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* Last weekend (Oct 20-23) I was down in Tennessee for a very whirlwind tour of the Smoky Mountains. Gramma wanted to visit her sister Jean down there, so I was sent along as the adult supervision. As it was 40 and rainy up here and 65 and sunny down there... golly, they twisted my arm and I had to go or risk disappointing the Matriarch. No one wants to disappoint the Matriarch, right? ;) Awesome time seeing family I hadn't in years (and meeting a few of them for the first time), and bonus - they kept buying me food, too! Took a ton of pictures as it was peak fall color in the mountains and I even saw a bear.

* Saturday (Oct 29) was Halloween Shanagins in Point, but I didn't go because driving an hour in the dark to go bar hopping just didn't seem worth the effort. Kinda bummed i missed out on hanging with my Point friends (in costume, too), but it was kinda nice to just relax and chill and catch a movie with Kristin in Marshfield instead. For the record, Paranormal Activity 2 was a HUGE LET DOWN after all the hype I heard, but it had a few nice shocker moments.

* Yesterday (Halloween) I dressed as Marty from Back to the Future III and went to work. Nothing else going on, i just wanted to wear a costume. :D

And that is the extent of the excitement in my life the last two weeks.
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This year I didn't do my traditional Score The Internets For Good Ghost Stories post before Halloween. So I am stealing Becca's link for creepiness.

First few are ones I've heard before, but I still got chills. Possibly because I might be coming down with cold, but whatever, still counts. Who fans should check out "The Statue" about a third of the way down the page.
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Arrived back from Denver around 2 pm yesterday. Much fun was had at the GSA conference.

Sunday night we did go out for Halloween and I actually had *two whole drinks* and stuff. I went as Abby from NCIS (duh), Angela went as someone from Clockwork Orange (the one all in white with the weird dark eye thing), and Liza just wore black and some Halloweeny decorations. As we were all extremely brain fried from all the lectures we attended Sunday morning and afternoon, though, we didn't stay out too late - we left by like 8:30 and we were back at my hotel by 10:45. However, it was still hella fun, and hurray for not freezing my ass off for once when I go out for Halloween! Weather in Denver was pretty damn gorgeous all weekend, and Sunday night it was still in the 50s.

Good times. Took many pictures, which I will post and/or link to later.
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Alrighty, so I think I am now totally ready to go with my Abby costume.

pictures under the cut )

So - ignoring the messy hair (I had just gotten out of the shower), all the unfolded laundry in the background, and the fact that I am no where near as skinny as Abby - my question to you dear readers (all four of you! ;) ) is... Which stockings should I wear? The Black Spiderweb Tights or the Purple And Black Stripy Spider Stockings?

(Also, wow, all the weight I've gained this past year or so is glaringly obvious in both of those pictures. Ah, the joys of riding a desk all day...)
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Geek Glee of the Day! 10th Kingdom ref in today's New Adventures of Queen Victoria!

Last night was fun. I got all dressed up on my Abby costume to hand out Halloween candy, which was fun - one girl came dressed as a balloon cart, which was totally the coolest costume of the night. When I got dressed up, I still wasn't sure if I'd be braving the bars with Dustin and Co or not, but darnit, I wanted to show off my Abby costume! I got lucky - a few people canceled on Dustin's bar-hopping idea, so the few of us who were left decided to just go get dinner at Hudson's Grill and then head over to his place for some Ghost Hunters and a movie of some sort. So, I got to show off my costume without having to come home smelling like an ash tray! There is no bad in this!

few pictures )

On an entirely different note, Daylight Savings people set your clocks back one hour today. :)
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Good - it is warm outside! Like, a whole 61 degrees!

Not So Good - it is very rainy and humid, and tomorrow it is only supposed to get up to around 40 degrees and windy; tomorrow night - Halloween - it will be down around 35 for the All Hallows Eve part of the night (aka, before midnight, give or take an hour) and feel like about 25. Not ideal conditions for custume wearing, alas.

Good - I have a giant soda cup to use as a Caf-Pow prop for my Abby costume!

Not so good - I have to drink 44 oz of soda now. Or dump it out (it only cost me two bucks, so that might be the direction I go)

Not so good - Chem test in 40 minutes. ::gnaws fingernails::

The not good or bad,really - I studied for about two and a half hours last night, and another two hours this morning. Hopefully it will be enough to get me a passing grade.


Good - DAYLIGHT SAVINGS SUNDAY MORNING! Yay extra hour to sleep off Halloween night (not that I plan on *needing* to sleep anything off, but still)

Good - Oh, yeah, I get paid today!
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So a few of my friends have been asking for some Halloween-type songs the last few weeks. As it happens, I actually have an "All Hallows Eve" music list on my Winamp, which basically consists of any songs that mention demons, vampires, ghosts, or any other creatures of the night, or is just generally kind of spooky sounding. Since people are asking for suggestions, I figured I would post here and therefor give myself a handy-dandy link to direct them too rather than rewriting everything.

