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Amanda tried calling earlier and didn't get through, so she left a message on my voice mail that I only just heard. One of the lifeguards I worked with in St. Cloud has just died - Amber. I didn't know her well and didn't work with her often, but I saw her at the meetings and she was a really nice person. She was only 22.

So, yeah. That kind of sucks. What a way to finish of an otherwise rather nice day.
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I just cut my hair myself by bending over and brushing it all in front of me so I could see what I was cutting. Front part is slightly-below-shoulder-length and it angles back (fairly) evenly to about mid-back or slightly above. Doesn't look too bad wet, but I guess tomorrow we shall see if it looks decent enough dry.

In other news, another double shift today. Was at the Y from pretty much 10:30 to 6:30 - could've been worse, but as today was the last day of swim lessons for the summer, things didn't seem quite as wearing with an end to the 7+ hour days in sight. I'm still double shifted three or four more times before the pools close for cleaning last week of august, but now my days will be 5 and a half to 6 hours instead of 7 and a half to 10 hours, which is manageable.

Now all I have to worry about is finding a place to live, finding a way to *pay* for that place to live, and figuring out a way to pay tuition. Financial aid will cover my tuition if I do the Staford Loan thing - not something I want to do, but in this day and age it's rather impossible not to make use of the loans you can get. And I worked out that I *should* be able to live with rent, food, and bills on $650 a month. Ideally, this would mean finding a job that pays 8 or 9 bucks an hour for four or five hours a day with a hours that I can fit around my school schedule. However, finding a job like that with my under-grad qualifications might be a bit of a challenge. There is a personal in-home care job available through the university that pays $9-something an hour during the day and $6-something overnight that I'm interested in. I'd be one of the people helping take care of a man with Cerebral Palsy. Now, I am a lifeguard, which means I am certified in CPR and First Aid, and I have worked with lots of *children* with special needs, but never a full grown adult, so I'm not sure if they'll want me. I suppose it doesn't hurt to ask.
Otherwise, any other suggestions welcome. I'd apply at the Point YMCA, but that would be a case of only getting $7.00 and hour, and that won't be enough to live on unless I work a *lot* more than 4 or 5 hours a day, which is about all I can do in order to set time aside for homework and sleeping and stuff. Yeah, I know you all are going "You're a college student! You don't need sleep!" but I kinda do. I function best on 6 or 7 hours a night, and once the stress of school sets in (especially on top of everything else), I imagine that number will increase. So, yeah. Either I find a job and get a place to live, or I travel back and forth from home and spend 15 hours on the road every week. Otherwise, Maren=SCREWED.
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Roommate meeting thing was a bust - girl didn't show up and didn't call or communicate otherwise to give a reason for the not showing up bit. Hazard of scheduling a meeting with someone you don't know, I suppose.

However, the trip wasn't a total bust. Dad and I looked at the boarding house kind of set up that I had called a few times for information - we decided it wasn't worth the $200 a month, and some of the "neighbors" really didn't look like people I wanted to be sharing a bathroom with. We also drove around randomly looking for other places to rent in the area. Found a really nice studio apartment near campus for $380 (utilities included! YAY!) that opens up on the first of September. It's a little out of my price range, but if I can get it before anyone else lays claim, I totally will (and then I will have to ask my grandmother to take pity on me again for this semester and give me money, cause, yeah, did I mention out of my price range?).

On a slightly different note, I am this {} close to a total burn out. Work is starting to really ware on me (but we got paid today, yay! Almost five hundred dollars this paycheck around, which is extremely nice), and all this stress with school starting soon and trying to find a place to live and being able to *afford* it through the entire lease period and trying to squeeze my friends in somewhere between now and Sept. 4 (which is extremely challenging as I am working 7+ hours a day at the Y, all of it either in a pool that never feels warm enough these days or on a hot pool deck, so I am either chilled or over-heated, and as a lifeguard, it's a constant state of awareness because You Never Know) is really starting to get to me. I'm no where near freaking out yet. However, passing out due to utter exhaustion or having a bit of a cry fest because I'm so friggin' tired and in dire need of a break (or being an over achiever and doing both) are well within reason.
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Not only was a double shifted again today, but I was also Lead Swim (instructor) this morning starting at 8:45. Which means that I spent 10 friggin hours straight working at the Y today. It wasn't horrible, but there are, like, a bunch of other ways I would much rather spend 10 hours doing. However, I need the money, especially since I just forked over 60 bucks to get Coyote's breaks (this is something that was a problem before the engine went out - we knew they were going to have to be replaced eventually, we just hoped "eventually" would've been a little longer in coming). However, Coyote no longer makes any horrid scraping or rattling noises! Hopefully this will be the last fix for awhile. ::knocks on wood::

