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* Saturday, Nov. 19 - Monday, Nov. 21 - let myself be convinced to go spend the weekend up in the wilds of the Northwoods without any running water or - at least on our side of the cabin - central heat with my friend Ethan and some of his family. It was kind of nice in it's own way; super pretty up there with the snow that started falling pretty thickly just after we arrived, and hey, who am I to protest the chance to spend the entire weekend reading guilt-free. It was very cold, however, and the sauna they use to clean up and bucket-shower was swarming with flies, which isn't fun when you're wet and naked. On the bright side, at least I didn't have to go four days without washing my hair like I did when we went up camping on Mt. Ranier.

* Tuesday - didn't do much as I was rather exhausted after three days without sleep (don't sleep - or eat much, come to think of it - well when I travel), though I did go into work for a Water Aerobics drop-in class in the evening. With the YMCA not running any programs this past week due to Thanksgiving, I figured I could use every bit of extra on my paycheck I could possibly manage.

* Wednesday - bit of cleaning, and then I took Buddy to the Marshfield dog park, and was pleased to discover he seemed to get on well with the other dogs. Kind of shy and came running back to me to "hide" pretty often, and he was drooling so much he looked a bit rabid, but no barking, growling or snapping from him or the other dogs, hurray! Might try and do it again soonish - the poor boy loves to play, but we're never around to play with him.

* Thursday, Nov. 24 - TURKEY DAY! - Rode down to Ripon with my parents and my brother Ben to have Thanksgiving Dinner with a good chunk of Mom's side of the family. Had dinner at a catering place owned by a high school friend of Mom's instead of Gramma M going crazy trying to have it at their place again. Ate entirely too much (but less than I usually do at these sort of things) and caught up a bit with aunts, uncles, and cousins.

* Friday - cleaning like a mad cleaning thing, getting ready to host about a two-thirds of my dad's family for that side's Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.

* Saturday, Nov. 26 - Dad and I were crazy busy in the morning trying to get everything cooked (I was charged with the green bean casserole, twice-baked potatoes, fruit salad, and getting the munchies set to go since we would be eating so late while Dad mostly focused on the cleaning and the sweet potatoes) and all the last minute cleaning accomplished before his oldest sister and her family arrived at around 12:30. Mom finished up the few work things she had and brought Gramma home with her around 1:30 pm and we were able to sit down to a late dinner by about 2:30. Caught up with cousins, ate too much again, and spent the rest of the evening watching movies (Tron: Legacy is awesome) and playing on my computer before crashing at 8:45ish because I was Just That Tired. Of course then I tossed and turned from 10pm to 1 or 2am because of my sorta nap beforehand, but such is life.

* Sunday, Nov. 27 (Today) - did two loads of laundry, otherwise? A whole lot of nothing. Watched another movie (The Tourist with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, where I totally spoiler ), but it was still fun and I'd watch it again and hey, who am I to turn down two such pretty, pretty people together on one screen?

Back to work tomorrow, alas, but I'm very sure my bank account will thank me. Speaking of bank accounts, note to self - You WILL go on another job-applying spree tomorrow afternoon before work. We really, really DO NOT NEED to go any further into debt than we already are.
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To See the World in a Grain of Sand by dress without sleeves. Very good look at the lives of Dastan and Tamina directly after the movie ends - one who remembers, and one who can't help but wonder in her newly acquired ignorance. Soooo true to both characters that I could see the story play out picture-perfect in my head. I particularly loved the ostrich racing bit.

As for the four additional stories in my folder, they are the direct result of a Tin Man binge I went on a few weeks back. Since I am feeling lazy, I'll save them for tomorrow's spam.
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My brother and I, upon watching Angels and Demons for the first time, when they are spoilers ) Kind of makes it pretty obvious that despite our various degrees and college educations, we all still harbor an inner history geek.
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Yup, totally a cold. We have reached the sneezing and stuffy nose portion of our evening, but at least my throat isn't quite as sore.

