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This year I didn't do my traditional Score The Internets For Good Ghost Stories post before Halloween. So I am stealing Becca's link for creepiness.

First few are ones I've heard before, but I still got chills. Possibly because I might be coming down with cold, but whatever, still counts. Who fans should check out "The Statue" about a third of the way down the page.
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One thing from Facebook I do wish had gotten adopted by LJ - the ability to post links and have it show up all neat and tidy like with pictures and *everything* on the page with no effort on my part. If there is a way to do that on Live Journal, I haven't figured it out yet, and I've been on here for more than 10 years now.

So, instead, I just post a regular plain old link. Princess Bride Reunion through Entertainment Weekly that you all who are fans of the movie should go check out RIGHT NOW, OMG, because the cast photo is awesome as are the little tidbits from the actors.
Billy Crystal: “True love is the greatest thing in the world — except for a good BM.” I remember the only trouble with the scene was Cary trying not to laugh while he was laying on the slab, because he’s supposed to be mostly dead but slightly alive.

And then there are YouTube Videos!! (youtube version of the Good Morning America story) (Part Two of the Good Morning America story that aired the day after)
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Silo House

Thanks to [ profile] wowomom and I getting into a housing discussion on Facebook, I now want one of these.
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I stopped watching the news years ago, so while I knew about the huge earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan, I hadn't actually thought much about it until a friend linked to some of the news footage in Facebook.

Seeing the damage was... devastating. Watching this wave of water pushing entire buildings and semi trucks around as if they were nothing more than bathtub toys even more so. The kicker, though, the one that really tugged at my heart strings, was the footage of all those people, watching in shocked awe at first, and then terror and fear as the tidal wave buried their cities under meters of mud and the shattered debris of human lives and livelihoods.

Moments later, after I had done the "Text REDCROSS to 90999" thing and donated to the Japan Disaster funds, I ran across the posts of several people who were wondering why the hell we should bother bail Japan's ass out of the fire again when they haven't done anything for us, and then used Katrina and the US recession as examples of Japan's utter lack of assistance when we needed it. Me being me, I couldn't let it pass without remark.

This isn't an accusation, mind, just my opinion, and my own attempt to think outside the box.

Katrina was... a huge mess, and no one handled it well - not even the US. It also happened over five and a half years ago. A lot can change in that amount of time, and many of those changes involved digital leaps and bounds, especially in communication networks. These advances in digital media and social communities have made it unbelievably easy to donate to a particular cause on a whim, no paperwork or credit-card information required - all you need is a phone number, and one brief, simple text. We didn't have that kind of system in place six years ago. Who is to say that had Katrina happened now - in this hay-day of the digital media and communication - the US wouldn't have had hundreds of thousands of dollars of disaster support headed our way in mere hours of the hurricane hit the coast, and all of these funds from plain old citizens in other developed countries around the world who just wanted to help?

We have been very lucky. Aside from the economy crashing - and that is a global thing, not just our problem - the US hasn't had a horrific disaster like Katrina in five and a half years. Places like Haiti, and now the earthquake and tsunami in Japan... they, unfortunately, cannot say the same.

I'm sure you could argue about the massive flooding in the southeast this past summer and the giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as examples of the rest of the world's failure to give us a helping hand when we needed it, and you're probably right. The thing about America, though, is we're kind of like the garbage control and cleaning services of the world. Easily ignored and taken for granted when we're around, but the moment we refuse to help clean up another mess, our name would be slandered and we'd be labeled as ungrateful and greedy. I don't pretend to be very patriotic, but I do admit - as a country, it it is just in our nature to want to help, to want to "fix things", even when they aren't necessarily broken. A habit that has gotten us in trouble in the past, many times. To stop trying, though, would be kind of like denying the ingrained American honor that we all have, no matter where we stand on politics or religion.

Helping out is just what we do - not because we're a high and mighty country, but because we are human. We are in a position to help, and a lot of innocent people over there a world away from us are really hurting right now.

"Pay it forward" is a pretty common phrase this day and age, which is another reason it would be un-American - and inhumane - to see people in need and not offer them help. Pay it forward, and maybe the next time, when the United States is the one trying to pick up the scattered pieces of her broken cities - and her broken lives - the rest of the world will be quicker to have our back.

Helping out is what we do. Here is how we can.
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These two made me laugh so hard I started hacking. Ah, allergies.

On birthday presents and getting home

Remind me to never get an iPhone with Autocorrect
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I have actually read the Bible (though it has been a few years, and I've been meaning to do a re-read for awhile for purly curious reasons to refresh my memory), and I knew most of these things, but it was still fun. Interesting. Whatever.