All Hallow's Eve Music )

If anyone wants any of the MP3s, let me know and I will happily upload them for you.
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So, in one of those random brain wanderings, I manage to go from "I miss Argyle and Niner" to "OMG, I think McGee is That Cat Guy from Hocus Pocus!" (yeah, don't ask - it's kind of WTF, even for me, and I'm the one who thunk it)

And of course as soon as I thought that, I had to go IMDB it. And he *IS*! Number 16, fifth from the bottom, SEAN MURRY AS THACKARY BINX! Aka, That Cat Guy from Hocus Pocus! Who, you know, was kind of awesome in his own catty way, but I'm not entirely sure I will ever be able to watch NCIS without giggling at least a little bit ever again. Not that I don't giggle anyway cause it's NCIS and the Tony And Tim Show is kind of hard not to laugh at, but now I will be giggling for an entirely different reason.

That's all. Just thought I would share my epiphany.
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So, earlier this afternoon I got it into my head to try on my new-and-improved Abby costume (okay, so not new, only improved, and only in that I found a very Abby-esque shirt at target), and then take some pictures complete with hair-and-makeup. I did not put the skirt on cause, yeah, it's cold and I couldn't do full-body self portraits anyway, but I did end up going a bit camera happy otherwise.

I'm not a camera whore, but I do so love playing with my camera )

So, yeah... Again, I went a bit camera happy. Is anyone at all surprised about this turn of events?
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Now that I have slept and gone through all the pictures I took last night, I can share them with you all! All of them are posted on my Facebook account, but for those of you who don't have Facebook, here are some highlights.

kinda picture heavy )

There were lots more, but most of them consisted of Melissa talking up even more guys. Gag of the night was that someone would take a picture whenever Melissa talked to a guy, and then we would count them all up at the end of the night. My count was 13, but I'm pretty sure there are a few I missed.

Might have more later when Melissa uploads her pictures. All in all it was a pretty fun night. A bit dull for Sober girl, but I still had a really good time.
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Just got back from the bar-hopping "night on the town" with Dustin, Melissa, and JB. Despite being sober, it was still a lot of fun. I got to dance a bit, and some of the costumes were pretty damned creative. Dustin was walking around in his usual clothes with a pocket full of name tags - stuff like Joe the Plumber and God and whatever else he thought of. I came up with "Spartacus", which got picked towards the end of the night - every time a cute girl came around, he would have them pick one at random and then he would be that for an hour or so before switching.

JB was a viper pilot from BSG, had the patches and everything. And my Abby costume was freaking *awesome*.

Alas, I did not get hit on or get any drinks bought for me. Of course, I was all "OMG, PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW!" and kinda hanging back with Dustin and JB, so that really isn't surprising. And I think the bar tender at the first place spiked my Shirley Temple (also known as a Kiddy Cooler and consisting of cherry syrup and Sprite or some other fizzy lemon lime soda) because it tasted an awful lot like cough syrup.

Hit four (maybe five?) bars and took tons of pictures and Dustin and I were taking turns holding up Melissa by the end of the night, who literally was falling-down drunk, but it was still a good time. Until Melissa started puking, that is. By this time it was getting around 2:00 am, though, so we had a good run before hand.

Now, however, I am going to go shower cause I smell like an ash tray. Will post pictures either here or on Facebook tomorrow/later today.
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I was doing extremely good on the whole "don't spend much money on your costume" thing for this year until I went in search of a "lab coat". Of course I couldn't find an adult sized doctor costume (though there was a kid-sized one at Target), so I went in search of an really over sized white button up shirt that could be used as a mostly believable substitute. I hit the mens section and found several choices, but the cheapest was 18 dollars, and because I wanna look like *Abby* and not some Random Goth Girl, I got it. As it is, I'm still not sure if the shirt looks properly lab-coaty, or if I just look like a little girl trying to dress up in her daddy's clothes (it's a mens XL white button up t-shirt, which is probably about 4 sizes too big for me).

So, yeah. Everything else I already own (though I did get a few 2 dollar chain key chains to attach to my skirt), but then I went out and got a 20 dollar shirt that I'll only wear once. I am, however, going to keep the receipt and see if I can return it without raising any suspicions. I won't be able to get any money back because I put it on my credit card, but $20 of Target credit is never a bad thing to have.

That said,
Happy Halloween!
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This might be TMI Correction. It is totally TMI, so I cut it )

In other news, no bowling tonight cause we didn't have enough people to reserve a lane. However, tomorrow plans are in motion to "go out downtown". I assume this means a lot of bar hopping and drunken friends/former roommates, but I don't care, I want to dress up!
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I just cut my tongue on a Tootsie Roll Pop. Bleeding a bunch and everything. Who knew candy could be so dangerous.

I wonder if this is the candy getting revenge for the Halloween Massacres of all there brethren in years past...
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Wow - this eye makeup stuff is wicked hard to get off.

::has already showered, wiped off with water, wiped off with soapy water, tried again with regular water and a q-tip, and it still looks like she has makeup on::
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So, I have two possible costumes to wear should, you know, I be a normal college student and go out for Halloween (though, honestly, I'll probably end up wearing one at school all day on Friday because I wanna dress up for Halloween, darnit, even if I don't go out). I'm a bit torn as to which one I should make use of, though.

