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* Lab 6 for Structural (plus 7.1) - due Monday
* CHEMISTRY ASSIGNMENTS - Test is next Wednesday, and you *really* need to get your ass in gear for that class if you hope to pass it.
* Remote Sensing Lab 10 - due tomorrow, best if you finish it by this afternoon
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Note to self - your cell phone is not a computer mouse, despite the similar size and shape. Rolling it around on your desk next to the computer succeeds only in making you look silly.

In other news, I am trying to find the motivation to go to the library and work on my Structural lab, which is due tomorrow. Ugh, I hate End Of Semester.
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Its June? Seriously?

Where did the rest of 2009 go?!

In other news, as of this moment, I have finished all the GIS labs that have been assigned so far, with only one more scheduled to be signed tomorrow.
Also, lookit what I made! Its on the university servers, so I have no idea whether or not it will open. I just tried opening it here on my lap top, and while it opened, it only gave me to topography lines and a lakes, but if you zoom in the the rest of it should show up.

Anyway, for those of you still wondering what the hell GIS is - well, that link would be a good example. It's a map of Hartman Creek, Wisconsin, which is a state park near Waupaca. GIS is taking all those different layers you see in the right-had side bar and slapping them together to make one entirely new map. Turn off the elevation lines ("elevation" in the sidebar cause I forgot to rename it before uploading it) and you can see the various trails. I know I've given kind of a brief description in both my Live Journal and in one or more of the Maren Spam emails I send out every now and then, but sometimes having a visual aid helps a bit. And, since I pretty much get mostly blank looks whenever anyone asks me "So, what are you studying?" "GIS, or Geographic Info Systems", I though you all might be at least a tiny bit interested. :)

No legend on the map because that wasn't part of the assignment, so if you're really interested, horseback riding=burgundy, snowmobile=yellow, hiking=green, Ice Age trail=pale blue, roads=black, park outline=thick red. If it opens at all, that is. ;)
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The Geeky:
Watched last night's Chuck. And seriously, I didn't think it was possible, but I think I love it even more now. No spoilers, but I will say that I did *not* see that coming. Not even a little bit. Chuck has succeeded in surprising me where most shows no longer can. Awesome.

The Scholarly:
Have a rather lot of homework stuff to do this week. So much for staying caught up.
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I did finish one GIS assignment, so... progress.

Still have another assignment and a poster due by the end of the week, as well as some smaller assignments for Glacial and Mineralogy, to do by Tuesday. Not looking forward to the next week.

Also, I am Emoing as much as I ever Emo barring an actual anxiety attack. I have my "Emo Music" on and feel generally... I don't even know what to call it. Lonely is the closest, but it's not even really that.

Whatever, not going to try and put a name to it or explain it. i'm Not worth it.
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Actually did go to school today to work on the Huge GIS Project of Doom. Still did not get it done (or even close to being done, for that matter), but at least now I am three hours closer to finishing it.

Also got groceries today since tomorrow I'm going to try and stay on campus after classes and hopefully get a few more hours in, which will likely take up the time I usually reserve for grocery buying. Also, I was out of bagels and low on lettuce, so now I actually can pack a lunch tomorrow and not have to eat out.

Now, though, I am home again and I have a headache, so the rest of the evening is going to consist of Not Doing Anything Constructive Unless I Have To. Hellooooo Due South season 3.
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It is currently 41 degrees outside. The snow is melting faaaaaast, which makes everything kinda soggy. Alas, I doubt if our poor snow man survived the day without losing vital parts of his body, such as eyes and an arm or two. Oh well, no picture for us.

In other news, I have one of my assignments done and one half done. And we are totally making cookies today whether I finish the second one or not. In fact, Dustin and Steven are coming over to join us in our cookie making party. Whee, cookies!
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Santa Clause: The Movie is on WGN!

Alas, I am torn! I have homework to finish by tomorrow morning, but it's Santa Clause! And it's not on again until Christmas Eve when I'll probably be at home and I don't think we have WGN at my parents house.

It is Tradition to watch Santa Clause: The Movie, a tradition that I fell out of when, you know, they stopped airing it on a channel I actually got every year, but which should totally be started up again!

::watches it and does her homework during commercial breaks::

I know, I so fail at homework.
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Oh, yeah, and yesterday I had an Emmies for an hour! She and her parents were on their way back from Rudolph with dogs and cheese (and wasn't *that* a fun combination in an enclosed vehicle) and wanted to hit one of their favorite restaurants here in Point. Emmies called around 5:00ish yesterday afternoon and asked "Hey, do you want to go to dinner with us? We're 10 minutes away!" So, I went out with Emmies and Daddy A and her mom at Bill's. Daddy A started feeling kinda icky before the food got there, so he went outside to sit with the dogs so that was kinda sad, but I got an Emmies for an hour! And leftovers I can eat for lunch/breakfast today since I only got up at quarter to 10 and I haven't eaten anything yet.

