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Usually I do fic dumps one post at a time so I can keep them all neat and organized in my LJ Memories. With the mess of computer issues I've had the last few weeks month and a half, though, I am far too lazy to make ::counts:: at least a dozen separate entries. So, you get one huge fic dump instead. Enjoy!

Dresden Files
Holy Wars by TigerKat. This one is actually a crossover with a movie, but sharing what that movie is would spoil the surprise. Suffice to say, Dresden and co find themselves in charge of a very very special young lady that multiple parties would love to get their hands on.

Moose Bites Can Be Pretty Nasty by TigerKat. There is a demon moose. It bites. That is about all I can remember

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1
Nobody Does It Better by eretria. Stealing authors summary because it has been long enough I don't actually recall what happens in this one. In which everyone loves Rodney, Vala is a stowaway, John is smart, Sam is flummoxed, Daniel is jealous, Ronon and Teyla realize all Earth people are peculiar, and Elizabeth is reminded that guests are like fish. (Pegasus Project based teamfic with a side-dish of John/Vala and Sam/Rodney - Prequel to "A question of perspective Or Reality Doesn't Always Come in Second to Fantasy").
I have not read the second one, so I have no idea what happens in that one, either, but I figure I'd link it just to have it handy next time I go on a fic binge.

Starting Over by pogrebin. Post-series - After Atlantis lands back on Earth, the Pegasus team has to figure out how to start over - again.

In Short by penknife. A few short, snarky "missing scene" kind of blurbs covering the whole of both series.

Stargate SG-1
Anarchists Invaded by voleuse. Fluffy Vala/Sam friendship fic

Big Bang Theory
Progression by lurkisblurkis. Sheldon is not sure what to do if one loves a woman. One-shot, based on a series of random prompts.

Iron Man/West Wing
That Kind of Crazy by neonhummingbird. Pepper Potts calls her BFF Donna Moss to complain about her crazy superhero boss

Star Wars
Inversion by Lisse. What if Bali wanted a son instead of a daughter? Looooove this story so very much. My only protest is that it wasn't longer, because the potential is endless.

NCIS/Stargate Atlantis
Prodigal by Domenika Marzione. Again, it's been awhile since I read this one, but from what I recall NCIS ends up suspecting one of the Pegasus crew in a murder, and thus there ends up being all sorts of secret keeping that drives NCIS up the wall and John Shepperd being a pain in the ass because he kinda has to. Also, lots of amusement and banter and team awesomeness, too, as is true to both series.

White Collar
Our Dance Gave Allegiance by vain-glorious. Pre-series, mildly AU - in which Neil ends up stealing something he never, ever expected in the midst of one of his heists.

B-Team by ana-grrl. In which Simon, Kaylee, and Wash end up being the Big Damn Heroes this time around, with a little help from Jayne toward the end.

There you go, two months of fic recs. Even without the separate posts, writing all that up took way longer than I thought it would.
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Talking Hands by mhalachai. Five ways Jethro Gibbs may have learned sign language.
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Collision Course by [ profile] jumpfall - Half of the NCIS team gets taken hostage, and the other half does everything they possibly can to get them back. Very good story with well done characterization, and it is Long And Plotty to boot (around 55,000 words and 17 chapters, I think), so a great way to wile away a few hours. The POV switches back and forth a lot, which can be annoying, but probably only for a grammar fiend like myself and it in no way distracts from the story. Totally worth a read, and the situation and the reactions every team member has to the situation wouldn't be at all out of place on an actual episode of the series.
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The Director's Bad Choices by Channel D. Exactly what the title says - the hilarious results of what might've happened had Director Vance switched around the new assignments for Gibbs' team at the end of season five. Crack of the crackiest degree, almost enough to forgive for eating every freaking symbol that might be used to divide a story into parts (this I know from experience... it is *insanely* irritating!) and causing the formatting to be irritatingly squished. I think my favorite might be Tony's new assignment, though Tim and Ducky get close seconds.
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Still haven't found the Gen Fic community I was looking for, but I have found a lovely little ghostly gem that I want to share. Tis the season for spooks and spirits, after all. ;)

Can't See the Ground by mhalachai - Ghosts are stirring at NCIS and Jethro's starting to see the light... Spoilers for the end of season five and the first few episodes of season six. It goes kind of AU from there, but only up until about half way through season six if I am recalling correctly.
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I am in the mood for some Long and Plotty NCIS gen, so I went and did a random Google search for "Live journal + NCIS + gen" because I know that once upon a time, there was a handy dandy little fic community that specalized in "all gen stories, all the time!" So I thought I might get lucky.