Been in bed pretty much all day taking advantage of NCIS marathon and a free years of Starz programming. The newest version of 'Race to Witch Mountain' is starting now, and I am thinking it will be just as bad as I thought. However, it is also free, and as someone who loved the book as a child, why not? Also, nothing else is on. And I suppose you can't go wrong with a movie that starts with two Storm Troopers getting into the back of a cab. (and now I want a punchline for that joke)
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A prologue to the Iron Man/Eureka crossover I wrote last week, because I needed a break from data entry.

In other news, I now own RED, and it is just as awesome the second time around.

Also, it is Friday and there is only an hour left of work! Woot!
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I have just finished watching Casper the Friendly Ghost - the 1995 movie with Christina Ritichi (only spelled right) and Bill Pullman - for the first time in probably at least 10 or so years, and it is just as much fun as it used to be.

While watching several scenes, however, I was forced to recall that once upon a time, way back in my Jr. High years - well before I even knew what "fan fiction" was - I actually had about 70% of a sequel to the movie all worked out in my head. Something about reverse-engineering that little bit of Magic Life Giving Liquid that we saw left in one of the other containers next to the machine, and using it to create a new batch, and thus giving Casper a Second Chance at Life. I had a villain and a plot and everything!

Of course this was also around the time where I was going through my Supper Sappy Love Conquers All stage, so I am not at all upset that that particular story never made it on to paper, and most of what was in my head has long since been forgotten. It might in fact be the one story I don't regret not writing down when it was still fresh in my little 12 or 13 year old brain, because judging from what little of it I *do* remember, it would've been horribly horribly bad.

Still... I suppose it goes to prove that even as a kid I was a geek, especially since I'm pretty sure it is not the only "fan fiction" that has been lost in the dark, disused catacombs of my brain.
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Added another chapter to TwitterCaked. Because I am a geek and I always get ideas in the shower.

In other news, went to see RED and it was awesome. You just cannot go wrong with an all star cast, big freaking guns, and a plot that consists of "Who the fuck is trying to kill us!?" and not much else.

Then we went for dinner at Red Lobster and I ate too much and spent too much money, but now I have cheesecake for dinner.

And, lastly, I am currently watching Bandits on some random movie channel. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good day.
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First - Stumble Spam!

This looks nifty - World's First Sustainable City. More than nifty, actually, it looks pretty freaking cool. Kind of like something right out of a sci fi novel, only prettier. Seems like a pretty sound theory, too. To bad the likelihood of it actually happening are like one billion to one.

Second - Iron Man!

I very much love Iron Man 2. Awesome villain, awesome fight scenes, awesome banter (I seriously love the "phone" conversation between Pepper and Tony toward the end. It might actually be my favorite scene)... in short, it is a lot of awesome. First one still wins in the awesomeness race, but it is very very close.

I do not love Happy in Iron Man 2. In fact, I found him kind of annoying. cut for general spoilers from the first movie, and a few minor character spoilers on the second )

Aside from that, though, the only not-awesome thing is that the "You complete me!" scene they show in all of the previews didn't actually make it into the film. At first I thought I might've just missed it while in the bathroom or some such when I saw the movie in the theater, but no... it just isn't there. I should totally sue for False Advertising or something, especially since I have the Bare Basics Version that doesn't have *any* special features, much less deleted scenes. Should've read the fine print. ::sigh::

ETA 8:46 - after looking around on line a bit, I found an article discussing some of the deleted scenes. While I still think the movie is awesome, after reading about some of what they took out, I am kind of disappointed they decided to cut it all. I can understand why they did, especially since even with the cut scenes, the movie is still almost two and a half hours long, but some of them sound like they would've made things - especially on the 'relationships' front - a lot more interesting.
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A few weeks ago I ran across a double-feature DVD with Hook and the Indian in the Cupboard at the grocery store I frequent. When I mentioned watching Hook a week or two later on LJ, [ profile] wowomom got all "I miss that movie! Keep an eye out for another copy please? Cause they don't exist anywhere around here."

So, because I am an awesome friend, I've been doing just that, and I got lucky and did actually find another copy last night at the same grocery store I found the first, so I snatched it up for her and plan to send it out once I get some stamps.

I mentioned this to Emma, and she and I started reminiscing and joking about the Giant Cell Phones and the big, bulky VHS video cameras of the late 80s and early 90s that are all over the place toward the beginning of the movie.

