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Vaidah, Jodie, and all the rest of you Within Temptation fans might find this interesting if you haven't seen it already.

First of three short films that give further insight into the concept of Within Temptation's fifth studio album "The Unforgiving"... which I might actually have to purchase now instead of mooching it from one of you like I usually do. ;)

Second one:
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Last Friday, my friend Kristin invited me to join her at a Blues concert they were having at Wildwood later that evening. We met there around 7 and stayed for the duration of the concert. It was lots of fun and a beautiful night for a concert. I even had two whole drinks! (some Bacardi Raz they had as an alternative to beer on the booze factor - kinda nice they at last offered something different, and it wasn't to bad, either. Also had a cup of beer because Kristin accidentally purchased way too many tickets, and I didn't want her to drink the entire thing herself)

This weekend I got the house to myself as the 'rents are off doing some demonstration thing at some get together they do every summer. Either I shall finally get a hold of Emmies and we shall have a movie marathon, or I shall have a movie marathon of my own here at home. I'm thinking all three Back to the Future movies and then maybe the first two Transformers films.
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Currently I have a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks (which hasn't gone all holiday yet! Instead, their paper cups sport non-holiday snowflakes and there are two boxes of what I assume to be holiday decorations sitting unopened next to the pick-up counter with a sign on them saying "Do not open until the holiday season!" Starbucks and I have never been close, but that has totally moved them up a few degrees in my book), I have both Iron Man soundtracks playing over my speakers (even though we're not supposed to stream music at work... shhh, don't tell!), and I have tomorrow off and possibly Friday as well.

Next week, I have a plane ticket that will take me home for Two Whole Weeks to see my awesome family and my amazing friends for the first time in eight months!

So far, things are looking quite good. Now I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

That said, Thanksgiving Comes First - Day 5

Day 1 - Thanksgiving 2007
Day 2 and 3 - Mmm, mashed potatoes
Day 4 - In which I give thanks for fan fiction, because I am a Geek.

Day 5 - In which Thanksgiving is awesome )

Wow, that last paragraph was one big long run-on sentence. No matter, though, because Thanksgiving really was that awesome once upon a time, and it totally deserves to be again.
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Thanks entirely to the Halloween episode of Chuck, I have discovered Stars, a Canadian indie/electronica group. More to the point, I have discovered their latest album, The Five Ghosts, and it is the only album I have seriously considering going out and buying and spending money on and stuff for the first time since 2005ish, and even that album (Coldplay's X&Y - I am not ashamed! Though I probably should be) I really only wanted one or two songs. Five Ghosts? I want them *ALL*, or at least 80% of them.

No clue what their earlier stuff focused on, but Five Ghosts is very supernatural-centric (if the title isn't a dead give away). Given that Ghost Hunters owns my soul, this has a lot of pull for me. And, if not for the fact that the album was only released in June, I would *swear* it is the soundtrack C. E. Murphy was listening to when she wrote what might possibly be one of my favoritest books ever (Walking Dead), which also came out in June.
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The area out here is overrun with wineries - throw a rock in any direction, and chances are it'll land on property owned or rented by some winery or another.

Tegaris Winery on Tulip Lane has been advertising their summer concert series on the radio station Beth and I listen to on the way too and from work pretty much since May. They have "live music ever Friday and Saturday night on the patio, great food, and some of the best wine in the Tri Cities area". We'd kept saying we should go check it out pretty much every Friday after work for the last few months - we even planned it and were dead-set on going a few weeks back - but as soon as we get to the house and get out of our work clothes, we're all "Eh, don't wanna anymore".

This past Friday I was thinking food and realized I had very little in the house. I also had no desire to go grocery shopping, so I asked if she had any interest in going out somewhere for dinner instead. She suggested Tegaris, and lo, we finally went.