In other news, I am going to Point tomorrow to meet a possible roommate! Wish me luck - hopefully we don't hate each other on sight or something, because this late in the season, I highly doubt either of us will be able to find anyone else. If we do get along well enough, tentative plan is to possibly drive around a bit and see if we can find anywhere with apartments for rent who can show us around a bit since it will be around 5:00 by the time I get there and she gets off work. Hopefully it will be a productive evening.
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Worked a double shift again today (did on Tues, too, but was too lazy to complain about it online). And today we had the added bonus of Dick and the rest of his jolly maintenances crew using loud power tools like saws and jackhammers to drill two separate holes in the floor - on in our store room and one between the inner and outer doors to the pool area that are supposedly fire exits - to get to a cracked pipe that, had it been allowed to break completely, would've fried the boiler and cut off all the hot water in the building, including several pipes that put water into the pool system. And that would've been bad.

So for the last half hour or swim lessons and the last hour of my guard shift, I was an unwilling audience to a symphony of buzz saws and jackhammers. It was very noisy.
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Today was an extremely long day. Taught swim lessons from 8:45 until 11:15, then I was double shifted again for guarding, so I lifeguarded from 12:45 until 6:30. The long hours paired with the way too hot temperatures both indoors and outdoors added onto the fact that the Kids Club kids were extremely loud, obnoxious, and naughty today *and* were down there for Two Friggin Hours Straight made for One Unhappy Maren. And, on top of everything else, standing for 8 hours straight in a pair of flip flops that have little arch support (they are the more expensive Speedo types with slight arch support as compared to your average every day cheap flip flops that are just a flat piece of plastic with straps) has made the tendonitis in my left foot act up something fierce. I started hobbling with about an hour and a half/two hours before I finally got done today, and I haven't really stopped since. I cringe to think how bad it would be if I *had* been wearing cheap, flat plastic sandals. Ugh.

On a more positive note, however, it is additional hours I wouldn't otherwise have on my pay check. And, in an another entirely unrelated positive note, I am Truly Clean and not sweaty or chlorieny for the first time since this damned heat wave hit on Tuesday. One takes what she can get.
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* Sunday - skipped aquatics meeting (I've been going to every meeting except for the few months I was at school for the last 7 years. I was due a hookie day) and went with Mom and Dad to see a close family friend (Jackie) of ours instead. She made us *extremely* good soup and spinach dip (with pita chips. Yum!) and she blessed Dad's new car (so dubbed Grasshopper). Yes, I have an odd family. Why else do you think I am the way I am? Anyway, twas fun, and we got ice cream on the way home

* Monday - worked from 8:45 until 3:30 in a pool that was FRIGGIN COLD! Okay, so it was 80 degrees, but when you are in there for four hours straight? Yes, I did, in fact, get chilled to the point where I curled up in a sweatshirt under a bunch of blankets in my room with the fan off and the window open in attempts to warm um. Had to help one of the other guards clean up poop in the small pool just before I left.

* Last night/this morning - Talked to Mah Emmies on the phone until 1 on the morning! LOVE YOU, SWEETIE! And I hope things are looking a bit better today? {{{{cuddles}}}}} I also got next to no sleep thanks to my two hour nap/curl up under the blankets and try and get warm fest when I got home. ::grumbles about not being able to nap after 4:00 in the afternoon without being awake all night to make up for it::

* Today - worked from 8:45 until 6:30 in a pool that was a little warmer and happily did not get chilled. Instead of helping out the guard who had to clean up poop in the small pool, I *was* the guard who had to clean up poop in the small pool. Yes, again. It was not any more fun the second time around. Also, it was hot and muggy outside today, so therefor it was hot and muggy in the small pool, too. That did not make the task any more pleasant

