with his two best friends that sometimes he thinks he could just about explode. But he's no one special. Not really. Lyrical and slightly melancholy, but lovely in it's own way.

Handyman by pluto. Donna is breaking. Shaun can't help but try and help fix her.

White Collar
A Wake-up Call a Mean Ragout by china-shop. Another one I can't recall much of what happened, but there is Neal being sneaky and Peter being oblivious. And El making a mean ragout.

No, and here's a dozen reasons why by china-shop. Peter on why it would be a Bad Idea, but who is tempted to take the risk anyway.

Nothing Says 'Feel Better Soon' Like Grand Theft Larceny by OnYourMark. On why you do NOT mess with Elizabeth Burk, because "dirty" doesn't even scratch the surface when Neal Caffrey really wants to play ball.

Strays by sahiya. Neal and some kittens. Yes, KITTENS. And NEAL. I'm not sure it is possible to get any more adorable than that. Fluff of the fluffiest.

Vorkosigan Saga
The Stuff That Dreams by dsudis. Bad dreams and having someone to hold onto.

Vorkosigan Sousleau by Philomytha. "I freely admit that I don't know much about boats," Cordelia said, treading water, "but I'm pretty sure the sail is supposed to be pointing up." Aral and Cordelia fluff

Here Tomorrow, Gone Today by Tari Roo. SGA/SPN Crossover AU. One shot. The world ended and not how any hunter would have imagined. A BSG-style fleet of refugees on the run, with Dean Winchester aboard the Hammond. Shep POV.

Quick Like a Bunny by innie-darling. Sherlock/Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. I kid you not. Nuff said.

And stick a fork in me, I'm done.
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I am way behind on my fic recs and I think I have at least ten to post from the last few months, but not tonight because my head hurts something fierce.

So we'll start with the one I just finished and leave it at that for now. With My Feet Toward the Stars (let me remember you as you were when you existed) by Rinsbane. Lovely and beautiful and lyrical, fractured and bittersweet. At age five, Spock informs his mother that it is illogical to wish him “sweet dreams” at bedtime because Vulcans do not dream. “Oh, Spock,” she says.

The Enterprise becomes sentient, and Spock is the only one who can hear her. The story jumps around a lot, and I don't recommend reading it with a headache, but it is definitely worth it.
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Mobius and The Sea Maid, Rewritten by canaana. Another AU for The Stolen Earth/Journey's End. So much more than a "fix it" fic.
In which Donna does not end up as foam upon the waves. This is the last ten minutes of JE gone distinctly AU

More in the series here
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I have yet to see either of the new Tron movies, and I've only seen the original maybe once, a very very long time ago. As in, I was four. Maybe five. Six is probably pushing it.

However, this? Totally needs to be an extra scene in the next movie. Seriously. Fanboys and girls around the world will explode with glee if we get to see that put onto the big screen. Please?
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I Don't Smoke by dress without sleeves. It is no secret that Wendell is my favorite squinturn, so when I saw I story that was all about his initial reaction to the Jeffersonian team? I could not resist. ::hearts it like woah::

Variations on a Theme by TamsinBailey. Awesome look at how Booth and Brennan met in the End in the Beginning universe.

White Collar
Compliments of the FBI by OnYourMark. Adorable fluffy fic on how Peter and El got together.

Star Trek Reboot
Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit by Suppi-chan. It Really does take a village to raise a Jim Kirk. Incredible Kirk insight while he grows up as the unofficial mascot of one of the smallest groups in Starfleet - crew and passengers from the last voyage of the Kelvin. Makes me want to hug him. A lot.

Serenity, Nevada by Christina K. Oz's summer road trip takes him to a sleepy little town in Nevada- one that just woke up with a big new problem, and the local sheriff and citizens may have to face a reality they never expected before the closing credits. THIS IS THE SERENITY CREW! Spot-on characterization for all of them... they just happen to be the working folk of a small Nevada town in the 21st century instead of a handful of space cowboys ecking out an existence on the edge of civilization in the 26th. And there are vampires, too.