So, I'm gonna ask you all to choose for me.

Should I go as Abby from NCIS - just picture me with Abby-esqe pigtails and makeup )

Or should I go as the Greek Goddes Artemis, which I did last year but which is still awesome )

So, which one do you think looks best? On the one hand, I really think my Artemis costume looks awesome (and I think I look best in it), but that one has props I'd be carrying around everywhere, otherwise I would look like Tinker Bell. On the other hand, even though I look nothing like Abby without the lab coat, that costume is really easy to get into and out of, I still look pretty hot, and there are no props to carry around. There would, however, be makeup to apply, and as I have never applied mascara or kohl, that would be a bit of a challenge.

Choices choices!
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It's only 12:00 and I've already had four boxes of Milk Duds (Halloween-sized, with a whopping 4 Milk Duds per box, but still), three brownies, and I'm working on a sucker right now.

Halloween candy is so going reverse any of the good I've done walking and biking to school these last few months.
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Ended up going to a History of Halloween thing at Schmeeckel Reserve last night in costume with one of Dustin's friends. Then we went to Culvers to kill time because the initial plan was to go to a showing of Little Shop of Horrors and Rocky Horror Picture Show on campus, but the History of Halloween thing ended up only being about a half-hour long (from 6:30 to 7) and the movies didn't start until 8:30. JB had ice cream (don't ask me why since it was all of 35 degrees and extremely blustery outside) and I just had a medium iced tea.

After killing time at Culvers for an hour we headed to campus. Spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out where the movie was being played, sat through Little Shop of Horrors (though I did get hit on by Peter Pan on my way to the bathroom. At least I think that's who it was. Possibly the green power ranger, too - the kid looked all of 15 years old, so I rolled my eyes and kept walking. I can't really blame him too much, though, cause I looked pretty damn hot. And since I wasn't wearing my headband and had left the bow in the car, I probably looked more like Tinkerbell than Artemis), but I begged off on Rocky Horror because my hip started hurting from sitting so long, and the chairs were less than comfortable to begin with. So we came back to the house and watched about two hours of the Live Ghost Hunters showing. Then all of us kinda turned in at about midnight.

So, that was my Halloween. Not super exciting, but I did get to show off my costume, so it was all good. No pictures got taken, though, so no pick spam this year. I told my dad I would dress up in my costume so he could see it and take pictures if he really wanted too this weekend when I took the bow back.
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I now have a cloak for my costume! Granted, it's not a very *good* cloak because I only had about five feet of fabric to work with (all of the cloak-making directions online suggest at least 6 yards, so yeah), but a cloak none the less because it's going to be all of 30 degrees tonight if we're lucky, and probably less than that wind-chill wise since it's been blustery all day. So, yes, I figure a cloak might come in handy. And, considering I might actually have an opportunity to show aforementioned costume off tonight, YAY for traditional garb! Well, kinda. I'm pretty sure they didn't have fake fleece fabric in ancient Greece, and I'm not entirely sure they had brass buttons, either, but hey, one works with what one has.

Happy Halloween to all those who celebrate it! And happy Wednesday to those who don't.
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One small note on tonight's NCIS

under here )

On a nonspoilery note, this episode may become my new favorite.
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Whether I find something to do on Halloween or not, I will still have a kick ass costume. The only think that could possibly make it better would be if I had a sewing machine handy so as to neaten my not so neat hand-stitched stuff, but details.
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One XXXL tank top, two hours of sewing and pinning and cursing (stupid needles are *sharp*, yo), and a sore lower back later, I have a Halloween costume! Still need to sew the jumps in (or whatever it's called when one uses creative folding and sewing to make an item of clothing more fitted), and haven't figured out what to use for a headband again, but come some future Halloween Time, Artemis shall hunt again! Not sure if the future Halloween time will be this year or not, because I still haven't got any plans, but at least I'm prepared.

Anyone wanna come to Plover and prowl the streets looking for entertainment with me the Wednesday after next?
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I might actually be doing something for Halloween. Anyone have any ideas on a cheap-but-original costume I could make?

Edit 10:20

Artemis. I think I could pull off Artemis. And all I would need is a light green sheet
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Okay, so the girl with the functioning camera (one of the Briannas) uploaded all the pictures from Halloween onto her facebook, which I am totally not linking too because most of the ones of me are rather horrid. I did, however, pick a few less-awful ones to post below.

But first, some far more flattering pictures of me in my costume (minus the wings) that I just took with my own camera. And, as much as I would *love* to have an awesome Hollywood model setup as my background, well, I'm a poor college student, so instead you get a poor college student's dorm room as a background. Just imagine something fancier, like a few flames to fit the mood, or a dark shady club corner... Or something.
in no particular order )

Alrighty, now that you have all been assured of the hottness of my costume, some actual pictures from Halloween
under here )

And thats all she wrote. Or, um... snapped? Enjoy!


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