* Tonight - Went to Target with mom after work and got her to by me another pair of pajama pants. Then I requested Little Ceasers for dinner, ate half of the crazy bread on the way home (cause, yeah, didn I mention I was working for almost 10 hours straight), and three pieces of pizza when we got there. So basically, I ate too much. But it was goooooo-oood. ;)

And thats all. My life is rather dull.
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We had a bunch of storms roll through the area today. I was double shifted for lifeguarding - 1-3:30 and 4-6:30. I only had to guard the pool for maybe 10 minutes of the second shift because of lightning, which means I spent 2 hours and 20 minutes getting paid to watch the radar, keep an eye out for lightning, and read. It was a rather easy 15 bucks earned, if I may say so myself.

I also have tomorrow off (Yay Independence Day!). We're making up the swim lessons on Friday, and some of the teachers won't be able to be there, so not only do I have my regular two hours from 11 to 1, but I also picked up Gillian's three from 9 to 11. Alas, it means I have to get up early, but it is another 24 bucks on my paycheck, and I'd rather take on more swim lessons then take on more guard shifts. At least I'm *doing* something when I teach instead of standing around watching everyone else do stuff.

Anyway, that was my day. Yay storms! Not only did it give me an easy shift, but we are also desperately in need of the rain, which is all for the good.
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Oh, yeah, and last night I spent 4 hours recertifying for CPR cause of all the annoying changes they made. Woe, I no longer have the test memorized anymore! (for the record, you have to recert for CPR every year, and the test is always the same. I've been a lifeguard since 2000, so yes. Test memorizing happens. However, it still never stopped me from getting the SAME ONE WRONG EVERY FRIGGIN TIME! I think it must be the wording, yo)

But, yay for having my CPR all taken care of for another year!
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Just finished an eight hour shift at the Y. My head is very very unhappy. ::curls up with aspirin and a bottle of water::
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I spent the last hour of my guard shift talking theology with the other guard. Well, the last half hour was theology, the first half hour ranged from fights and how fast you can swim to why I don't like being American so much (he was apparently in the Marines, so he kinda thought I was crazy, but what else is new) to what the aquatics meeting last night was about (he didn't go, I did - it wasn't mandatory, so only the 6 most vocal of the aquatics staff showed up and told the new director - the whole point of having the meeting in the first place - exactly what we thought needed some major attention) to the one of the other lifeguards who's a bit of a gossip (okay, so a lot of a gossip. Usually its true, at least).

But, yes. Last half hour was almost entirely about theology and the Christian vs. Muslim religion. He was doing most of the preaching, actually, which I found a bit surprising because he claims he's non-denominational. It was interesting, though there were any number of sore points on either side, but I won't go into them for fear of starting a religious flame war. But but at least it made the last hour - which usually kinda drags - go by a little faster than it would've otherwise. Not how I ever *thought* I would pass the last hour of my guard shift, but hey, anything can happen.
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Okay, so the working the morning shift wasn't as bad as it could've been. Granted, I don't *like* having to get up at 4 in the morning, especially when I didn't get more than two hours of sleep anyway, but the Y was pretty quiet. All of the people there swimming were older folks doing their exercises, so no real worry about someone going under and not coming back up. And they were friendly enough, albeit rather quiet.

But, um, yeah... Not doing it again if i can avoid it. Getting up early really isn't that fun, but the thing that was the hardest to figure out was how the hell I was going to get down to my car when the buses stop running at 1:30 am, and it still being really dark out at 4:30 in the morning, so walking or riding bike would not have been my first choice.

As it stands, I ended up parking Coyote up here on the street next to my dorm last night. I knew I was going to get a parking ticket, but I figure the 20 dollars it will cost to pay the parking fee is more than worth being able to walk to my car worry-free, and being able to sleep even a few minutes longer because time wouldn't be wasted trekking the mile down to Q-lot and back.