Named by mclachland. Jesus Christ is dead. Somehow, that isn't the worst part of Dean's week. Everyone in and even on the edges (like me) of the Supernatural fandom has probably read this one already, but in case there are a few left who haven't - and because I want it on had if i ever decide to read it again - I'll link it none the less. Truly and amazing story, even if I'm not quite sure if I'm happy where it went. Of course, I've also only ever seen one episode of Supernatural, and it was in the earlier seasons when they were still more along the "bad guy of the week" kind of show before it got all super complicated with plots and subplots and characters literally going to Hell and back. According to my friend Di, who I mooched the link from, for all you long-time Supernatural fans - this is the ending it should've gotten (minus the smutty scenes, of course, because I don't think CW is allowed to be quite that graphic, though I certainly am not protesting. ;) )
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Because I fail at keeping up with my fan fiction addiction. Tin Man rec dump now, and then the random handful of Star Trek Reboot, White Collar, Bones, Firefly, and Supernatural stories I've read the last few weeks.

Road to Recovery by Jedi Buttercup
It was no wonder things weren't happily-ever-after yet, the way Popsicle's stories had promised. Real life was a whole lot messier than fairy tales ever accounted for, and it would be a long while before everyone recovered. A short, slightly more realistic OZ after the events of Tin Man. Struggling, but on the road to recovery.

The Princess and the Pizza by Jedi Buttercup
Dawn and DG compare the craziness of their lives over pizza and soda. Total fluff.

Loophole by animegus farmus
A bunch of stuffy old bureaucrats try and force DG into an arranged marriage that was set up when she was four. She finds a way around it. Again, total fluff.

If Things Were Different by Feistyfox
What might've happened if the witch was never freed, and DG and her sister grew up as princesses of the OZ. Link to the first chapter, the rest can be found under the 'if things were different' tag.

How Like a Winter by dress without sleeves
A very realistic look at Azkadellia after her possession. The brief in-the-background glimpses of DG don't really seem that in character to me, but that might be because I've been spoiled by all the Tin Man fanfiction I've read... especially since I've only seen the *actual* miniseries twice. The Az-focus is spot on, though, and Cain is pretty awesome, too.
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One more for the road because I heart anything Doctor and Donna like woah (BFF!)

Gingerbread by _thirty2flavors. Because I loved it so much I went all Fangirl at the author in the comments, which is not something I do lightly. Yet another story to feed my Doctor/Donna BEST FRIENDS FOREVER love. Also, there is a nice long sequel that I shall save for tomorrow, and according to seanachais (where I got the initial link from), there are several more in that universe as well. :D
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To See the World in a Grain of Sand by dress without sleeves. Very good look at the lives of Dastan and Tamina directly after the movie ends - one who remembers, and one who can't help but wonder in her newly acquired ignorance. Soooo true to both characters that I could see the story play out picture-perfect in my head. I particularly loved the ostrich racing bit.

As for the four additional stories in my folder, they are the direct result of a Tin Man binge I went on a few weeks back. Since I am feeling lazy, I'll save them for tomorrow's spam.
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Zugunruhe by Gloriana. An adorable Due South story from the POV of Ray K's pet turtle that has probably already been read by everyone in the Due South fandom but me.
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Insomnia's Net Worth by gyzym. In which Peter can't sleep, and Neal's late night television habits leave something to be desired.
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Dirty Laundry by Asano. In which doing a simple bit of laundry has never been quite so challenging.
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The Man With No Name by Frostfyre7, Firefly/Doctor Who crossover in which the Doctor - still lonely and aching a bit after the events of "Runaway Bride" - finds himself in the Firefly universe, a few months after The Big Damn Movie. The TARDIS tends to put him where he's needed (or maybe it's where he needs to be, who knows), so there are Events with alien tech that should not be in that century and, as both the Doctor and the Firefly crew don't ever have to go looking for trouble... well, what results is a Long And Plotty action/adventure story that is totally worth reading even if I can't remember everything that happens in it. Also, I admit, I am totally a sucker for any story where the Doctor and River get to interact, an opportunity that this story offers quite readily.
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It has been awhile, and I admit I haven't read as *much* fic as I once might have to fill the time (I've been reading actual books instead. Not that I'm a bibliophile or anything. ;) ), but I still seem to have acquired quite a few fic recommendations in my "fic recs" folder. I figure I should probably purge them, otherwise the prospect will just get more daunting and I'll find an excuse to put it off even more, which will only cause the list to increase further and get even *more* daunting, and alas, I am trapped in my own Catch-22.