That said, I have to finish my last two homework assignments for Sedimentology. Don't wanna.

4,000th entry!
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There is one of those Japanese beetles crawling around the outside screen of my bedroom window.
Haha, sucker! You can't get in!

Well, it probably could with a bit of trying, but it would definitely take more effort to get in than it did at the Plover house, cause those windows were old and not very well sealed. My current window is one of those newer, energy efficient vinyl windows, and it has done a very good job at keeping those damned bugs *out*.

In other news, I have yet to accomplish any of my homework. Yeah, I suck.
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1) I am kind of tired. First day out of bed and actually *applying* myself since Thursday, and my body is kinda "*Three* stories? Seriously? In two separate buildings, no less!" I survived, though, so yay for that.

2) I have whole bunch of homework to do by Wednesday (Remote Sensing and Intro to Soils and Water labs) and Thursday (Sedimentology), but I really really don't want to.

3) Three tests, two in a row Thursday (Remote Sensing and Sedimentology) and one on Friday (Intro to Soils and Water). Ugh.
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My throat is doing that sore, scratchy thing. And my nose is stuffier than usual.

I reeeeeeeeeeeeally hope this is just a result of the change in the weather (tonight's predicted low is 31 degrees F) and it doesn't mean I'm getting sick. I reeeeeally don't want to get sick. I was hoping to avoid the whole "get sick" thing by not working in a pool every night with sickly, sniffly children.

::chugs the orange juice like woah::

In other news, I did the fun, in-lab part of my Sedimentology lab. Now I just have to do all the boring, frustrating calculation stuff. Icky.

End of next week is going to be rough. Intro to Soils and Water lab and Remote Sensing lab due Wednesday, Remote Sensing and Sedimentology tests on Thursday (which is the same day the huge lab mentioned above is due), and possible Soils and Water test on Friday. More icky.

Oh, and I had lunch with parents today. We went to Perkins. I got an omlett and breakfast potatoes and a muffin. Mmm, tasty. We reminisced about dogs, past and present. And talked about my car and stuff, which Dad drove back and left me with the Colt cause Coyote still has this weird radiator thing going on, and Dad is getting him checked out by Simon tomorrow.

To go bowling tonight or not to go bowling, that is the question...
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I have accomplished nothing today. So much for that to-do list.

And I really, *really* should be studying for Hydrogeology. Even though it's open note open book, there are a bunch of equations that really aren't that hard but which I over complicate like woah, and then there are things that I still don't understand like D10 and D60 on the hydrographs and all that jazz.

Arrg, studying.
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Ooooowwww. Knot in back. This time it actually does hurt a bit to breathe.

I think my productivity today just went down a whole bunch. K-Mart and groceries are a maybe, but Best Buy is a good 15 minute drive away and I don't wanna.

Since Sedimentology and studying for Hydrogeology don't actually require much movement, I should do those, too. Again, it's more along the lines of a whiny "But I don't *want* too!"
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Ow. Still have that knot in my shoulder. I wonder if there's a "Rent-a-Boytoy" around here. I betcha I could get a rebate if I returned him in exactly the same condition I got him, clothing and bodily fluids all in place.

On a more important note, it's FRIIIIIIIIIIII-DAAAAY! /musical interlude
Finished with classes for the week, and I'm actually doing pretty good on the homework front. I finished and sent in my Remote Sensing assignment, my Intro to Soils and Water lab was all in-class stuff (we went on a field trip Wednesday to look at the soil horizon in a pit on top of a glacial moraine, and everything was done in the field), and Monday is the first Hydrogeology test, so no homework there, just studying.

There is still a bunch of sedimentology stuff I have to do, but most of that is lab work at the school itself, where I do some stuff with fine clay-and-silt sediment and water and monitor the viscosity of the water as the sediment settles at the 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, and 24 hour marks. Which means I have to pick a day where I will be back on campus and in the lab room 24 hours after I start the lab, and obviously, since it's a Friday, that won't be happening today. I am going to try and finish the first half of the lab - with the soil sifting and all that - this weekend, though, even if it isn't due until Oct 9. I'm trying reeeeally hard to manage my time so I don't push everything off until last minute and go "OMG, TOO MUCH STUFF TO FINISH!" and kill myself with stress. One Emo Breakdown this semester already was more than enough.
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The ProLife-ers have invaded the campus today. Walking from the Science Building to the Student Center (a whopping 200 feet, if even), I had to do emergency maneuvers to avoid two of them, one of which included going to the other side of the street cause they were like vampires going in for the kill with their little pamphlets. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but I have a real problem with people who try and force their opinions on others.