And now I shall skip Trig in order to study for the Geology test I have this afternoon. Shame on me, but seriously... It's not like I'm learning anything in that class. Only reason I don't stop going all together is this sliver of hope I have that maybe, miraculously, one day I'll be able to understand what the hell the teacher is saying. I highly doubt this hope will ever be fulfilled, but at least I'm trying.
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Dammit. I just got suckered into working the 5 to 7:30 shift tomorrow morning at the Y. How come babies pick the most inconvenient times to come into the world, huh? (translation: guard I'm covering for is having her baby and is on 24 hours bed rest). Bugger.
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The three gallon jug of water I brought from home is almost gone. This makes me very sad. :'(

Also, note to self: Refresh Aspirin/Ibuprofen bottle next time you're at home (Wheee, stealing drugs from the parents!)

Yes, I am spammy today. I blame it on the fact that I didn't get any sleep last night and I spent 6 hours going between bored out of my skull and Screaming Until My Head Rang at the Y today, because it was the Y's annual Halloween Party, and there was a group of six teenagers that are right at that age where they're discovering that Boys/Girls Really Aren't As Icky As I Once Thought, along with some Rebel Against Authority to keep things exciting. I spent the better part of two hours screaming at them before I got frustrated and snapped "One more screw up or warning and you all are out of this pool faster than you can say 'Trick or Treat'." Okay, so those weren't the exact words, but they got the idea. They then they went into the other pool to be Amanda's headache for the last half hour or so. Whee, intimidation.

Also, I have a headache. Have had one all day, of the kind where you feel it more behind your cheek bone/ear area, and it feels like my ears have been clogged all day, too. I really hope I'm not getting sick again. ::starts popping Activate like candy::
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Worked from 4 to 6 today, got extremely restless the last half hour or so, to the point where I was prowling back and forth along the edge of the pool. Not just walking, *prowling*. Probably looked a lot like a caged leopard. Or something. Either way, I all but ran out of the place at the end of my shift, and I still felt like I was trapped. Sometimes I don't understand my brain chemicals.

Anyhoo, after sitting a few minutes in the car trying to wind down, I felt better, so I popped on over to that Chinese Buffet (Golden Panda, I think is the name of it) about a block from the Y and got me some take out, because I was craving deep fried bad for you stuff and I'd been meaning to try it since the first week of school when I noticed it. Then I started back to the university, take out in hand. I was about half way there when Brianna called me and asked if I was still going to the lecture on the Halloween blizzard St. Cloud had back in 91. Since I had completely forgotten about it but still wanted to go, I was rather glad she called me, even if it meant I had to prolong my Chinese Grease Fest.

So, I got back to SCSU, dropped of my take out, and wandered on up to the library where the lecture was being held. It was very interesting, though I imagine it would have been more so if I actually remembered the storm in question - me being from Wisconsin, the storm hit us, but we had a warmer mass of air over the top of us, so all we got was rain and a few out of season thunderstorms, the memories of which might even still be in some dusty corner of my brain, but which have yet to surface themselves. In my defence, I was all of 6 at the time. I remember I was a princess for Halloween, but that's about all I remember from that particular Halloween. I'm not even sure I have the right Halloween in mind, either. Guess I'll have to ask my parents about it when I go home next.

Anyway, even if I don't remember the storm in question, the lecture was worth it because one of the guest speakers was totally adorable. The "ooh, cute boy" kinda adorable, not some cute chubby cherub type, but I still say he was adorable rather than cute. Aaaaanyway, Brianna and I spent several minutes whispering between ourselves, wondering if he was available or not. And, you know, bonus lecture on one hell of a snow storm. Cute boys and weird weather - yeah, I don't think it would be possible to find a situation I would have enjoyed being in more. Well, perhaps if it was about a storm I actually remembered, but still... Very good night for Maren. Even with the "Omigod, WEIRD RESTLESS ANXIOUS FEELING!" at work.
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Working at the St. Cloud YMCA is... well, it's about the same as working at the Marshfield one. Two pools, but we don't have to rotate every half hour unless one or the other guard gets tired of the pool their in. Not required to clean when the pool is empty, but when that's all there is to do, well, anything to amuse yourself a suppose. Cement floor rather than tile, and different colored paint on the walls, no locker of your own unless you rent it, but there is a break room where you can store your stuff and change if necessary. *Way* more comfortable chair, blue bouies (only spelled right) rather than red, and different positioning of the pools, but otherwise? Pretty much the same as at home. The girl I worked with seemed nice, and the patrons are friendly (and a few more cute swimmer boys than we have at home, one of which was even flirting with me. I ain't complaining. ;) ), and provided I remember to scan in and scan out, I'll be getting a few more minutes each shift than I would've gotten at home (at Marshfield we work on the honor system - come in and write down what time your shift starts, then write down when it ended - not what time you get up stairs after changing and all that fun stuff, but when you actually stopped working. Here, they have these spiffy little cards that you zip through some electronic gizmo when you get there - 15 minutes before your shift starts - and then zip through again when you leave) so that's kinda nice. All those extra 10 and 15 minutes add up over time. Granted, I'm not getting paid as much here as I did at home, but I can live with that if I get a few extra minutes in.