So, next few entries will be fic recs.

Doctor Who - Not the Last by nostalgia. In which Donna demands she be turned into a Time Lord instead of having her memories wiped. Which means the Doctor is no longer the last of his kind and, point in fact, the only other of his kind is female, which puts him in a bit of a pickle as far as biology goes. As someone who is very much *not* on the Doctor/Donna bandwagon, I almost didn't read this one, but I was curious enough to give it a shot. Also, who am I to resist the call of Crack Doctor Who fic?
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Learning to Dance, and it's sequel, Learning to Live by Purplerhino. Takes place after the miniseries, the first one is mostly on how Cain and DG finally hook up and how Azkadellia deals with being possessed for fifteen years. A bit sappier and sex-based than my preferred Tin Man genre, but still holds its own, and considering the size of the fandom, you don't ignore the gems even if they are a big rough around the edges. There was also a small issue with POV jumping around a bit, but I think is at fault because I know from experience that it tends to eat pretty much any kind of symbol that isn't a definite punctuation mark.

I'm only on the second chapter of Learning to Live, and already it seems less sappy and more action-ey. So, promise.

ETA 2:17 - so really loving the second one. *Much* less sap, and lots more adventure. Also, anyone who can throw multiple Firefly and Labyrinth (and possible Bedknobs and Broomsticks) refs all into one chapter (and others through out the story so far) totally gets my vote for a worthwhile read. :)
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Usually I do fic dumps one post at a time so I can keep them all neat and organized in my LJ Memories. With the mess of computer issues I've had the last few weeks month and a half, though, I am far too lazy to make ::counts:: at least a dozen separate entries. So, you get one huge fic dump instead. Enjoy!

Dresden Files
Holy Wars by TigerKat. This one is actually a crossover with a movie, but sharing what that movie is would spoil the surprise. Suffice to say, Dresden and co find themselves in charge of a very very special young lady that multiple parties would love to get their hands on.

Moose Bites Can Be Pretty Nasty by TigerKat. There is a demon moose. It bites. That is about all I can remember

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1
Nobody Does It Better by eretria. Stealing authors summary because it has been long enough I don't actually recall what happens in this one. In which everyone loves Rodney, Vala is a stowaway, John is smart, Sam is flummoxed, Daniel is jealous, Ronon and Teyla realize all Earth people are peculiar, and Elizabeth is reminded that guests are like fish. (Pegasus Project based teamfic with a side-dish of John/Vala and Sam/Rodney - Prequel to "A question of perspective Or Reality Doesn't Always Come in Second to Fantasy").
I have not read the second one, so I have no idea what happens in that one, either, but I figure I'd link it just to have it handy next time I go on a fic binge.

Starting Over by pogrebin. Post-series - After Atlantis lands back on Earth, the Pegasus team has to figure out how to start over - again.

In Short by penknife. A few short, snarky "missing scene" kind of blurbs covering the whole of both series.

Stargate SG-1
Anarchists Invaded by voleuse. Fluffy Vala/Sam friendship fic

Big Bang Theory
Progression by lurkisblurkis. Sheldon is not sure what to do if one loves a woman. One-shot, based on a series of random prompts.