Aaaanyway, on campus with Shadownight. Using the guest wireless signal because I can't manage to get her to connect to UWSPDOM, which is the secure student wireless. I was hoping Dustin would show for lunch cause then he could mess with it, but alas, he has yet to arrive, and I'm not entirely sure he's coming at all cause it was an open-invitation to about 5 of my friends. Works for me cause I actually do have to homework to work on the like. Which is why I brought Shadownight, cause she has Excel and Word, so I can make graphs and type up answers to questions. Have finished my Remote Sensing (which was already done, but I wanted to type it up so the teacher wouldn't have to wade through my slightly rushed handwriting. Still have to work on Sedimentology.

In other news, oooow. There is a knot right beneath my right shoulder-blade. It hurts when I twist. Hurts a bit when I breath, but it's more of a lurking ache that promises "insert dull butter knife and jab here" than an "ow ow, don't move, ow". I can live with it.

::wanders off to do homework::
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An hour and 45 minutes later, I have answered two questions (both of which had two parts, and ended up being several paragraphs long) in Word and made two charts in Excel for my Intro to Soils and Water class. My charts look weird, but I don't know if thats because we're supposed to compare depth vs temp/dissolved oxygen in mg/percent dissolved oxygen/pH/conductivity on two separate lakes when the depths for both lakes is extremely different (one is only 4 meters deep, the other around 16 meters), or if I did them wrong (always possible. Excel 2007 is a pain in the ass), but that's why I'm going to an Excel 2007 Instructional Workshop on Wednesday afternoon if I can manage it (of *course* they offer it on the day when I have 6 hours of back to back classes. Ugh). I think it might look less weird if I added another vertical axis on the other side, but [1] I'm not entirely sure how to do that, and [b] I don't know if that's what the professor wants. Arg, I miss the days of Super Clear, Step By Step Directions.

In other news...


Okay, so I lied. There is no other news.
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I still haven't done my homework.

Bad Maren. No cookie for you.

I did make some more Chai latte concentrate, though. So, you know, accomplishing stuff and all that.
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The Good:
* All the homework I was stressing over is finished
* Ate a whole sandwich without any trouble (or, well, half a sandwich, but that's all I ordered)
* Got my package today

The Not So Good:
* Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means I'll get even more homework to stress over
* Tummy still isn't 100% content

More good than not so good. I'll take that as progress. Also, yay Dead Zone seasons 4 and 5! And two new books to read.
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Nine is doing... Okay, as far as I can see. She still hasn't gone to the bathroom at all since she got here, and that's after I took her out three times, so that is a bit worrisome since I know she has drunk a whole bunch of water since she got here. I'm not too worried yet, though, because I know that last time she was away from home over night, she didn't do anything until the second morning/afternoon anyway, so hopefully she just doesn't have to go and isn't all "zomigod, don't wanna pee here cause it is not my house or my yard or my field!"

Other than that, she seems to be settling in okay. We have her set up in the back building (what it was/is is still a mystery - mostly just a big empty room with lights, so we're thinking a workroom or some such) instead of inside the house because she still can't manage stairs, which the house has at both entrances. The back building is right at ground level, so she can get in and out of it easier. I feel really bad leaving her out there all by herself, but there isn't anything *out* there except some old torn out carpet and a few chairs and shelves that Mandy found at garage sales and what not. It's basically a second garage, only without the car-sized door. I suppose I could always go out with a sleeping bag, but that seems a bit extreme.

She is out of the rain, however, and actually has a pretty posh place all to her self all thing considered. She's used to sleeping on a pile of leaves and dirt under my parents back porch or out in the yard some place when she's outside, and just the bare wood floor when she's inside. At the moment I have the torn-out rug all spread out for her as well as her doggy pillow with her food and water right there, and she has the entire back building to herself, which is probably about the size of our living room and kitchen combined here in the house. She's just out there all by herself, which makes me feel kinda bad cause I know she likes having people in the room with her to keep her company.

She has spent entire days alone in the house at my parents, though, so hopefully she'll be okay out there.