The food was quite good, albeit rather pricey:
One skewer of three or four chunks of pork? $6.00
Plate of fresh tomato something or another on flatbread? I can't rightly remember, but I think it was around the $9.00 range
Cheese sampler that had the equivalent of maybe a serving and a half of actual cheese? $8.00

And these were all appetizers - the actual meals ran between $17.00 and $28.00, give or take, and there weren't that many to choose from. Even the cheapest glass of wine - a house Rosae (sp?) that I did actually buy and drink and stuff because it's a *winery* and I figured it was only proper - was about $6.50 a pop.

So, yes, the food was pricey but tasty and I suppose worth the cost if you have some extra money to toss around. We only got appetizers, though, and they were pretty small serving sizes considering they were supposed to feed a table (about 4 people), so not the most filling meal in the world, but it was nice to get out for a bit. They really have a great setup out on the patio, too - a firepit (with complimentary blankets!), a fountain, and even a garden of sorts, as well as a "stage" for the live music. It was rather windy, though, and we arrived about two and a half hours before the actual music was supposed to start, so we ended up not sticking around for the concert. On the bright side, the radio announcer we had been hearing plug the winery for the last four months was there giving out free $10 gift cards, so my bill was only $1.91 or there abouts. So basically I got an expensive-yet-tasty appetizers and a glass of not-cheap wine for less than $2. I see no bad in this.

And on an entirely different note, Starbucks has started their Pumpkin Spice Lattes again! On the one hand, it's too early! On the other hand, I can get Pumpkin Spice lattes for the next three or four months. :D
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Just got done talking to [ profile] castor on the phone. There was much gushing about Lilith Fair - she wants to go to the one in Detroit next month and was all envious about how I got to go to the one in George last weekend. *Then* she told me that Chantal Kreviazuak was going to be there, and it was my turn to be all envious! I love Chantal Kreviazuak! I ran across her quite by accident when I was listening to my "Recommended Radio" on LastFM during my many, many, *many* hours spent in the UWSP Geography/GIS computer lab the last semester or two I was in school, and she has probably become one of my favorite singers. Seeing her *and* Sarah MacLachlan in concert would be *awesome*, but alas, Detroit is way far away and I doubt I could afford the trip to get there, not to mention food and a hotel for a few days. :( ::sigh:: It would totally be worth it, of course, if Emmies were there, but that still doesn't mean I could afford it. Sadness.

Also, considering how much I am not the concert type, it seems kind of silly to fly all the way back to the Midwest for one concert and then fly back out here. I suppose I could make it a visit home, but even so, Detroit is still a ways away from central Wisconsin, so I would lose a day going to and from the concert, and a third day for the concert itself, and then *another* two days on an air plane getting to and from the Midwest, which would bring my actual time in Wisconsin down to two days, and that totally wouldn't be even close to long enough to catch up with my family and all my friends before I had to head back to Washington.

Curse you logic! And lack of finances - you suck too. It would still be awesome, though. So, Emmies? If you convince Daddy A and the rest of your family, I DEMAND LOTS OF PICTURES! And possibly a t-shirt. ;)

(also, speaking of Lilith Fair - there are a bunch of pictures taken at The Gorge for the one last weekend here, ones where you can actually see the singers and stuff. This one is totally my favorite. Followed closely by this one. We were one of those pink blobs waaaaay in the back thanks to Andrea's pretty pink parasol. ;) )
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Spent almost all day yesterday with Vaidah, Krissy, Jodie, and Andrea at the Lilith Fair in George, WA. It was MADE OF AWESOME! The Gorge Amphitheater is *beautiful*, right on the Columbia River with a gorgeous view and natural acoustics that kick ass, and the concert was *amazing* and I got to cuddle with Vai, Jodie, and Krissy for the FIRST TIME IN SEVEN YEARS, OMG! And also cuddle with Andrea, who I had never actually seen before, but there was still cuddling because it is tradition whenever there is more than one Scaper in the same place.

