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Season's Greetings Everyone!

Spent Christmas Day at my aunt Sue's where I ate entirely too much, caught up with the cousins, watched home movies from when we were all wee and small, snuggled the puppy dog, and spent an hour or two playing Wii Sports with my brother Ben and two of the four cousins who were there. Got second place in our bowling match with 120-something, hurray me!

Got home right around dark and proceeded to try very hard not to fall asleep in front of the Packer/Bears game. Managed to make it until 10 pm, at which point I gave in to Morpheus and fell asleep probably within ten minutes of lying down. I figure I wouldn't miss much as it was something like 35-10 Packers and only 5 minutes or so left on the clock when I conked out. Also, at the risk of sounding like a bad Wisconsinite, I really don't much care how well the Packers are doing these days, I mostly just put the game on to kill some time. Shhhhh, don't tell any of my local friends. ;)
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Considering I crashed at 9 pm last night, and despite the wind that woke me up at 1:30, I really should not be this tired. Though I suppose that even though I did get back to sleep eventually, I guess it wasn't the most restful sleep because I kept waking up again every half-hour or so. So maybe I do have good reason to be exhausted.

ANYWAY, Superbowl 45 was indeed awesome. I was, of course, rooting for my homeboys from Wisconsin, Superbowl Spoiler ) On a non-spoilery note, I gotta admit, Green Bay definitely did seem the most relaxed of the two teams - kinda like this was just another game to them, not The Superbowl. Well done, boys.

We also hosted a Superbowl party at the house. Few of our coworkers came, and Beth encouraged me to invite Um Friend as well, so I did and he accepted, so hurray for more people because holy cow did we make way too much food. Still have way too much food, in fact, because we cooked for at least ten and only seven of us were actually there. I made Wisconsin Beer Cheese soup, Beth made BBQ chicken tenders and taco dip, among other munchie-type stuff, almost all of which we brought to work with us today to try and get rid of some more of it. Hopefully the rest of our coworkers are hungry.

Anyway, the party itself was lots of fun, even with our diminished numbers and excess of food. I was the only one who really had any "personal" investment in the game what with my home team playing, but since I haven't really followed football since the *last* time the Packers made it to the Superbowl, I really wasn't all that invested. Thus, we all mostly just sat around making fun of the bad commercials, saluting the good ones, and throwing squishy rubber balls at each other the entire four hours the game was on. Good times.
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* Ma Nature finally blessed the Tri Cities with an absolutely lovely day - sunshine, light wind, temps in the low 50s - so I tried to take advantage of it. First I hit Best Buy and bought a pair of headphones for my cell phone, so now I can be on the phone and doing stuff with *both* hands without having to go to speaker. Also, I can finally make use of the built in MP3 player I was so excited about

* Second I spent an hour and a half or so wandering up and down Columbia Park (also - opportunity to test out new head phones, hurrah!). Everyone else and their dog was there taking advantage of the sunshine - because, yeah, we haven't had that in, oh, I don't know, THREE AND A HALF FREAKING MONTHS! - but the walking path wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, so yay for that, too. It also helped that I got to say hello to several of the dogs in question.

* Third, I drove up to Walmart - more because it is a rather nice drive than any desire to go there, but hey, we did need toilet paper. It was also lunch time, and they have a Blimpies attached, so I hit them up for lunch and then I spent about a half hour or so wandering around for lack of anything better to do. Almost bought a snazzy screened thermal shirt, but I was able to convince myself that no, the last thing I need is more clothes.

* Lacking anything else to do, I headed back to the house after Walmart to finish my laundry and watch some TV. Um Friend called around 3 and asked if I wanted to go to dinner, and when I said sure, I've been craving Mexican, he suggested we meet at a place over in Pasco at 4:30 to beat the dinner rush.

* After dinner, we did the movie thing at his place again. This time it was that X-Men/Wolverine movie (Wolverine: Origins?) because he was shocked I had never seen it. Movie was indeed quite good, but I totally found myself more distracted by how pretty Hugh's hair was for most of it than I was by the half-dozen gratuitous Shirtless Scenes, not to mention all the Running Around Naked Scenes. I have strange priorities.

* Headed back to the house around 8:30/9:00ish after we made plans to maybe get together for the NFL Championship games on Sunday.


* Slept like crap and was having One Of Those Days where I wasn't sure I'd be good company, so I axed the tentative plans to get together for football. Took all my energy to drag my ass out of the house long enough to get groceries so I'd have lunch this week, and then I pretty much just shut myself up inside for the rest of the day.

* As both house mates were gone - one is off doing training this week, and the other one was out with some friends - I took advantage of having the house (and the big screen in the living room) to myself and grabbed some of the munchies I had lying around to make my own little Football Party of One for the NFC game. I made it through the first half before encroaching exhaustion from the sleepless night convinced me to pack away the goodies and catch the rest of the game in my room.

* Third quarter kinda vanished into a haze as I dozed off, and I didn't zone back in until spoilers for the Packers-Bears NFC championship )

My brain, man... Some days I seriously wonder.