Five Things You Won't Believe Aren't In The Bible

As I told my friend Emma - sometimes it is just fun to say "I told you so!" to the world at large.
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First - Stumble Spam!

This looks nifty - World's First Sustainable City. More than nifty, actually, it looks pretty freaking cool. Kind of like something right out of a sci fi novel, only prettier. Seems like a pretty sound theory, too. To bad the likelihood of it actually happening are like one billion to one.

Second - Iron Man!

I very much love Iron Man 2. Awesome villain, awesome fight scenes, awesome banter (I seriously love the "phone" conversation between Pepper and Tony toward the end. It might actually be my favorite scene)... in short, it is a lot of awesome. First one still wins in the awesomeness race, but it is very very close.

I do not love Happy in Iron Man 2. In fact, I found him kind of annoying. cut for general spoilers from the first movie, and a few minor character spoilers on the second )

Aside from that, though, the only not-awesome thing is that the "You complete me!" scene they show in all of the previews didn't actually make it into the film. At first I thought I might've just missed it while in the bathroom or some such when I saw the movie in the theater, but no... it just isn't there. I should totally sue for False Advertising or something, especially since I have the Bare Basics Version that doesn't have *any* special features, much less deleted scenes. Should've read the fine print. ::sigh::

ETA 8:46 - after looking around on line a bit, I found an article discussing some of the deleted scenes. While I still think the movie is awesome, after reading about some of what they took out, I am kind of disappointed they decided to cut it all. I can understand why they did, especially since even with the cut scenes, the movie is still almost two and a half hours long, but some of them sound like they would've made things - especially on the 'relationships' front - a lot more interesting.
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Less than 24 hours after the rescue efforts started, all 33 men trapped in the Chilean mine are free. It is definitely a day worth celebrating.
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They have a sneak peak of the Castle season premier up at

Link here:


Teeny tiny spoilery comment for the first five seconds - under here )

Some non-spoiler observations: Beckett and Lanie's hair? YES PLEASE!
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Mooched from Laurie on Facebook

If Historical Events Had Facebook Statuses, because it is awesome and needs to be shared. Second part is linked on the bottom. There is also If God Were On Facebook, which is also awesome.
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Mooched from Nicole on Facebook because I want to add it to my 'fluff' tag.

I stopped watching the news years ago because it was So Damn Depressing, and I figure I could get all of the really important stuff second and third hand. 8 Feel-Good Websites to Brighten Your Day is a CNN article that links to eight news sights that only have happy or inspirational stories because apparently I'm not the only one sick and tired of bad news, so many koodos to the people who have gone through the effort to score the interwebs for stories that don't break your heart (except in the best possible way).

And, for future reference when that CNN article gets lost in the archives never to be seen again (because I *know* I'm going to want to keep these links handy):

Happy News -
"We believe virtue, goodwill and heroism are hot news. That's why we bring you up-to-the-minute news, geared to lift spirits and inspire lives."

Give Me Hope -
Gives Me Hope (GMH) offers user-submitted true stories of kindness and generosity. The stories are sentimental and, at times, almost heartbreakingly sweet

(and another one that this one reminded me of - It Made My Day

1000 Awesome Things -
1000 Awesome Things is a blog, updated every weekday, that enumerates the little things in life that make us happy. It's a reminder that even the smallest of feats are reason to smile.

Post Secret -
This secret-sharing site might be the perfect outlet to release that secret you've been harboring. Every Sunday founder Frank Warren posts a handful of secrets that people have anonymously mailed him on postcards.

Sometimes it can do a world of good to know someone shares your fears, dreams, hopes and failures

Christian the Lion -
A video rather than a website, but still pretty awesome. I had seen it before years ago, but only a few days ago I was considering doing an internet search to watch it again.

The backstory: John Rendall and Anthony Bourke bought Christian, a lion cub, from Harrods in 1969 and raised him in their London home. Several years later, they set the lion free to live in the wilds of Africa.

A year later, against the advice of experts, the pair was determined to locate Christian. They traveled to Kenya to find him, and their reunion was recorded on film. Really, you just have to watch it -- it's truly inspirational.

Today's Big Thing -
Make Today's Big Thing your new home page and you won't be inundated with depressing stories. Instead, you'll see the latest funny videos and creative pictures the internet has to offer in arts, entertainment, sports and more -- the real "news" people will be talking about at work tomorrow.

ZooBorns - (happy zoo news, usually centering around baby animals)
rensong: (not so far away) - my dad's new ethanol brewing and use as a fuel. The site is under construction, but please, check it out and spread the word! This day and age, it definitely couldn't hurt to be more self-reliant and not depend on big oil companies so much, especially with the whole BP issue that is further screwing up our planet.
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Hour left on the last day of work before vacation. Yeah, so not going to get much more work done.