Iron Man/West Wing
That Kind of Crazy by neonhummingbird. Pepper Potts calls her BFF Donna Moss to complain about her crazy superhero boss

Star Wars
Inversion by Lisse. What if Bali wanted a son instead of a daughter? Looooove this story so very much. My only protest is that it wasn't longer, because the potential is endless.

NCIS/Stargate Atlantis
Prodigal by Domenika Marzione. Again, it's been awhile since I read this one, but from what I recall NCIS ends up suspecting one of the Pegasus crew in a murder, and thus there ends up being all sorts of secret keeping that drives NCIS up the wall and John Shepperd being a pain in the ass because he kinda has to. Also, lots of amusement and banter and team awesomeness, too, as is true to both series.

White Collar
Our Dance Gave Allegiance by vain-glorious. Pre-series, mildly AU - in which Neil ends up stealing something he never, ever expected in the midst of one of his heists.

B-Team by ana-grrl. In which Simon, Kaylee, and Wash end up being the Big Damn Heroes this time around, with a little help from Jayne toward the end.

There you go, two months of fic recs. Even without the separate posts, writing all that up took way longer than I thought it would.
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I *know* I've recced this before, but I cannot seem to find it in either my Memories or under my fic recs or sga tags. So, I link it again so this time I can do the smart thing and, you know, put it somewhere I can *find* it and stuff in the future.

Hockey Night on Atlantis by canadian snoopy, which is exactly as the title says - Shepperd and McKay (among others) combine forces to get Elizabeth to sanction an Atlantis Hockey Night, and it is good. Set first or second season, I think.
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Save a Horse by Priscellie, GG Crono, Shadowsong, and TigerKat. The life and adventures of Harry's favorite shirt. A few of them, at least. Book verse
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Two Hundred and Eight Weeks by Elandria Lore. Been a month or two since I read this one, so I'm stealing the author's summary. Peter likes to figure things out for himself.
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Memories of Guns - Wash and Zoe's daughter growing up on Serenity
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Of Two Worlds by [ profile] yahtzee63. Spock gets the option to choose between his universe and Spock Prime's universe.
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Otherside Encounter by animegus farmus. 19 chapters of pure, angst-free fun that may or may not qualify as crack, but I don't care because it was hilarious and awesome and I am totally adding it to my favorites and Scrapbooking it when I get home. Officer Gulch had to wonder how his day had gone so inexplicably wrong.

Also, there is an even longer companion piece, The Courting of Officer Gulch (63 chapters!) that promise even more awesome. I see no bad in this.

(As it is the same author, there is also a chapter that refers to "Dasturdly Plot", which just makes it that much better)
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A Dastardly Plot by animegus farmus. In which a young (and kind of dim) lord challenges DG to a drinking match. While DG had long since outgrown the stupidity of drowning brain cells for the mere sake of getting blind drunk, the odd frat party mixer she had attended had assured her she hadn't lost her rather astounding alcohol tolerance. She actually had a theory, since coming to the O.Z., that her magic gave her a hand in that regard. There was no scientific explanation, after all, for how a girl of her meager body mass had once drank an entire hockey team under the table
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I am probably the only Iron Man fan in the world who hadn't already read this - I have no excuse; I've run across it numerous times and just never got around to actually reading it - but at least now I have remedied that particular geek shortcoming.

The Kids Aren't Alright by [ profile] samdonne. An *extremely* well done Tony character-study done entirely in the form of a Vanity Fair Magazine article.
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Today I am Thankful for Stargate fic, because I am once again at work and I have NOTHING TO DO. Particularly, I am thankful for Cleo the Muse's fic, because it is mostly fluff, often very amusing, and always Made Of Win.
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Talking Hands by mhalachai. Five ways Jethro Gibbs may have learned sign language.


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