* After the game, I spent the rest of the night watching whatever movies that happened to be on that I could tolerate, and when I ran out of those, I popped in some SG-1, which tided me over until I finally let myself go to bed at about 10.
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I am so sorry, Em! I had no intention for your mother to go barging in on you with the conviction that I needed someone to drive me instead of driving myself! She's a lot faster then she looks. One minute I was looking for something in my bag, only half listening to what your mom was rambling about, the next she was on her way up stairs to drag you and/or your dad out of bed to chouffer (sp, I know) me around, despite all my "No, really, I'll be okay"s I hope she didn't wake you up!

Anyway, after feeling disgusting most of the early morning and finally being able to fall asleep for an hour or so around 5:00 this morning, and then still feeling disgusting for a good chunk after I woke up, I felt okay (still kinda crappy, but such is life) enough to drive a few miles down 29 to meet my parents at a gas station instead of having them come all the way to Wausau to rescue me. I still felt kind of crappy, and thankfully Mom and Dad came together, so Dad took Coyote and I rode in the VW with Mom the rest of the way home.

Once we got there, Ben called and it was decided that it would be easier for him and Shana to meet us at Gramma's in town instead of driving all the way out to the homestead. I was planning on going along, but while I was feeling a bit better, I was also pretty sure I still wouldn't be very good company, and the thought of getting back in the car and driving some more was entirely unappealing. Also, I was exhausted, so I decided to just sent my regards with Mom and Dad, and then I crashed on the couch for two hours. Woke up feeing quite a bit better (still not 100 percent, but one takes what one can get) and decided to make the trek back to Plover while I still felt decent enough. The trip was uneventful, and I got back here around 4:15 this afternoon.

Melissa and Steve were here to watch the game when I got back, so we did some musical cars to get everyone to fit into the driveway without blocking someone in. Then the five of us (me, Dan, Dustin, Mandy, and Melissa) sat around to watch the Packers vs Giants game. Which the Packers lost in over time, but like I said last week, I didn't care so much about this game, as long as the Cowboys lost last week.

At some point, I mentioned that I had been naughty and picked up the Anniversary Edition of Labyrinth last night at Walmart (I really can't afford frivolous spending, but since I got my Financial Aid change check in the mail yesterday, I don't feel *as* guilty. Just ignore the fact that I didn't know I had gotten my change check until this afternoon when I got back). And then Steve said that he had never seen it. So Melissa decided he needed to be introduced to the crack that is Labyrinth. So now we are watching Labyrinth and being scarred by David Bowie and his tights.
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Giants PWNED IT! In your *face*, Cowboys!

Next week, Packers vs Giants at LAMBO FIELD, BITCHES! Though in all honesty, despite living in Wisconsin, I don't care so much who wins that one. As long as the Cowboys are through, I'm happy.

We now returned you to your regularly scheduled friends list.
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Yesterday we had a hymn sing at church with a carry in dinner following... we called it "Sing for your Supper" and I was really impressed with how many people who showed up... Mom says she counted something like 35, and we spend a whole hour singing favorite songs and hymns before dinner. They actually wanted to *keep* singing a little longer, so that was nice. My voice started hurting about half way through, so after that I didn't sing quite as loud and I wouldn't sing anything above a B or a C. I'm still coughing today because of it. But, it was fun, and who am I to turn down free food? :D

My gramma is up here watching the Packer game with my parents. We have all sorts of munchie and finger foods on the table which we've been working on for this so called "party" (if you can call four people, one of whom (me) isn't even really watching the game, and a dog a 'party'). Maren is very full... but does that stop her from going after another few corn chips and taco dip? No sirr-ee! YAY munchie foods! Any way, apparently todays game is a pretty important one for the Packers and their chance at getting into the Superbowl... woopiee, go Packers - all the way ::unenthusiastically waves a mini green and gold pom-pom:: Yeah, like I really give a damn... all I want to do is take a nap, but my room is cold and I dun wanna go up there. So, instead, I sit here typing at my computer... exciting, no? :)

Buuut, in other news, YAY! It's snowing! ::happy dance:: Who cares if it's the start to another whole week of son-of-a-bitching cold of the negative degree, it's snow! YAY!

Hoooly cow, Favre just threw a 55 yard touchdown pass... Damn, that's impressive, even if the game as a whole really isn't. So, I'll allow myself this little moment of Wisconsin pride... WOOO! GO FAVRE! You might be an ass-hole, but you sure do have one hell of an arm.
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The Packers are currently kicking the Patriots ass!
This is a good thing in my book, because I've never liked the Patriots. And that's a lot coming from me, cause there are only two teams in the entire NFL that I really don't like, and those are the New England Patriots, and the Dallas Cowboys (which I hate more then the Patriots).
I don't really get into football (American) that much, so there might be more teams out there that I don't like that I just haven't seen them or watched for them or whatever yet, but so far those are the only two I really don't like too much. I even like the Vikings, who are supposed to be the Packers arch enemies, and being a Wisconsin-ite, I should hate them.
But, I'm weird. And, like I said, I don't follow football that often.


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