So, yes, first day of work went well. YAY for going well!

On the class note, I had one new class today - Meteorology 160. Its only once a week, but I wouldn't be surprised if it became my favorite class of the semester. The teacher is awesome, the grade is based on attendance and assignments, and best of all? NO EXAMS! Hell Yeah. The books we're supposed to read sound pretty cool, too. One of them about that huge hurricane in 1900 that wiped out Galveston and the guy who missed the signs of the most devastating storm in US history, and the other one is about a freighter boat and captain on Lake Superior and all the hazards and risks involved in piloting one of those monsters during the Gails of November. First one I have, the second one is out of print. Thankfully, only the first one is required, but the second one sounds like a hell of a story that i wouldn't mind reading

Today I...

Jul. 24th, 2006 10:28 pm
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* Worked from 9:30 until 12:00
* showered and ate lunch between 12 and12:45
* visited Gramma from 1 until 2
* worked again from 2 until 5
---> Ended up having to close the pool at 3:45 due to lightning and a severe thunderstorm in the area
---> Never got the all clear to reopen the pool, so all of the guards on duty (myself included) were getting paid to watch TV and play Ping Pong
* changed from my guard stuff at 5:15 and spent the next 45 minutes or so going between watching the huge-ass storm roll over the top of us on the radar and watching TV in the teen room
---> gave the weather forecast at least twice during this time as well, *on request*. I think I've become the unofficial YMCA weather girl. ;)
* went to an aquatics all staff meeting from 6 until 7:15 (in which we pointed out almost every lightning bolt any of us saw to Amy, because none of us wanted to get into the water for our rescue review. Not that rescues are all that difficult, we just don't want to get all wet, and we're not allowed to reopen the pool for anyone until 30 minutes after the last lightning bolt is spotted. ;) )
* got home around 8, watched Kyle XY and the last episode of tonight's Dark Angel marathon
* 10:03 decided that I'm fucking exhausted, brushed my teeth, and booted up Shadowlite so as to check my email quick and spam LJ.
* 10:28 finished checking email and spamming LJ and collapsed into bed cause she is tired like woah
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Today I:
* Taught swim lessons from 9:30 until 1:00, most of which were Guppy level, which means I swam back and forth across the big pool for about three and a half hours straight.
* Got suckered into helping keep an eye on the YMCA Kids Klub as they went on an outing to Marshfield's out door pool, so after I showered I spent another hour and a half standing in the sun making sure none of our kids drown themselves or each other. At least it was nice out today.
* Got caught in a fly-by severe thunderstorm at aforementioned outdoor (Hefko) pool
* Pitied Mom (who was also snagged as an extra pair of eyes, what with there being almost 70 kids signed up for Kids Klub today) into getting me an ice cream cone after Hefko because I hadn't eaten anything since 8:30 this morning. Mmm, strawberry cheesecake supreme.
* Guarded from 3:30 to 6:15 (almost had to guard until 7:00 because someone's mom had to go to the hospital and therefor they couldn't make their shift, but Heather came and rescued me)
* Waited for mom to finish up her stuff until 6:45ish cause she was my ride
* Went to Gramma's and got fresh strawberries
* Got home about 7:30

The long and the short of it? OhMyFuckingGOD I am tired. And my head hurts. And my feet hurt because, yeah, standing standing all afternoon.