So, yes, it was fantastic, and there will be pictures eventually. But so not today because we got back at almost 3 this morning and OhGodSoTired and I am going back to bed. Or, well, probably not, but I am totally going to go take a shower. And then I'm probably going to take a nap. In bed. So, yes, I suppose I am going back to bed.

That said, Happy Independence Day to everyone here in the U.S.! And I wish the rest of the world a fantastic Sunday!
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I am totally loving this song the last few weeks, even if I have no clue what it is trying to say beyond the awesomeness of fireflies.

Fireflies )

Also, this might be old news to a few of you, but Castle has been renewed for a 3rd season! \o/ Must be some sort of record for Nathan Fillion - three consecutive seasons on one show! I think the last time that happened was when he was a semi-regular on Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place back in the late 90s.
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There is still an hour and 15 minute before we're technically done today and I have nothing left to do. I have studied so many maps and Habitat Management Units (from now on being shortened to HMUs) and aerial photos that my eyes are starting to go all wonky, and so far I have yet been able to get into the training website to take the Radio Communication class Mark wants me to take, so yes... this is me being bored and wasting time because it is a Friday Afternoon and I am out of work until they install the Trimble Pathfinder program(s) on my computer. I may or may not get into trouble, too, because technically this is a government computer and they can moniter my activities, but I figure they aren't paying me anyway, so all it is costing them is a few kilobites of bandwith on their connection, so no harm done.

So, as inspired by Emma's song titles entry (because she is also bored at work on a Friday afternoon), here is my own In My Pants post.

Rachael Sage - The Spirit We in my pants
Must be crowded in there

Bon Jovi - Its My Life in my pants
Not to be confused by "my life in my hands", *especially* if you haven't washed them recently

Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days in my pants
It happens to everyone, right?

Collective Soul - Afterall in my pants
That sounds messy and uncomfortable

Goo Goo Dolls - Black Balloon in my pants
Might want to get that checked out. Wouldn't want anything to fall off, now

Coldplay - 42 in my pants
...and I suppose it's the meaning to life, the universe and everything, too, right? (The song's refrain of "You didn't get to heaven but you made it close" is oh so fitting for this particular title twist, too)

All I Can Do in my pants
This just sounds bad - on the Dirty Minded front, as well as just plan old dirtiness. Ew.

Guns and Roses - November Rain in my pants
Is this kind of like the "golden shower" Zeus used to impregnate Danae?

Il Divo - Halleluja in my pants
Finally got it working again, huh?

The Fray - All At Once in my pants
Man, you sure have a thing for multiples, doncha?

Alright, that managed to kill about a half hour. Now to find otherways to entertain myself for another 45 minutes
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I actually have quite a few of those songs (well, if six or so qualifies as "quite few"). Of course, there were also a bunch I'd never even heard of.

It does, however, explain why it is so darned easy for multiple songs to switch back and forth and occasionally merge in your head, though. Coolies.

In other news, I must be getting old, because for the last two weeks or so I've been getting heart burn a lot more than I have in the past. Usually I get it bad enough to go for the Tums maybe once a month, twice tops. In the last two weeks, though, I've probably used the stuff two or three times (one tablet right before bed), and that was only during the worst episodes.
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Grabbed from my friends Tracy on FB and Di on LJ

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass

Wow. Impressive. *Really* impressive. I cringe to think how many takes it took to get everything to behave as it should, and the hours it required between takes to re-set up.
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Making this list for Emma - feel free to ignore if your name doesn't start with an E, end with an A, and have two Ms in between.

list of my favorites )

Happy pickings!
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I have about 30 CDs (not even half of which I've actually listened to in the last 5 years), 2.37 gigs of music on my hard drive, 65 movies, and at least 119 books.

That said, I have 300 fics on my recommendation page. And those are only the ones I even *liked* enough to rec - I don't even want to think about how many I've actually read all together.

So, yeah... Can you tell what I usually do to entertain myself?
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Yeah, I couldn't resist.

