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So LJ changing the comment feature is what finally sent me running for dreamwidth. Still not sure how often I'll use it, but I do have one or the other of them set to cross post, so there should be some sort of update on occasion.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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OMG, YAAAAAAAY! Live Journal is working at work again! I HAVE MY CRUTCH BACK! ::dances the dance of the LJ junkie::

That's all. I have absolutly nothing else interesting to talk about beyond my LJ Joy.

So. How are you?
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I have discovered that if I am willing to wait 5-15 minutes for each and every LJ page to load, I can actually get into it and stuff. Mostly, though, not so much with the patience. But, since I'm here...

The last two days at work LJ has been super slow for me. Like, slower than dial up slow. No clue what is causing this as it does not appear anyone else is having this issue (at least not that I know of or the one LJ maintenance community I did actually wait to load), but it does mean that replying to comments might be awhile. It might just be a work thing, but who knows.

Also, last night our internet provider at the house - Clearwire - apparently was experiencing a state-wide outage, so I couldn't get online at all there. Not sure if the issue has been resolved or not as I didn't check before leaving for work this morning, but it is yet another reason why I haven't been around much the last 36 hours or so.

So, you know, just an FYI for those who are curious.

Also, not spell checking this entry because did I mention the whole 10+ minute loading time? So sorry for any spelling errors.

Hopefully I'll be back soonish as I am kinda going through LJ withdrawl and playing waaaaay to much Farmville because of it.
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More than three years and about 4600 journal entries after I started, I have finished tagging and re-tagging all of my old LJ entries up until January 2010, and I've reposted a few highlights just for the hell of it.

Now, though, I have no idea what I shall do to entertain myself at work when I don't actually have any work to do, which is sadly quite often. ::sigh::
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I'm a pretty open person, but this is me jumping in the band wagon of "Please don't cross post any comments or entries of mine on Facebook or Twitter or what have you". Honestly, there isn't much I want to keep secret on either media, but I still kind of like the idea of keeping all my LJ friends and all my Facebook friends separate, if only because recently I've found myself leaning toward Live Journal as my first Social Media Choice once again, and my Facebook has fallen a bit on the side lines. I just don't like being limited to 220 characters when I babble, you know? ;)

So, yes, I'd appreciate it if you all wouldn't do the cross posting thing for any of my entries.
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Making a few pictures/banners/whatever for Geek Oblique, the new group I made on Facebook that celebrates All Things Geeky.

Right now, I'm making said banner/picture/whatever using a bunch of my old geeky LJ icons - and I want more! So, you know, if anyone would be willing to donate their geeky icons to the cause, I'd appreciate it. Anything that qualifies as "geeky" is welcome, be it for a book, TV series, movie, or whatever. Right now I'm hoping for more book icons - preferably classic-ish (I have one for Secret Garden and two for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe), movies (I only have one for Independence Day - I know, for shame!), and maybe even a few games/videogames (which I have none of because I am not a gamer, but they *totally* qualify as geeks, too!) but honestly, if it is geeky and the least bit popular, I'll take it. Words on the icons are okay, too, as long as they are vague enough that most anyone would get it.

So, any takers? Pretty please? The more geekiness, the merrier!

Also, LINK ME, BABY! What's the latest news on your most current obsession? Who has the Juicy Spoilers for the next Big Movie? Has George Lucas made any Star Wars News? Link me to anything and everything you deem "geeky" so I can have some actual material in my Facebook group rather than just an empty page. ;)
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Changed my layout because it had been almost two years, if not longer. Still not sure if I like the colors, but for now it works.

In other news, I bought a snazzy, casual army-green button up shirt this past weekend to wear over my brown and green tank tops. I love it and it has all sorts of cool buttons and zippers (even if the zippers are merely decorative and don't actually lead to extra pockets) and I am wearing it today and it looks really good on me, but The Curse of the Big Shoulders has struck again and I can't reach forward or stretch my arms up above my head without feeling like I am about to rip a seam.

And yes, I did try it on when I got it and said to myself "Self, if you wear this shirt it is going to be tight and pull in the shoulders ALL DAY LONG and get irritating really fast," but I loved the shirt so much that I decided to go for it anyway. And I still love it, but now that I've had it on for more than an hour I'm starting to wonder if it would be worth it to find a seamstress and ask them "Is it possible to add more fabric to the shoulders without costing an arm and a leg?"

It is completely unfair how clothing making companies leave jumps and extra folds of fabric that can be easily let out around the stomach and sides of a shirt, but they never add anything like that to the shoulders. Since I *know* I'm not the only woman out there who has the Broad Shoulder Issue, you'd think they might get a clue.
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So far I am not liking the Weather Channel's new website beta. Takes to long and too many clicks to find all of the weather details like barametric pressure, dew point and humidity and all that jazz because I am a weather geek and I want me my details, dammit!

On the bright side, YAY RAIN! Okay, it really isn't that much, and even *less* of that is actually reaching the ground, but it is overcast and there are patchy, tiny rain showers here and there all over the area, so I'll take what I can get.