I have not found the LJ community yet, but I did run across a fic reccomendation for a NCIS/Dragonriders of Pern crossover. It made me go o.O in a very big way, because I just cannot seem to wrap my brain around the idea. At all. I try to imagine it, and my brain goes all "Error! Error! Does no compute!"

Not even my curiosity has been able to overcome that particular glitch, but I thought I would share the link incase anyone else wants to try. Or purely to share the "WTF?!" with the rest of the world at large (or at least the six or so people who actually read my journal).
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Tuesday's episode of NCIS was sneaky and devious and awesome in all the best kind of ways.

Minor Spoilers )

I love this show.
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Alrighty, so I think I am now totally ready to go with my Abby costume.

pictures under the cut )

So - ignoring the messy hair (I had just gotten out of the shower), all the unfolded laundry in the background, and the fact that I am no where near as skinny as Abby - my question to you dear readers (all four of you! ;) ) is... Which stockings should I wear? The Black Spiderweb Tights or the Purple And Black Stripy Spider Stockings?

(Also, wow, all the weight I've gained this past year or so is glaringly obvious in both of those pictures. Ah, the joys of riding a desk all day...)
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I do so love this time of the year. Nights are cooler, fall colors are starting to sneak in all over the place, and for the first time since June out here, the weather forecast actually calls for *rain* every once in awhile.


So, for those who haven't already checked out the schedule, here's the fall preview calender from

My personal TV To Watch List (bolds are "Hell F'in Yeah!", italics are "Maybe"s. Everything else is kind of the more typical "Yay, premier week!" kinda thing for old favorites)

Monday, Sept 20
8:00 pm - Chuck
I actually stopped following Chuck somewhere around mid March because I wasn't entirely sure I was happy with where it was going. last season's spoilers ) I might give it another shot, though. We shall see.

10:00 pm - Castle
CANNOT WAIT! Man, I miss me my fun fluffy show, even if I was kinda disappointed with the cliche ending on the Season Finale. Come on, Castle writers... People love your show because you *are* so darned unpredictable! Cliches are called that for a reason, you know.

Tuesday, Sept 21
8:00 pm - NCIS
It's NCIS. 'Nuff said.

Wednesday, Sept 22
8:00 pm - Undercovers
New series that looks like it could be fun.

Thursday, Sept 23
8:00 pm - Bones
End of season three pissed a lot of people off. End of season four ended up alienating quite a few who were still left. Season five, though, was actually pretty good for those of us who managed to hang in there, and it even gave us a few pleasant surprises. I'm game for season six, though I reserve the right to be horribly disappointed.

And I think that covers it, aside from my continued adoration of Ghost Hunters and Eureka, and the mid-season finale for Eureka is tonight. Sadness. White Collar's - yes, I admit it, I have fallen. Hard. Anyone where I can find season 1 streaming online? - was earlier this week, too, so I only have Ghost Hunters to tide me over until the end of the month. My life, so hard.
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Next few stories are going to be fic rec dumps. As there are almost a dozen of them and as I haven't read most of them in over a month, I will be stealing the author's summary for most of them rather than write my own.

Peter Pan by Letting The Rain In. After a particularly rough week, Gibbs finds himself comparing his team members to characters in a beloved childhood story.
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I have ::counts:: eleven stories in my fic recs folder, so yeah, next few entries are going to be fic dumps. Non-fandom types feel free to ignore.

Also, it has been at least a month since I read most of these, so I am totally going to be stealing the authors' summaries if they give me any.

NCIS - Milepost 164 . Gibbs and Tony stuck in a small cabin to wait out a snowstorm. As fluffy as fresh fallen snow! Friendship fic.
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New NCIS tonight! Yay!

Oh, hey... I kind of want McGee's jacket.

actual spoilers )

::hearts NCIS like woah::
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NCIS really knows how to do a Holiday Episode. I'm all grinning and warm and fuzzy and stuff!

only minorly spoilery, but cut anyway )

Seriously, show, you are made of win! Even if I did know Who Done It the moment they first showed up.