In other news, with the dog stuff and the grocery stuff and the rainy stuff, I didn't get to school at all today to finish my labs. Monday and Tuesday are gonna kinda suck, since both labs are due on Wednesday and both will likely require at *least* two hours each to finish, likely more. Ugh, I'm so glad I'm not working at all this semester, cause that would make the next two afternoons suck even more.
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Class ended at 12. I went back to Point House for some lunch (mmm, grilled cheese) with every intention of biking back to school to work on my Remote Sensing and Sedimentology labs.

Now I'm sitting on the couch an hour and a half later watching the Dark Angel marathon on Sci Fi and I reeeeally don't want to go back to school.

I'm thinking my labs don't have a chance when faced against my general laziness and it being a Friday afternoon.

Also, first season Dark Angel. Who am I to resist a slightly scruffy Michael Weatherly and a leather-clad Jessica Alba?


May. 17th, 2008 08:43 am
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* STATISTICS ASSIGNMENT due tomorrow 5/2
* Stats Exercise 24 due Friday
* Finish adding grid boxes on Delorm for biogeography preferred by tomorrow
* Tree Ring practice spreadsheet due ASAFP

* Knapweed report due Thursday
* Compare tree cores at some point
* Climatology Final Poster due Friday, 5/9
>>Saturday 5/10 and Sunday 5/11 drop off
>>Saturday 5/17 and Sunday 5/18 pick up

Finals Week
Tuesday - Statistics final, 12:30 pm. STUDY, BITCH
Wednesday - 280 final class meeting 5:00 pm; watch and summarize presentations
Thursday - Climatology final class meeting 12:30 pm; poster presentation
Thursday - Biogeography final meeting2:45 pm; compile class project stuff
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I should not be allowed to take my lap top with me to school. For despite my intent to "only use it for homework, promise!", I have been also using it to read Doctor Who fic for the last three hours *since* I finished my Biogeography tech report. What I should be doing instead, of course, is finishing my grid system for my transects. I was going to finish those today. Not my fault if the computer I needed was already being used (ignore the fact that I only checked once this morning and haven't seen if it was open since).

... At least I finished my report first?
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In which we discuss Life, Politics, and the Politics of Life )

In other news, hit a high of 78 degrees F today with lots of sunshine. Nice.

Also, for the most part, I am caught up! At least I no longer have any "late" assignments I need to finish for a particular class. I still have to study for a Statistics quiz tomorrow and a Biogeography test and the knappweed report on Thursday. Poster for climatology is due Friday, but I think I got a pretty good start on that. I just have to restrain my tendencies to talk too much (or, as the case may be, write too much) when it comes to paper-writing cause excess babble won't fit on a 4x3 foot poster. Or, well, it *will*, but not at a size text that is easily read from five feet away, hence negating the whole "poster" idea.
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Today was actually pretty decent aside from an insanely sore throat (I feel fine otherwise, but my throat is really scratchy and sore, especially around the nasal passages. Not sure if this means I'm getting sick, allergies are making themselves unpleasantly known, or if it's just some sort of bug/virus/whatever that goes for the throat. It's no fun however you put it) and killing my brain with working on statistics for three hours straight (still haven't finished). I ended up getting a call from Mom in the middle of my Biogeography class (I had it on silent, so it didn't disturb the class), and when i called her back after class she told me that she was literally on her way to Stevens Point for some sort of Wellness meeting courtesy of the YMCA. She had no clue where the meeting was taking place because it was in the newly renamed and remodeled Dreyfus University Center. Mom hasn't been on campus since it reopened, so she as kinda "Maren, where do I go! I'm already three hours late for this meeting!" Of course, since by this time the meeting was on break for lunch, she decided to just hit the afternoon half and have lunch with me instead. So she got me lunch and we spent an hour catching up, which was really really nice because despite trying to stay in touch with phone calls and going home once every few weeks, I actually haven't had a nice sit-down meal with just me and my mom since... before school started last September, actually. Free food and Mom Time = always a good thing. At least with my mom. And again I say that my parents rock.

After lunch, spent another two and a half hours trying to figure out my statistics and gave myself a headache in the process. That wasn't fun, and I'm still not finished with the assignment. At this point, it's just not going to get done because the teacher wasn't in his office all day so I couldn't get any help and it's due tomorrow at 12 pm, so yeah. I figure 50% is better than 0.

Also taught swim lessons tonight. Due to some mix up with the front desk, I ended up having 6 kids in two of my classes, which was... slightly chaotic, but we managed, and it's nothing I haven't done before. At some point during the night jets started pumping insanely cold water into the pool, so it was a bit chilly for the last class, so that also kinda sucked.

So, yes. Over all, my day would've rather sucked, but the time with my mom totally turned everything into a more positive light. More proof to the fact that Mommy can almost always make everything better. ;)


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