Then I realized that Hook came out in 1991, which means IT IS ALMOST 20 YEARS OLD! And I may have actually seen it in the theater.

I now feel incredibly old.

ETA 9:09 am
And now you all can, too. Damn history... keeps coming at us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Went and saw Toy Story 3 this afternoon because I wanted an excuse to get out of the damned house for a few hours. It was quite cute and fun and very enjoyable.

Then I went and washed my car because he was dusty like woah (only not really because free-floating desert dust has *nothing* on the dust cloud that hovered in and around the house every single time a car went by back home - *especially* in the summertime - because we lived on a dirt road. But still, he was pretty dusty. And full of bird poo, though don't ask me why because I keep him parked on the street nowhere near any trees in a neighborhood so new that the biggest "tree" is about 8 feet tall and maybe a whole four inches thick) and then I went and got a chai cream frappichino and a piece of coffee cake from Starbucks. And then I headed back to the house, only to pretty much turn around and go back the other direction about two blocks from my turn off because I still didn't feel like going home - nothing wrong, mind, just yeah, did I mention wanting to get away from the damned house for a few hours? - and I went to get groceries instead.

Then I finally got back to the house around 5ish, where I pretty much just crashed in front of the TV. Watched the tail end of Miss Congeniality, then I caught Shrek 2 on TBS, and now I'm watching Jersey Girl for the first time ever. (I know, for shame! I knew it was a good movie - at least according to my flist, and you all tend to have pretty darned good taste on the movie front - I just never got around to watching it before. So far it is just as good as you all made it out to be, though, so koodos for that!)

My life, so exciting.

Also, wow, those damned singing hamsters that Kia is using in all of their advertisements now are really annoying. Way to not get me to buy your vehicles.
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Serenity Movie TONIGHT
06/06/10 at 4:30 Pacific/7:30 Eastern
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The last few days in a few lines:

Tuesday - Paluse Falls State Park. It was freaking *awesome*! Manda and I hiked around all over the place and took a ton of pictures, some of which I've posted on Facebook if anyone is interested. Seriously, awesome stuff. The Glacial Geology Geek in me was having a field day. Literally, even. ;)

Wednesday - It was raaaaaaaaaaaainy. Kind of a lot. Manda and I didn't do much of anything beyond watching movies, going to the park for an hour or so to wander around in the rain, and grabbing a few groceries for Girls Night In. Since no one else was online, though, Girls Night Serenity will be on Sunday (June 2) - aka, tomorrow - and we just watched more movies and munched on fresh strawberries. We also did laundry cause we're exciting like that.

Thursday - Lazy morning, but we did go to the mall in the afternoon. The running joke between myself and Amanda is how whenever we call each other or get together, it almost *always* rains or storms, so our theory is we have Super Brain Powers that let us mess with the weather. Being childish, I wanted to get Super Hero Rings ala that Captain Planet cartoon from years and years ago, so we went to the mall and did just that. Afterward, lacking anything better to do, we hit the movie theater across the street from the mall and watched the new Robin Hood movie, which was okay but I didn't really think it was worth gushing about.

After the movie was over, we met Beth at the Sushi place just across the parking lot from the theater where i discovered that not all sushi is created equally and the stuff that is actually made by a sushi chef is pretty darned good. Good times.

Friday - Manda's plane was scheduled to leave at 7:15 am, so we left here by 6:30 to get to the airport. Once we got there, we discovered that mechanical difficulties had postponed the flight until 9:00 am, so Manda and I sat around for an hour or so at the airport trying to figure out how to connect to their free wireless. Then Manda started getting her stuff ready to go through security and we hugged and said our goodbyes. Sadness. :(

Came back home, took a nap, and then around 1:00 pm I got a call from Manda in Minneapolis asking me to look up directions cause the person giving her a ride back home was kinda lost.