Come to think of it, JAG was pretty damned good at the holiday episodes, too, and as far as I know they still have the same creators/producers/etc. Go Bellisario!
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Jerusalem Bells by dress without sleeves. Written to continue the sixth season finale (which, in the authors words, S'DANG INTENSE, and indeed it was), this one is a doozie. There is angst, and it *hurts* - enough that I'm not sure I'll ever read it again - but it is a fantastic story none the less. And, if I may get all metaphorical-like, the ending is a nice Neosporin + Pain Relief salve to smear over some of the wounds - they're still there, but at least they don't hurt as much and can start to heal.
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So, in one of those random brain wanderings, I manage to go from "I miss Argyle and Niner" to "OMG, I think McGee is That Cat Guy from Hocus Pocus!" (yeah, don't ask - it's kind of WTF, even for me, and I'm the one who thunk it)

And of course as soon as I thought that, I had to go IMDB it. And he *IS*! Number 16, fifth from the bottom, SEAN MURRY AS THACKARY BINX! Aka, That Cat Guy from Hocus Pocus! Who, you know, was kind of awesome in his own catty way, but I'm not entirely sure I will ever be able to watch NCIS without giggling at least a little bit ever again. Not that I don't giggle anyway cause it's NCIS and the Tony And Tim Show is kind of hard not to laugh at, but now I will be giggling for an entirely different reason.

That's all. Just thought I would share my epiphany.
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All you NCIS types who watched last night were right - the season premiere was freaking *awesome*!

few spoilers )

Once again, awesome episode! I am kind of afraid of what the next few episodes will bring, however. I have no doubt that they will also be awesome, but I'm thinking they also might be rather Ouch-worthy.
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A Smattering of Intelligence. Tony has brains. He just hides them. This story explains why.
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Highly Classified and Very Hush Hush by rageprufrock.

This story has probably been recced in both the NCIS and SGA fandoms by everyone but me, and I have almost given in and read it at least five times myself, but just never have. Not because the summary sounded kinda blah and not worth it; far from it, actually - but because there is some sort of formatting error that causes my screen, at least, to have "“" in place of the actual quotation marks in the story, which seriously irritated me beyond belief, and I couldn't find a non-corrupted copy anywhere. So, yeah, I only just got around dealing with the annoyance and reading it because I'd seen it recced so much. And I gotta say, even with the annoying formatting error, it was totally worth it.

Anyway, to summarize - NCIS winds up getting getting assigned to take care of three very confused, very naked Marines who seem to appear out of thin air at a local mall. Guess who they work for? What follows is a extremely funny back-and-forth between the Gibbs and Sheppard, and of course it doesn't take long for it to delve into a competition of "Who Can Be The Biggest Smart-Ass".

Also, there is a sequel - Strictly on a Need To Know Basis where the reverse ends up happening for Gibbs' team - which, at least on this end, is blessedly “-free.
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Damage by [ profile] ygrawn. Tony trying to do damage control after his undercover assignment. He expected Ziva to understand it better than anyone else.
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Agent Afloat, Atlantis by Mhalachai. Enough fluff, bring on the long-and-plotty! And this is both. After the events of Judgment Day, Ziva finds herself reassigned to Atlantis. Her first order is to fix things, so she does.

I seriously don't know how to put into words a summary properly befitting this story, so I'm not even going to try. I will say that while there plenty of heartache, there is also no shortage of humor and moments that might even qualify as Warm And Fuzzy if we weren't talking about Ziva who probably would not appreciate being referred to as such. And OMG, LORNE! Just... LORNE! I didn't think it was possible, but this story totally convinced me he was even more awesome. And yes, I did Scrapbook it.
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Rebuilding a Life by [ profile] settiai. This is the authors attempt to merge book-Who and TV-Who, and they manage to pull it off rather well. I've never read any of the books, but a lot of the differences are explained in the story, so it was still pretty easy to follow.

Anyway, a very brief summary - this is Fitz after the Doctor leaves him behind. He wakes up in an ally in DC in 2002, where Tony DiNozzo finds him, and he spends the next 6 years trying to build a new life in a new time, eventually developing quite a rapport with Tony and the rest of the NCIS team. The story is alternately amusing, endearing, and every so slightly painful at times, offering an incredible outside POV of the events that happen throughout the new series Doctor Who and NCIS.

Also, I just found a bigger version here (40,000 words instead of 15,000). Nice.
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Just finished watching one of my favorite episodes of NCIS (See No Evil) cause I am still procrastinating. It's the one with the cute little blind girl - can't remember her name at the moment, but she was in Signs and Little Miss Sunshine.

Spoilers that I'm cutting cause even though it's season 2 I'm nice like that )

One of these days I'm going to have to re-watch the first few seasons of NCIS just cause. Also, foreshadowing!
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Expectations by Nix. Abby's first day of work at NCIS. Also pretty fluffy because Fluffy rhymes with Ducky, doncha know.


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