Also, since we're on the subject of beta changes/websites and what not, I am also really not that fond of LJ's new way of tagging entries on the website. Used to be I could start typing something and the rest of the word - provided there was already a tag for it - would show up highlighted in the little tag text box, and I could just push the right arrow button to get finish the word and move on to the next tag. Now you start typing and a drop down box shows up with all the possible tags, and if you click on any of them, whatever tags you had already written in the text box disappeared. Not on, LJ. Give me back my old tagging feature!
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Original Entry

Three months ago I had just sprained my ankle, bad enough that it still isn't 100% healed today. I had also finally given in to multiple promptings to watch the first episode of Eastwick, and I was both duly impressed and unsure if I could handle Fraser as a Bad Guy. However, getting to see him wet was *totally* worth it.

Six months ago I was just starting my last semester as an undergrad and continuing my Paleolimnology internship as an independent study for college credits. Also, Wisconsin was under an Air Quality Advisory for the first time I recalled in the 25 years I have lived here.

Nine months ago I was really missing Rainbow Falls and had water(parks) on the brain. Also, Sleestack are Scary.

One year ago it was a beeea-uuu-ti-ful spring day and I was stuck in classes from 9 am until 5:30 pm and having a huge "Oh, *fuck*!" moment because I had been convinced all day that my Mineralogy test was in the afternoon, not early morning.

Two years ago, sex toys had been legalized in Texas and everyone was celebrating by writing sex-toy drabbles!

Three years ago, I was home from Saint Cloud for a much needed Spring Break.

Four years ago, I was ded from the cute. AND I had a shiny new laptop that made me glee and name it Shadowlite!

Sekrit Message for Emma )

Five years ago, Grampa was home from the hospital, mom had the flu, and I was about to get together with Dana for some hot tubbing.
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Oh, wow.

Proof of my geekiness? I just went into my "manage tags" area of LJ to get rid of some of the tags I don't actually use (misspelled words, same word just with an extra "s", etc), and I discovered that I now have more entries under "fic recs" (297) than I do "spam" (275).

Hi, my name is Maren, and I am a HUGE GEEK, but I am totally okay with that.
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Okay, so I'm going through and tagging old entries and I'm up to September 2004.

Two minutes ago, I got a Live Journal Comment email telling one [ profile] ebuyings0011 had left me a comment in this entry from *five years ago*. Seriously, people, you might want look into updating your registry.

I did, however, just add tags to that particular entry, so maybe that's where they got the in. Otherwise it's a really weird coincidence.
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Reading my friends list and... Yikes. And Ow. There is lots of Ow in there, too, and I didn't even watch it.

::offers lots of cookies and chocolate cake to everyone who watched the final episodes of Torchwood - Children of Earth and a one-way ticket to Denial Land where you all can party in my condo for a few weeks::
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As of 6:21 pm Monday, March 9

Wow, I miss choir. Three years of no music, and where as I used to be able to hit high A or B, now I don't think I can even make it to the top of the treble clef anymore.

Maybe there's a community choir I can join during the summer.

Other Woe:
- Can't load LJ. Woe.
- Mineralogy test tomorrow. Me thinks I'm not going to do so hot on it.
- Bunch of Chem problems to finish tonight so I can take the quiz tomorrow and not, like, completely and totally fail it.

7:40 pm

Watching Chuck. I know the whole point of the show is Chuck getting into trouble and Casey and Sarah coming in to save him, but would it kill the writers to at least give Chuck some sort of hand-to-hand training? He doesn't need a gun - in fact, I just can't see him as the gun type, but being able to give his would-be-kidnappers an elbow in the face or a nice handy leg-swipe, even as a distraction, would totally not go amiss. He can still get into trouble and not stay in the car, but dude, his head is full of Top Secret Stuff, and he's like the government's number one commodity at this point, so being able to at least fight back might, you know, keep him alive in case Sarah or Casey can't get there in time to save him. And, you know, would it be a crime to have him save himself sometimes?

Also, small special guest star spoilers )

Also, YAY, LJ is working again!
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Today's impulse buy at the grocery store - Pop Tarts. Mmm, fake pastry. I also finally got some headbands that I don't hate, so yay for that, but that was at Walmart, not the grocery store.

Also redid my journal cause it's been about a year. Not sure I like it, but I've spent the last two hours working on it and this is the best result so vwala, new LJ layout.

And that's all she wrote. At least for now.
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I have not been getting my LJ comments emailed to me. This is annoying.

However, I have Bones on TV. Apparently they are in the part of season 2? that I actually managed to catch when TNT did the reruns on Wednesday or Thursday nights, so I have seen all of the episodes they have shown so far, but still! I have Bones! They're showing The Headless Witch in the Woods now.
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LJ is apparently having issues with comment emails for anyone who uses a hotmail or msn account to get them. Since I use hotmail for LJ comments, I haven't been getting the reminders for the last day or two. So, if you commented on my journal or responded to a comment I left on yours and haven't heard back from me, I promise, I'm really not trying to avoid you. Hopefully once they get the problem fixed, they'll send me all the ones I missed and I'll be able to respond then.

