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Hurray, my [ profile] fandom_stocking has been hung! Kinda forgot I made one... woopse.

Note to self - fill someone's (or several someones!) stocking tomorrow - even if there are no story ideas that jump out at you, there are always icons, wall papers, or regular run of the mill holiday greetings.
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Friday, Dec 2 - Took Kristin along for a tree decorating party at JB's. We put geeky ornaments on his Christmas tree and had the Star Wars Holiday Special on in the background. I didn't notice much about it (thankfully) beyond the singing at the end and Cartoon Han's penis shaped head, and instead spent the entire time eating junk food and jabbering with fellow geeks.

Sunday, Dec 4 - Madgical Dinner at the high school courtesy of Kristin's mother. Soup was good, bread was *really* good, and I ate most of my stuffed pork chop even though I am neither a fan of pork chops nor stuffing, but it was still kind of nice to dress up. And wear my hooker boots. ;) Singing was pretty good, too - only about half the Mads were strong singers this year, but the choirs all did amazing, and the Mads were pretty good in and of themselves.
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And on an entirely different note, I am way more amused by this than I should be - but Stargate *does* actually have a teeny tiny basis in truth. Behold, the Puerta de Hayu Marka (also known as the Stargate)

Alas, it requires a specialized golden disk to actually transport anyone anywhere, which obviously isn't something we mere humans have any access too as the last guy who was transported interdimensionally took it with him and never brought it back. I am, however, extremely amused by the fact that there really is a Peruvian Stargate and I kind of wish Stargate SG-1 had taken advantage of the fact, but alas, they did not.
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I have yet to see either of the new Tron movies, and I've only seen the original maybe once, a very very long time ago. As in, I was four. Maybe five. Six is probably pushing it.

However, this? Totally needs to be an extra scene in the next movie. Seriously. Fanboys and girls around the world will explode with glee if we get to see that put onto the big screen. Please?
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Awesome night with friends at Dustin's Wine and Cheese Night. Tried three different wines, I have no idea how many cheeses, and got to catch up with a significant portion of my Point friends that I haven't seen in months, plus a few new faces. Only got rained on a little bit, too! We were out around the fire until close to 3 am, so I crashed on Dustin's couch rather than drive the hour+ back home in the middle of a very dark and foggy night. Running on about five hours of sleep for the past two nights combined, but it was totally worth it.

Week after next, All Day Star Wars Party at JB's! It's good to be geek. :D
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NPR's Top 100 Sci Fi/Fantasy book list

Because... yes.

Also because I have only read maybe 10 of them, and that really really needs to change now. ::nods::
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Yesterday was pretty great. Two of my friends, Kristin and Steve, got married in Madison, and with my limited finances I asked my friend Ethan if he was interested being my travel buddy so I could get a bit of help on gas. We'd been trying to figure out when and where to get together and catch up since I got home, so it seemed like a good opportunity. Then, the day before the wedding, my friend Tracy found out she could also attend, too, so she grabbed a ride as well! Three kind of hippy crafty geology-interested people in a car for three hours = WIN. Seriously, I don't think there were any stretches of non-conversation that lasted more than three minutes the entire trip there and back, and my voice was going scratchy because we were talking so much.

We got to Madison about 12:00, and since the wedding didn't start until 4:30, we had lots of time to hang out a bit and do the touristy thing, and Madison is a very good place to do a tourist thing. Walking down Dayton? Street right next to the capitol, we were able to cheer on the Walker protesters who are *still* marching on the capitol (don't let the rumors get to you - seriously, this is like the most polite protest I've ever seen or heard of. The protesters were standing out front of the capitol building singing hymns, for crying out loud! With an accordion accompanying them. It was kind of awesome) and camping on capitol hill, and there were four big wooden sheets right under one of the sculptures across the street from the front doors filled with personal messages from some of the people who had joined the protest over the months. I have pictures and I will post them probably before the end of the day.