So, that was pretty much my week. Amanda and I had a blast, and I still have a day and a half of "vacation" before I go back to work on Monday. Yay!
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I have a Manda! Had her for almost a whole 24 hours, actually - picked her up at the airport at around 11 last night, so hurrah! We went to Columbia Park and played on the playground in the rain this morning, then we drove around aimlessly for a bit because I wasn't entirely sure where I was. We ended up at the mall, though, which is a pretty big landmark and comes in right handy on this side of town. Wandered around there for an hour or two and went to see Iron Man 2 at the theater they have in there. Which, by the way, was a pretty awesome movie. I will totally spend money on it when it comes out on DVD. Also? There were maybe 8 people in the theater with us total, and it was a pretty darned good sized theater. This, my friends, is why I wasn't to antsy about waiting to see the movie - three weeks after it comes out, the hooplah has died down considerably and we didn't have to deal with annoying screamy girls or That Tall Guy Who Always Sits Right In Front Of You, or That Annoying Kid Who Keeps Kicking The Back Of Your Seat. Hurrah!

Went to Olive Garden for dinner, then we came back here and watched Practical Magic. No clue what we will do tomorrow.

But hurray, I have a Manda for a whole week!
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Alrighty, so here is the plan.

All of us are on different work and/or school schedules, and because I'm hoping to get as many people to participate as possible, the plan right now is to do *two* Girls Nights during the first week in June, and those interested can join in whichever day fits best into their schedule (or both if you so choose - the more the merrier!).

Weekday Girls Night In will be Wednesday, June 2. I figure that is in the middle of the week and it is right after an Extended Weekend That Wasn't Extended Enough, so I'm thinking that will be a good day for something funny and I am therefore voting for Spaceballs or Blazing Saddles.

Weekend Girls Night In will be Sunday, June 6. I figure for that one, most of us will be going "ugh, don't wanna work tomorrow", so I'm thinking that day might be a good one for an old favorite or a mindless action movie with some funny bits. So, I'm voting for Serenity or Transformers on that day.

None of the suggested movies are new releases, and all of them are pretty well known and popular so there hopefully won't be the issue of the movie rental place not having any copies. Therefore, people who don't have them in their own personal movie collection should be able to find them pretty easy at the local movie store, and they can rent them for a few nights without costing an arm and a leg.

If none of those movies are really your cup of tea, though, don't worry about it - Girls Night In is all about getting together and jabbering in chat - the movie is secondary, and honestly isn't even required. :)

So Ladies (and gents, if you are brave enough), mark your calenders for the first week in June! Girls Night In is on its way, and I would love to see you there!

Wednesday, June 2 at 4:30 Pacific/7:30 Eastern
Sunday, June 6 at 4:30 Pacific/7:30 Eastern
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Okay, seriously... I miss everyone like crazy, so I want to do another Girls Night In. Any takers?

Here is my movie list, updated as of 5 minutes ago, with * after the ones I have with me here in Washington. Even if I don't, though, and there is a particular movie you all want to see, tell me - I will totally have my parents ship it ASAF'inP. Or, if there is one that isn't listed that you want to suggest, go for it - that is what movie rental places are for.

Seriously, people... I am totally fine out here on my own (so far), but I would not turn down a night of fun and antics and dirty-mindedness amongst people within 15 years of my own age, and you all know how horrible I am at Meeting New People in Real Life. ;)
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Public Interest by Apathy. This isn't the best story I've ever read, and I don't think the author quite had a handle on LeeLoo (though they nailed Korben, and the OC is quite likable), but I still enjoy this story because I can totally see this happening to after the end of the movie. It really is hard to escape the press, after all, and some will resort to pretty much anything to get a story.

And that would be the last of them. Hurrah! Until next time, at least.
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Huh. They are making a new Karate Kid movie... with Jackie Chan. Trying to wrap my brain around that particular tidbit is proving difficult (Mr. Miagi = Jackie Chan just seems weird, even if they are using totally different names), but still, I'll probably give it a shot.
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I have seen Avatar in 3D. It was quite worth it, even if I did have a rather impressive eye strain headache by the end of it. It did take my eyes about an hour to even adjust enough to enjoy the 3D effects, but first hour is kind of dull anyway so no big loss.
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Dad got me birthday cup cakes and two new DVDs! Charlie's Angels Full Throttle (yay explosions and mindless action!) and 50 First Dates. We just finished watching Charlie's Angels; man, I forgot how many cameo appearances were in there.