Put your playlist on shuffle. Pick the first 20 songs that come up and add "between the sheets".

Cutting to spare my f-list )

Not quite as quirky a selection as the "in my pants" meme, but there are still a few good ones.
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Going through and tagging my old entries again (March 2005! I'm on a roll!), and I ran across this song lyric meme in which you put your entire music list on random and add "in my pants" to the end of the song title and, if you so choose, do a bit of commentary on the final result.

15. Bon Jovi - Always in my pants
Bet your wrist gets tired

I'm tempted to do this again, and add "between the sheets" to the end this time.

In other news, spent the morning lazing around the house, and then we went into town to drop off Gramma and catch Avatar at the theatre. Good movie, incredible special effects. Not sure if I liked it enough to buy the DVD when it comes out, but it was well worth the $6.50 matinée price.

After the movie, Dad got a hankering for Chinese, so we hit the China Buffet down town next to Festival Foods so we could eat and then go get groceries. Mmm, greasy goodness. With that and how Mom has been feeding us eggs and potatoes/ham/bacon for breakfast the last four days, I'm pretty sure I've gained back the few pounds I had lost the month or so I've been trying to cut back on the food I have at the Point house so I have less to move when I come back home. Ah, well, such is life.
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So a few of my friends have been asking for some Halloween-type songs the last few weeks. As it happens, I actually have an "All Hallows Eve" music list on my Winamp, which basically consists of any songs that mention demons, vampires, ghosts, or any other creatures of the night, or is just generally kind of spooky sounding. Since people are asking for suggestions, I figured I would post here and therefor give myself a handy-dandy link to direct them too rather than rewriting everything.

All Hallow's Eve Music )

If anyone wants any of the MP3s, let me know and I will happily upload them for you.
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Patty Smyth and Scandal were the big 80s rock band Riverfront Rendezvous booked for this year. They are still awesome, and I have a live video of Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough that I recorded with my digital camera.

under the cut so it doesn't make your friends pages take forever to load )

Quality isn't great, location in relation to the stage only so so, and the audio doesn't do her justice, but hey, take what you can get.
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It is 37 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Yesterday at this time it was around 73 degrees. Ma Nature is *totally* PMSing right now.

In other news, I have accomplished exactly diddley-squat today. Did not change out of my pajamas, have not showered, have not done any homework what so ever. I did, however, watch Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and finish two more random CDs (one for Bonnie and one for Vaidah, which is uploading now). And now I am going through and tagging old entries.

So yes, today I have done a fantastic imitation of a slug. Granted, a slug that knows how to use a computer, but a slug none the less. Go me.

ETA 7:23
All of the Random CDs people requested that could be zipped and sent over the interwebs have been sent out! For those of you who got these, hope you find something you like, and please let me know if they downloaded okay cause I don't want to delete the rar files off my hard drive until I know they opened without any trouble. :)
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Wow. I did not expect to have so many people make a request for my random music CDs. Because of that, it might take a few days to get yours to you in some way, shape, or form (let me know if you want it mailed to you or zipped and sent online).

Also, my photo imaging program decided it doesn't want to work for me for more than 10 minutes at a time ( :( ), so instead of making a super cool cover with a title and a music list and *everything*, you might just end up with a random picture from my collection. Sadness, y'all.
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Okay, so the last few days I've been entertaining myself *a lot* just by going through my music list and making a bunch of play lists and trying to come up with cool album covers for them (no TV, remember? I gotta entertain myself some how).

So... Anyone want to receive a random CD or zip file full of music that I picked out just for you? Album cover and everything! And if you want to send me a specific picture you want me to use for said cover, feel free example )

In other news, I think I may have actually done okay on my Glacial Geology test ::knocks on wood:: despite my study woes last night. Not *great*, mind, but hopefully at least C-worthy. Guess I'll find out in a few days.
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Cause it has been way too long since I've done one.