Then we headed to the Wisconsin Historical Museum and spent a good chunk of the afternoon there, possibly annoying the other patrons a bit because we were jabbering so much about the nifty history stuff. I've probably been to the Wisconsin Historical Museum at least three or four times in my life, but it never, ever gets old. Wisconsin has so much cool stuff in its history, and I never get tired of seeing and reading about it.

Then it was time for the wedding at Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Despite clouds and rain in the morning and probably on the tail end of the reception dinner and dance, it did not rain, and the gardens were beautiful. Really going to have to go back there and check them out more throughly one of these days. Anyway, I got all dressed up and tossed on a little eye makeup for effect (and yes, there will be pictures eventually, but I kinda forgot my camera so I'm going to have to wait until I can mooch them off of my friends) and we went to find our seats. Ceremony was short and very warm-hearted with one of the nieces reciting a poem she wrote for the bride and groom, one of the aunts or grandmothers sang "You Raise Me Up", and Dustin did a very nice, heart-felt job with the whole ceremony (he was playing the part of the priest).

Then there was the reception dinner and I got to sit and talk with a bunch of my Point/Plover/Milwaukee friends for *two hours* and MANDY WAS THERE and it was awesome and we took lots more pictures. Dinner was probably fantastic, but I had no appetite so I mostly just had potatoes and a bun. Then the whole sucky part of the evening - lack of appetite unfortunately turned into some pretty significant nausea about an hour before we were planning on leaving, so I had to bail on my friends (boo) to go outside and try and see if fresh air and moving around helped any. It did, but the queasiness was persistent, and it was bad enough that I was seriously worried that the trip back home was going to be miserable. Ethan and Tracey stuck around long enough for cake - because damned if i was going to ruin the party for them if I didn't have to - and joined me outside at around 8ish, which is when we were planning on leaving to head back to Point and Marshfield.

Five minutes on the road? I was fine. What the hell, body? That was sooooooo not on. I wonder if it was just a combination of the press of bodies and the various scents and smells of food and perfume and cologne that got to me, but whatever, we all had a good time right up until I got queasy, then I hope they both had a good time up until only just before we were initially planning on leaving, so it's not like the night was a bust or anything - just the opposite, actually - I just wish I could've stuck around and enjoyed that last hour rather than walking in circles around the parking lot trying not to puke. Ugh, stupid body.

Anyway, conversation in the car back home was just as back and forth as it was on the way down, and we pulled into Stevens Point around 10 or 10:30ish to drop off Tracy, and I had Ethan back home by 11. Wild partiers we are not, though I imagine we all would've stayed longer at the wedding had the Mystery Illness not made a nuisance of itself. I was bummed, man! I hadn't seen Mandy in *forever*, and I hadn't seen Val and Melissa in almost as long and I was so excited to have the chance to catch up with them. I guess the two hour we *were* able to catch up a bit was better than nothing, though. And I totally got as much talking and jabber as I could've possibly hoped with Ethan and Tracy, so that was good.

Anyway, aside from the annoying nausea thing, the whole day was a blast and I am so glad I got to go see Kristin and Steve start their lives together!
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Also, totally forgot there was new Mythbusters on Wednesday! ::hits megaupload like a mad hitting thing::
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I am reading Blameless, the third in the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. The series reads much like the Amelia Peabody books, only with more snark, more steam punk, and a bunch of quirky supernatural folk.

Small, very entertaining spoilers )

On a purely geeky level, you all from the Shippers List remember those virtual Grow An Aragorn kits I had stockpiled back in the day? I'm am axing Aragorn for a newer model in the form of one Professor Randolph Lyall.

Fare thee well, my dear Aragorns. We had a good run, but frankly, I fell out of the Lord of the Rings fandom years ago and Professor Lyall has brains to go with his supernatural brawn, and he cannonically runs around naked all the time. Also, he has a top hat.
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This morning, after getting bombarded by all the Royal Wedding news and photos, I posted on Facebook: "Amusing thought of the day - the Doctor at the Royal Wedding. Come on, you know he'd be invited, even if the invite would come along with a polite note asking him not to attend in hopes of *not* attracting trouble on that special day."