Anyway, my plan today was to remain as unproductive as I could today didn't quite pan out. I ended up washing dishes and doing a bit of sweeping, and keeping the fires both going is an hourly process. I aside from those few things, though, I have so far managed to be pretty lazy. Watched a movie, did a bunch of reading, and I just got a call from Emmies! Hiyeee, Emmies! And I played on Facebook a bunch.

Next on the agenda is to read my LJ friends list and then probably watch another episode of Stargate SG-1. Yay for lazy birthdays! Haven't been able to have one for awhile because I was either doing something over the weekend or I had classes.

Anyway, THANKS FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! So far it has been a pretty nice one.
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I have about 30 CDs (not even half of which I've actually listened to in the last 5 years), 2.37 gigs of music on my hard drive, 65 movies, and at least 119 books.

That said, I have 300 fics on my recommendation page. And those are only the ones I even *liked* enough to rec - I don't even want to think about how many I've actually read all together.

So, yeah... Can you tell what I usually do to entertain myself?
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Slowly working my way through the 2009 Yuletide stories. Hopefully with the new archive and easier to find fandoms, it won't take me almost a year to get through it all.

Yuletide fic recs, numero uno )

Knowing me, though, and my tendency to be very easily distracted by something else new and shiny, that isn't a bet I would take.
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WINTER HOLIDAY! In... Minnesota. Classy, right? ;) )

2:00ish pm - At parents house. YAY FOR HAVING INTERNET ACCESS AGAIN! Summary now, pictures later I hope. Happy (Belated) New Year everyone!

Next on the agenda - take a nap Clean off my bed and *then* take a nap. Sleep deprivation for the lose, but four whole days with Manda - TOTALLY WIN! It was fun, and I hope to do it again now that I know the train has a regular schedule. Next time, though, I'm going to shoot for a time when the Midwest isn't in a deep freeze.
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Going through and tagging my old entries again (March 2005! I'm on a roll!), and I ran across this song lyric meme in which you put your entire music list on random and add "in my pants" to the end of the song title and, if you so choose, do a bit of commentary on the final result.

15. Bon Jovi - Always in my pants
Bet your wrist gets tired

I'm tempted to do this again, and add "between the sheets" to the end this time.

In other news, spent the morning lazing around the house, and then we went into town to drop off Gramma and catch Avatar at the theatre. Good movie, incredible special effects. Not sure if I liked it enough to buy the DVD when it comes out, but it was well worth the $6.50 matinée price.

After the movie, Dad got a hankering for Chinese, so we hit the China Buffet down town next to Festival Foods so we could eat and then go get groceries. Mmm, greasy goodness. With that and how Mom has been feeding us eggs and potatoes/ham/bacon for breakfast the last four days, I'm pretty sure I've gained back the few pounds I had lost the month or so I've been trying to cut back on the food I have at the Point house so I have less to move when I come back home. Ah, well, such is life.
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It is completely unfair that no where online can you find a streaming version of March of the Wooden Soldiers or Toys. It is even more unfair that it does not appear that the Portage County Library has a copy of either as well. I'm very tempted to go try Family Video again, but I already walked there and back once today and I don't feel much like doing it again. ::le sigh::
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I've finished the Devil's Fence cross section we had to draw as the take-home part of our Structural final, and it actually turned out pretty good - almost to the point where it looks like I know what I'm doing.

I have all of the other end-of-semester-assignments done, too - now all that's left is the finals to worry about. Chem is the first one on Monday, and that is the one I'm looking forward to least of all. Plan for this weekend is to spend almost all of it at the school library studying for the damned thing. In fact, I should be there already, but I can't seem to find the motivation to go out into the cold quite yet. Maybe around lunch time when I can also use it as an excuse to go get something to eat.

In other news, went to JB's last night for a movie. I was in the mood for a holiday movie, so we watched Die Hard 2 - hey, it totally counts as holiday! Wanted to watch Titan A.E., too, but we both kinda wilted around 10 and didn't have the energy to watch another one. Calling it a night at 10:30 on a Friday... yeah, we're getting old. Ah, well, yay Die Hard!


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