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This year I didn't do my traditional Score The Internets For Good Ghost Stories post before Halloween. So I am stealing Becca's link for creepiness.

First few are ones I've heard before, but I still got chills. Possibly because I might be coming down with cold, but whatever, still counts. Who fans should check out "The Statue" about a third of the way down the page.
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Last night’s dreams were all about vampire fighting, and The Hoff did not make a single appearance, thank god. Also? I blame this on spending most of the afternoon and evening yesterday reading ghost stories online.

cut because it gets a little long )

Apparently my subconscious wants to be an urban fantasy writer. All things considered, though, if you take out the Chemistry bit? She actually had a pretty good plot going for her.
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* Like it Better Game, in which you pick the preferred picture and the brain on the bottom will guess stuff about you. So far, its been wrong for me three times and right three times, but its still amusing. And, hey, ways to kill time are always good.

* cool mammatus clouds

* PBS Evolution site - Lots of interesting stuff on the evolution of humans/sex/Darwin/etc

* Virtual Hitman Design. Some very... interesting... paintings. Some of them are kinda cool, some of them are kinda creepy, but I figured I'd link it just for the novelty of the website title. I have to admit, I do kinda like the somesortofUSpapermoney-bill one a little past halfway down the page.

* Happy Halloween!

* Best photos of 2005. The squirrel one with the Reeses is particularly adorable. As well as the kitty cat with the fish bowl.

* Free fonts! YAY! Though you do have to unzip the file once you download it, just an FYI.

* This is far too adorable for words.

* Great Dane puppy who is very very cute. Yes, I am a girl on occasions, and Awwww!ing over puppies is one of those occasions.

* Ooo, ghosts stories and unexplained mysteries. That one I'm tagging just so I can come back to it. Also, from that same site, I will say that this is quite possible, and has happened numerous times through out history. A tornado/water spot zips over a small creek or something, sucks up all the water (and everything in the water, including fish and frogs), and then it disapates and suddenly its raining amphibians. Its even possible out of a clear sky (as with the blood and pieces of meat) as upper level winds are more than strong enough to keep any number of strange objects aloft. Not exactly a pleasant idea, but not impossible, either. Still not sure where the candy might have come from, though.

Right, then, since I imagine I'll play around that last site for awhile, I think thats enough for now. Enjoy this most recent episode of Maren's Stumble Spam.
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It's October. I don't suppose anyone has any good ghost stories they wanna suggest to me? Any fandom would make me very happy. Even original stories would make me very happy. Stories involving ghost!sex would make me absolutely ecstatic, but there really aren't that many out there (this I know. Because I have looked. Frequently), so I won't count on any of those.

Yeah, so I know none of you all read this, and those few who do don't do the fan fiction thing very often, but I thought I would ask. ::goes to google ghost stories::


Feb. 20th, 2004 12:27 am
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Okay, so you know that ghost story I started waaaay back in October?  The one I said I would have done by Halloween if not sooner?  Well, I lied.  But!  Now it actually is done, and even betaed!  So, a few months late and a holiday pretty much the direct opposite of Halloween later (give or take a week or so), I give you

Fading )

Hope you enjoy!

Okay, off to bed now... Heeead huuuuurts... ::takes a few asprin and drags herself upstairs::

And hee! This song really fits quite well with the story... And it just came on as I was posting this... ::is amused::

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Doncha hate it when you're muse attacks you with a nasty annoying little plot bunnie that won't be ignored no matter how hard you try? That's what happened to me yesterday afternoon... She latched on and wouldn't let go until I had almost 4 pages of writing behind me... Adding up in all to about 6 hours, though I did skip one or two to watch West Wing and Ed. But still, the bitch had me writing when I *should* have been studying for my Geography midterm... Writing from around 5 or 6 pm aaaaall the way to 11:30, and it woulda been longer if I hadn't tied her up and locked her in the closet explaining that I'll try and finish tomorrow.

Anyway, the fruits of her whip will probably be posted here in a few days. It's a kinda ghost/haunting story, and as always with anything I write, pure angst baby... :) So, if anyone wants to beta, it would be welcome. Just drop a comment. Otherwise I'll just beta it meself and post anyways, though I make a pretty good proof reader so it shouldn't be too bad.

And now I really gotta go cause I gotta head to class soon and this error window keeps popping up like it might be a virus trying to get into my computer... {{{clings to Shadow and hopes the update the virus scan preformed yesterday is enough to protect her}}}}


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