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Today I am thankful for everyone who has served. I may not always take pride in my country, but I will always take pride in the men and women who dedicate their lives to standing up for the rights of others. Thank You!
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So. I woke up this morning and first thing Mom tells me as I'm toasting my bagels is "We're going to Ripon today," meaning we're going up to see my Gramma and Grampa Meyer to celebrate Grampa's sisters 80th birthday. Ooo, goodie... Two and a half hour car ride! I can't wait... ::sarcasm:: I guess it will be nice to see the family again, though.
So, that's where I'll be today. Don't know what time I'll be back home. Hopefully in time for our nightly scaper "Oh that's *so* wrong!' chat, but if not... talk to you all tomorrow.


"To you my dear I’ve got so much to give
It’s gonna take my lifetime
It’s gonna take years and years and years and years."
~ I've Got So Much to Give

Let the music play on
Just until I feel this misery is gone"
~ Let the Music Play

Barry White
September 12, 1944 - July 4, 2003

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Memorial service for grampa went well. Had a huge turn out, and I didn't break apart while singing Angel during the service! Afterwards I did, but I survived the singing! Go me! But, I got lots of compliments on my singing... Several said I should go professional... Riiight, like *that* will ever happen. It would be nice, maybe for a month or there abouts, but I doubt if I'm really decent enough to go professional.

I am proud of the fact that I was the last one to really start crying... both my brothers were bawling before me, and Mom has always been super emotional. Dunno about Dad, he was running around doing video and audio tape stuff.
Anyways, the funeral was really nice. And the dinner after wards was quite good, too (says the 19 year old girl who hadn't eaten a thing since last night at dinner). :D
We were at the church by 9:00 this morning and only just got home a little after 3:00. Long day. Feels like a Sunday. Even though the fact that we have FARSCAPE! and STARGATE! tonight should keep reminding me it's Friday. YAY Television night!
So, I'm gonna veg out in front of the TV now. Maybe take a nap. Drink lots and lots of liquids cause my throat is super dry.
Okies, that's enough for now... YAY Maren ramblings!
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Okay, so I back... Maren sleepy.

I actually have been back for about an hour now, but I didn't update cause I was catching up on friends. But, now friends LJs all done, so I can update.
We got the church all set up. Dad and I moved a lot of heavy benches around... One of them was reeeally heavy.... While moving that one I scraped the back of my hand on the corner of the banister thingy infront of the santuary... That *huuurt*! Didn't break any skin, but I do now have a looong skinny bruise from the middle knuckle of my ring finger to the pinky side of my left hand. It hurts. But only if I use those two fingers, which I don't too often, on like my shoulder which I used on a regular basis, so YAY for minor injuries on my not-dominant hand!!!
I got a dark blue denim skirt to wear tomorrow, but I think it's too casual, so I'll probably just end up wearing my black one again. I also *finely* remembered to get myself some black nilons. So, now I have an actual decent color stockings instead of the icky cream colored ones which were all I had before... Panty-hose are evil evil evil... whoever invented them should be shot, but at least now I have some non-ugly ones to suffer in... :)

Aaand that's about it on the new front... Woo, my life is so exciting, ain't it? :D
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Apologies for bailing on chat last night, loves. I was in Uber Bitch mode and didn't wanna end up snapping at anyone. And I mean seriously bitchy... not the good snarky bitchy, but complete and total BITCH. Like, "I am seriously this | | close to bitching out Krissy because of her bad grammar" bitchy... Hell, I was just as close to bitching out Dawn just for feeling sorry for herself. {{{{{{{hugs Dawn and Krissy}}}}}}}}
So, yeah, Uber Bitch. At least I have the excuse of it being the wrong time of the month. :)
So, I tried to leave before I hurt anyone's feeling accidentally. Hope you all didn't have *too* much fun without me. :)

And, I have been assigned to make cup cakes this afternoon because Mom's gymnastic team is having a bake sale tomorrow. So, I have white cake mix and frosting with sprinkles in the cupboard. Who wants to bet that they prolly won't last until tomorrow... :D
I also have to clean today. Chances are we're gonna end up having people over here on Friday for Grampa's Memorial service. So, Maren has to dust off the top of the piano and kerio cabinet as well as probably vacuuming and *attempting* to de-clutter the downstairs living room. Most of the clutter isn't mine, but I doubt anyone else is going to try to put stuff where it belongs.
I also have to do my annual spring cleaning of my room one of these days. I clean my room once a year, usually around end of winter/beginning of spring, and I clean it all out. I sweep and I dust and I vacuum and clean out my closet and just totally clean it... My room goes from a national disaster area to the top of cleanly ness in only a few hours. Go me! :)

House work, here I come!!! ::pulls on her spandex and her cape::
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I think today is the 27th anniversary of the Edmund Fitzgerald... I wonder why I forgot that.

Anyways, I guess here's my little memorial or whatever in memory... My favorite line from the song.

"And all that remains are the faces and the names
Of the wives and the sons and the daughters."
~The Wreak of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Gorden Lightfoot

full song )


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