This afternoon, through a friend of a friend, I give you this:

Best. Photoshop. EVAH! Or maybe I'm just a humgo dork.
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In the last year or two, I have discovered that I really like maps. This might be partially due to the fact that I just spent the last twelve months making them, but I think it actually stems to the one cartography class I took way back when I first attended UW Stevens Point.

It wasn't until the last year, though, that I started actually flipping back and referencing the territory maps that many fantasy novels have at the beginning of the book over and over again whenever some location or road is mentioned. I used to ignore those things entirely - I might look at them once in curiosity when I first started the book, but after that I my mental image would very much be in the "here and now", in a matter of speaking - when the characters in the books traveled, I'd only ever really "see" in my head their current location when the first described it, and i gave little thought to how they might've arrived there.

Now, though, I find myself constantly flipping back to those rough maps and trying to plot out their route of travel, or see how far one location was from another and thus how far the characters had to travel to *get* from that one place to the other. Nifty landmarks - like giant, perfectly round inland seas and/or plains that have formed in old craters (cookies if you can guess what series I am reading. ;) ) - are also something I like being able to see mapped out , so I am pleased as punch when I have a relatively well drawn map to reference as i read, even when I've read the book so many times that I have parts of it memorized.

On the other hand, when it *isn't* a well done map, and it is missing all these road and towns and locations mentioned in the books, I have discovered that it kind of drives me nuts. ::once again searches in vain for the boarder town that DOESN'T EXIST on the map, despite it being of moderate importance in at least two of the novels in the series::
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So, I've been toying with the idea of using the money my gramma gave me for Christmas to buy a Nook, but so far I have resisted because $150 is kind of a lot that might go toward better use, especially since I won't have *any* money coming in for at least a month or two once I finish up here in March.

However... with the continuing computer issues annoyance I've been going through, I *also* haven't had much opportunity to access all of the fan fiction/ebooks I have saved on my computer, which has caused me no small source of frustration, especially since many of them are no longer available online, or I can't access where they *are* archived on my work computer because the website is blocked.

So, I pose a question to all you Nook/Kindle owners out there - is it possible to open any kind of Firefox or Internet Explorer file on the Nook? I use the Scrapbook add on for Firefox to store some of my favorite fan fictions on my lap top, which saves the "website" as a web index file that I can open up in Firefox or Internet Explorer even when I don't have access to the internet.

I read that Nooks can handle PDFs, but I don't think that would do me much good as I don't have any kind of PDF converter on my computer even if it is actually possible to save a website as a PDF, which I find unlikely. However, if it is indeed possible, it would definitely tip me over the edge on the "To buy or not to buy, that is the question!" fence.
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Went to Red Rock Canyon instead of Ring of Fire on Sunday, but I still took way too many pictures and spent a bunch of money that probably could've gone toward better, less frivolous uses, but whatever, I now have a new long sleeved t-shirt and a bunch of really pretty postcards that did a way better job of capturing the Red Rocked-ness of Red Rock Canyon than I ever could.

Also, on the way back from the park, we saw numerous signs warning of "Wild Burro/Big Horn Sheep Crossing", and we looked at them, looked at each other, and kind of shrugged because, okay, like deer crossing, only probably less likely. Three miles later, traffic was stopped by a trio of wild burros blocking the road, and they were quite content to stay right there until a police officer actually had to stop and chase them away. He also looked slightly amused and mildly resigned... I guess it happens often enough, especially when the tourist try and feed the beasts. Anyway, the whole ordeal caused myself and Cristin to bust out laughing, because seriously, WE WERE STOPPED BY A HERD OF WILD BURROS! Who'da thunk? (and yes, I do have pictures).

Yesterday it was brunch at IHOP and some SG marathoning (Urgo, Crystal Skull, The Storm, and Echos) before Cristin dropped me off at the air port and I was on my way back to Washington. Had a very awesome and lovely weekend with Cristin, saw a bit of Vegas, and didn't actually spend as much money as I thought I would, so yay for that!