Again, sorry if it seems like I'm ignoring you! I'm really not trying to. :)
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Still going through old LJ entries and tagging them. I know I am a bad speller, but wow, it was just so very much worse before Semagic and the "always spell check before posting" option, as well as the handy-dandy underlining of misspelled words in red.

Also, I was a massive fan of "..."s and spelled "cheap" as "cheep" so much I keep expecting to see little baby chickens running around.

Rereading my Scapercon 2003 overview was lots of fun, though. I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH NOW! {{{glomps Scaper friends}}} {{{glomps rest of f-list, too, cause you are all awesome}}} It has been far too long since I got to Kitty Pile with a dozen Scapers.
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... Is LJ already doing the scheduled downtime thing? I thought it was later this week. I think I might be wrong, though, because their homepage looks kinda sickly at the moment.

In other news, I'm on campus waiting for my sediment samples to cook, and I have no homework I can do because I finished the non-lab stuff last night and the Lab is currently occupied for the In Lab stuff.

I really dislike Mondays.
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Anyone remember the LJ quiz thing that would list the times you post entries most often? It went around LJ a few years back, and I had no entries at 4 in the morning. Now I wanna see if that has changed.

In other news, went bowling with Dan, Dustin, and JB tonight. I played 7 games - first three were kind of crappy, last four weren't too bad in that I averaged about a 110 - Dan played 6, JB 5, and Dustin 3. Know how much it cost me total? Nine bucks. And that's including shoe rental. I so love 25 Cent Bowling Thursdays.

ETA 1:46
Found it in this entry. Doesn't work anymore, though. Woe.
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Hey, Becca? Any idea why your website is demanding I log in whenever I try and check my friends list on Live Journal? Its kind of odd. Especially since I'm really not anywhere near your website. Seriously. I just go to which is my friends list filter and it's all "Enter Username and password for", which I can't really do cause I'm not you. And then when I went to your lj, it wouldn't let me leave. Had to ctrl+alt+del and shut down Firefox entirely.

Just, you know. Thought I should mention something. Not sure if I'm the only one having this problem or not.
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HIYEEE FRIENDS LIST! Comment if you see this just so I know the problem is solved, a problem I will explain below.

So, it seems that nothing I have updated with since I posted my To Do List as of "May 17, 2008" has shown up. Meaning, pretty much everything after the backdated. Which has never been an issue before, but whatever.

Anyway, if you haven't been seeing me around these last two weeks, I've been updating, honest. It just wasn't showing up on anyones friends list. Yeah, no clue why either, but I have since gone back and set my To Do List for the actual date I made it, or at least somewhere around there. We'll see if that helps.

Thanks to Kira for pointing it out. Hopefully it's fixed now.

Edit 2:22
Okay, so after signing out and pretending to be Kira - just using your default friends list, hon. Alas, you never gave me your password for your newest journal, so I can't sign in as you and write a fake post about monkey porn ;) - and making use of the "Friends" link in her LJ, it looks like all my entries are showing up again.

Though, honestly, if you all *really* want to read my spammity stuff, I think you might be better off just going to [ profile] rensong and reading down. ;) There wasn't much of interest - Lots of complaining about being sick, some spoilers and speculation on NCIS, some Charmed and Moonlight spam, a new Bones addiction (it is extremely unfair that I would fall for a series one week only to have it all go to hell the next. Not on, Bones people. :p~~~~), and a whole bunch of OMG, END OF SEMESTER, BRAIN FRIED, KILL ME NOW! kinda stuff.

At least I'm not as spammy as I used to be.
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I've been meaning to redo my LJ layout for awhile now, so this afternoon I finally did. I'm not 100% happy with it, but that might just be due to the wide-screen monitor on this computer. I also miss having the journal title nice and big across the top, as well as having all the entries in one big column instead of separate boxes, but you take what you can get as a basic user, and the one with the separate boxes in this style wasn't available to me. I was also afraid that if I *did* try and switch it over, I would've lost all my colors and what not and it would've gone back to default, which would've sucked.

I am happy with the colors and the images, though, and I have a new default icon. [ profile] rensong if you wouldn't mind checking it out and telling me if the layout looks absolutely horrid on your average computer - again, I think I might be thrown quite a bit off by the wide-screen on my loner laptop.

Shadowlite, I miss you! Come home soon!
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I know that you're a business and everything, but seriously, Live Journal, I am really starting to hate you. You're turning into just another free, advertisement-filled blog site, not something unique and special like you used to be.

Hopefully, the whole "no new basic accounts" is just going to apply to new users, not someone who already has one, because I really don't want to move, and if I see advertisements on my page, *ever*, I am gone.

I miss the old days when LJ was invite only. I've never been a user icon addict, so I wouldn't even mind going back to three icons.
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Did any one else who filters their friends list end up with new filter addresses? Cause I did. My friends list filter (the filter that just has actual personal journals, no communities, which I would default it too if I could remember how) web address went from to, leaving the first completely empty.

... and now it's fixed. Okay then. Weird.
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I am going through and tagging old journal entries again. I was a big fan of "prolly", and while I'm sure I was trying to be cute then, I find it rather annoying now. Also? These were the days before automatic spell check. It's amazing how one's blogging trends can change over the course of 4 years


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