Rules: open all the music on your computer into a media player of your choice and put it on shuffle. For each of the first 10 songs that plays - no matter how embarrassing - pick a line you like and post it your journal so your friends can try and guess the names.

Since I didn't feel like opening a new list that has all of the songs on my hard drive, these are all from my "Favorites" folder. And they might be a bit challenging cause I have weird tastes in music

1 - Love is color, love is loud/love is never saying you're too proud

2 - You will kneel before her by her alter in the trees because they say/no matter who you are she'll bring/she'll bring you to you knees

3 - Hook me up with a new revolution/'cause this one is a lie

4 - All the words that I've been reading/have started the act of bleeding into one

5 - Here's a lullaby to close your eyes (goodbye)/it was always you that I despised

6 - I've been the puppet/I've been the string/I know the vacant face it brings

7 - moonlight on the soft brown earth/it leads me to where you lay

8 - Mama put my guns in the ground/I can't shoot them anymore

(two lines from the same song cause I couldn't choose between them)
9 - Them smokestacks reachin' like the arms of God/Into a beautiful sky of soot and clay
9 - When i die i don't want no part of heaven/I would not do heaven's work well/I pray the devil comes and takes me/To stand in the fiery furnaces of hell

10 - But his body's still shaking like a live wire/Sleepy "senorita" with the eyes on fire

::eyes list:: Yeah... Seriously, ya'll. Good luck with the guesses. I typed the damned things and I'm still not 100% sure I could get a few of them without cheating.

And now, I am off to bed.
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I have Bridge over Troubled Water in my head.

Anyone happen to have a really cool full-part version of that I could grab from them? We sang it in one of my many choirs years and years ago, and I am sad to realize that I have forgotten most of the words.
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As of 6:21 pm Monday, March 9

Wow, I miss choir. Three years of no music, and where as I used to be able to hit high A or B, now I don't think I can even make it to the top of the treble clef anymore.

Maybe there's a community choir I can join during the summer.

Other Woe:
- Can't load LJ. Woe.
- Mineralogy test tomorrow. Me thinks I'm not going to do so hot on it.
- Bunch of Chem problems to finish tonight so I can take the quiz tomorrow and not, like, completely and totally fail it.

7:40 pm

Watching Chuck. I know the whole point of the show is Chuck getting into trouble and Casey and Sarah coming in to save him, but would it kill the writers to at least give Chuck some sort of hand-to-hand training? He doesn't need a gun - in fact, I just can't see him as the gun type, but being able to give his would-be-kidnappers an elbow in the face or a nice handy leg-swipe, even as a distraction, would totally not go amiss. He can still get into trouble and not stay in the car, but dude, his head is full of Top Secret Stuff, and he's like the government's number one commodity at this point, so being able to at least fight back might, you know, keep him alive in case Sarah or Casey can't get there in time to save him. And, you know, would it be a crime to have him save himself sometimes?

Also, small special guest star spoilers )

Also, YAY, LJ is working again!
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Completely and totally random question here that I am pretty sure no one has any idea about, but I can't help asking.

Anyway, question - does anyone happen to remember the song that what's her face was singing in... I think it was the first or second season finale of Xena (in my blind internet searching, I've discovered that it may have been a later season)? The one with Xena's history and her first crucifixion and the... slave was it? who taught her how to do the cut off the flow of blood to your brain move pinch (wow, it's been awhile if I've forgotten what *that* was called). They were on the boat and Whats Her Face was singing and it was very pretty and celtic-ey kind of.

I ask because it is in my head. Why it is in my head? I have no idea, but it is. I wonder if that scene is on youtube...

ETA 8:49
Ha! Found it! Really really bad quality, but as long as the audio is good I'm happy.

I also found out that Whats Her Face's name is M'Lila, played by Ebonie Smith who also happens to have been Murtaugh's youngest daughter in all the Lethal Weapon movies. Learn something new every day.


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