Of course, now I have no one in the area to share my abject SG love with, and I am resigned to obsess over it all on my own again. ::dramatic sigh:: Also, slightly sleep deprived. Is it nap time yet?
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Still enjoying an all-out geek fest with Cristin. Yesterday we hit the Atomic Testing museum and Red Lobster for lunch before coming back to the apartment to watch a bunch of random TV episodes from various series, as well as a few SG1 episodes because we are kind of obsessive like that.

Today we hit one of the more local casinos and I put ten bucks into the penny slot machines (and promptly lost it, but I kind of figured I would) just to say I gambled in Vegas before we hit the aquarium (whee, sharks! Though I was very disappointed to discover they did not have any tiger sharks) and then drove down the strip, because while I had little enthusiasm to actually walk it, driving down and taking pictures with my cell phone worked just dandy.

Back at the apartment now, where we will probably feed our geekery and watch a bunch more movies, and tomorrow the plan is go hit Ring of Fire (I think?) National Park where I will likely get my artsy on and take even more pictures.
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I am in Las Vegas with [ profile] ladysorka! Arrived last night around 5ish, and we went to Applebees for dinner and spent the entire evening watching geeky music videos and episodes of various shows that she has on hand. Also finally got to see "How to Train Your Dragon", which is just as cute and fun as I thought it was going to be.

In other news, I did not bring my computer along (alas, just as I was leaving Washington, it once again gave me the dread Black Screen after I had been using it for a few minutes, so it'll be going to the repair shop - *again* - as soon as I get back), so I might not be around much these next few days. Using one of Cristin's extra computers right now, but it is a tiny little Notebook and the keyboard is super small so it is a pain to type on.
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So I don't think many of you are going to take me up on this offer, but with the craziness of the last month and a half or so with the traveling and the conferences and planning and the packing, I totally spaced signing up for Yuletide this year. Now that I am out of school, I was really looking forward to having time to do it for once, but alas, due to my easily distracted brain, it is not to be.

Since I am bummed about missing Yuletide, though, I thought I would play the Holiday Elf and offer to fill fic requests for you, my wonderful geeky Friends List. So, my dear friends, if you would be in the mood for a bit of holiday fic present cheer, comment with a fic prompt and I shall try very hard to give you with at least 1000 words worth of it by New Years Day (or January 7th if I procrastinate too long).

I so know I am going to regret this, but here is a list of fandoms directly from my LJ Interests that I am offering up for the prompting:

Anita Blake, Bones, Castle, Charmed, Chuck, Doctor Who (9th-10th, and *maybe* 8th), Due South, Eureka, Fairy Tales, Firefly, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Garfield, Harry Potter, Invisible Man, Iron Man, Mercedes Lackey, NCIS, Sea Quest, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Tamora Pierce, The 10th Kingdom, The Dead Zone, The Pretender, Tin Man, Transformers

I also *might* be able to pull off if I work at it and provided it's all character-based rather than plot-based:

Buffy, Merlin, Supernatural, and Torchwood (second season)

So, there you have it. If you are so inclined, go thee forth and prompt me! (And if you can give me a particular line you would like to see used in the story, that usually gets the creative juices flowing a bit better, too!)
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These two made me laugh so hard I started hacking. Ah, allergies.

On birthday presents and getting home

Remind me to never get an iPhone with Autocorrect
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Thanks entirely to the Halloween episode of Chuck, I have discovered Stars, a Canadian indie/electronica group. More to the point, I have discovered their latest album, The Five Ghosts, and it is the only album I have seriously considering going out and buying and spending money on and stuff for the first time since 2005ish, and even that album (Coldplay's X&Y - I am not ashamed! Though I probably should be) I really only wanted one or two songs. Five Ghosts? I want them *ALL*, or at least 80% of them.

No clue what their earlier stuff focused on, but Five Ghosts is very supernatural-centric (if the title isn't a dead give away). Given that Ghost Hunters owns my soul, this has a lot of pull for me. And, if not for the fact that the album was only released in June, I would *swear* it is the soundtrack C. E. Murphy was listening to when she wrote what might possibly be one of my favoritest books ever (Walking Dead), which also came out in June.
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Arrived back from Denver around 2 pm yesterday. Much fun was had at the GSA conference.