But Wheee! Strawberry shortcake tonight!
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Due to a mix up of schedules and the effect of someone calling in sick when they weren't sick or didn't have a shift to cover or *some* switched around thing like that, I got done with work an hour and a half early today. Sweetness.
I was supposed to work from 1 until 3:30. Then someone called in sick for the 3:30-6 shift. So Amy brought someone in to sub for the 3:30 to 6 shift, but it turns out that somewhere along the way a shift that wasn't supposed to be covered really was covered and we ended up with four guards on duty at 2:00 and another guard-in-training shadowing, so there were 5 certified guards on deck and we only needed four and no one else wanted to leave because they either didn't have a car or they wanted go get paid for their entire shift and I got to go home early. YAY for early home-age!

And OMIGOD, SO TIRED! I'm, like, babbling up a storm here. Or, well, not *here* here but in MSN, because my friend Joe decided to IM me and now we're talking about Real Tea verses Sweet Tea (which is a southern US thing) and we are both in agreement that REAL TEA IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN SWEET TEA! Emma and I have created another tea snob! Go us! Or, well, *Emma* has created him, I'm just reinforcing the lesson. At least where tea is concerned. Mmm, tea. You know, I could so totally go for an iced Chai Tea Latte at the moment.

And dude, the bathroom door just slammed shut! OMIGOD, THIS HOUSE IS SO TOTALLY HAUNTED! Okay, so not really, the wind slammed it shut, but telling everyone that the house is haunted has the whole dramatic thang going on. And they would totally believe me because this house is over a hundred years old.

And this would be some of the aforementioned babbling I was talking about. Wheee, babble!


Okay, I think I'm going to go lay down now.
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I have the Oscar Mayer Weiner song in my head. Someone make it go awaaaaay!

In other news, today sucked. Or, well, part of it sucked. As the first day of summer swim lessons, things actually went quite well. All of my kids are in the right swim level for the class they're in! YAY!

As the first day of Vacation at the Y/Kids Klub, though? Totally sucked. First half with the older kids wasn't that bad - there were only about 20-something of them and they were well behaved as school aged kids between 4 and 6 grade go. However, then a couple of them found a terd floating in the big pool. Yes, you heard me right, we had poo in the pool. Which means we had to clear everyone out and close the pool and call up stairs for someone to come down to shock it, so the big pool was closed for about two hours. Which meant that the second half - the K to 3rd graders - only had the small pool to swim in. This time around we had 37 kids and two teachers, with about 10 members (parents and children, mostly) already in there. You know what the small pool's max capacity is? 48 persons. Any more than 48 and the overflow pipes break. Which makes the pool drain. And which takes a week to fix. So, every twenty minutes or so, I blew my whistle and made everyone stand still for a head count. Loud whistle in small, echoy room = instant migraine! But, we managed to keep everyone under the limit and with the big pool closed, it meant that there were two lifeguards and one lifeguard trainee, along with the two teachers for Kids Klub, to keep an eye on all the extra bodies, so that was a plus (usually we only have one lifeguard in the small pool).

Thankfully, I was done at 3:30 and was only too happy to leave. My head hurt like a sonofabitch, though, so when I got home a promptly took an Ibuprofen and went to lay down for two hours in the blissful quiet of my room. Head still hurts, but at least it's down to a dull throb now.

So, yes... Today sucked. And tomorrow I get to do it all over again. At least the big pool should be open again and therefor it shouldn't be as crowded, and hopefully that means it won't be as loud.
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1) I am very tired
2) I worked from 8 until 12 at the Y today and there was a utility rental, so the pool was full of middle school age kids for two and a half hours worth of my shift
3) I have to go back in for a meeting tonight at 7:00
3a) I also have to do my lifeguard recertification tonight at the meeting, meaning I'll be swimming. Lots.
4) have I mentioned that I'm tired?
5) we also have to do dishes at some point. ugh, I wanna go take a nap.
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Thursday, 3/30/06 - 9:10 pm
We have lightning! And thunder! Granted, the storm itself is far from severe at the moment (though there are a few counties in southwest Wisconsin that are in a Watch box), but YAY lightning and thunder! The first storm of the season is always a refreshing change (to the point where I turned out all the lights barring the hallway so I can enjoy the light show as I'm typing this (safely off line and unplugged from the wall as I am almost as anxious as a new mother where anything involving Shadowlight is concerned, I don't care how many surge protectors and lightning rods we have on this house). Debated going out on the porch so I can hear the thunder better as well as see the lightning, but as we haven't had a fire going out there all day, I thought it would probably be a wee bit cooler than comfortable out there.

