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Girls Night last weekend in Appleton was a blast. Only Mandy and Beth made it, but they were the two I wanted to see and catch up with the most, so I was more than happy with the turn out. Found a new polyester swim suit on sale for $55 down from $80, and I'm all "Yay!" about that because the blue one I had been wearing has seen at least a year of hard use and I was just waiting for some seam to rip or something during swim lessons - not a nice thought considering it was the only one I had until I got the new one (well, two - I got an Ugly a week or two before in Stevens Point, but still). Also found a pair of new shoes on sale for $95 down from $120.

We also helped Mandy find a nice interview outfit, I tried on a goofy dress I wouldn't be caught dead in just for the hell of it, and generally just had a fun time wandering around the mall window shopping. Beth did manage to convince me to spend $40 on makeup, but I figure the lip pencil will last me the rest of my life - possibly even longer considering how rarely I wear makeup - so it should be worth it in the end.

Next up was glaming ourselves up and dinner at Olive Garden; I wore a skirt sexy boots *and* makeup - would've attempted to do my hair, too, especially as it was kind of behaving all blah-like anyway, but we ran out of prep time (hey, by the time we left the mall, we only had 45 minutes left to get to the hotel, change, and get back to the other side of the mall area to Olive Garden, so all things considered, I think we did pretty well), so it was just... blah. Managed to leave it down for maybe forty minutes before pulling it back into my more typical messy bun.

Then we spent a half hour or so at a salsa bar and shared a really tasty margarita before hitting Skyline Comedy Club for the 10pm show. I didn't find the two opening acts all that amusing, but the headliner, Nick Vatterott had me chuckling quite a few times. The line about being high as a kite and checking the time, only to see "End" on his microwave clock had all three of us rolling. And being the wild child I am, my two drink minimum consisted of a rootbeer and a decaf coffee. Am I bad, or am I bad? ;)

After the comedy show it was back to my hotel room, where we spent an additional hour or two jabbering before I shooed them both out and home as they still had to drive a bit and by this point it was 2 am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. I showered and was in bed by three, where I maybe got two hours of sleep and I was up again by 8:00 because I am a glutton for punishment. Still made it home it one piece, though, and it was an awesome night and I'm super glad I set it up. I cringe every time I think about how much money I spent, but every penny was so totally worth it for the chance to catch up with Mandy and Beth again.

Also, spent New Years Eve with Emmies. We ate at El Mez, had a Disney Movie Marathon (Sorcerer's Apprentice and Tangled), and then I stayed up until 3 with her watching the Batman television series from the 60s. Then I drove home the next day on two or three hours of sleep with a snow storm doing it's damndest to blow me off the road. Thankfully it did not succeed and I made it home all in one piece. :)
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Thanksgiving comes first

Day 8 - I am thankful for lovely friends and the chance to share lots of finger foods, drink wine (if you're into that, which I am not, but I am still thankful that my friends were able to let loose) and eat entirely too much.

Went to one of my co-worker's house last night for a Girls Night. There was lots of cheese and Mystery Wine tasting (I did actually do the tasting) and discussions varying from Health Issues As A Direct Result of Being a Girl, lots of wine talk, hair styling, some college football team that several of them were very big fans of, how Joyce really hates her new fridge, and a tour of their very recently remodeled house. I was PMSing and rather tired, so I didn't say much myself, but I still had a very good time munching and listening to the other girl's stories. We got home at 11:30, and as Beth and I had been awake since 4ish, promptly crashed, and then I slept in until 8 this morning. It was very nice.

Also, five more days (including today, as it is still "morning", so I counted it) until I get to go home for Thanksgiving!
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Alrighty, so here is the plan.

All of us are on different work and/or school schedules, and because I'm hoping to get as many people to participate as possible, the plan right now is to do *two* Girls Nights during the first week in June, and those interested can join in whichever day fits best into their schedule (or both if you so choose - the more the merrier!).

Weekday Girls Night In will be Wednesday, June 2. I figure that is in the middle of the week and it is right after an Extended Weekend That Wasn't Extended Enough, so I'm thinking that will be a good day for something funny and I am therefore voting for Spaceballs or Blazing Saddles.

Weekend Girls Night In will be Sunday, June 6. I figure for that one, most of us will be going "ugh, don't wanna work tomorrow", so I'm thinking that day might be a good one for an old favorite or a mindless action movie with some funny bits. So, I'm voting for Serenity or Transformers on that day.

None of the suggested movies are new releases, and all of them are pretty well known and popular so there hopefully won't be the issue of the movie rental place not having any copies. Therefore, people who don't have them in their own personal movie collection should be able to find them pretty easy at the local movie store, and they can rent them for a few nights without costing an arm and a leg.

If none of those movies are really your cup of tea, though, don't worry about it - Girls Night In is all about getting together and jabbering in chat - the movie is secondary, and honestly isn't even required. :)

So Ladies (and gents, if you are brave enough), mark your calenders for the first week in June! Girls Night In is on its way, and I would love to see you there!

Wednesday, June 2 at 4:30 Pacific/7:30 Eastern
Sunday, June 6 at 4:30 Pacific/7:30 Eastern
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Thank you for an Awesome Iron Man Girls Night, ladies! It was lots of fun!

a few of the highlights )

And then we started talking about Doctor Who and how horrible Eleven's hair is. The rest was mostly random commentary on the film and further nibbles on various parts of Robert Downy Jr's person.

So, yes, lots of fun. Thanks for joining the party, girls!

Also, if anyone wants the entire conversation, I saved it all on my hard drive so I could go through and collect a few bits later (as seen above). Mostly it is a whole lot of random comments about what is going on at that particular point in the movie, but it still might be fun to look back on.

Alrighty, now the question is whether or not I want to try and stay up another half hour to watch Castle or call it a night and do another library run later in the week to watch it online. My life, so hard.

Oh, yeah, and THE COMPUTERS AT WORK ARE STILL DOWN! Seriously, computer people, it has been a *week*... an entire freaking WEEK! Enough already!
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Impromptu Girls Night starting tonight at 4:30 Pacific/6:30 Central/7:30 Eastern (I think) in AOL Instant Messenger. Iron Man is the movie, pegasusrider2002 is my AIM name.
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I am at the Emmies. So far we have:
* Watched several episodes of Scrubs
* Watched 10 Things I Hate About You
* Went to Retro Lounge? for dancing and didn't find any
* Played a game of bowling (I won!)
* Picked up Emily's sister from work and dropped her back here
* Picked up Emily's friend Amanda for some more night out stuff to do
* Went back to Retro Lounge to see if the dancing had picked up. It hadn't, though we did get semi-hit on on our way into the building. "It's boring in there, you're better off coming to my place!" or something like that. I thought the guy was cute, at least. Still turned him down, though, cause OMG STRANGE PERSON! I'm (we're?) paranoid like that. But YAY getting hit on!
* Went to some pool place (Micky's?) and played several games of pool. Badly. I think Amanda won most, if not all of them. We still had fun, though.
* Ate two baskets of deep fried cheese curds and one basket of onion rings. Within about an hour. If Emmie or myself kills over from coronary problems in the next 48 hours or there abouts, you all will know why.

There has also been any amount of snuggling on the couch and groping each other and exclaiming over and over again exactly how pretty Heath Ledger is. And the night is still young!


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