Sunday night we did go out for Halloween and I actually had *two whole drinks* and stuff. I went as Abby from NCIS (duh), Angela went as someone from Clockwork Orange (the one all in white with the weird dark eye thing), and Liza just wore black and some Halloweeny decorations. As we were all extremely brain fried from all the lectures we attended Sunday morning and afternoon, though, we didn't stay out too late - we left by like 8:30 and we were back at my hotel by 10:45. However, it was still hella fun, and hurray for not freezing my ass off for once when I go out for Halloween! Weather in Denver was pretty damn gorgeous all weekend, and Sunday night it was still in the 50s.

Good times. Took many pictures, which I will post and/or link to later.
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Got to Denver without any trouble yesterday morning and spent the rest of the day hitting some of the geological touristy stops in the area. First stop was the Royal Gorge, which is like the nations tallest suspension bridge (something like a quarter mile tall), and later on we went to the Garden of the Gods down near Colorado Springs. Alas, we did not go to Cheyenne Mountain, so I couldn't tell you if there really is a Super Secret Stargate facility under the mountain. There is, however, an Air Force base, so you can draw your own conclusions. ;)

Today the GSA conference started, and I hit a lot of the climate analysis lectures pretty hard. So far it has been extremely interesting and my brain is all stuffed full of information like it hasn't been since End of Semester Crunch back at school. However, the fact that there will be no homework and no tests means having a stuffed brain is the worst of the symptoms I'll be getting, so it's all good.

Later tonight we'll go out to see what we can find among the Denver Night Life, though I doubt we'll spend more than an a few hours amongst the costumed masses as we are all kind of tired and mostly just looking for an excuse to wear our costumes. :D

Also, Curtis hotel has a TV or movie theme for every floor. When I checked in, they asked me if I had a floor preference, and I told them to surprise me. I ended up on the Science Fiction level.
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I called [ profile] ladysorka earlier this evening because it had been far too long since we last spoke. We spent an hour and a half talking about fan fiction. *Fan fiction*, people!

There is geek, and then there is GEEK, and it is Awesome.
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I have just finished watching Casper the Friendly Ghost - the 1995 movie with Christina Ritichi (only spelled right) and Bill Pullman - for the first time in probably at least 10 or so years, and it is just as much fun as it used to be.

While watching several scenes, however, I was forced to recall that once upon a time, way back in my Jr. High years - well before I even knew what "fan fiction" was - I actually had about 70% of a sequel to the movie all worked out in my head. Something about reverse-engineering that little bit of Magic Life Giving Liquid that we saw left in one of the other containers next to the machine, and using it to create a new batch, and thus giving Casper a Second Chance at Life. I had a villain and a plot and everything!

Of course this was also around the time where I was going through my Supper Sappy Love Conquers All stage, so I am not at all upset that that particular story never made it on to paper, and most of what was in my head has long since been forgotten. It might in fact be the one story I don't regret not writing down when it was still fresh in my little 12 or 13 year old brain, because judging from what little of it I *do* remember, it would've been horribly horribly bad.

Still... I suppose it goes to prove that even as a kid I was a geek, especially since I'm pretty sure it is not the only "fan fiction" that has been lost in the dark, disused catacombs of my brain.
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The Small Fandom and Rare Pairing/Rarely-Written Character Promote-a-thon!, courtesy of the the ever wonderful [ profile] icepixie! Plug your own Small Fandom/Rare Pairing/Rarely-Written Character fic! Or make request for That One Story You Always Wanted But Could Never Find in small fandoms/rare pairings/rarely written characters! It's like Yuletide, only year-round!
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Added another chapter to TwitterCaked. Because I am a geek and I always get ideas in the shower.

In other news, went to see RED and it was awesome. You just cannot go wrong with an all star cast, big freaking guns, and a plot that consists of "Who the fuck is trying to kill us!?" and not much else.

Then we went for dinner at Red Lobster and I ate too much and spent too much money, but now I have cheesecake for dinner.

And, lastly, I am currently watching Bandits on some random movie channel. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good day.


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