Anyhoo, as I really have nothing better to do, I'll bore you all with ::shock:: an actual *update*! dull details under the cut )
And I'll use my default icon cause it has lightning on it (matches my layout, even!). YAY storms!

3/31/06 - 10:48 am
Wrote the above last night. I so love the Save Draft option. ::pets semagic::
In other news, I have been horrible at the whole idea of "spring break". It's almost over and last night was the first time I'd managed to stay up past midnight (not even that far past, really, as I turned the lights out around 12:20) and I've usually only made it until 11/11:30 all week. Couldn't sleep in past 8:30, either, until this morning (when I made it until 9 before my body was like "dude, get the frell up! It's daylight and I'm restless and these flannel sheets are way too warm for my comfort!"). So, yeah, I have two more days of spring break and I've only accomplished about half of the stuff I had written on my to-do list. Ah, well, YAY Spring Break!

Also, how long do you think one is able to run a lap top before it needs a break to cool down? Cause I have DVDs I've been meaning to play, but a) I don't know how much energy and therefor heat it would take to run this thing constantly for two and a half hours, and b) I'm not sure how hot is too hot where lap tops are concerned. Shadowlite does have a fan that kicks in for a few seconds every 5 to 15 minutes, depending on how many programs I'm running at once, but I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Have I mentioned lately how paranoid I am when it comes to the safety and good care of this machine? ;)
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It is a really nice day outside. Seriously, sunshine galore and a high temp so far of 53. Took Nine for another walk and this time the creek didn't have ice over it, so she went for a swim. Walked about a mile before my foot made it very plain and clear that it so very much did *not* want to continue (to the point where I took my sock off and now have an ice pack applied directaly to the arch. It's very cold), but YAY burning my 100 calories for the day.

The whole of the family left in the immediate area went to lunch at Pizza Hut this afternoon (Mom, Dad, Gus, Me, and Gramma) where we got to catch up a bit, so that was nice. I was even a good girl and ate a salad before digging into the pizza pies. Had three slices (it was only going to be two, but then they brought out some chicken pizza in the buffet, so I had another small piece of that stuff. Mmm, grease.), so I didn't do too bad.

Worked this morning from 8 until 12 and was *oh* so lucky to be on duty when the health inspection officials showed up. There were four of them today because two were in training. They told me not to be nervous because I was doing everything right (go me!) but I couldn't help but feel bad for the two maintenance guys who were in charge of leading them around. I don't think we did *too* bad - they were a bit worried about some loose railings and some broken tiles, and we didn't have any emergency blankets down on deck that they claim are required, but otherwise I think it went okay (even if they were down there for almost an hour).

And that's pretty much it. Behold, a day in the life (or lack) of Maren!

On an entirely different note, anyone know how I can install a dictionary in Semagic? Cause so far I'm not having any luck what so ever.
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Yesterday I spent the whole morning and afternoon working at the Y; swim lessons in the morning, Splash Zone in the afternoon because Amy was seriously this || close to getting down on her knees and begging for another guard to work it. And I said yes. I'm just too damn nice.
It coulda been worse, though. Thankfully there wasn't an over flux of kids and teenagers like there usually is, and most of the ones we had were well behaved enough to not try and test the rules. Also, I ended up working in the small pool when we tore the Gladiator down, so I didn't have to mess with that, which is always nice. Still had to help put it up, but it's way easier to put up than it is to tear down, so I'm not complaining.

Also went to lunch with my gramma. That was very nice. Mmm, Arby's.

forgot these yesterday, so here be quotes )
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Ugh... I ended up working form 12 until quarter to 7 at the Y today (only reason I *could* was because my 5 to 7:30 class was canceled... which means Amy got real lucky) because one of the guards was sick and I ended up covering for her. There was like, absolutely *no* one else to take the shift, so I was nice and pitched in. Otherwise Jackie would've been there alone for swim team and swim lessons, and no one deserves that. But, hey, at least its an additional 15 bucks on my paycheck that I wouldn't've had otherwise.

However, Maren is very very tired... but it's only 9:00 so she doesn't wanna go to bed yet. Someone wanna come online and amuse me for the next two hours?


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