I died in the Dungeon of Rensong

I was killed in a crystalline passage by Jaguar83 the fire elemental, whilst carrying...

the Armour of Ltcolsamcarter, the Amulet of Violentmidnyte, the Sword of Quotes, a Figurine of Dreams Of Ice, the Crown of Zeedoubleu, the Sword of Everagaby, the Dagger of Cheapevilgirl, the Crown of Alorarose and 124 gold pieces.

Score: 174

Explore the Dungeon of Rensong and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

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Fellow grammar enthusiasts might appreciate this. The Story of Alot. Ah, alot... you make my life so much less frustrating. ::hugs it::
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Huh. They are making a new Karate Kid movie... with Jackie Chan. Trying to wrap my brain around that particular tidbit is proving difficult (Mr. Miagi = Jackie Chan just seems weird, even if they are using totally different names), but still, I'll probably give it a shot.
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Things That Are Doing It, and most of the things are rather disturbing in a highly entertaining way. Toes the line between what might qualify as work safe and what most definitely is not, but I'm leaning more towards "not", personally.

Hey, Emma? I think this place might be even better for the Scooby Doo Doll than Failblog. ;)
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Robot Unicorn Attack. No, really, ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK! Is it possible to have a cooler name?

Also, extremely addicting, so if anyone is looking to kill time at work, you now have more unproductiveness fodder. ;)
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No update, just a bunch of spam links.

Top 25 Un-PC Gifts... So, so wrong for the most part, but I kind of want the WTF snowglobe. And the Hillary Clinton nut cracker was extremely amusing.

Paper cut outs that will make you go "Woah". The humming bird one is *amazing*.

Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient computer, and a video of a working model. Now I want one. A lot. Especial if it's still accurate and stuff.
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Usually lolcats/loldogs kind of irritate me since the improper grammar and intentional misspellings is kind of akin to nails on the chalkboard for me, but I gotta admit, this picture totally made me giggle.

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

In other news, I have most of my holiday ornaments finished. I still need to make one for Manda, Emmies, Emma, and Melissa, but I think I'm good after that. At least I sure hope I am - I plan on having a bunch of random extras just in case I miss anyone.
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Huh. I really shouldn't be surprised, but apparently there is a a dating site for Sci Fi fans. Linked on the bottom of the page are also a dating site for Fantasy fans, what I'm assuming are Anime fans, and Horror fans.

Must keep that in mind next time I get an attack of the Emo. Still probably won't use it because my interest in dating disappears as soon as I get the Emo out of my system, but still... Interesting.

Wow, three posts in one day? I must be feeling spammy.
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America's Healthiest and Unhealthiest States. Wisconsin ranks within the top 15 *healthiest*, which quite honestly surprises me considering our tendency to put either cheese, sausage, or beer in pretty much everything (and occasionally all three - Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup anyone? Even if it is bacon rather than sausage, but still).

Our love of fatty foods aside, I'm pretty sure our over all anti-smoking attitude probably gives us a lot of pull (the entire state is going Smoke-Free in public buildings starting next year), as well as our state health care program. There are probably other factors, too, but those are the biggest that come to mind.

Anyway, the point of this post - hurrah for a Healthy Wisconsin!
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This amused me far more than it probably should. The "How will it change the world" part is what had me giggling.
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The Very Secret Diaries. So far I've read Aragorn's two and Legolas's two. I am very sad that the writer never got around to Return of the King, but what she did write is highly amusing.

I was going to pic an "entry", but even though I've only read Aragorn's and Legolas's so far, I am finding it difficult to pick just one. Seriously, just go read it. Guaranteed to make you at least smile.
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I am not freaking out about End of Semester and Finals and Lack of Money. Yet. I am, however, walking the edge and I know the Freaking Out is coming.

I am worrying about Nine. I don't think she has much time left - she's all bone and fur, no fat or muscle to speak of anymore, and her hips are almost completely out of alignment; she can barely pick her feet up off the ground when she walks. Sometimes she doesn't, and that's when she falls and can't get back up by herself.

It isn't often I shamelessly beg for comments, but I could really do with something happy. Would you all mind giving me links to some happy and/or fluffy stories? Or something that will make me laugh? I need to get my mind off of Things and I don't know how else to go about doing that.

ETA three days later
longer version of Susan Boyle's Britians Got Talent try out

Also, adding a "fluff" tag so the happy links are easier to find next I'm in need of them.


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